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1h [Feedback Thread] Mercy Updates - Nov 16, 2017 Hi everyone, We've seen a heavy influx of conversations revolving around recent hero balance updates, especially those revolving around Mercy. In an effort to consolidate feedback and create a steady location for users to share their impressions or opinions, please use this thread. ... We appreciate your feedback, as it will assist us and provide insight on improving your Overwatch experience. Thank you.Tom Powers3213 1h
17s This community. Why is everyone so angry all the time? Its like a combination between angry kids playing minecraft and know it all nothings from league of legends/dota. Its gotten to the point that its even worn me down to also become a salty d-bag a few times because of how people are acting. Should I even keep playing this game or should I just go back to TF2?Gamma1 17s
37s Yetis always win in Yeti hunt Out of all the 10 games I've played I've never seen Meis win. It's extremely hard to win as Mei especially when your yeti is smart. and I doubt they're going to change it cuz it's just a seasonal brawl. This is probably the worst one yet.WeebTrash23 37s
39s OWL is a joke If you don't disperse the Koreans among the teams, the season will end Seoul 1, New York 2, and the actual battle and drama will come with 3rd place. It is known.mrsleep0 39s
53s It breaks my heart that Sym has been left to rot And it really feels like us Symmetra fans and mains have been purposely left out in the cold. Symmetra is my favorite hero in this game! I want to be able to play her without my own allies verbally attacking me or punching me in spawn. I’d even argue Symmetra is now, officially, in a worse state than her pre rework state. She’s just too easy to make null and void, especially with so little investment, while Symmetra has a heavy cost to use her kit to the fullest advantage. We really need serious help!Kris13 53s
55s Net Neutrality Vote Live Now! (Opening Statements) Here is the URL for the live stream showing the vote. 55s
1m Every support hero has received buffs EXCEPT Symmetra. In the past few months has every support hero received a buff except Symmetra. Mercy's rework with buffs and nerf. Ana's damage boost. New hero Moira. Lucio's wallride fix and wall jump buff. Zenyatta's UI buff. What about Symmetra? Isn't Symmetra not the one who is in the most need of help? Isn't Symmetra not the one with the lowest pick rate in the support class? Aren't Symmetra mains not seen as throwers and receive a lot of false reports? She need help guys. The only reason why Symmetra has a win rate is because she is traditionally used in first point on defense. After that is she usually replaced with another hero. So she either win, or get swapped out so another hero can take the loss. Wins are only measured by your last hero at the end of the round. She really isn't fine. Just. Help. Her. Blizzard. (And Mei as well.)Bloggerman23 1m
1m Overwatch red screen crash Sometimes playing Overwatch I get red screens and my computer crashes. No other game causes this issue for me...TheSombra277 1m
1m How old are you? This article says the average age of gamers is 35, yet whenever age comes up in game I’m the creepy old guy at 31. 1m
1m Tracer I'm learning to play tracer anyone got tips. I'm currently sitting at 1552 srLeoCross0 1m
2m Bastion's Headshot Turretmode i've had it hard after blizzard removed bastion's headshot damage in turret mode for the buff they gave him that they sortly after removed half off, so now that i've heard that whenever doomfist just hit bastion with his second melee attack bastion loses his turretform leaving him from 300 to 25 bullets to take out the doomfist with. it isn't easy not getting headhost damage done you know. (all i want is bastion to have headshot damage back if people can just punch him out of the turretfrom. (sorry for bad english) - MeTheLegend2714 2m
2m No tank, no problem I can't blame anyone who refuses to play tanks. D.Va isn't a tank anymore. Roadhog is hot trash. Zarya and Winston function as situational off-tanks. Reinhardt as usual when the meta favors him. Orisa, still the wanna-be anchor tank that nobody respects (least of which the enemy team) and few come to grips with. Tanks are a mess. I certainly wont touch them. The community ganged up to have them destroyed as a category and the developers facilitated it. If the next hero is a tank, maybe that'll turn things around but considering the track record for new heroes (two out of five ended up decent) I wouldn't put money on it. I think we should encourage playing without them. If their absence is felt, maybe people will tolerate them getting buffed out of the dumpster. If not, it shows we never really needed them; nobody can really challenge that the game has become DPSwatch.balonium2395 2m
