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Aug 2 Season 5 Ending Soon Hey, everyone. Season 5 of Competitive Play is coming to an end soon, so we wanted to lay out a few key dates and important pieces of information regarding the upcoming season roll. DATE AND TIMES Season 5 will officially end on Monday, August 28 at 5:00 p.m. PDT (or Tuesday, August 29 at 00:00 UTC). Season 6 is currently scheduled to launch three days later on Thursday, August 31 at 5:00 p.m. PDT (or Friday, September 1 at 00:00 UTC). For time zone assistance, visit SEASON 5 REWARDS If you completed your placement matches during Season 5, you will eligible to receive a special spray and player icon. These will be unlocked automatically when you log into your account the first time after the season ends. If you are placed within the Top 500 players on your platform (and in your region) at the end of the season, you’ll receive an extra player icon and animated spray on top of the other seasonal rewards. Aside from sprays and icons, you’ll also receive a number of Competitive Points based on the maximum skill rating you achieved during the season. Here’s the Skill Rating (SR) to Competitive Point (CP) breakdown for Season 5: SR 1-1499 (Bronze): 100 CP SR 1500-1999 (Silver): 200 CP SR 2000-2499 (Gold): 400 CP SR 2500-2999 (Platinum): 800 CP SR 3000-3499 (Diamond): 1200 CP SR 3500-3999 (Master): 2000 CP SR 4000-5000 (Grandmaster): 3000 CP THANKS FOR PLAYING! Thank you for joining us for Season 5 of Competitive Play! Whether you placed in the Top 500 or just completed your placement matches, we’re glad you’re a part of our community and hope to see you in Season 6. We also appreciate the feedback you’ve shared throughout the last two seasons and look forward to talking more about Season 6 in the coming weeks. Until then, be sure to keep your eyes on, as well as our Twitter and Facebook pages for all the latest game news!Lylirra0 Aug 2
Jul 25 Reporting & Penalty System Improvements “Play nice; play fair” is one of Blizzard's core values. It’s something we took to heart in creating Overwatch and remains a priority as we continue to support the game and our players. This not only applies to the new content we develop and the balance changes we make, but also to the features we add or improve upon over time. We believe that our in-game reporting and player penalty system is one of our most important features, and it’s something we want to invest in significantly over the next year. To this end, effective immediately, we will be issuing increased penalties to players in response to verified reports of bad behavior. In Overwatch, that means anything from abusive chat, harassment, in-game spam, match inactivity (being intentionally AFK), and griefing. If you see someone engaging in any of these types of behaviors, report them. Players in violation will be silenced, suspended, or even banned from the game as a result. We know that making Overwatch a truly welcoming environment is an ongoing process, and this is only the first step. Over the next several months, we have plans to make additional improvements based on your feedback, including scaling competitive season bans, a notification system that will alert you when a player you’ve reported is actioned, and functionality that will allow us to more aggressively penalize players who attempt to abuse the in-game reporting tool. We also remain committed to bringing a reporting system to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. As console players ourselves, we know it’s been frustrating to not have this functionality on your platform. We are actively working on the feature and have many elements of undergoing internal testing right now. Our goal is to implement similar reporting options as are currently available on PC, and any improvements made to PC between now and when it’s available. Thank you for your vigilance, passion, and commitment to building a welcoming and enjoyable community and helping us make Overwatch the best game it can be.Lylirra0 Jul 25
1m Can we stop banning the pooposters? Their posts are always good for a little laugh, and give us an outlet for our memes. Otherwise this place would be too srs.Tacodip3 1m
1m Reducing Doomfist RP hitbox would be a good thing And I talk as some1 who likes to play him a lot. Ofc a big hitbox helps against high mobility characters and forgives a lot of miss-aims, reducing it however (making it more consistent with its visuals) will allow Doomfist to bypass the tanks and hit the backline easier. I'm not saying that one aspects equally balances the other, I'm just pointing out that a small nerf wouldn't be that bad.Alastor329 1m
1m Temp suspension for people who leave Comp match There should be a temp suspension for people who leave a Comp match, any Comp match. Its annoying and puts you at disadvantage to the other team. But when you rage out of a Comp match just because things are not going your way is childish and ridicules. There needs to be something more than an penalty on XP and SR. After the first early leave from a Comp match there should be a 10 minute suspension from all modes, second early leave 15 mins , third 20, fourth Suspension for the rest of the day on COMP should get the message across. It's one thing when you lose connection, I know it happens. But for the most part you can tell either by voice chat or text chat when someone rages from a match. the reporting takes to long and there's no imminent penalty's (that I know of)Seohyeon1 1m
1m Roadhog It's really not funny,you made it absolutelly unplayable Return the Roadhog to its previous state and remove useless abilities,that you added.Кареглазый36 1m
