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26s Zenyatta quality of life changes So first of all i don't think zen needs buffs or nerfs. But there are some things that don't make sense. Like his alt fire. I see many good zen players don't even use this.that should not be the case. One thing is he can't discord someone while charging orbs. It should be allowed.that would make players use it more for defending from flankers.also cancelling volley should not consume orbs. (He didn't fire so why are orbs consumed?) Basically every ability in the kit should be beneficial in some way. Right now alt fire can be totally ignored by players . landing an alt fire requires a lot of skill so it should be made more useful.DefaultPain4 26s
50s Figma's and Nendoroids confirmed Tracer, Mei, and Mercy are getting a Nendoroid Genji is getting a Figma Thoughts?Bnetplayer6 50s
1m This video pisses me off Hi I work 5 days a week as a Hotel Night Porter. My hours are 11PM to 7AM Pacific Time. On my two days off, I sleep the entirety of one, and spend the other making a crock pot... so I can sleep more in the day. I LIVE MY LIFE AT NIGHT. I PLAY MY VIDEO GAMES AT NIGHT. Do not accuse me of "exploiting" because you see me on MY "peak hours". This idea that queuing when it is convenient is somehow cheating or exploiting the game is stupid. People play when they want.Direshadow3 1m
1m Being put against 4k+ 6 stack of friends When you're in a four stack with someone who is literally level five. And the two randoms? 2.6k plats. Do you want to seriously go !@#$ yourself Blizz? Happens every. %^-*ing. day. Sorry I have friends of varying skill level. The MMing utterly !@#$ing punishes you for it.Frostings2 1m
1m The 'new' Mercy Mercy got buffed - or at least something like that. Will it be enough? I have played Mercy for over 200hrs now and I know her pretty well. Somehow I have the feeling that Mercy's latest "buff" is like nerfing Roadhogs Hook by reducing the knockback on his ultimate. It's true that you have a higher chance of getting killed short before and after you have resurrected your team. Before you have resurrected your team, the new buff will not help you. After you have used your ulti, the dps on the point just have to follow you to kill you. Mercy's value is her resurrection and this update does not help her to get the value on the street. Mercy's design is a little paradox. You are supposed to survive all the ulti combos that killed your team, then get to your team and resurrect them. With such a high value ulti you do have something to protect you right? Nope, the only thing you can do is to hide. So you can't help your team at all by healing or boosting them because when the enemy comes in heavy, Mercy's biggest problem is when the enemy knows where she is. So the team fight is 5vs6 there. I think she is designed to be that powerful and weak at the same time. You don't have to be a good sniper or tank to play her, but know the map, know where you can hide, know where you will not be shot at and somewhat predict when the enemy will use their ultis (eg. when you hear pharas jetpack and she gets in that akward position above you). The other healers are more designed to be with their team when your team is attacked (Zen can heal and can't be killed for the time of his ulti, Lucio can provide a huge ammount of shielding, Ana can try to sleep dart the enemy and throw anti heal on them). Mercy has to duck and cover when the other team comes in, because when she is dead she is no good for the team and she has lost the only reason why you could pick her. And when you can't see a dead teammember she has to walk in ... she has to walk in slow. By the time she gets into a position where a resurrection is worth it (so eg. not a resurrection for one player when three others are dead nearby), she is dead. Every other healer has at least one ability that can help them with the enemy/protect themself. Mercy has almost nothing. Sure, she has her Caduceus Blaster, but that does not really help her out. TLDR: So will the buff help her? Yes, I think so. Will she die less? Maybe. Will she be more viable (the crucial question here)? I'm sorry to say, but No, she won't. Three things I think would help her: One of the best buffs for Mercy would be if the Guardian Angel would not require a team mate you have to fly to (that would also fit her current playstyle and design). So she does not really need a dedicated E ability. Give her something to defend herself (like ana has her sleep dart). Eg. Mercy could apply a short stun effect when she hits somebody/uses melee with her Caduceus Staff (like a mcree flash bang). Or she could apply a slowing effect when she hits somebody with her gun (like a symetra turret) Right now Mercy's resurrection does reset all cooldowns and removes anti heal (even Tracer's Recall does remove ana anti heal - see So why is anti heal removed from Tracer but Mercy's ulti doesn't do that? Sometimes I can't heal people because they got hit by ana's nade just before they died. That happened just today when Reaper got naded, died on the point, I resurrected him, he used his ulti and then he almost got killed because the debuff was still on him EDIT: And fix her bugs 1m