2m So to all you who thought One Tricking was bannable Finally, on toxicity, we’ve seen some confusion on the question of one-tricking. Can you clarify this for us? Is one-tricking considered toxic or actionable behaviour? Things get very complicated, because the discussion usually focuses around individual players who have been actioned. And they might have been actioned for other things? Yes, and we’re not always at liberty to discuss exactly what they have been actioned for. All in all, the game lets you pick whoever you want. It’s not up to your teammates who you should play. I do think it’s respectful to people to be willing to gel with the team composition, but you can’t ban somebody - it’s not a bannable offence - for just playing one hero, as long as you’re trying your best to win with that hero. I think the game gets in a very dangerous state when we tell you who you’re allowed to play and not play with the game functioning like it does right now. The allure and the fantasy of Overwatch is there are these 26 heroes, and you can log in at any moment and be one of them. We should be trying to keep them all viable, and all decent picks within a team composition. I mean, sometimes you’re gonna be countered, but we can’t leave it at other players’ discretion to decide what you should be doing.Sally0 2m
4s Genji - high skill cap only on paper, not pratice I really dont like long posts, and making posts like this, like probably most of community, but nothing is changed since beginning of this game, so maybe i will get at least small atention. Before anyone will say anything, "another gold/plat is annoyed by some hero and want nerf." Im GM since season 2, almost t500 in s1. Last season finished in 4350 with 4480 as season high. (can upload screenshoot if anyone want) But lets go to the point of this post. First. Probably most broken thing in entire game - reflect Please imagine genji, but roadhog is exacly behind him, genji use reflect. Roadhog cant be damaged. - this is what exacly we have this entire time. Proof how broken genji reflect is (warning, memes, loud memes, lower your volume): Longer video showing interaction of genji reflect by bigger pool of heroes: Second. Dash. Probably everyone who played genji know how hard is missing dash. Why? Because its bigger than roadhog !@# and my future Take him to training room. Aim next to bot, not at him, best are these next to wall. Use dash from the side when u miss until you hit. In short, in second when dash hit enemy target, he can be OUTSIDE frame. You dont need see your target, because his dash will connect anyway. Third. Dragonblade range. Its 5m. As example tracer blink -7,5m. Its way, way too long and literally impossible to not kill with it. Now add long dragon blade range and dash. Bum, you have one of the easiest team wipes, it doesnt even needs good aim What is my point of this? People think he is really hard, high skill cap hero, he is, on paper. Only hard thing to learn is projectile speed, rest of his abilites are on "ez mode". With lowering his reflect and dash hitbox size his skill floor should increase. Good genji still will be good, bad genji will be bad and should improve. Instead giving genji so long range of his dragonblade, give him movement speed buff while ulting instead. Boom, genji is almost the same, but finally needs some skill to play.Widowtracer25 4s
3m This game sucks, make OW 2 already. Basically speaks for itself. Matchmaking is broken. Objectives are a broken gameplay system with no carry feature, no zombies mode, the devs aren't even listening to us, AND competitive is broken af. Thanks a lot for giving us garbage, Blizzard. How did this game get GOTY? Makes zero sense.AnnoyedToad24 3m
3m Why can Widow/Hanzo one shot Orisa again? This has happened to me so many times ever since Orisa got added, and yet its still not fixed, why?JP324 3m
4m Is Mercy being looked at? We all saw the inevitable domination of OWL pre-season by Mercy. If OWL regular season is going to feature much of other supports then obviously she needs to be addressed, but there has been no word on if the balance team is looking at her. There have been a lot of suggestions of how to balance Mercy, one of which is indeed a Revert to Mercy 1.0, which the old resurrect ultimate. This seems unlikely but it is true that Mercy was much more balanced than she is now. Rez wasn't OP, the rework was because of the playstyle that hiding and resurrecting resulted in. But now Performance-based SR has been removed for diamond and above, this strategy will be less effective than actually winning games, not one tricking or exploiting performance-based SR gains. So that brings us to looking at balancing Valkyrie. There are multiple things which could be nerfed about this: - An absolute must is a duration nerf of Valkyrie to 10-12 seconds. There is no reason for an ultimate to be longer than this. 15 seconds would not be enough to make a significant enough impact on her essentiality. - Secondly, make Valkyrie more engaging by replacing Chain Healing with stronger single-target healing and damage boosting (90 HP/s and 40% damage boost). This means that Mercy is rewarded for good game sense of switching and prioritising allied targets.Curator142 4m
