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Feb 20, 2018 [Feedback Thread] Mercy Updates - Jan 30, 2018 Hi everyone, We've continued to see a heavy influx of conversations revolving around today's hero balance updates impacting Mercy. In an effort to consolidate feedback and create a consistent location for users to share their impressions or opinions, please use this thread. ... We appreciate your feedback, as it will assist us and provide insight on improving your Overwatch experience. Thank you.Tom Powers4736 Feb 20, 2018
Feb 20, 2018 Bots in Custom Games Hi everyone, In today’s patch we fixed a bug that allowed players to create infinite bots in custom games. We recognize that people were having fun with the exploit but it caused server instability and negatively impacted other players which is why we have removed it. We really want to bring functionality like this to Overwatch and we’re doing research now into how we can support these custom game settings. We’re regularly amazed by the level of creativity put on display via your own game modes, and we want to continue supporting it.Jeff Brill89 Feb 20, 2018
Feb 19, 2018 Movement Update Hi everyone, We wanted to take some time to explain the recent movement changes in depth (with examples). Hopefully this will help everyone better understand what changed, and what did not. Incline Changes: There were two persistent issues with movement on inclines that we wanted to clean up. First, while moving diagonally on inclines you would end up being slightly strafed left or right even if you were only attempting to move forward. This can be a subtle source of aiming issues for many people, and now the player will properly move forward in this situation. Second, movement up and down inclines had inconsistent speed as compared to the ground. Running both up and down an incline would be faster than walking on flat ground. However faster movement (e.g. McCree’s Combat Roll) would be slower when going up and down inclines. Having consistent character movement speed is important for many reasons, the biggest of which is it allows you to be able to reliably know how to aim your hitscan shots or lead your projectile fire. Acceleration changes: The characters in Overwatch have a fixed acceleration (how fast they can change their movement velocity) depending on if they are in the air or on the ground. Previously, this amount would get reduced if you were attempting to change your direction by 90 degrees or less, and was more pronounced if you were going faster than normal (e.g. Winston’s Jump Pack or Doomfist’s Rocket Punch). One of the consequences of this was that if you were in the air travelling forward and wanted to move directly right, you could reach full speed to the right faster if you accelerated backwards to a full stop and then moved to the right, as opposed to simply pressing to the right. Having to do a non-intuitive movement to reach your desired direction as fast as possible is less than ideal, so we made a change to allow you to more consistently use the air acceleration you already had to reach the direction you'd like to be moving in. The new acceleration can feel like momentum is no longer conserved like before, but the forward velocity is just more efficiently being converted into sideways velocity. The direction is changing faster but your overall speed isn’t being slowed down. Examples: If you're flying as Pharah, you can now just press forward and you will properly accelerate moving forward, instead of having to counter accelerate to stop sideways drift. If you’re leaping as Winston, you can more effectively redirect your velocity around corners. Prior to this rework it was possible to achieve similar mid-air turns by always facing your current velocity while strafing, but this was also unintuitive. You can now press forward and right directional inputs after a Winston leap and you will actually move some to the right, whereas previously you would have to only hold right if you wanted to get any acceleration to the right. It does mean getting used to the new strafing power. No longer do you have to hold strafe for a long time to get a small adjustment to your movement, you can simply short hold or tap it as needed, and pressing forward with a left or right command will do smaller adjustments than if pressing left or right alone. This does not substantially affect movement when trying to change movement direction by >90 degrees. Additionally, left and right strafing on the ground and air will be the same along with attempting to accelerate against a knockback will be the same. We’re keeping an eye on these changes to make sure everything is working correctly. Any feedback would be appreciated, and would be especially helpful with any screenshots or videos.Geoff Goodman161 Feb 19, 2018