1m Mouse and keyboard on console I'va been playing a lot on console lately and i just see a kill cam with a widowmaker that has a really good aim (imaybe too good) i thought that ehty where using M&k bu ta teammate told me that OW does not suppor Kb and Mouse on PS4 now is that tru?a0alejo2 1m
1m dropped 700 SR and cant climb back wtf is going on, I havent been this low since season 2, how is this even possible. this is very frustratingJadeRaven7 1m
2m I love quickplay A place where I can truly hone my skills I get matched with people that outskill me be 3 ranks but it's a learning experience! I can't exit the spawn for more than 30 seconds against a 5 stack of 2 plats a diamond and 2 masters. But it's a learning experience! I can't play support because god forbid anyone goes tank to protect them but it's a learning experience!Kagrenac2 2m
2m Would you get a tattoo of your main? In a very visible spot, not in a ridiculous place like your forehead, but like your forearm or somewhere easily seen. I personally wouldn't, I don't know how well a Junkrat tat would look to a future employer.Tacodip8 2m
2m Should the next hero be Support?? I know most of us want a new healer, but do we need one or should we get another defense hero. Maybe one with a passive heal similar to a life steal. To help mitigate some damage and take the pressure off of slow healers. If you agree I'd love to hear an idea for your defense hero. If you disagree I'd love to hear your idea for another healer. Off we go.cookycook34 2m
3m Can the next healer be really tanky? I'm tired of having nothing good to pick when my teammates decide to go 5 DPS. Zenyatta and Ana are too vulnerable without tanks to back them up, Lucio can't really support a team that's scattered, and Mercy needs protecting. None of our healers function well when your teammates don't choose at least a semi-decent comp, and it feels terrible to have your fun hinge on the cooperation of randoms. I just had a game where eight other people were on my team at one time or another, and not one of them chose a tank or healer. Let them have limited range, low utility, whatever. I just want a healer with the self-sustain to stay in the fight and heal the team without needing the team to huddle around them and protect them.Gaze5 3m
3m Skin suggestion thread Since a lot of us don't like some of the skins that come out for characters, maybe we should have a giant thread to make semi unspecific things (so we don't have copyright issues, like don't suggest a mickey mouse skin or something) to spark some ideas in the awesome blizzard skin developers! Here are my suggestions: -Glitter Force Doki Doki inspired skins for Ana, Pharah, Mercy and Dva. -Loli skin for dva -cowboy skin for hanzo with black underwear and a buttless leather chaps and a cute black vest -gymnastics leotard skin for genji -speedwalker suit for tracer, including the aerodynamic helmet -bumblebee outfit for mccree with a little stinger on the back -scientist coat (stolen) for winston that has tears in it cause it doesn't fit exactly right -world of warcraft inspired south park inspired obese man at desk skin for roadhog with a pringles tube for a gun -garbage man uniform for junkrat -firefighter suit for mei including a water gun/hose -mech bikini for pharah like princess leia wore in star wars -*#%*!#%! dastardly moustache and skin for junkrat or one of the bad guys -roadhog baby outfit with a diaper -a zarya skin that isn't really bad -gay pride outfit with rainbow cape for tracer -sexy nurse outfit for mercy and dva - sexy squirrel outfit for dva -sexy leather sniper outfit for dva -cowgirl for dva (sexy) Go ahead and post your ideas maybe we can help the developers improve their skin content and make some even better stuff than the new soldier skin which is so great.Xiphactinus0 3m
3m Anas design was genius. Anas design will change the way game designers create healers for many games to come. She has all so many characteristics about her that have never been given to a healer before. She is by far the funniest healer I have ever played in a game before and unlike any other. She changed the way people percieve the healers skill set. She is so unique. Thank you blizzard. Please make her viable again.Timmaaah2 3m
3m Is grouping up a bad thing? As a disclaimer I'm trash so I'm in silver, so this is probably a stupid question. But everyone in this rank usually mocks me for simply asking for people to group up. I see a lot of people 'lone wolfing' running into 1v4+ fights and usually dying, and it makes it difficult to heal everyone while they're scattered all around the map while the enemy team is completely steamrolling people because they for the most part stay grouped. Am I just getting teammates who don't understand the importance of trying to group up or am I wrong about the importance of grouping up? Because holy heck I get a LOT of flack for politely asking people to group up in this rank.Meowcenary1 3m
3m Linear Ramp and Aim Curves I’d like to clear up some confusion about the difference between Linear and Exponential Ramp as well as announce some new options you can leverage to fine tune your aim. I’ve read a few posts that assume Exponential Ramp yields a exponentially higher turn rate than Linear when the aim stick is fully deflected. This is a reasonable assumption, since an exponential curve will yield a higher result than a linear curve for values greater than 1. However, the goal of Exponential Ramp is to map a sensitive aim stick to a restrained aim value. We achieve this goal by mapping linear input to exponential values over the range from 0 to 1. The exponential ramp values we are concerned with fall into the region of the curve boxed in the following image: Your input is constrained from 0 to 1 where 0 is the value at the tip of the dead zone (usually about 20-25% stick deflection) and 1 is fully deflected. The dead