4m Petition for Sombra Rime skin adjustment Her skins is awesome but could her hack color be also blue in this skin instead of the default purple. It would fit so much more for her in that skin. It still needs to stay red for the enemy so they dont get confused. Dont know if the skull for a health pack timer or the hack glow around an affected target should also become blue or stay purple.GreedyS4 4m
3s dont 3 stack when your all dps mains this should be a given... why am i meeting so many 3 stacks that do thiscrom22 3s
4m winston/yetti no meat challenge Who good enough to do it? 4m
4m doomfist is still broken(doomfist main reaction) As a doomfist main that has played 20h+ on doomfist I can say DOOMFIST IS STILL BROKEN ・wallslides still happen(a lot!) ・ghost punches are still a thing Also I dont hear this a lot but when the player has over 40 ping... ・fist not hitting ・fist canceling for no reason also the fist hitbox and slam hitbox is too small in generalZer07 4m
5m Calling for a Builder Rework Focus Patch (Day 3) Ever Since That Last Patch, it Should be obvious that Builders need to have some emergency focus on them. It should be obvious after all the Sym is dead and Buff Torb posts. So now I guess we count the days Devs are going to be silent about it, since killing Sym.(Which was three days ago but hey been busy with life.) Really Torb and Sym are now where Old prerework Sym was a year ago. They really need to be a lot better then where they are.Jesterskull9 5m
6m The Genji favoritism needs to die You cant keep making Genji inmune to widespread nerfs that started because of him. You changed Genji's ult from a Cast Time Ult to a Transformation Ult which can no longer be stun-canceled like Mei/Lucio/etc to make sure he was unaffected by that ult nerf. Meanwhile Lucio and Mei's ult are basically unusable on their intended roles. Despite the issue starting with him (and soldier). Literally what the <removed expletive>. ============================================ [Moderator note: edited language and title - calling out individual developers or the development team in your title or post is against our forum guidelines. Doing this will result in a temporary suspension of forum posting privileges.]Ranulf195 6m
6m Yeti Hunt BEST Gamemode. Thank you Daddy Jeff I love it.CarlySlae0 6m
7m Skins that everyone likes that you don't like What are some skins hat everyone loves but you yourself aren't overly fond of? Here's mine. Tracer's Graffitti skin. Okay the weapons look cool in this but I don't like the outfit as a whole. Mercy's 2016 Summer Event Skin, Imp and Devil skin. If it's one thing I learned from my Mercy Skins Power Rankings is that everyone loves these skins. I'm not a fan of the Devil and Imp skins as they come across as edgy and don't fit the character at all. Her summer skin just doesn't appeal to me.WorstPlayer4 7m
9m First 6x kill on Moira Just got a PotG on Moira consisting of a 6x team kill..2 were personal 4 were assists but still felt good =D 9m
9m Easy LFG mobile app for Overwatch Hello all, Frustrated with random teaming system? Want to have a competitive edge? GetGood enables offline pre-made teaming with your choice on hero role selections, teamwork attributes and Skill rating. For the hard-core, GetGood also feature coaching services for you to improve your game! With GetGood, your gaming experience will be enhanced by connecting with the larger Overwatch gaming community. Opt-in as open beta tester and download mobile app through link below: 9m
9m Constantly matched with GMs/Top 500s in QP (high plat) I decided it was finally time to learn how to play DPS, so I thought that now (with the event going on) would be the perfect time to sit down and play a bunch of QP to work on my aim and positioning. Problem is, about 2/3 of the games I play end up with me being matched with GM or top 500 players who make the game about which one of them (the one on my team or the other team) can land the most consecutive headshots with widow or hanzo. Like literally, every team fight each one of them will get 3-4 kills. I'm not even playing well as DPS to warrant me having a high QP mmr. Is there something I can do to avoid getting matched up with players who just insta-kill me because I don't know the intricacies of, for instance, genji? Or is the QP matchmaking just really that broken?Boombear9 9m
9m Overwatch tips.... That's right, I want this thread to be filled with any tips you can come up with. For example, try to not use your blinks as Tracer to get to the objective. You'll need them when you get there. Or, always be moving your turret around as Torb, to keep the enemy on their feet. What about you, got any tips you would like to share?JellyandJam22 9m
10m End of Internet neutrality : will you continue to play ? Soon, US customers will have to pay a lot more money to have a decent internet connexion. Will you continue to play online games or stop it ?ROADR8GE124 10m
10m WHY PLAY SOMBRA? Why would I ever play sombra? Shes weak Her passive is pretty useless cant 1v1 anyone unless they're distracted or on half health and if the enemy has any kind of healer she is gonna be useless why play sombra when I can play Genji/76/Tracer/ANYONE and deal double the damage while also being mobile and having sustain? I really want to play her because her personality is awesome but she just feels so !@#$ty and weak. give me some tips pleaseSheepic18 10m