Feb 20, 2018 Petition - Doomfist Cute Spray Requirement Dear Community, Blizzard & Jeff, With this forum topic I would like to start a petition to change the requirement of the cute spray from Doomfist. As we all can clearly agree this achievement is way to hard, and not based on skill, it's luck based. I don't mind having an luck based achievement but it has to be doable, and this one is way to hard to do. So with this petition I would like to ask people to like and leave your comment to lower the number of people required in Doomfist ult from 6 to 4 which is the number of kills/hits we need for most cute spray achievements. Please people leave your comment and like this thread so we can have some attention to this subject!UberSletje17 Feb 20, 2018
Feb 20, 2018 Why doesnt Overwatch have a role select system? I am in no means a good player, but I have experienced the VERY common issue of to many players wanting to DPS and refuse to switch wich results in a downwards spiral of toxicity. My question is why doesn't overwatch have a system where you select your role(s) before you enter a competitive game? Why shouldn't players select if they wish to support, DPS, tank, or flex and then get qued with other players based on what they selected. Possibly if players wished to do something other than 2/2/2 they could select other options like 1/3/2. This system seems to work in other role/class based games and I feel like it would greatly decrease toxicity and encourage players to play other roles (DPS would probably have a slightly longer que). Im posting this idea to receave feedback and possibly be noticed.HIVEnation7 Feb 20, 2018
Feb 20, 2018 Ya'll should've left Sombra in F-Tier She's a complete nightmare for Tanks. Ya'll talk about not wanting to make Heroes feel "oppressive"? Sombra on PTR is, by far, the most oppressive Hero in the history of the game.Solex18 Feb 20, 2018
Feb 20, 2018 Rez. Seriously. Why is rez still in the game. No one enjoys it. No one. I love mercy but right now she is a rez bot. Rez = badSilentShadow14 Feb 20, 2018
Feb 20, 2018 Why would you pick Reinhardt over Orisa? It's clear at the moment that Orisa is just superior in almost every way: - Her shield is up for much longer compared to Reinhardt. - She can shoot while the shield is up while Reinhardt can't do any damage. Orisa spam down a choke can be much more effective at keeping attackers at bay compared to a Reinhardt just having his shield up (and having to take it down in order to fire strike). - If she dies her shield stays up. The only way Reinhardt might be better than Orisa is his slightly higher HP and his ultimate. But his ultimate is so buggy that it might not even be worth picking Reinhardt for his ultimate. Does anyone else think that Rein is just really weak compared to Orisa?Pigeon30 Feb 20, 2018
Feb 20, 2018 what are the common characteristics of a Genji Main? they always tried their hardest in skirmish modeChillPill25 Feb 20, 2018
Feb 20, 2018 I'm Done With Competitive Too After so many freaking seasons waiting for something to happen, any substantial changes to make Competitive actually a good mode, I give up.. There's no reason to play this mode, even getting sr is meaningless. Because its just random, I could be playing bad and still win 10 games in a row because my teams happen to have a good comp while the enemy ones have 4 dps and trolls or tilted people. I'll comeback when the devs open their eyes and finally decide to do somethingColdFire5 Feb 20, 2018
Feb 20, 2018 Mercy op in console The only reason mercy is op in console isn’t cause her kit is overpowered it’s cause no one targets the mercy so she does whatever she wants while she heals and her team get ultDarthvader17 Feb 20, 2018
Feb 20, 2018 CTF So where's the balance at all in that mode? 4400 in comp but only 3650 there and nothing to see there because you depend more on your "trash" team than in comp. you can play like hercules but still dont get your !@#$ together. this is a mode i would call unbalanced as hell. and shouldn't ever return after that event.Cutiepie3 Feb 20, 2018
Feb 20, 2018 Sniper don't get caught, etc. Can we get rid of this? It's unfair. She already has a red trail leading you to her location. What happened to the element of surprise? No other character in the game has this handicap not even the other supposed snipers: Ana and Hanzo. Sombra doesn't have a call out, "Hacker don't get hacked!" and she can run around invisible. lolterratunaz9 Feb 20, 2018
Feb 20, 2018 Lootbox issue Ive played at least 25+ hours sense the event came out and i really have been trying to grind lootboxes to get the genji skin and i really dont have the money to buy lootboxes will blizzard ever do a double exp weekend again or is that impossibleZen8 Feb 20, 2018
Feb 20, 2018 Stop trying to duel Moira with DPS She is meant to be dueled by off tanks and main DPS who have enough health or damage to take care of her.SpaceJester22 Feb 20, 2018
