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Wondering how this feature doesn't exist yet. I've been trying to get a friend into HotS but it's so hard to learn a MoBA to start with but HotS is so fast-paced and minor things really do mean a lot. It's been near impossible for me to play and coach at the sametime just because of the level of focus this game demands so even just a spectating feature would be amazing.

If we were to go as far as coaching, the ability to draw lines that go transparent when a unit moves over them on the coachees screen would be amazing, my friend is fairly good at the mechanics already but fails miserably with positioning...

Hope this thread gets some notice because I've wanted this since beta and would be a great help for expanding the community a bit as the game can be a bit abrasive for new players.
09/29/2018 11:46 AMPosted by Chuzzer
Wondering how this feature doesn't exist yet

this is enough.

that tool should be implemented in the game as soon as possible, it is so important in these games.
tf2 did it and
nobody used it.
Watch replays together, pause the game and have him highlight different heroes and mouse over the abilities mid team fight. Explain they kill zone based on the abilities. Where the hero should be if it of position.

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