Alpha players please stand up

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Times were simpler back then
Blizzard didn't invite players from their own universe back then, no. They invited LOL and DOTA players to play at first. Those players tried this game then left when they got bored of it. So thats part of the issue. They mostly play those other games. Then they come back occasionally to haunt us for the jollies or something ("LOL i died for the 15th time, I play for fun!!"
And what if there is no energy left but just patience?
I'll remain seated until you call the Beta players I guess.
Do I have to stand? Isn't there a nice throne I can sit on?
Sorry Bro, apparently say on the match "Let's wait until before the objective open and do mercs on opposite lane to pressure" is against rules, oppressive and toxic for kid nowdays... I got the sweet release of suspend and not pretending come back...
Most players I see who sport the alpha portrait don't take the game seriously or just plain suck.
Times were about the same.

-You get threads that are mostly about mindless complaining
-People prattling on about superficial details on a model that don't suit their personal fetish (zomg, jaina has pants and not a dress!)
-Players that rely on their personal whims or 'experience' from other games to dictate how they play
-automated responses to shutting people out by calling them 'toxic'
-a lack of people willing to experiment with variation and balance beyond following trends of what they heard is up/op and acting on that
-people coming here to complain/praise hotslogs
-lack of strategic understanding to vary talent picks and battle-plans actively in the game in favor of predetermined ruts
-a vastly different game experience between allies willing to communicate vs those that don't
-posters that don't know how to give decent feedback or how to find information on their own
-players that assume ai mode is a waste, don't know how to 'learn' a hero outside of pvp modes, or rather just assume they already 'know' everything there is
-don't read patch notes and show up in-game to be surprised something is different (usually have a long period of time to even notice)
-posts that dump a list of names thinking that those names will magically save the game when they've finally added.
-a playerbase that are generally bad at the game and inexperienced at what sets this apart from similar competitors.

I could probably quote some of my first hundred posts here or so and, maybe outside of talent gating specifically, still have much of the content apply.
AS AN ALPHA PLAYER I'LL HAVE YOU KNOW *Incomprehensible gibberish*
I am an alpha player, still sporting the golden portrait too. You wanna know how many ranked games I've played? Precisely 3 placement matches in the first season. The toxicity was so bad, I went to vs ai and stayed there ever since.
09/28/2018 02:10 AMPosted by Winter
Alpha players.. most of them left the game after their 300th match and play like silver 1.. they occasionally come back to the game only so they can FEED and solo lane the entire game at our expense. You can see this in their profile.. almost always less than 500 games played.

I've been here since the very first month of the technical alpha. 6,000 games later I still play.

While yes, this was my first MOBA and when I started playing I was bronze tier trash, that isn't the case anymore.

09/28/2018 08:39 AMPosted by Copypastable
Most players I see who sport the alpha portrait don't take the game seriously or just plain suck.

Why, because we've been smart enough to keep our accounts in good standing for the last several years without the need for countless numbers of smurfs?

I take every match I play seriously and I aim to win no matter how badly the odds are stacked against me.
09/28/2018 02:09 AMPosted by Snow
Times were simpler back then

Simpler isn't always better...
*Deckard Cain Voice* Hello, my friend. Stay awhile and listen.
When i seeing teamwork in a ranked game i am stand up and giving to my team the honor
*Reads the title in Eminem's voice and repeats -please stand up- couple of times
As someone who played in the Alpha/Beta versioin, the game is much better now. There is a problem though...BIG problem.

The game original was released in a bad state. Given Blizzard's popularity, they managed to attract a lot of MOBA and non-MOBA players. LOL, Dota2, Infinite Crisis, Smite..etc all flocked in drones to try the game. The game just had too many problem that they eventually left back to LOL/Dota.

Now? This game just doesn''t have enough players even if it's in a better state. More importantly, the genre is on a decline so don't expect to get much more player. At best, you will retain the loyal blizzard players.

Yeah, that's the problem..IMO
I'm sick of you little gamer boy groups all you do is annoy me

So I've been sent here to destroy you

And there's a hundred of us just like me

Who throw like me, who just don't give a !@#$ like me, who play like me

Throw, talk and play like me, it just might be the next best thing,

But not quite me

Please stand up,

Please stand up
Alpha player here.

Currently serving 1 month suspension for apparently saying something my team mate did was "!@#$".

Mature language filter anyone?

And they wonder why this game is ailing badly and destroyed by LoL in all aspects.

*edit* Irony here as my obscenity is blocked by the forum's mature language filter. Perhaps this should be mandatory in-game?

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