Feb 20, 2018 My issues with Junkrat Not having fun playing against this heroe because: A) His normal attack has too much range and his ball does too much damage. B) His mines in combination with his ball attack does too much burst damage. C) His Ult Riptire has too much HP and his Ult in general can be performed with little harm to the player. Just hide. For point A. I think that he should be good at primarily close quarter damage. I don’t see the need for him to be able to spam his ball attacks from super far away. Furthermore, I think the ball attack must make contact with the enemy before doing any type of damage, so no splash damage. For point B. there is not much you can do if Junkrat got you with one hit, his mines will finish you off. My suggestion would be to change the effects of his mines from doing damage to doing movement displacement like Pharas knockback rocket. For point C. Not every hero can take out the Riptire on their own, it requires incredible reaction and precision for what this ult can do. Furthermore, it has very small weaknesses that a good player can remove with proper positioning and movement. I would suggest reducing the HP of the Riptire and making it so that is slows down after each second time spend running. Alternatively, the Riptire can be made to follow a straight path like Hanzo’s ult and be detonated at the users request. These are my opinions, I know I am not high ranked and I don’t know everything about this game. I just proving my feedback from my ranks perspective. It is not fun for me and my friends to play against a player that know how to abuse this hero’s abilities. It takes too much effort to take him out from certain hero’s perspectives. Thank you for reading and have a nice day.Shawmeck12 Feb 20, 2018
Feb 20, 2018 My first post on forum 2.0 will be: Either a 'buff reaper' or a 'nerf genji' Because wow those 2 things need to happenSǾMBRUH6 Feb 20, 2018
Feb 20, 2018 Move CTF Comp out of Arcade slot and into Comp It's bad enough there is such a small selection to choose from for Arcade, but now TWO of the FIVE choices are Capture the Flag. Two of the other choices are single player options (Deathmatch and 1v1) and then Mystery heroes. If I want to play with a friend in arcade AND pick my hero I'm obligated to play CTF. Feelsbad.OroKais0 Feb 20, 2018
Feb 20, 2018 [MEGATHREAD-UNCAPPED] Symmetras place in the game Edit: Since Symmetra has now been addressed, I have updated the section about QoL adjustments with discussion within the megathread to make it easier for the developer team to read. This is extremely long, but I want to illustrate Symmetras problems and how to fix them, hopefully to enlighten the devs on how to fix her. There's not really a TLDR, but if you want to get the gist of it, skim through the bolded areas. Hi Guys. I’ve been hesitant to post this thread, and instead wanted to wait until after Blizzcon to do so. There’s been a huge surge of concern over Symmetra’s place in the game, so much so that there are 3 Megathreads (all from people in masters, with obvious game sense) on making her more supportive in the general forum, and a reddit thread with 3000+ upvotes. After hearing the recent Q&A regarding Symmetra, it’s kind of clear that the developers are somewhat unsure of her place in the game, and so I’m hoping that this thread will concisely summarize her issues as well as give the developers clear knowledge of how to fix her, rather than recategorizing her. Blizzcon Q&A: ... Please, please, developers. It’s obvious you listen to us, otherwise a Talon Healer wouldn’t have been the next hero despite the massive demand for her. The community obviously wants her to be more supportive. Recategorizing her will not fix her fundamental issues when there are currently better, more intuitive options in the game for her niche (junkrat), as well as more supportive options for her niche coming as well (moira). From the Patch concerning her rework: ... This is important to note, as she is the most passive support out of all 5, and she is also the most situational. She is not viable on attack, as the intention of the rework. The first rework failed its intended purpose. You can read through this or skim to the bolded sections. While a lot of people argue that Symmetra is strong within her niche. That is precisely the issue with her. When she was most viable was within her Niche on chokes such as Hanamura, Eichenwalde, and Volksaya defense. There were numerous complaints on how hard chokes were to break through, so developers made several balancing adjustments, both to the maps, and characters who had either abilities or mobility to deal with the chokes. From that point onwards, new map development gave a lot of alternative pathways and elevation that lessened her Niche's effectiveness and gave numerous easy options for counterplay, not to mention she’s not very viable outside of her niche, either. The point? The newest maps, newest characters, and newest buffs to heroes mean that her original Niche is shrinking, and her viability outside that niche is dismal if not compromising to the team. AKA: She’s not relevant to the current version of the game. The elephant in the room: She is the utility support, however, she is the only support whose utility mechanics are not readily available for use (speed, discord, damage boost) while the other support who has utility on cooldown has two highly active, flexible utility abilities that have a variety of uses that outclass Photon