Roll20 getting destroyed by social media for their arrogance

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Reddit is the biggest cancer in the internet. There is so much censorship from both sides it's unreal.

E.g. did you know that Blizzard lets the mods remove posts with a "negative attitude" in their Subreddit? This is totally against what the internet was made for and made it huge. Even a negative opinion IS a opinion.

The user should enjoy enjoy his new better life without the !@#$hole called Reddit.
Guys - what is roll20?
I'm in bewilderment.
09/26/2018 11:44 PMPosted by mynd
I fail to see anything wrong here. It sounds like the OP is just repeating SJW bullsh!t or something, but I support the stance Roll20 is taking based on what I'm reading here in this thread.

Any reasonable, decent person should support the weening out of toxic individuals from any business or brand. The fact that this is even a divisive argument is really concerning to me.

That is what happened here. Read the actual posts again.

A- The person wasn't toxic, he merely put up a list of (fixable) issues he had with roll20.

B- Roll20 unfairly banned him merely because he had a username similar to a banned person.

C- Roll20 then upheld the ban because he got (justifiably) upset at being unfairly treated.
I love how there is some people here saying that hots will die and they want it just because they want to say "hey, im mad with you blizzard because i lose a lot, because matchmaking, because everything" and they don't realize that they are playing this game a lot and thats why they care enought to be posting over and over, and if the game dies you are going to be affected aswell, so before going in the "everything must die but me" attitud, have some respect, enjoy the game you play and save the spoiled child attitud, the devs in the team can't solve easily the matchmaking issue because they can't totally control humans, the people that plays are the one tóxics, afking, trolling and they are the problem, but they don't change, i can asure you that losing would not be that anoying for some people if toxicity wasnt a thing
Been living under a rock apparently, as I never heard of Roll20. Probably some first world problems again, where some streamer with 10 followers did something stupid, huh?
09/26/2018 11:29 PMPosted by Nightmus
Roll20 banned a guy based just on his nickname being similar to one they banned a year ago for criticizing the company on reddit. When the guy asked why was he banned, Roll20 representative said they weren't sure, had no proof, but banned him anyway just in case. He also elaborated that Roll20 doesn't even care about his case as they'd prefer not to have a community or a forum in the first place. A loyal customer, who spent actual money on them during the last 5 years was banned just in case. Then the guy wrote several messages over several days to Roll20 support to cancel the ban explaining his position. Those got ignored until he received a message that they believe he wasn't at fault, but they'll uphold the ban anyway as he cared too much about it, which is suspicious
If your version of the story is true, I understand the unfairness of the whole thing.. thanks for explaining.

My previous comment was more focused for all the radicals lighting torches because "the client is always right - I'm paying so server me" kind of attitude.
Real story, totally made up connection and opinions attached.

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