1m Valentines Voice lines Strange question, did they ever go live? I never even heard one.Sharkmouth138 1m
2m If you do decide to buff reaper... Please, please PLEASE do NOT touch his damage. His damage is insane enough, just give him something else, but anything that increases damage output PLEASE don't. Reapers problem is range, and the fact that Roadhog is the most broken thing in any video game to ever be made. Allow him to get closer to do his damage, but please leave his damage aloneGenericName6 2m
2m I won't be coming back for Season 4. Full disclosure, I have 200 hours played in Season 3. Trying to play competitive this last week or so has been a joke. Many players know that the season is ending and that they're not going to climb to the next skill bracket. And since rewards are based on season high, they just don't care anymore. Trolls, griefers, and leavers have come out in full force. I have encountered dozens of players saying something similar to "I got my diamond for the season, so I don't care if we lose." What I'm really getting at here is that this community sucks. It's always there, but times like this are when it really shines through. Players in this game are more toxic than in CS:GO - and that's saying something. The main cause is that Blizzard's reporting system does absolutely nothing. Trolls and griefers are silenced from chat for a few days, during which they are still free to troll and grief quietly. Got a thrower on your team who only uses the chat wheel? Chances are they've been silenced by Blizzard's terrible system instead of being banned from the game as they should be. And I think that as more players become aware that there is no real punishment for toxicity, it then encourages them to be toxic. You may notice that Torbjorn is my most-played hero, with almost 40 hours on him this season. As such, I am the direct target of all sorts of abuse. And it has only gotten worse as I have ranked up. Just today I have had 3 separate occasions where a player on my team threatened to throw the game if I didn't switch off Torb. At first, this only happened when I played him on attack. But as I ranked up, it started happening even when I play him on defense! A defensive hero, played on defense, has made me the target of abuse. It's not like I refuse to switch if it isn't working or play anything else. I have plenty of time on Roadhog, Lucio, Soldier 76, and Zenyatta to show that I am a versatile team player who can fill any role. That 20% of my competitive playtime this season spent on Torbjorn has by far been the worst. But during the other 80% or 160 hours in which I played other heroes, my experience was still very negative. The general attitude and outlook of so many players in this community is terrible. From people giving up and refusing to play the rest of the match after getting stomped on defense, to toxic players that manage to tilt their entire team, to players harassing women in the voice chat to the point that they're afraid to even use the mic. Let's not forget the smurfs who brag about abusing the matchmaking system, or the fact that a good 10-15% of my matches are ruined by leavers. I am a grown adult. Many nights after playing Overwatch I have asked myself why I would willingly put myself into such a terrible, toxic environment. It's reminiscent of grade school bullying. Anyway, I'm done. I won't be playing in Season 4. I won't be playing again ever, actually. I just uninstalled Overwatch from my PC.DUMPY32 2m
3m I can't make scatter arrow work. I hate scatter arrow, it's no secret, about a third of my posts talk about what a fundamentally unbalanced ability it is. I know I'm not alone, many players out there hate the "All or nothing" way it functions, the massive damage potential it has and the unpleasantness of being one shot from across the map with a shot that missed. But despite all of this... I have to admit I cannot kill people with it. I've tried everything; Firing from slightly above the target. Aiming at a point just in front of their feet. Shooting at a wall behind the target at a 45 degree angle. Jumping before releasing... But I cannot get any even moderate damage out of it. I watch Hanzos play who land one, maybe two arrows in an entire game, yet they can get scatter arrow kills nearly half the time. In my entire career I think I've had exactly two, and one was by accident. So what's the secret? What's the trick? I've watched videos and tutorials, I've practiced against bots, other people. Is this a latency issue? Is there some facet I'm missing entirely.Xenton4 3m
3m I can't believe I'm just a plat I believe without doubt that I'm very good in this game(or any other game for that matter ) i have so much dedication, i trained very often and have very good aim and game sense generally , got gold medal hanzo every !@#$ing time i play him, and yet I'm just plat? What is this? It doesn't make any sense at all, something is not rightNateBeruk21 3m