Barrier, and have less counters than her turrets do. The other issue is that all of these support alternatives not only have better utility in their actual kit (not taking into account ultimates), but all the other support utility is in conjunction to healing. She was designed as a damage mitigating, utility support, that defends the backlines; however, almost all of the support in her kit comes from her ultimate, which makes her the only character who is balanced entirely around the merit of her ultimate- which is one of her design flaws, if this patch from Blizzard is any indication: ... (universal nerf to ultimate charge) If a character is balanced around an ultimate, then it is likely that their kit is lacking. Symmetra has the lowest ultimate costs in the game, and can keep her ultimate up indefinitely. This should raise concerns as to what part of her kit makes this necessary in her design. They wanted her to more engaging in the rework, with more of a capacity for proactive and reactive engagement, but her kit has most of the most passive abilities in the game. Also important to note, if all of her her supportive merit is funneled into her destructible ultimates, she will always lose to Zen/Lucio, who don’t need their ultimate or to keep a structure alive to be supportive. Not only that, but her supportive capacity was originally her E, which rightly means that her original design did not involve a passive ultimate to provide support. Please, complete her kit. We know this is something you’re capable of doing. Within the last month, you completed Mercy’s kit due to the feedback of DPS mains. This is feedback from the people who play the character. Please fix her. She doesn’t NEED to heal, but she suffers from an incomplete kit as a support character. (if you need proof she's a support) Luminums videos show her potential as a support, but watching his videos often makes it clear to me that her kit is just not as cohesive as the other characters in the game, even the defense characters which skeptics seem to be convinced she is. His best plays are supportive plays, so she obviously has potential as a support. She just plays more like an offensive support, similar to Zen. (this was patched but shows how he needs high game sense, and to be innovative to a crazy level to succeed with her limited kit) (this video shows the potential of team flanks at 4:10) (and this video shows why symmetra falls short as a support… she needs her team to support her for her to support them. She’s more follow-through dependent than any other support because she lacks support in her actual kit, but people will troll you because they see you as a “troll pick”) He makes great plays, saving his team from reinhardt ultimates, making team flanks, etc. But really, while that’s amazing, there’s not much he can do inbetween that except try to make picks. While other offsupports like lucio/zen, have their utility up (speed/discord) in addition to no cooldown, no ultimate options for heals (heal aura/harmony orb). Quality of Life adjustments for Symmetra are necessary, but if that is all she receives, she likely won't have a place in the game as the game evolves. The best, and most commonly suggested Quality of Life suggestions are: Turrets: Reduce the delay in placing and "activating" the turrets after you deploy them, as well as remove the slow that Symmetra is afflicted with when placing them. Ultimates: Let them be seen through walls for teammates, as well as willful deconstruction of her barrier generator so a skilled Symmetra can change her nesting location, similarly to how a widowmaker will change her sniping location. Let her deconstruct her teleporter to redeem some of her ult charge if the charges are running low. Also, allow her to build her ultimates on walls and ceilings at slightly longer range, so her setups become less predictable. (via AConstelle) Remove the 5-6 second delay she has on gaining ult when her Shield Generator is destroyed. The delay isn't there for TP, but it is for Shield Gen for some reason, and 6 seconds is a lot of time for Sym. Also the blue line indicating the Shield Gen's radius would be swell. Photon Barrier: There have been numerous suggestions for this ability. Increase the charges on it, decrease the cooldown, give her more control over it. The biggest consistent complaint I've seen with this ability is the fact that Symmetra has a harder time contributing with this support utility than other supports have contributing with their utility that is often on a lower cooldown or does not have a cooldown while simultaneously being easier skills to contribute with. This ability needs to be able to compete with an offhealing slot, period. It’s her only active support ability. The other point I want to bring up is that she is the only support who has a viable alternative to rez, which a lot of people are concerned about. [Moderator edit - I removed the direct call-out to the Dev team. The Feedback here is greatly appreciated but the idea of the forums is a discussion among players. The Dev team has access to the discussion