10m Moiras Orbs Destroy Sym Turrets Can you Make it so Moira's Orbs Can attach to anything bigger than Symmetra's turrets. or Make Give her turrets more health if you are going to allow low risk low skill abilities destroy them from long range (i feel you sounds disrespectful but i think using company name is against rules. unless i read it wrong)Sebastian6 10m
11m Amazing Skin Concept: V.Va by Grigory Lebidko Grigory Lebidko has done it again! You may have seen the highly detailed mech model he put out a little while ago. After a lot of people expressed desire to see a pilot D.Va to match, he put out a phenomenal V.Va skin model--check it out: There's also a Twitter post you should retweet if you like it; I'd love to see what the devs have to say about such detailed work! What do you think about V.Va? plshelpIneeditkarleighCC21 11m
11m Lucio skin anytime soon? I don't think lucio got good skins ... When is it time to give him some love? Beside new heros i belive he is the only one that don't have a good looking skin ... OWL's skin are cool but also simpleHydrus2 11m
11m Increase lucio ammo Make it 24/24 like that you increased hog and junk, that way we can be a little more threat. We lucio mains are like kids playing waterguns.SirMoustache17 11m
11m MERCY SKIN POWER RANKINGS There is constant debate over which Mercy skin is the best, and now here I am. This will forever settle the debate. Here it is, the Mercy Skin power Rankings: 1. Witch 2. Winged Victory 3. Combat Medic Ziegler 4. Cobalt 5. Valkerie 6. Sigrun 7. Amber 8. Eidgenossin 9. Fortune 10. Devil 11. Classic 12. Celestial 13. Orchid 14. Verdant 15. Mist 16. ImpWorstPlayer24 11m
15m [MEGATHREAD-UNCAPPED] Symmetras place in the game This is extremely long, but I want to illustrate Symmetras problems and how to fix them, hopefully to enlighten the devs on how to fix her. There's not really a TLDR, but if you want to get the gist of it, skim through the bolded areas. Hi Guys. I’ve been hesitant to post this thread, and instead wanted to wait until after Blizzcon to do so. There’s been a huge surge of concern over Symmetra’s place in the game, so much so that there are 3 Megathreads (all from people in masters, with obvious game sense) on making her more supportive in the general forum, and a reddit thread with 3000+ upvotes. After hearing the recent Q&A regarding Symmetra, it’s kind of clear that the developers are somewhat unsure of her place in the game, and so I’m hoping that this thread will concisely summarize her issues as well as give the developers clear knowledge of how to fix her, rather than recategorizing her. Blizzcon Q&A: ... Please, please, developers. It’s obvious you listen to us, otherwise a Talon Healer wouldn’t have been the next hero despite the massive demand for her. The community obviously wants her to be more supportive. Recategorizing her will not fix her fundamental issues when there are currently better, more intuitive options in the game for her niche (junkrat), as well as more supportive options for her niche coming as well (moira). From the Patch concerning her rework: ... This is important to note, as she is the most passive support out of all 5, and she is also the most situational. She is not viable on attack, as the intention of the rework. The first rework failed its intended purpose. You can read through this or skim to the bolded sections. While a lot of people argue that Symmetra is strong within her niche. That is precisely the issue with her. When she was most viable was within her Niche on chokes such as Hanamura, Eichenwalde, and Volksaya defense. There were numerous complaints on how hard chokes were to break through, so developers made several balancing adjustments, both to the maps, and characters who had either abilities or mobility to deal with the chokes. From that point onwards, new map development gave a lot of alternative pathways and elevation that lessened her Niche's effectiveness and gave numerous easy options for counterplay, not to mention she’s not very viable outside of her niche, either. The point? The newest maps, newest characters, and newest buffs to heroes mean that her original Niche is shrinking, and her viability outside that niche is dismal if not compromising to the team. AKA: She’s not relevant to the current version of the game. The elephant in the room: She is the utility support, however, she is the only support whose utility mechanics are not readily available for use (speed, discord, damage boost) while the other support who has utility on cooldown has two highly active, flexible utility abilities that have a variety of uses that outclass Photon Barrier, and have less counters than her turrets do. The other issue is that all of these support alternatives not only have better utility in their actual kit (not taking into account ultimates), but all the other support utility is