4m How to carry total trash team? I killed at least 3 ppl every single fight. And my team finds some way to throw the game and die one by one. I don't understand. How do I carry myself with these trash teams?g4u55l4w28 4m
6m Can we have not only Top500 player icons? Silver, Gold, Platinum, etc. icon reward for the first time hitting the rank would be super nice and encouraging to have. Please, Blizzard?Rein0 6m
6m Party Privacy Settings and Ping rates (PS4) Hi All, Please note that this is my first post so please do not shred me to pieces if this was covered previously. I do think that Overwatch requires "Party Privacy" settings. I am currently playing in an online tournament here in South Africa (ZA), and one of the major issues I have is that my friends will join the game in 1v1 online tournament or 3v3 and I will have to forfeit that round or map as they are not moderators in the tournament allowed to spectate. Also I think a few of us that play OW enjoy playing in a duo or triple stack and then we have others join when we don't want them too. Can this please be addressed Blizzard. Another thing that I would like to mention is that being in ZA we do not have local OW servers so essentially we will be playing in the EU region, but for interest sake I would like to find out what pings we are playing on as I am sure it's well over 100ms even up to 250ms which is brutal at times in an FPS when I am sure I cleared that corner but then checking the kill cam I didn't. This would be beneficial not just on PS4 but on all console platforms I feel.gerard070 6m
6m Solo Queue Out of Bronze Finally Solo Queued out of bronze.SkyBreaker0 6m
7m Is it me or are D.Va's footsteps incredibly loud? Is it only me or are they VERY loud? EDIT: I mean the friendly dvas not the enemy ones.Affection10 7m
7m Console: No to Mouse PC's are hooked up to a monitor. PS4's are typically connected to a TV Not all console players have a PC (they might have laptops or tablets instead) In my case In particular, my flat TV is suspended in the air, as a student I can't afford a monitor, so I can't hook up my PS4 to it so I can use a keyboard and mouse at a desk. Please don't bother countering with comments like but I use a console remote on PC, well !@#$ de doo, you disadvantage yourself because you want a challenge.Sharkmouth133 7m
7m RELEASE TWO NEW HEROES, I'LL BUY MORE LOOT BOXES Jeff, HEAR ME OUT. Give us 24th hero Greek and 25th hero Doomfist and I will buy more loot boxes! Have my money!Amanamunos5 7m
8m Patch not going Live tomorrow? Since the PTR Forum is still up, does that mean that it won't go live tomorrow (patch day)? Or could it be that only a part of it will go live? (The character specific BUFFS or NERFS)HatsuneMiku22 8m
8m Overwatch South Africa Hey all. I'm living in South Africa and have been playing Blizzard games for as long as i can remember. I have always known that the community in South Africa is a lot smaller in comparison to the European/American community but I want to help it grow. The other day i created a Tribute YouTube video to some of my friends i play overwatch with and it sparked an idea to make fun overwatch videos of fails, good plays and just general gameplay from our perspective with +-200ms ping due to no servers locally. If any of you would like to get on board and have your own content uploaded let me know and we can arrange to have it uploaded. The only rule is it has to be local gameplay :) I will be focusing on this channel alot and hopefully this can inspire more local players once they see how well we can play with the handicap of ping and also inspire others to get more involved into the community side of it. I hope you enjoy the videos! ThebarnicalThebarnical19 8m
9m Things I overhear in my trash rank and MMR All in competitive matches "Stay on the point, don't push forward. Wait for them to come back." 87%-99% so if we lost the point they would win. "Symmetra keeps killing me" -pharah "We have too many supports" -symmetra widow:Can you not play pharah? They have a soldier. Me: he hasn't killed me once and we're defending just fine but I'll swap if he kills me Widow: *racist language* you're just trolling *leaves game* Me: .... Add your ownsaxjoeboe21 9m