and may take part in the discussion but the main focus is the discussion. Not shutting this down just trying to redirect the focus :) ] ... These are the biggest things that needed to be addressed according to the megathread. Defensive assists for shield gen, as well as the ultimate voiceline "flashing" the ultimate location and radius to teammates for 5 seconds.More assists in general for Symmetra, perception of teamplay is just as big of an issue as how much is within her kit. Offensive assists could possibly be added to teleporter (while the visual effect is active on teammates) as well as turrets. Photon barrier is a handicapped supportive utility compared to other support utility that is meant to protect. Most things will spawn past it when you use it (roadhog hooks, flashbang) and you can't really aim it on teammates. Please look at improving it. Her ultimates incentivize her to play alone and practice nesting rather than play with her team, please give her more options for teamplay in the actual kit. Her killing potential is strong, so this should be a minor utility that can compete with healing without being as strong as healing as to not raise her winrate but make her "feel" better in a team game. People have suggested everything from an opposite of discord, to decaying shields, to reworking photon barrier so that it can supply decaying shields to teammates with a lower cooldown (either passing through, or activation like orisas ultimate) Teamplay is her biggest issue, by far. Her killing potential is decent for a dps offsupport. Number adjustments may make her too strong at lower tiers where she is considered better balanced.Jsleezy6244 Feb 20, 2018
Feb 20, 2018 ☕️ Little Buff for Ana ☕️ Sometimes, when I want to heal someone from my team or inflict damage, usually some tank or whoever crosses in front and blocks my healing / damage.   it occurred to me that it would be a good buff if Ana's shot goes through the allies who have their HP to the fullest. some opinions? my english is bad. I'm from ChileEndoMaster37 Feb 20, 2018
Feb 20, 2018 How about we make Rip Tire not immune to CC? You can hook it, why not be able to push it away using other heroes' abilities, like Orisa's Halt? Or boop it away with Lucio. You get the idea.Djinn14 Feb 20, 2018
Feb 20, 2018 So are the new forums coming? ARE THEY? GenjiIsCool76 Feb 20, 2018
Feb 20, 2018 Probably like 10 minutes until the new forums Just my guessFlamedramon8 Feb 20, 2018
Feb 20, 2018 I want to love this game I really do. But it's really hard to when this game has the most god awful matchmaking I have ever experienced in my life. I really don't care if it's "just quick play" I want to have actual fair and fun games. Says right in game Quick Play: Jump into a game against other players of your skill level. So apparently players of my skill level are players with SR 200 or more above me, always on the enemy team. My team are actual similar skill level and often times lower. Yeah sure you could just say "get gud" I'd love to but it's really hard to "get gud" when these games are so one sided there's no way for me to possibly improve when my team is just rolled over every time. And in the rare case that I get all the high skill level players on my team, there's again no way for me to improve when my team just rolls over the enemy with little to no effort. I don't mind one tricks, I can deal with smurfs, but when I'm losing because the game itself has terrible matchmaking pitting one low to average skill team against a high skill team, it really demotivates me from playing. I used to say "I don't think I'll ever want to stop playing this game." I mean heck look at my level I'm level 1294 currently almost at my second gold star. I clearly put a lot of time into this game and loved it. But recently this matchmaking has been getting worse and worse, and I'm finding myself playing this game much less than half the time that I used to. I miss having good and even games, having close games that go into overtime, and awesome team fights. But now it seems that games just last 1-2 minutes because one team just rolls over the other. Or max time because one team can't even push past the first choke. Sorry for this ranty post, you can ignore it, downvote it or whatever, I just needed to vent about this. I'm probably still going to play the game but likely just stick around for just events, and very few times in between. Until matchmaking actually makes fair games, I just can't have fun with this game anymore.GlitchedBat6 Feb 20, 2018