in conjunction to healing. She was designed as a damage mitigating, utility support, that defends the backlines; however, almost all of the support in her kit comes from her ultimate, which makes her the only character who is balanced entirely around the merit of her ultimate- which is one of her design flaws, if this patch from Blizzard is any indication: ... (universal nerf to ultimate charge) If a character is balanced around an ultimate, then it is likely that their kit is lacking. Symmetra has the lowest ultimate costs in the game, and can keep her ultimate up indefinitely. This should raise concerns as to what part of her kit makes this necessary in her design. They wanted her to more engaging in the rework, with more of a capacity for proactive and reactive engagement, but her kit has most of the most passive abilities in the game. Also important to note, if all of her her supportive merit is funneled into her destructible ultimates, she will always lose to Zen/Lucio, who don’t need their ultimate or to keep a structure alive to be supportive. Not only that, but her supportive capacity was originally her E, which rightly means that her original design did not involve a passive ultimate to provide support. Please, complete her kit. We know this is something you’re capable of doing. Within the last month, you completed Mercy’s kit due to the feedback of DPS mains. This is feedback from the people who play the character. Please fix her. She doesn’t NEED to heal, but she suffers from an incomplete kit as a support character. (if you need proof she's a support) Luminums videos show her potential as a support, but watching his videos often makes it clear to me that her kit is just not as cohesive as the other characters in the game, even the defense characters which skeptics seem to be convinced she is. His best plays are supportive plays, so she obviously has potential as a support. She just plays more like an offensive support, similar to Zen. (this was patched but shows how he needs high game sense, and to be innovative to a crazy level to succeed with her limited kit) (this video shows the potential of team flanks at 4:10) (and this video shows why symmetra falls short as a support… she needs her team to support her for her to support them. She’s more follow-through dependent than any other support because she lacks support in her actual kit, but people will troll you because they see you as a “troll pick”) He makes great plays, saving his team from reinhardt ultimates, making team flanks, etc. But really, while that’s amazing, there’s not much he can do inbetween that except try to make picks. While other offsupports like lucio/zen, have their utility up (speed/discord) in addition to no cooldown, no ultimate options for heals (heal aura/harmony orb). Quality of Life adjustments for Symmetra are necessary, but if that is all she receives, she likely won't have a place in the game as the game evolves. The best, and most commonly suggested Quality of Life suggestions are: Turrets: Reduce the delay in placing and "activating" the turrets after you deploy them, as well as remove the slow that Symmetra is afflicted with when placing them. Ultimates: Let them be seen through walls for teammates, as well as willful deconstruction of her barrier generator so a skilled Symmetra can change her nesting location, similarly to how a widowmaker will change her sniping location. Let her deconstruct her teleporter to redeem some of her ult charge if the charges are running low. Also, allow her to build her ultimates on walls and ceilings at slightly longer range, so her setups become less predictable. (via AConstelle) Remove the 5-6 second delay she has on gaining ult when her Shield Generator is destroyed. The delay isn't there for TP, but it is for Shield Gen for some reason, and 6 seconds is a lot of time for Sym. Also the blue line indicating the Shield Gen's radius would be swell. Photon Barrier: There have been numerous suggestions for this ability. Increase the charges on it, decrease the cooldown, give her more control over it. The biggest consistent complaint I've seen with this ability is the fact that Symmetra has a harder time contributing with this support utility than other supports have contributing with their utility that is often on a lower cooldown or does not have a cooldown while simultaneously being easier skills to contribute with. This ability needs to be able to compete with an offhealing slot, period. It’s her only active support ability. The other point I want to bring up is that she is the only support who has a viable alternative to rez, which a lot of people are concerned about. [Moderator edit - I removed the direct call-out to the Dev team. The Feedback here is greatly appreciated but the idea of the forums is a discussion among players. The Dev team has access to the discussion and may take part in the discussion but the main focus is the discussion. Not shutting this down just trying to redirect the focus :) ]Jsleezy3317 15m
15m If ults were removed How powerful would your main be?bombthezoms15 15m