9m Widowmaker vs Hanzo: The Problem with Widow Widowmaker Advantages Hitscan (no projectile travel time or arc) Movement ability can be used to move horizontally More damage on headshot Has scope Faster charge timeHanzo Advantages Can arc projectiles over cover Forgiving projectile hitbox No cooldown on movement ability Slightly more damage on bodyshot Can no-scope Can do full charge shot damage up close without aim issues Moves much faster with a charged shot Doesn't lose charged shot when jumping Never needs to reload Has mini-Widowmaker ultimate for 10 out of every 20 seconds Doesn't leave a giant "Shoot Me" sign bullet trail every time he fires and the sound is much less noticeable Scatter Arrow is much more powerful than Venom Mine and has a much shorter cooldown Hanzo's ultimate ability can be used to team kill especially when paired with Zarya'sSummary I think this shows the current problem with Widowmaker. It's true that her damage potential is higher using only the main weapon, but the fact that she has to have perfect precision to hit the target when Hanzo doesn't, and must hit the head to out damage him is a problem. Combine that with her relatively weak, long-cooldown abilities and she's out matched. Her ultimate is only a little better than Hanzo's Sonic Arrow which he can have up half the time, and Venom Mine is pathetic compared to Scatter Arrow. A Mercy-boosted scatter arrow can do 575 damage. That's 98% of Roadhog's health in one shot. I've done it. A Mercy boosted Venom Mine (if you can even do that) would be only 98 damage and has a 50% longer cooldown. She also has the longest cooldown movement ability in the game. It's actually longer than movement abilities that have other functions and do damage like Reinhardt's Charge, Junkrat's Concussion Mine, D. Va's Booster, Genji's Strike, etc. To top it off, it's unreliable. It often attaches to the wrong place or doesn't pull you all the way onto the ledge. The nature of her charged shot is the coffin nail. In order to do full damage she has to be scoped in which means that she can't aim up close very well and loses much of her field of view. It also means that she moves at a snails pace while whatever she is shooting at is moving full speed. Ironically while trying to target someone else, she becomes one of the easiest targets in the game herself. She also loses her charged shot when she jumps meaning that evading anti-sniper fire becomes practically impossible. When scoped-in her mobility is the worst in the game with the exception turret-mode bastion who is completely immobile, and every time she pulls the trigger a loud sound attracts everyone's attention and a trail highlights exactly where the shot came from. Widowmaker can actually be out-sniped by a good Zenyatta who can mark his target with discord, peak in and out of cover to keep it going while charging a volley, and then release at Widow's head to do lethal damage. In this scenario Zenyatta once again has a forgiving projectile hitbox, full field of view, a wall hack, and full movement speed. Widow would have none of these things unless she has her ultimate up; then she has one. They don't seem to want to make a sniper that can scope (like Widow and Ana), no-scope (like Ana or Hanzo), and headshot (like Hanzo or Widowmaker). Only 2 snipers have each of those three abilities and no sniper has all 3. As a result we have 3 half-snipers. Ana works because she's mostly a healer anyway. Hanzo and Widowmaker are both broken, but Widowmaker is in a worse spot. I personally think that this is the source of the problem with sniping on this game, but I don't think that Blizzard is interested in changing it so that brings us to other possibilities. Suggestions: I think a good solution would be to reduce the cooldown of her grapple from 12 seconds to 8, and make it so that Venom Mine disables jump and induces slow for 3 seconds to affected enemies. To compare, Reinhardt's charge can one shot people in addition to providing mobility and has a cooldown of only 10 seconds. Junkrat's Trap does more damage than Venom Mine, completely immobilizes an enemy for 3 seconds, and has a cooldown of only 10 seconds compared to Widowmaker's 15 second cooldown for Venom Mine. The slow would make picking off targets easier, and the faster grapple charge would help keep her safe. The slow would also be in keeping with the Tracer/Widowmaker short since Tracer started to cough and slow down. I would also love for her ultimate to be more useful than Sonic Arrow without being OP and I'm open to ideas. If anyone has anything else to add to the list for either character, leave it in the comments.Antix187 9m
9m Elo hell Elo and losing rank. Let me just start by saying the ranking system is garbage... for example I just wont 2 games, gained 50 sr, then disconnected due to router resetting, and guess what, I lost 50 sr. Why is this a thing? I mean I've gone on winning streaks where I gain 15 sr 5 games in a row, but lose the one after and lose 50 sr... like wt actual f. I'm stuck in some bs 1600 sr, and then play with friends that are 2500-2600 and still carry them. Now I'm not trying to brag about my rank or anything, but come on, I don't want to be placed with dumb asses, i want a challenge and when I lose hundreds of sr and only gain a few, it really pisses me off. Fix your !@#$. ThanksBolerfour0 9m
11m Funny Idea for custom game that shouldn't be taken seriously I think it would be pretty funny if you can give characters ults that they wouldn't normally have and their voice lines don't change, I think McCree using Soldier's ult while yelling IT'S HIGH NOON would be pretty funny Any thoughts on how terrible of an idea this is or any other crazy moments that could potentially happen?AcerbusSigil0 11m