Feb 20, 2018 Let's stop pretending there's nothing wrong with backfill Because I'm genuinely getting sick of being backfilled into games that are already on the results screen and not even getting that tiny amount of backfill XP for it. I soloq a lot, so the matchmaker seems to prioritize me for backfill. Don't get me wrong, I understand why the matchmaker needs to do this, but so many games, I'll join and instantly be faced with a DEFEAT screen before I've even had a chance to lock in my hero. I understand the very nature of the matchmaker will stop this issue from ever being 100% solved, but here's a few simple changes I propose to reduce the impact and make matchmaking far less stressful: 1) Do not allow backfill during overtime, unless it's an ad hoc connection (a player actively choosing to join that specific game from the menu) or the player is already spectating and waiting for a slot. Let's be real, the odds of you being able to change anything in a 5v6 overtime are slim to none, about as high as the odds of you backfilling onto the winning team during that time. 2) Give me more than a few hundred extra XP. I don't know what, maybe you could double my base XP during my next game, then maybe I won't get as frustrated when I do end up in these games. 3) Put a cooldown between how frequently an individual can be backfilled. The amount of time I spend in queue jumping from endscreen to endscreen because the matchmaker repeatedly backfills me into impossible scenarios is directly impacting the amount of time I'm able to play. It would be nice if whenever I finish a backfill match, there was say, an hour during which time the game would lower or completely eliminate my odds of being backfilled. I'm not asking for a matchmaker overhaul, I'm asking to be able to play the game without getting salty before I've had a chance to play.Sinister0 Feb 20, 2018
Feb 20, 2018 Season 8 Goals Since season 8 is coming to a end soon, have you accomplished any of the goals you set at the start of the season. For me, my only goal was to just to get back in diamond; I've made it back just 44 less than my career high. It took me everything I had to get back, so I'll probably skip season 9 and take a break from overwatch. Something I find funny is that I have a negative win-rate at 33 wins and 36 loses.Casshern5 Feb 20, 2018
Feb 20, 2018 Anyone like 1v1? Just curious I tried it and it can get pretty... frustrating depending on what heroes you get and what the other player does.Mesme11 Feb 20, 2018
Feb 20, 2018 Jeff Kaplan in the Hero Roster What kind of powers and habilities he could have? I bet his Ult would be the "Nerf Ray" a powerful ult capable of nerfing the heroes in the match making them useless for a limited time or foreverArchFaust13 Feb 20, 2018
Feb 20, 2018 Bring back mass rez WITHOUT a revert Mercy 1.0 was fun, but actually only a little less underpowered then she is now. The reason why: Mercy had no abilities in her base kit that let her actively participate in the fight. This railroaded Mercy players into basing their entire playstyle around the only active ability Mercy had: her ult, mass rez. Adressing hide n rez: this tactic came down to two sources - SR abusers and people who went waaay out of their way to hide in buildings, rooms below the point, and generally areas that took a while to get to (but was still in range of rez, since it didn't require LoS). The SR abuse problem has been retroactiely solved with the removal of preformance based SR in diamond and above, and a LoS restriction would force Mercy to put herself out in the open to rez (giving enemies a chance to cc/kill her and eliminating the hide-and-seek minigame). And one last thing: most Mercy players hated doing hide and rez - it was THEIR TEAMMATES who demanded it, and got toxic if the Mercy didn't. The standard playstyle of Mercy is to stay with your team as long as possible, only ducking into cover if your team is taking more damage than you can heal/if you see an ult wipe incoming. I don't want to go back to a version of Mercy that doesn't have the GA bunnyhop, but I also hate rez on E with a passion and don't even consider Valkyrie to be an ultimate. The best solution (to me) seems to be putting a balanced version of Mass Rez on Q, and figuring out an E ability that incentivises Mercy to stay with her team and use it to directly participate in the fight.Silawatsi14 Feb 20, 2018
Feb 20, 2018 Where Is The New Forums? Is it still coming out today or has it been pushed back?Cirocband3 Feb 20, 2018
Feb 20, 2018 how long till new forum? ??????DooM19 Feb 20, 2018
Feb 20, 2018 2am - where's 2.0? It's 2 am which means it's 1am pacific standard time. Where's my 2.0 D: I wanna be the "first" guy that everyone hatesSǾMBRUH18 Feb 20, 2018
Feb 20, 2018 Even Stylosa is Done with Your Inaction Blizz Sty's basically the biggest "Go Papa-XXXX you can do no wrong!" Content maker in overwatch, and his last video was basically "So this game is not fun." I'm super glad OWL is successful, but it wont last if the game itself keeps being unfun. Deathmatch? But no Role Select? No Leader Board? No Guild Support? And you're "Working on it."? How old is this game now? How about this should have been launched on release. . .so you're a couple years late.Rukus48 Feb 20, 2018
Feb 20, 2018 Can someone please explain the logic of Widow to me? I do not understand how you are supposed to defend from a one-shot kill from across the entire map? You don't even get to see your target, you are just walking and then you are dead. How is this compelling gameplay?Zish22 Feb 20, 2018
Feb 20, 2018 XP gained from Deathmatch is too low? Anyone else feel this?Konstas2 Feb 20, 2018
