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You probably think that this is another thread bashing the new Garden of Terror, but no I am bashing the one before the rework and everyone who wants it back.
It was the worst map? Don't believe me? Well it was.
they hated jesus because he told them the truth
09/30/2018 04:50 AMPosted by brandonchu
they hated jesus because he told them the truth

to be honest, i like the new map
we don't believe you because it wasn't...

infernal shrines is still the worst map
the new GOT map disgusts me
It is, because it is...
omg... just got my first decent match on this thing...

my friggin god! OP you're the biggest friggin troll ever!!!! people who like this crap trow pineapple on their pizza!!!! a.k.a. heartless, soulles atrocious monsters!!!!!

now i'm sure... who ever thought of that change and the ones that executed it should get fired A.S.A.P.

god f'in damnit!!!! 2f'in times in a row!!!!!! shoot the server they used to store this crap on and burn the damn building to the ground!!!! what the actual... what happend to this map!

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