11m This is how you trigger Genji mains and make them happy Release Oni skin Genji, Blizzard please. - Genji main's who already own skin, triggered. - Genji main's who don't own the skin, very happy with idea.imaZerg3 11m
12m Real question : does Tracer need a "buff" ? Hold your downvotes I'm asking a real question to Tracer players specifically, as a Tracer main myself I'd like to know the opinion of my fellow Tracer mains mostly. I would say i'm pretty solid with her but I feel like she's lacking a little bit of a something to be "perfectly balanced". Little disclaimer: I'm fully aware that every hero on the game needs to be countered one way or another, and I'm not trying to say she needs to be invincible, but there are situations that are simply unacceptable. Positive points Her High mobility, thanks to blinks and recall, which are amazing abilities with fair cool downs in my opinion Her Damages, that are fine at close range Her design, she's hella cool She's British Negative points Her range and her spread compared to other DPS: To kill someone effectively, you need to be very close to them which puts you in danger obviously Her HP : sensitive point but as told above, she's constantly in dangerous situations. I know a lot of people will say that her HP are fine considering she has the recall ability, but soldier does have 200hp and his self-healing can heal him back to 200 (It's not instant heal like recall, I admit it, but on the other hand, situations where you full heal yourself with recall are not so frequent). The problem with her low HP is that she can get wrecked by so many combos easily : Ana (Shot+Grenade+melee or 2 shots), Genji (right Click+Dash) , McCree (Stun+headshot) , Zen (Orb + headshot), (I won't mention hog's hook for obvious reasons). You get used to those combos with experience but I can't accept a support killing me that easily so it might be more an Ana problem Her Ultimate : that's the biggest issue to me: 400 damages, low radius, only really effective if you stick it on someone who is 400hp or less, compare this to D.Va's, Junkrat's, Phara's, genji's, SOLDIER'S, Mccree's.., it requires more skills and it's not that rewarding imoMy final opinion is that Tracer IS fine by herself but lacks something if we compare her to other heroes, Soldier 76 for example who got so much (Self Healing, running, long range low spread, High damages, aimbot ultimate). So Do you guys think she's fine or do you think she needs something/the problem comes from other heroes balance ?Amir50 12m
14m When does overwatch beta end? All heroes are subject to change. Overwatch beta ends xx/xx/xxxx ?Shame4 14m
14m reaper passive: hellfire hellfire: deals full damage to armor. done, reaper's fixed and is way better than Roadhog.Terranguard80 14m
15m I cant believe I'm just gold Honestly I should be bronzenanaboostme3 15m
16m Community - Sleep Dart is fine McCree stun 0.5 second Roadhog's hook 1 second Zarya shield 2 seconds duration Reinhardt ULTIMATE 2.5 seconds Genji deflect 2 seconds Ana sleep dart 5.5 seconds ---- Most of Overwatch hero's CC are roughly around 0.5 seconds to 2.5 seconds max. Ana sleep dart literally has no counter play meaning you are literally sleeping until a 5.5 second duration in a FAST PACED GAME where Roadhog can 1 shot combo you or Hanzo can one shot you. Next to Ana sleep dart is Sombra's hack which has a duration of 6 seconds, BUT IT HAS COUNTER PLAY. You can actually fight back. So tell me again Ana's sleep dart is "fine," because sure as hell it isn't. It's literally OP as !@#$.imaZerg24 16m
16m Florida League Roster Florida League Roster This is NOT a single team, this will be a roster for many teams in the state of Florida. Step 1: Group with players in your City. Step 2: Play and Practice. Step 3: Play against other cities. Florida League Roster Cities : Choose what city you'll represent! Jacksonville Miami Tampa Orlando St. Petersburg Hialeah Tallahassee Port St. Lucie Fort Lauderdale Cape Coral Here is a "Florida Overwatch League" discord server. Be sure to reply with the city your representing!SentrySkills10 16m
17m Season 4 Question for Blizzard specifically: Can we get a hard reset for season 4? Complain section (Can Ignore): This season is much more forgiving when it comes to rank gains and losses. I find that much more enjoyable, however it makes the ranks mean almost nothing. For example, i usually play with two other people that i consider at my same skill level. Season two was extremely hard on them due to the rank gains and loss system. They finished at a low gold level last season. I finished at plat because i didn't play season two because it was terrible. Now in season three they are dominating the silver and gold ranks as they attempt to climb out. They both have 70+ win rates and it makes their ranks meaningless. This occurs everywhere on the spectrum. I have run into diamond players that were ranked in the 40's in season one and low 2000's in season two. I know it is easier to carry friends now and that is also a problem. But the ranks mean nothing now. Low levels are abundant in higher tiers and higher skilled players are forced to play more to grind out of elo hell. (I am defining elo hell as a place were your skill level surpasses the enemy and your teammates, yet, because Overwatch is a team based game, your losses surpass your wins and you create a elo hell scenario). THIS PART WAS ME JUST RANTING SO DONT TAKE THE GRAMMAR OR CONTENT SERIOUSLY, I AM JUST TIRED OF BAD TEAMMATES THINKING THAT A 3002 RANK MAKES THEM THE BEST IN THE GAME.Awesomer138114 17m
