Alpha players please stand up

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10/01/2018 12:11 AMPosted by c4ution
Currently serving 1 month suspension for apparently saying something my team mate did was "!@#$".

They ban people for using "sarcasm", you don't even have to swear to be punished.

09/30/2018 10:18 PMPosted by Ai
I'm sick of you little gamer boy groups all you do is annoy me

So I've been sent here to destroy you

Hey, welcome back Heals, you go get those naughty gamer boys, smite em good!
simpler times? please explain to me how they were simple. As an alpha player this game has improved a lot over the time.
I need to start rocking that avatar more...

Times were simpler yes... but too much...
With low hero pool it was a tad bit more predictable, but on the other side of the coin, having a main wasn't a lifestyle choice, and actually solid meta tactics. You got to see a lot cool plays that were cut and done, not enough mechanics for the clickbait "This Hero got hooked from two screens away and used this ability and got away - click here for more" But alas with low hero pool...

Mirror matches were so very prevalent. Like five heroes vs the same five heroes or at least 3/5. If you had illidan, they had illidan. If they had ETC you had ETC. And so on. Although it was great for the sinister chuckles when you outdid your mirror hero on every stat possible, it wasn't exactly what I call fresh gameplay. People definitely were more likely to know the ins and outs of the game for sure, but at what cost.

Although it was cool to use unstoppable frames on certain heroes, I see why it had to go. Sadly, what we lost is the sense "knowing" the game. Akin to knowing a glitch in an arcade game, all the best people know about it, and you using it made you feel like of the badasses, on top of juking a root or stun during the process.

What I miss most though, is the mentality. Readily talking about difference between talents, map strategies. Much less of the 'this hero is broken, that ult is op' that fills up the forums these days. Wish we could have that back with the game as diverse as it is now - wonder if the consensus would be the same.
09/28/2018 02:09 AMPosted by Snow
Times were simpler back then

I joined during Beta.

Also my frisbee landed in your lawn...

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