zone is computed with the scaled radial technique explained here ( Linear Ramp uses this value to compute your aim turn rate. Exponential Ramp scales this value (roughly) by a power of 2.5. So, a Linear Ramp input of 0.25 will map to an Exponential Ramp input of 0.03125. A Linear Ramp input of 0.75 will map to an Exponential Ramp input of 0.4871. Naturally, a Linear Ramp input of 1.0 will map to an Exponential Ramp input of 1.0. Incidentally, Exponential Ramp is “roughly” a power of 2.5 because it’s actually a hand drawn curve we borrowed from our generous friends on the Call of Duty team. Today, we give you two choices for input curve mapping, Linear and Exponential Ramp (Dual-Zone is technically linear as well). Of course, there are a whole family of possible curves between linear and our current exponential (and beyond). In an upcoming patch, we will add an option called Aim Ease In. This is a slider option from 0 to 100 that corresponds to an exponent from 1 to 5 respectively. Combined with Linear Ramp, this option will allow you to select a wide range of curves to map your aim input to your taste. Aim Ease In is compatible with Exponential Ramp and Dual Zone, although you should expect a fairly compressed aim curve if you crank this option with Exponential Ramp.Tim Ford134 3m
3m Good Games and Bad Games My definition of a "good game" is one in which teammates cooperate, in which they show evidence of thinking about how to solve the problems in front of them, in which they don't go into a match with an obviously ineffective team comp, and in which they can hit what they're shooting at at least a third of the time. My standards are not unreasonably high, I think. Lately I've been keeping a tally of how many good games I play in and how many bad games I play in. Comp hasn't been that bad for me lately, actually. Until this weekend, good games were outnumbering bad games by a pretty decent margin. Then the bad games caught up, but it's still roughly 50–50. But Quick Play? Quick Play remains a disaster area. My tally as of now is 14 good games to 32 bad games, with four games in the "meh" category (can't really say they were good, although people did seem to be trying to do something, at least, though what they were trying to do wasn't clear), and the past hour has led me to create a fourth category, "incomprehensibly bad." The kind of game where you're just sitting in spawn asking yourself whether it's even worth it to walk out the door again, and an answer isn't coming to mind. And people think this is fun? How? How is this "having fun" to you? How is this level of utter pointlessness in any way "fun"? I don't understand, and I don't think I'll ever understand. </rant>Catbus0 3m
4m Which gold weapon should i get? Ana (ana amari) or tracer (track and field) I have around the same amount of time on both of them and is really good with bothDEMO4 4m
4m does 76 get ult charge for healing? roadhog does during take a breather i am wondering does solider get any for healing himself or his team mate?Swarth19007 4m
4m Rein needs a buff I am no Reinhardt expert. I hardly ever play him, But rein needs a buff because he is being completely overshadowed by Orisa. Orisa (with the new buffs on the ptr) is so much better than rein. Orisa has a shield that can be replaced every 9 seconds, but if Rein's dies, your team is screwed (unless you have an Orisa). Doomfist destroys Rein in every situation. That's not an exaggeration. I've never seen a Rein beat a Doomfist in a 1v1 fight. I don't know how blizzard could buff Rein, But I have some ideas. 1. Give him more armor. I think if they give him more armor, blizzard should either give him 50 armor on top of what he has already, or turn 100 of his health into armor. 2. Increase his barrier's health. If they give his barrier more health, i think it should be at least 300 more. 500 would be the sweet spot I think, but I don't know if that would be overpowered. I'm not a game designer. 3. Increase the recharge speed of his barrier. I think this should be added on top of the other buffs (if they happen, which i doubt they will) because as I said earlier, if reinhardt's barrier dies, so does your team. I think it shouldn't be a huge buff to the recharge rate, Just 5 to 15 percent faster. 4. Buff his ult. I'm in gold, so I don't know if his ult is strong at the pro level, but in gold, it's mediocre at best. it's like a worse grav (in gold). I would increase the damage by 10 or 15, or increase the range by 10%. All you GM's and top 500's, tell me how wrong I am about this, and that you have better ideas of how to balance rein (if he isn't balanced already).Roman7691213 4m
4m How Balance Patches Are Carried Out 1. Mass amount of people complain for the buff or nerf of x hero. 2. Jeff is responds, and is completely omnious about said buffs or nerfs 3. Youtubers milk Jeff's post for a thousand centuries 4. Balance patch is released, people complain 5. People find another thing to complain about 6. Rinse and repeat. Welcome to Overwatch.MiniArcham9 4m
5m Lifesteal mechanic, yay or nay? So I just started thinking about if a lifesteal mechanic for a new support hero would be a good Idea, And I'd like to post My Idea on how it would work, and I'd also like to hear everyone elses thoughts on it and how they'd think it would work, also, I'd like to say that this would likely never become a feature, but I thought I'd post anyways. Basically I'd imagine that when you would use this ability it would target one person, and people within a certain distance will gain 5 to 30% of damage done to this person as health as long as they're in distance, and the way It would go from 5 to 30 is the number of teammates in range, one person would be 30 and it would half itself every time another person is in range, and you'd only be able to use this ability on one target at a time. What do you think about this? is there anything you'd change? make it more powerful? less powerful? or even have an Idea of your own? I'd love to hear it!SlitherySnek1 5m