16m Is 35 percent accuracy with tracer decent or trash? Title. - worlds worst tracerMcLintock22 16m
16m Hanzo Skin I've taken the time to go through this thread, and other similar threads, and compile what seems to be the major issues surrounding this skin. - No Undercut - - This is not an undercut. This is a fan edit of the skin - - This IS an undercut. The hair under the top layer of hair (what's in the bun) is gone, or.... cut away. (credit @radioproxy) - White Beard - - Hanzo's beard in the comic is CLEARLY not white. The above edit also fixed this issue. Hanzo's hair has been Black with peppering of white/grey. In the comic Hanzo's beard is merely a scruffy version of his goatee with peppering of grey in there. The way the beard looks now is too similar to a mesh that has yet to be textured properly. It looks unfinished. - Massive Gap In Hairline - There's a good 1inch of bald gap from Hanzo's hair on the top of his head to his not-undercut. The stark contrast of his black hair and his oddly pure white hair looks like a mistake. (credit @mccreeing) - Issues In-Game - - The in-game player icon looks... like a half-baked render. What happened here? - Sit Emote is bugged - hands do NOT rest on his thighs/knees like they should. (credit to RDK for posting) - Garish Outfit Coloring - Doesn't seem to fit Hanzo much at all - overly saturated and an odd combo of colors, compounding the issues with his beard/hair. A simple recolor: (credit to @DIOhusbrando for the edit) ... -- Edit 12/13 - there have been some fanworks that 'fix' the hair while still keeping it similar to the skin we've received, for reference. (credit @jo6su6) (credit @mstrmagnolia) -- Here is a twitter thread that @PlayOverwatch has responded to, hopefully we're being heard. ... Please Note: We're happy they listened to us and gave us this skin. HOWEVER We're upset because they gave us an inaccurate and frankly, unfinished looking skin. They only needed to go off the reference photo that everyone and their brother kept posting about for a year since that comic dropped. But they didn't. And that's why people are upset, and imo for good reason, especially after we got teased we'd be getting this. The biggest issue here is every other 'as seen before' skin that we've gotten has been a 1:1 match OR an improvement upon the original artwork. Witch Mercy, Pumpkin Reaper, Junkenstein, Zombie Hog, Blackwatch Genji, Blackwatch McCree, Van Helsing McCree, Pirate Ana, Viking Torb, Uprising Mercy, Uprising Tracer, Uprising Reinhardt, Uprising Torb, Mei's skin from her short, Reinhardt's skin from his short - all of these have been made and given to us without issue because none of these skins were changed so drastically for absolutely no good reason. They all look excellent! This skin also had a reference, and it was ignored. -- Some comments from the thread: ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... -- (Original Post Below) -- I don't rightly understand how the team in charge of the Hanzo skin could go an entire year, see some really beautiful fanart and renders, have a literal reference image to work off, and STILL somehow manage to mess it up entirely. From the comic we see: - Hanzo has shaved off the sides and back of his hair, put his remaining hair in a samurai bun, let his goatee grow out a little bit, and got some piercings (bridge of nose, ear). Simple, right? Many enterprising fans with some skill decided to make their own version of this for fun: - Looks almost identical to the panel from the comic we all loved and asked for. Looks excellent, actually! Anyone with access to the internet (or you know, the comic, that was Official Artwork) can go look up 'Reflections Comic Hanzo' and see THOUSANDS of artworks based off this Single Comic Panel - they are all nearly the same - shaved head, samurai bun, the piercings, and slightly scruffy goatee. And then, after A YEAR OF WAITING AND ASKING, Blizzard's Art Team, in their infinite wisdom, delivers us.... this: eta: closer images: & ---- I'm unsure if anyone who worked on this understands how undercuts work, but normally they are not...Not This. I mean, thanks for trying, I guess. guys had a literal reference image to work off. You had countless images of fanworks to better understand what we all wanted. You had A Year To Work On This, and you give us... I'm not sure what to call this, but this is very much NOT the skin we asked for, NOT the skin from the comic. What in the world is happening to his beard? Why is it full and entirely white? How did you guys manage to not only entirely ignore the artwork from the comic (your comic! your OFFICIAL COMIC!!) but ALSO remained blind to the massive amount of artwork drummed up by fans? How?thecatsred374 16m
16m Widowmaker's Butt Nerfed With her "toast" victory pose, Widowmaker's rear-end is a fraction of the size as it is in every other iteration. What is this and why did you do it Blizzard?FlameWar1 16m
