Ive been attacked by 4 people (premade) in game, what to do?

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09/30/2018 09:28 PMPosted by Digitality
If they're abhorrent enough the reports will accumulate and the system will do the work of banning them.

Except they won't. It's proven fact that Blizzard's banning system is a failure.

It's so easy to cheat and abuse the system. Regular players get falsely banned, actual trolls never get punished. That's why the game is still filled with trolls, feeders, and afks.

Evidence right here. This troll still isn't banned by the way, he's ruined hundreds of game and there are hundreds of trolls just like him.


The only people affected by this terrible punishment system are the regular players who get falsely banned by the trolls spamming fake reports.
Sound like you had a premade of snowflakes who like other snowflakes in this game dont care about the game or others they play with.
I play with dolls.

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