5m 4 new characters or 4 new maps jeff(either one) contacts you and says you can either have 4 new maps(1 2cp, 1 hybrid, 1 koth and 1 escort) or 4 characters (one offense, one defensive character, one tank and one support), what do you pick? its a hard decision for me but i need to go with mapsSwarth190044 5m
5m Glitch on Numbani that ends a game. As if the game didn't have enough gamebreaking exploitable glitches.Kagrenac1 5m
6m Symmetra HP buff Symmetra needs more hp, maybe 225 baseline or 250. She just cant survive in fights against good players who can aim. Its sad that she isnt really played at high levelsNerfThis6 6m
8m Reputation system -To reduce number of trolls/Toxic Players So I had this idea to implement a system where you can up/downvote players. link to quick knock up - YOU CANNOT UPVOTE YOURSELF, I JUST USED ME AS AN EXAMPLE -Also blurred the name of the Ana because they were actually nice people. What this system would do: You can up/downvote your team-mates after a game has finished. Those with a large number of upvotes would have Positive reputation Those with a large number of downvotes would have Negative reputation Matchmaking would prioritize matching up positive players with other players, and prioritize the negative players to be matched with others. those in the middle wont have any preference, and positives will be added if space is needed to be filled. Positive reputation is for: -Good communication with team. -Good team play: shielding as rein, healing as mercy/zen. This is NOT if you dont get heals and die, as this isn't all their fault. This is for intentional refusals. -Not being an !@#$%^- to other people, being friendly, willing to compromise and switch roles. NOT for refusing to switch because its somebody you want to play. Negative Reputation is for: -Bad communication. -Refusing to shield/Heal. Again NOT if it is just a mistake or if they were healing someone else. -Throwing games by AFKing, feeding, trolling, etc. Not all Hanzos/torjorns are useless, remember this. -Refusing to switch if the situation demands it. Intentionally refusing. For example if someone says 'I picked first' or something similar, that's intentional. It's not a requirement to switch, However. I spoke to a few friends, and some issues popped up, Which I have addressed: -People can group up and upvote each other People in groups can't upvote each other. -People can downvote good people It takes a while to get rated, and 99% of the time come out with their true rating in consecutive games. This system would be completely invisible, so players have no idea what their rep is. Id like to hear everyone's opinion, to see if this idea can be improved. And hopefully blizzard may find this one day.....Jet6 8m
8m QoL improvement for Biotic Grenade I'm trying to make this as constructive as possible, so please suggest your own ideas if you think we're on the right track here! I've been trying to play Ana more and more, but I find it difficult because of a minor issue with the Biotic Grenade. I find it increasingly annoying when you go to throw a grenade at a desperately low HP tank, only to have a teammate jump in front of you right when you go to throw it. Now you've over-healed your Junkrat, and your Winston gets killed. This might be one of those things that works really well in pro settings, because the team is always conscience of positioning. But in normal Matchmaking, this has made me want to play Ana less and less. I would suggest having some sort of advanced control option where you can hold down E and the grenade will pass through allies until you release the key. This wouldn't be on by default, as it might make new players confused, and it would still behave exactly as it does today if you tap the key. I feel like this would make playing her a lot less frustrating in normal games. There is also the issue of trying to heal teammates in the distance and your other teammates are blocking your LoS, but this problem doesn't have an easy solution. This I feel like is part of Ana's play-style and I'm not too worried about at the moment. If anyone else has any suggestions or even tips for Ana players, I encourage you to post and provide feedback! Is there just a better way to be throwing the grenade that I don't know about? Thanks everyone!Darkstar4 8m
9m Duplicate Items Worth Question So,i have every blue rarity event item.That means that whenever i open a lootbox and i get a rare event drop it is guaranteed to be a duplicate.My question:did they change how much a duplicate is worth or am I wrong?I still get 15 Credits.Syldonix2 9m
9m Every game plays out the same. One team does great, the losing team switching to Pharah/Mercy and they win. HOW!? How do these developers think this game is balanced? How do they think it's fine when EVERY MATCH PLAYS OUT LIKE THIS? Pharah just obliterating everyone because her counters can't do anything to her the moment she gains some range, Hanzo just scatter arrowing tanks. WHY?Ephemiel3 9m