Feb 20, 2018 Canceled Heroes Here are some canceled heroes, which of them would you like to see, personally if I could have one added, I'd want "Watcher" Her design and abilities seem so interestingMatt10 Feb 20, 2018
Feb 20, 2018 One more pun before the new forums What do you call a McCree that takes all the kills? McGreed.Nessle29 Feb 20, 2018
Feb 20, 2018 Can someone explain what stream sniping is and how it works. Like, I know what it is in Hearthstone, but not so much with OW. I keep hearing of Tim the Tatman being continually stream sniped, but I don't understand how the person doing this manages to end up in so many of his games to grief him as bad as he does.Fuutony899 Feb 20, 2018
Feb 20, 2018 Fix Leavers in Arcade Please! I love OW. Even if it is salty with bitter spice of toxicity sometimes, I can mute report and move on. What I have hard time dealing with however is Leavers. Leavers in Arcade or any amazing Event Games you and the developers make for special holidays/ events. I love this years Capture the Flag. Even with all the balance patches it is genuinely fun. But I will be honest with you I was fortunate enough to find friends to play with and was able to get up to 2800 for CTF competitive event. It was really fun. But when I try Solo Que I never have full team because someone whether it is my team or the opponent team leaves the game once they believe they will lose... I will admit I have records of leaving Arcade or QP due to bathroom breaks or even just quitting because I am sleepy. Buy I feel that this problem is only occuring because there is no actual Penalty to leaving these games unlike the competitive mode. The penalty for Quick Play Leave or Arcade Leave is only limited to 75% experience loss in the next 5 games. I feel that this is only as good as "slap on the wrist". Can you please please raise the stake for leaving by making penalty that actually matters? For example, if one repeatedly abandones and leaves Arcade game that he/she will lose that week's Arcade Loot Box Reward? I want to play and enjoy Arcade but I feel like many people including myself, just cannot enjoy any Arcade games alone when no one respects it let alone scoff at the risk of leaving (75% Exp Loss...) Please consider stronger punishment for the Arcade/ Event Games... Please Jeff. And thank you for all your hard work... Forum Moderator Note: Calling out individual developers or the development team in your title or post is against our forum guidelines. Please focus on discussion of the feedback/suggestion in your thread.Venatus3 Feb 20, 2018
Feb 20, 2018 Cat hero We saw or heard that there was a missing animal named Hammond he was a small animal like a cat so maybe there will be a cat hero??? #For the cat lordZANV0JAK10 Feb 20, 2018
Feb 20, 2018 Dva mains, help me not be so stinky at her please. I love playing Dva but I feel like I’m so bad at her. I get popped so fast and not only that but my accuracy is terrible, like 15-25 percent. I increased my sensitivity to 100 to try to get better but I still can’t kill Genjis or even Lucio before they kill me. How can I get better? I’ve been playing her since the game released and am still bad. Are there streamers I should watch? How can I get my accuracy higher? Any help will be appreciated. I’m tired of always playing Mercy because I suck at aiming in this game.LetterZero14 Feb 20, 2018
Feb 20, 2018 switching from PC to Xbox. i need to get used to a controller, any tips so i don't get smashed first day. like controller settings for PC?ThyOperator28 Feb 20, 2018
Feb 20, 2018 FIX MATCHMAKING It's broken. I just got a game with 4 solo's and a 2 stack (my team) versus a 6 stack (enemy team). Wtf. Not only that! But every single player on our team was a support main except for one tank main. If that's not broken then idk what is. Please Blizzard, I'm tired of getting matched with all support/tank mains. That's the 4th time it's happenedLynnyx3 Feb 20, 2018
Feb 20, 2018 Lootboxes. So, is it just me or is lootboxes screwing me over ? I've got 6 lootboxes (2 weeks) out of arcade and around 7-10 by lvling up and bough i belive 11 lootboxes what is together 24-27 lootboxes , out of 24-27 i've got only 2 legendarys. (or 3) What was widowmaker new one (buyed lootboxes) and then coins and propably orisa skin (old one). In others only few purples and mostly gray and blue. How im suppost to get genji and mercy skin this event..?KumikoShy9 Feb 20, 2018
Feb 20, 2018 Blizzard World in Comp After it drops how long before it hits comp? I'm assuming it comes out with this weeks update but they won't just put it right in comp so how long is it QP only? EDIT: We seem to think it will not be in comp rotation for a week, but no confirmation.zippity15 Feb 20, 2018
Feb 20, 2018 Scummiest Deathmatch Hero I use to think it was junkrat but Moira takes the cake for being the scummiest thing to pick in death match. If you pick Moira in FFA then no amount of body wash can clean the filthy off. inb4 genji main hate moira. I only dislike her in ffa.BraveHearted62 Feb 20, 2018