19m Bump this post youll get a cookie i promiseUsername8 19m
20m Overwatch Anniversary Idea New legendary skin for Soldier 76 Straight up Jeff Kaplan, But with custom voice lines and everything.FreshLord4 20m
20m Best and worst maps to play sombra I find Koth maps are the ideal maps for Sombra. I also like playing her ATTACK ONLY on 2cp (Anubis, Hanamara) and kings row, but my fave is Numbani and Hollywood (SOO MANY HEALTH PACKS!!) Where do you guys feel like she works well and where does she not work so well? I find defense Sombra hard because there isn't really a good place to hide/flank without being too close to spawn. Thoughts?dreamscum2ru7 20m
22m How blizzard should release the next hero They should just drop it in with an update. Just to make everyone flip out they should just test it quietly outside the ptr and then throw it in with an update that isn't even on Tuesday. Edit: nvm this post was supposed to highlight a potentially funny scenario but I forgot I'm speaking to people who take humor and throw it into a pit of roadhogsFlamedramon6 22m
23m This matchmaking tho I've had this game for months and I can't get myself online for more than 3 games at a time because I suck and apparently no one else does. Why not match me with level 20s instead of pros. Feelsbadman.Lucas0 23m
24m Just saw Doomfist glitch on arcade mode! nostalgia174 24m
28m "On fire" Is the "on fire" feature a good way to gauge how well players are doing? At least more so than pure medal numbers? It seems to be an indicator of value from any given character, except that it focuses on density of the variety of factors. It also takes into account character specific abilities more so than other stats. Things like sleeping someone, hacking someone, and giving out armor are all positive for the team in terms of value. They reflect poorly on end of match results screens where people compare medals though. I don't necessarily argue for people to compare each other on face stats like these, because it'a difficult to truly evaluate a situation without a bird's eye view. But if you do need to quickly see how well someone is doing, check whether they are on fire and how long they have been on fire this match. Thoughts? I at least think it's better than comparing medals.Mickamott3 28m
29m THEORY! New Hero: The Sombra Web Tells Us What's Next. If Doomfist won't be the next hero, could this tech. that Volskaya is trying to get be related to the next hero? It could possibly be an omnic, or even something similar to the improved mech that Volskaya observes, and the core used to 'activate' them somehow. Although it would then be difficult to see how the Doomfist gauntlet/payload stuff fits in. However, I am not a devout follower of the Overwatch lore. I simply view cinematics and read news upon their release. So if anyone with more knowledge could help backup/disprove this theory, that'd be awesome! Thanks! UPDATE So, I've been examining an image of Sombra's web from her origins video ( and if you look, you'll actually see that the omnic tech Volskaya uses has a hard link to both Numbani and the gauntlet! The gauntlet itself appears to be connected to something behind Sombra, rather that directly to the Talon symbol. I'm assuming this is just Doomfist (possible evidence as member of Talon?), but what's more interesting is the strange omnic-spider blueprint depicted between Numbani and the gauntlet.. It's pretty much mere speculation as to how exactly it factors in with everything else, but it's clear that something happens in Numbani and Volskaya and her new tech are involved.. UPDATE Examining it further, I've developed a theory of Sombra's web as a whole. The eye in the middle could simply just represent ourselves watching as Blizzard shows us the events of the Overwatch world unfold. The different sections around the eye actually appear to be a very rough timeline of the formations of the different groups and the events that have happened so far.. Blizzard has taken us through all of the events on the right side of the eye, excluding a few of the smaller characters. Next they (rather painfully) walked us through the events of LumeriCo on the left with the ARG. Then Sombra moved on to trigger the events at Volskaya Industries. If this is correct, it would obviously seem that the new conflict that's going to happen next at Numbani will be initiated by Volskaya and her new tech. It's still unclear how the omnic-spider will factor in. It could be related to either the defense or attack of Numbani, the 'favor' Sombra calls in from Volskaya, or even the new hero somehow. Regardless, it would also make sense, then, that the person the gauntlet is connected to is hidden, since we don't know who takes it or when that is. It might also confirm that even though Doomfist might not be the next hero, he'll follow soon after the events in Numbani.Noster20 29m