10m Increase the difficulty of Mercy alright, i think i have idea how to get rid of noskill mercy one tricks and mercy mains who get carried to masters or grandmasters, and they think that they are the tip top hot cakes. so, i think we should make her canduceus staff shoot a BEAM that you have to keep on your teammates to give them heals, just like zarya, you know, that beam she shoots and she has to use tracking aim to deal damage to her enemies. basically, you take that staff shoot healing beam, which acts just like zaryas beam but it only deals healing. next, i think we should upgrade mercys pistol to hitscan, so she needs skill to use it, but each bullet would have damage falloff just like mccree or soldier seventy six weapons do. furthermore, cooldown management would be something that increase difficulty and require brains to manage, therefore i think we should have 5 or 6 second cooldown on mercy's guardian angel so she can't spam it like a bird or something, and require the mercy player to think before using that ability. in the end, this is not necessary but i think mercy should wait 3 seconds, not 1 second for that hp regen to kick in, so she would have to play a lot more carefully and use brains to position herself out of harms way. ok, so this would be end of list i think that would make mercy harder to use and get rid of aprox 80% of all mercy mains and one tricks, forcing them to actually LEARN how to play the game. thank you for reading and please leave suggestions in comments on how we can fix this mess, because such easy character shouldn't have such powerful ultimate in this game. P.S nerf ult charge rate.Whackaduud40 10m
10m Add Golden Guns to Lootboxes So that people don't only play competitive for the rewards and play competitive to be competitive in a competitive game mode in an already competitive game.Doctor15 10m
10m X-Tank/Support is unfun please change Says the DPS main. The role that equates kills with fun.How would you make a tank or healer fun to a DPS player since... well you are not really there to get that many kills. You cant Fun is subjective Sorry, but I dont see too many gengus switching to any possible support or tank even if its as fun as disney land.FormalSpy5 10m
10m Total Mayhem: Re-hack immunity Targeted abilities designed to disable an enemy player like sleep, hack and so on should induce an immunity for a short duration so you can't be shut down again imedietely. I frequently see people as ana and sombra deliberately pissing off players, and I don't like it; neither on my nor on the enemy team.fusurugi2 10m
14m 60 dmg killed Ana So did Developers just forget about her, do they think shes fine, or she still needs changing? can we please get some proper Dev feedback on Ana current state 60 dmg on her rifle? I have made countless threads about Ana, and no I do not think its dive comp or Doomfist that puts Ana in a bad place. I think 60 dmg on her rifle is a terrible requiring Ana with no mobility options to have to 4 shot dps targets that have forms of mobility, sustain, and higher dmg output even when she had 80 dmg. Not only do I feel 60 dmg ruined her sustain, but it butchers Ana's playstyle not allowing her to do some important dmg or get any clutch sniper picks alongside healing, 60 dmg is underpowered dmg. Her kit is designed for her team so its not always available like dps. Yes, dive is bad for Ana, but where Winston is a hard counter to snipers like Ana or Widow, every 200hp hero became Ana's hard counter to Ana off 60 dmg, and shield generator or armor packs becomes Ana's hard counter off 60 dmg. Ana deserves dmg between 75-80 and some tweaks to her kit, maybe nerf offense aspects of her nade? (anti-heal so not full 100% & dmg so it wont be a 2 shot + nade to kill a 200hp target.) That or giving a new headshot mechanic for heals / dmg seeing reworks to her kit so she can truly fit in as a sniper. Giving her mobility options or self healing options is a bad move because at this point you would be turning Ana into a reskin healer of something like Mercy or Lucio which we already have. Wasn't the point of creating Ana to get players off dps, and finally have this sniper-like character that appeals to players who don't necessarily like to heal only? I understand there is another portion of players who play her like a healer, or enjoy that basic healer playstyle, but Ana should fall in line between that, and a kill / heal sniper which was her original concept. She should appeal to multiple audiences not just 1 audience or feel like she was forced into 1 basic playstyle due to 60 dmg nerf. Shes a sniper, her rifle is her main thing / core of the character and should be the highlight of this hero, not her kit. On a sidenote Ana could use a lot of new callouts to help improve the class feel more fluid. Call outs like "I'm changing my positioning" or "Your not in my LOS" or "ready for nanoboost?" some voicelines for players who don't have mics. This is not just for Ana, for many other supports and other classes that could use voice-lines. I do not want to keep posting cause I feel like I am just spam to some players, and I feel like I just want to enjoy some of that kill / heal sniper gameplay. I am a guy who enjoys snipers mainly, widows design and story is clunky for me, and I really enjoy Ana. For me there are not a lot of options in this game. Can we please address Ana or at least get a comment on her? I either want to enjoy Ana once again, or receive a dev comment so I can walk away if they plan on keeping her that dull healbot playstyle. Moderation Edit: This post title has been edited by a moderator because thread titles should not use words like "Blizzard," "Blue," or any employee names. Please be mindful of this in future posts. 14m
14m People treat me like a god when i have golden rein hammer Seriously i just bought it because i play him casually and it looks cool no need to treat me and follow me like a pro and 2 healers pocketing me 24/7AllianceMeow12 14m
14m Is mercy to hard to pin down? Community vote? No biased. But it is a very discussed topic on these forums. Is mercy too hard to kill? It s no secret that guardian angel every 2 seconds combo-ed with a 1 second health regen while out of combat can result in a very hard person to kill, It is also the tools that allow phara-mercy to exist. Just looking for a yes no vote. Is mercy too hard to kill?ALemonCookie2 14m