16m Tracer Help. So I'd say I have pretty good aim as Tracer, and I can quickly adapt my crosshair when blinking. But I can't seem to get her positioning down. When ever I face an enemy 1v1, they always kill me. It seems like they go into "God-Mode" when they see me. And then there's the times I'm not even in range and a random Hanzo arrow will kill me, or a lucky McCree shot will kill me. How do I position myself as Tracer? I honestly can't seem to get it right. I know to bait out the flashbang, and wait until 76's healing station is done, but that still doesn't seem to help. I know when to blink (when I'm under attack, or when reloading - I try not to waste blinks). And I use recall when on low health. How do I stay alive as Tracer?hyun7 16m
16m Looking for chill people to do comp with So I refuse to solo queue any more so as such I am looking for people to queue with around 1200 SR so I can get back to where I belong (Plat season 5 and high Gold season 6). I play D.Va, Winston, Orisa, Tracer, Soldier, Lucio, Zen, Moira All I ask for is for people to be respectful and not rage at a loss, add me if you want to group up Seefer#11988Seefer0 16m
17m Reaper's 'pup' emote Reaper should receive a 'pup' emote similiar to the one Orisa received in this event (but better, as the vengeful Reaper is naturally superior to some worthless robotic centaur). An animal Reaper could possibly adopt as his pet is the barn owl. Common names such as 'demon owl', 'death owl', or 'ghost owl' show that traditionally, rural populations in many places considered barn owls to be birds of evil omen. For example, the Tzeltal people in Mexico regard them as "disease givers". These owls don't 'hoot' but emit raspy screeches and hissing noises or that their white face and underbelly feathers that are visible as they fly overhead make them look 'ghostly'. Consequently, they were often persecuted by farmers who were unaware of the benefits these birds bring. Negative emotions can also be attributed to the false belief that they could eat large animals such as chickens and cats. As you can see, barn owls have a lot in common with Reaper, a ghostly wraith that can turn into an ethereal entity, and is often considered omen of death and suffering - the name 'Reaper' having been given to him by some people because the victims of this ruthless terrorist consist of a hollowed and disfigured husk drained of all life. It would also be a particularily subtle and elegant nod to the Reyes' origins, just like the skins El Blanco and Mariachi. And for those of you who are smart enough and haven't fallen asleep yet, Reaper's mask is actually shaped as a barn owl, this is blatant. I always die inside when ignorants say Reaper's mask is shaped around a vulture or... even worse... a skull. Sorry, Reaper isn't your average Scooby-Doo villain, he is the most mature and adult character this game has to offer, the best persona Blizzard has come up with in the last 25 years. The -FUTURE- of this game.Reaper21 17m
17m What's the real purpose of Quick Play again? I can rant on an on about QP, but what's its main purpose? The dev's keep saying its an area to "practice" heroes, bu how can you practice heroes, try to do the game objective when half of your team is just not making an impact? People say QP is just for fun and no one does the objective, but isn't that what the Arcade is for? So what's the purpose having a game mode whit comp rules while players troll/throw without having consequences? I dont play a lot of comp because of how it is, so i try to "up" my skills by playing QP, because its the only mode that almost feels like comp. Why must I give 100% when other players troll/throw and just say "it's QP dude, chill". So when people say QP is to practice, how can I practice when other team members just wont focus and give their 100% as well? What happens when you report a player in QP? Do reports even work in QP? Have anyone ever been disciplined in QP? I just wish people can understand the game modes, Comp is Comp, Quick play is like comp (but without the SR gains/loss), and the arcade is to muck about. How can you practice heroes in a competitive scenario when you have 5 DPS and you have to go healer/tank? I know i'm a shiit player and I really give my all in games, but I keep loosing (both in comp and QP). I try my best, I really do, but whats the point anymore? Now I have to go up against master ranked players in some games. I know losing is a part of winning, but losing 10/12 games is not a happy feeling when you give your all and still lose. I'm not perfect, I sometimes mess up plays and make mistakes, but when you have to flex because other players don't want to switch roles to counter the enemy, what else can I do? I try to be a good person and compliment the team, but i guess in 2017 and in ovewatch, people are just generally selfish - don't do whats best for the team, do what makes you feel good. Sometimes i just feel like the matchmaking system just WANTS me to lose, no matter how hard I try. -sadRastaFry0 17m
18m Another BS potg I shut down 2 ults with a sombra EMP. TWO! At the same time. Oh but a soldier killed a person. Yeah totally fair. No wonder everyone wants to play DPS, blizzard completely ignores everyone else.greywolf21 18m