Anyone else Getting Fortnite Vibes from Event?

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Maybe it's just me, and it's not necessarily a bad thing either. I just think it is remarkably noticeable similar how Fortnite's Challenges and this events challenges are.

A typical challenge you could get from Fortnite would be, "Deal 1000 damage with Assault Rifles" or something along those lines.
Awfully similar to "Deal 50000 damage with Auto Attacks in a winning game".

Again, not bad how similar they are, I just thought it was kind of funny how Blizzard is using this kind of quest theme for their events. I could see where they got their inspiration from.
It's pretty typical to create quests from track-able stats in any video game.
Fortnite hasn't invented challenges.
Not really.
It’s not really any different than challenges in any game. Only so much they can do without having to increase what they track.

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