15m GM Reaper main, AMA 300 hours on main acc on reaper in s2 reaper sucked at S3&4 Now reaper is good again, i can totally tell u anything u want about this dude.Reaper34 15m
15m RoadHog - buffing defense w/o charging enemy ults The Overwatch team said they are looking into buffing RoadHog's defensive abilities as balance to his damage nerf. Many posters are reasonably fearful that this will make him even a bigger ult battery than he currently is. I believe it depends on *how* the defensive buff applies. My recommendation is having a 20-30% damage reduction on hog while he is inhaling, like sentry mode Bastion. This will increase his survivability without giving more ult charge to enemies attacking him. If you want to make him a more team oriented hero, a small damage reduction can apply to nearby heroes during this action. This will allow Hog's big body to be used as meat shield and defend teammates, without costing too much in terms of ult charge. Another option is covering his head hitbox while inhaling, which again will reduce effective damage, without costing in ult charge for the enemy team.SoulBurn3241 15m
16m Dear Blizzard, PLEASE stop making 1 tricking rewarding. No one likes 1 tricks. Literally no one. It's never a good thing when you get a 1 trick Torb or Bastion, or even Mercy. I don't mind Torb mains, but seriously don't reward them with higher SR gains and lower SR losses just because they're performing better than the average torb at their rank lmao.Genji7 16m
17m "Nobody plays Support or Tank anymore!" *Looks at nerfs to Roadhog, D.Va, and Ana* "I wonder why?" In all seriousness though, the nerfs to popular tanks and Supports like Roadhog, D.Va, and Ana are probably one of the main reasons people don't want to play tank or Support, as Ana is underpowered, D.Va is really boring to play, and Roadhog is both Underpowered AND boring to play. If they would just revert Roadhog, buff Ana's damage up to 75 while nerfing her nade damage down to 40, and reduce the reach of D.Va's DM while buffing her damage and falloff, then more people would probably be willing to play those characters, therefore solving the issue of "Nobody playing tank or support anymore". Edit: Reinhardt also suffers from a nerf albeit an indirect one. Due to increases in the damage output of certain heroes and the addition of others into the Roster (namely Doomfist and Sombra), Reinhardt has also suffered to the point where he's not played that much anymore. He's ridiculously slow with his shield up and a huge target with his shield down, leading to him being easy prey for dps, as he's too slow to escape with his shield up and too big to escape with his shield down. Not to mention, outside of his shield, he's altogether not that useful, with a swing of his hammer doing only 75 damage. To make Rein better, all they (the Devs) have to do would be to buff his speed with his shield up, and increase his hammers damage (with a slight nerf to swing speed to compensate) to discourage people from getting close to him. The only really good tanks are Orisa and Zarya, and that's mainly because they've recently recieved buffs that make them better. (Even if i still think Orisa's Graviton's range of disconnection should be longer than its range of connection so it's not as easy for enemy's to escape after they've entered it's range.)SiROSTRiKE49 17m
18m Why doesn't flashbang hit anything right in front of McCree? For a hero that is supposed to kill things that specialize in getting in your face, McCree's stun kinda falls short if someone gets right in his face... The ability is on a 10 second cooldown, it would be nice if it worked in a sensible fashionEndurrr1 18m
18m OP Heroes and Underpowered Heroes (In My Opinion) Disclaimer: These are my opinions and I will say why my decision is for each hero. I understand I'm basically a nobody and a lvl 61 on PC and 198 on PS4. If you don't agree don't tell me to "git gud" and don't be a jerk about it. These are my opinions and this post was simply made for my own sake and for discussion. Also, I'm usually pitted up against people who are lvl 200-1000 so maybe this is why I'm usually on a losing streak. Now that that's out of the way, let's look at the heroes that are overpowered in just about anyone's hands. They require little to no skill and are easy to master and found in (at least the game's I've played) 90% of the time. OP Heroes in Anyone's Hand Junkrat: His constant spam of grenades are one of the biggest reasons, along how quickly he reloads and how he can just sit on the other side of the map and send an endless barrage of grenades. Not to mention his grenades last for a long time. Doomfist: New character so this can be easily forgiven. But Doomfist is able to use his Rocket Punch to stun you for .7~ seconds. Now I wouldn't normally have a problem with this but when you can't use any of your abilities and then Doomfist is able to use his abilities instantly afterwards and kill an already low health player with no chance of recover, it gets annoying. Not to mention he just has to hit you to gain more health (his shield) and his quick cool down speed. Orisa: Again, fairly new hero so somewhat excusable. But Orisa is a reliable tank, yes. She's easy to use and even someone who barely plays her (such as I) can easily help the team win. Her shield cool down regenerates extraordinarily quickly; she has a stupid amount of ammo; and her health (understandably) is incredulously high. Yes she's a tank, but she is played far too much and practically excels at almost anything. She will completely demolish almost anyone and when paired with a pocket healer is practically unkillable unless you have an ult that can wipe her out (when