Blizzard's Balance Pace is to slow.

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From Balance AMA -

"Going forward, you can expect to see us make numerous smaller changes to improve hero and talent pick/win rates. For example, today we just released a balance patch with changes for 17 different heroes."

'I think thats my issue, I dont view those 17 changes (or the previous 2, 12, 3, 17, 5, 0 (map only), 17...and so on) as significant.

A lot of these patches are not encompassing a wide range of heroes either, its mostly focused on heroes in the meta. Chromie, Raynor, Tyrande, Yrel, Cassia were a large part of these patches, and half of those were because of damage control from the recent reworks, which wipe everything we know about a hero and requires attention. Wheres the changes to Rexxar, Abathur, Chen (pls nerf), or probius who went 8 months with NO changes only to get 1 minor change to a level 20 talent? I wouldn't mind just 1-3 changes for a hero but 1-3 every half year is just very rough. I see genji getting nerfed on his (E) ability and subsequently his talents, and were seeing (Q) starting to rise again, but what about dragon claw? double jump? Steady Blade? They aren't even considered.

I feel like the 2 week patch schedule is to slow given how little there are in these patches, you say 17 heroes but I dont think its anywhere near enough given that some of these heroes are needed recoveries from reworks, others very minute changes. (I greatly prefere small changes, but do it to 30-40 heroes please.)'

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