29m Issues regarding players leaving between comp games Hello, I guess everyone has experienced at least 1 comp game in which someone from their team or the enemy team leaves. Imagine, your team is winning a match and someone leaves from your team and you had to face a loss, what does blizzard do to such player? temporary bans. What about the elo you lost? nope, nobody cares. So I have a way to maybe work it out, in your team if a player leaves for more than 2 mins (you can change the time limit to whatever you think suits the game), the team should get an "afk forgiveness" (irrespective of the player rejoining after 2 mins), this is being implemented in a moba game, Vainglory. It improves the comp system a lot in my opinion, in this if there is a leaver, the rest of the teammates don't lose any elo, but if they win, they receive the elo which they would eventually get after winning. Thank You!Shinigami5 29m
29m VOD Editor Hello all, I want to start editing VODs for OW players. Whether that be highlights, best ofs, or whatever. If you are interested please leave a comment! Thank you! HarmonyGiantHarmonyGiant0 29m
29m Maps and An custom map creator I have played overwatch for around 50 hours, i know every location on the maps i could describe the maps without any help (dont think i am the only one) thats why whe should allow a custom map creator for pc. IT would help with map diversity and make the game a bit more refreshing. And that maybe lifts some pressure of blizzard to constantly make new maps. Bit if this happens IT would be no exscuse for blizzard to slow down with map Creation, IT should be a add on not a replacement.rikjee0 29m
29m Any updates tomorrow?? Anyone think an update will be released tomorrow??TheeApex11 29m
31m How to trigger the OW community Ana is perfectly fine the way she is, stop asking for nerfs. Same thing with Soldier and Roadhog's hook that is finally consistent. Dva's never been more balanced than she is now and neither Winston nor Reaper need any buff. Stop whining and git gud.Amir8 31m
32m Bring Back AVOID THIS PLAYER feature Title. I've run into several individuals in competitive who have been extremely toxic and unpleasant to be around and play with. Not only that, but on a few occasions people like this would also throw the game just because someone would pick a 'troll' pick (despite doing their job as that 'troll' pick) and whining continuously and saying they were throwing just because the 'troll' picker was. PLEASE bring back the AVOID THIS PLAYER feature. Either that, or make the BLOCK feature not just a glorified MUTE button. We block people for a reason. We don't want to be around them, not just mute them and bump into them later on again and have the same obnoxious experience. Just reporting them isn't enough it seems, either. So please, bring it back.Lúcio95 32m
33m Will consoles ever have ingame text chat? Its crucial to playing competitive where not everyone has a mic or is in the channel. Even in quick play its terribly difficult to communicate. Surely it cannot be very difficult to implement. PS4 already has a virtual keyboard that is incredibly versatile and offers many input methods like controller motion or trackbar cursor, text prediction and frequently typed words. Will we ever get this feature in the future? Seems silly not to have it at this point.NightKnight8 33m
34m As 67% winrate gamer, i give some tips. Many players use in the wrong way. I give some tips. - main job is protector. Go to option and turn on "teammate heath bar". get your position at cover and if teammate health is low, use DM until he or she is fully healed. Dont waste you HP and DM. - Do not fight in general situation or you will lose a lot of HP while you are damaging a small amont of HP of a enemy - Fight if a enemy hp is low or you can kill him definitely. - your second job is runaway. Don't lose your mech and go to your healers. You can give them a lot of ult gauge. - don't go center of enemies. your DM is directional. Do not play her like winston. - stay with team. She is stronger when with teammate.김보송25 34m
36m Diablo skins Reinhardt as a Barbarian. Zenyatta as a Monk. Zarya as a Crusader. Hanzo as a Demon hunter. Roadhog as a Necromancer. Reaper as a Witchdoctor. Mei as a Wizard. Symmetra as a Sorceress. Pharah as an Amazon. Sombra as an Assassin. Lucio as a Paladin. Soldier 76 as Deckard Cain. someone make this a thing.TRiPP4 36m