she's not behind her 1k shield.) Torbjorn (of course): We all know the dreaded Torbjorn. He can simply set his turret down then use his aggravating dance emoji. He can take potshots at you from far away and his damage is nowhere near reduced at all when he lands a lucky shot. Everyone complains about him. When in a good position and behind his turret, he can constantly heal it by hammering away at it and using his armor pack ability to give himself more health. Not to mention his alternate fire which acts like a shotgun and deals more damage. Torb, I gander, they will never change. D.Va: Now I play D.Va a decent amount. If you can get behind her and confuse her then she's easy to kill. But even then, she can just fling herself around wildly with her shield matrix up and block the damage. The OP thing about her is the shield matrix. She can eat just about any ult you throw at her (save Junkrat's, Orisa's, basically things you can't throw.) Now as a Tracer and Mei (yes dread it) main, these are two constant frustrations. Mei: Now as I stated above, I main her because I have surprisingly better aim when I play as her. Alas, most people play her when they have to resort to the most basic of characters. She can easily stop many heroes in their tracks and has the same problem as Torb in regards to her alternate fire. Not to mention if you're unlucky and can't quickly escape you can be frozen again and killed. Bastion: Bastion has been a complaint with just about anyone starting from his beta days. Now yes, he's not as overpowered as he used to be, but when he's put in a comp such as Orissa, Rein, and Mercy, then he is practically invulnerable. Now his increased spread in tank form basically does nothing because he is still able to mow you down even from a medium distance. Hanzo: Hanzo is easy to use. I have terrible aim and yet I can get a decent number of kills playing him because of the arrows enlarged hitbox. Not to mention his simple geometry skill and his ability to climb up walls. It's easy to play Hanzo because he's basically Widowmaker but without the scope and bigger hitboxes. Heroes Who are Overpowered in the Right Hands Tracer: Now Tracer (in my opinion) is hardly used by (skilled) players. Now as I stated before I main Tracer (I used to play her exclusively when I first got the game) and manage to do a great deal of damage. There are many problems that Tracer has though (such as her ultimate.) Her ultimate is honestly pathetic and only rivaled by that of Sombra. Her other abilities are fine on their own yes, but what hinders her is her ultimate and how easily it can be avoided. Not to mention she can still be killed while blinking (a frustration I've faced many times.) Widowmaker: Now I've also played Widow a lot. I'm by no means good at her, my aim is terrible. She's easy to kill, easily spotted, and her abilities are rather lackluster. But, if she has good positioning, has been playing for a long time, and good teammates that protect her (don't make me laugh), then she is a terror among the enemy team... At least for the squishies :p Genji: Genji sucks in the hands of just about anyone. He's easy to kill and it's easy to avoid hitting him when he's reflecting. But if you have someone who can deal with his speed, he can slash and refresh its cool down and rack up kills easily. Now in my opinion, he's still extremely OP because of his alternate fire and regular fire (which can hit enemies easily) and his ability to refresh his slash cool down if he kills you. But most people suck with him (me included.) Reinhardt: I despise Reinhardt (as a hero) for many reasons, but I can recognize that he is easy to counter. But in the hands of a capable player and paired with a pocket healer or two, he can simply waltz into the enemy lines and swing his hammer around like a child flailing his arms around. His ultimate is fine, his firestrike and the rest decent. But again, most players only use him to shield and to pair his ultimate with another. Pharah: Now Pharah is easy to counter if you have someone on your team with decent aim and notices her (constant) barrage of missiles. Pharah is a well rounded character and played by many. Since most players can't hit a character in the sky to save their life, she can easily dodge enemy fire and keep out of harms way (unless there's a Hanzo, Widow, or Soldier on the enemy team). McCree: McCree is basically Widowmaker but more American and with more damage. Oh yeah, his ult can also actually kill people other than just tell you where everyone is. In the hands of someone who can aim he can quickly kill you and completely demolish. Thankfully most people can't. Heroes Who are Alright and Actually Balanced Soldier: 76: Yes Soldier 76 is an easy character. Both to kill and to play as. We can all agree he's for those players who have only played CoD/Battlefield in their entire life. He can heal himself, he has decent abilities, and can sustain himself. He's (in my opinion) a well rounded character that can dominate or be dominated easily. Soldier is a hero that truly relies on skill in order to dominate. Reaper: Now I can't play Reaper. I rarely do. I'm not into the slow and slumbering character scene. And many players share my woes with Reaper: they simply just can't play him. That doesn't mean he's underpowered though, because when paired with someone who mains him and knows his intricacies, he's a force to be reckoned with. He can easily dominate a match with his ultimate (which let's be honest that's what most players play him for), and if he's quick on his feet he can also easily kill easy tanks and even harder tanks. Reaper is balanced and requires skill (again, in my opinion.) Roadhog Roadhog used to be a major problem for all. He used to be able to oneshot but now, he's just an ult-feeder. Now I personally am fairly decent at Roadie, but I'm by no means good. He can be easily killed now and doesn't deal a stupid amount of damaged. Although if he's played with someone who's been playing him for a long time and paired with a pocket healer, he can be a force to be reckoned with. By himself, he can easily be killed, but when with a cooperative team (ha) he can easily help win the game. He is fairly balanced now, although that might change with the recent PTR patch. Winston: There's nothing bad with Winston. Right now is the era of the Dive Meta, so he fits in fairly well. He has a decent health pool and is easy enough to pick up, but laborious to master. He requires no aiming skill, only knowing when to dip out when !@#$ hits the fan. When paired with other divers such as D.Va and with a healer, he can truly dominate (specifically the squishies.) Zarya: She's hard to play for beginners, and seeing how uncooperative most players are, it's hard to know when to shield other players. Alas, this is negated with someone who knows how to play her, a decent team, and a healer. Literally All the Support Characters The support characters are well balanced. Anna, Mercy, Lucio, Zenyatta, heck, even Symmetra is fairly balanced now. All these characters are easy to pick up and with time and effort can help dominate the game. If you've got good aim, then Anna and Zenyatta will be your picks. If you want something easy that can still help, then Symmetra and Mercy are honestly the best picks. Lucio can both heal, help get to the objective, and annoyingly boop people off. Underpowered and Unappreciated Characters Sombra: Honestly, I love Sombra. I'd main her, but the current Meta and the flaws of the game make this character totally unplayable. In the past month I've only seen her played like ten times in total. Her abilities are pathetic, her ult is just a glorification of her hacking ability (which is the only saving grace for her), and she announces her position whenever she gets out of sneaking. It pains me that Sombra is practically the only character in this category (for me) because she's really fun to play and exciting as a personality. Sombra honestly needs major improvements and, maybe even an overhaul to her entire kit. And that's my list for all the heroes and where they stand in terms of OP or underpowered. Honestly, many issues plague Overwatch such as its major imbalances and Blizzard's refusal to actually pay attention to heroes and make better changes than a half a second reduction for hacking. Now my opinion is open to being proven wrong, I am by no mean denouncing some heroes and praising some. I've tried to be as non-bias as possible, so if you have a differing opinion and wish to respond, please do so in a respectful manner. Thank you for reading this (pointless) discussion.PorcotMC26 18m
19m Summer Games Lootboxes So when we got Doomfist they also fixed the Lootboxes and even people like me with a silver border were getting the few fresh sprays and skins that we didn't already have and significantly less duplicates. Jeff even mentioned this in his PlayOverwatch video for the release of Summer Games in an effort to convince us to buy lootboxes again. However, since we've gotten the summer games I have opened more than 30 boxes and only gotten the Junkrat and Soldier76 skins from this year and it seems to be back to duplicates again. Many of my boxes contain 4 duplicates. Are we back to the old system? Is this working as intended?DoomFinger3 19m
19m When does the Summer Games end? I wanna know when I need to get grinding.ramencup8 19m
19m Nerfs and Buffs Needed (According to my Friends!) Majority of people in my friend group wants symmetra nerfed. They all believe she's OP and takes absolutely no skill whatsoever. Everybody in my friend group thinks new hog is balanced now. Everybody in my friend group thinks the Junkrat buff will make him OP. Majority of people in my friend group thinks majority of the defense heroes are fine rn, or OP. Aside from Widowmaker. Majority of people in my friend group wants D.Va just outright deleted. What about your friends? EDIT: Would just like to point out, I disagree with all of these.Pulsar5 19m
20m Mystery Heroes stats on the web? Are there any sites that offer Mystery Heroes stats? I've checked: and don't see anything for Mystery Heroes. Are these stats even available through whatever API Blizzard offers? This is my favorite mode and I'd love to be able to check my stats online (or even have them graphed over time).Thanatoad1 20m
21m Doomfist's rocket punch is too forgiving One of the reasons it's so annoying getting killed by rocket punch is just how easy it is to use, considering it's a 1 shot ability as well. I think changes need to be made to make it harder to use and less forgiving if you mess up. For example •You shouldn't be able to do a full 360 turn once you start charging it as it makes counter play with mobility abilities such as tracers blink impossible seeing as he can just quickly turn around and charge at you. I feel like once you've started charging it you should be limited in the directions you can turn until you've punched or cancelled the ability. •the time you can spend holding the charge should be shorter. So many times do you see a Doomfist get booped back by Lucio or have his enemies temporarily get behind cover only for him to have waited until they get back into position again and punch them into a wall. If you made it so once he's fully charged up his punch he has to use it pretty much straight away (as well as the first change I mentioned) it'll make for a lot more skill full plays that rely a lot more on timing and positioning because right now it's way too easy to use and far too forgiving.LazyTurtle2 21m