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Aug 12 High Bandwidth Servers Rollout In Progress Hey everyone,   When we implemented the “High Bandwidth” option to Custom Games back in beta, we also noted that—if the feature performed well and players responded positively to it—we would investigate adding it to other games modes. We’re holding to that promise and are currently in the process of rolling out high bandwidth support globally for PC. This process may take a few weeks for all regions, but once fully deployed all games including those in Quick Play and Competitive Play will be running in high bandwidth mode by default.     So what does that mean? In Overwatch, our high bandwidth option adjusts the game’s client update rate (the frequency at which your client gets updates from the game server) from 21 updates per second to 63 updates per second. This reduces the amount of time between when you complete an action and when your client hears back about the result, which in turn will help make the game feel more responsive.   Since we know that not all internet connections are equal, we’ve also added in tech that will automatically and adaptively scale down your update rate if we find your connection can't keep up. Similarly, because high bandwidth servers (as the name suggests) will increase your bandwidth consumption, we’re also looking to add an option to self-limit your update rate in a future patch.   We’re very excited to be able to roll out this support on PC, and are already exploring how we can bring it to consoles. We hope your experience in Overwatch will be improved as a result, and look forward to hearing your feedback!Lylirra0 Aug 12
Nov 18 Overwatch: First Strike Graphic Novel Update Hey everyone, I wanted to let you know that we have decided to cancel the release of the Overwatch: First Strike graphic novel. While we are grateful to the team for the fantastic work they put into it, we've ultimately decided to take the story in a different direction. The original idea for the graphic novel dates back to the early days of the game's development and came from our desire to tell the story of the founding of Overwatch during the Omnic Crisis. In the years since First Strike's conception, we have done a lot of development on the universe and its stories. While the core of this story remains, we have changed and expanded upon how we see the events that took place during the first days of Overwatch. So for now the early adventures of Gabriel Reyes, Jack Morrison, Ana Amari, Reinhardt Wilhelm, Torbjörn Lindholm (and more!) wait for another day. But we know that this is a story that you are excited about, and it's one we still plan to tell. I'd like to thank everyone for the enthusiasm, passion, and support you've shown towards the Overwatch universe. We have a number of stories in development that will delve deeper into the world and its heroes, and we can't wait to share them with you in the coming months. MichaelMichael Chu0 Nov 18
15s Really wish Sombra was viable Zarya has no hard counters outside of God 76, Sombra really is her only Effective hard counter same thing with Reinhardt.SovietNinja19 15s
20s Jeff Kaplan what is your comp rank? anyone know?Gorbea7 20s
34s Symmetra mains at Masters+ on attack in comp They are never in team chat, never swap, and almost never win (on attack). How did they get so high and how are they not banned from the game for not picking characters that help the team?Azariel12 34s
41s Why can't Hanzo double-jump? I know Genji can because he's a cyborg, but Hanzo can climb up walls like it's nothing. I think Hanzo could use more mobility, so is there a reason why he's not able to? He's a sniper, so I think it'd make sense since Widowmaker has her high-utility grappling hook (though I'd argue Widowmaker needs more buffs or reworks than Hanzo does at the moment).Mizail14 41s
42s Too much complaining Not enough adapting to the situation. A lot of people in this community (not everyone) screams "nerf" every time something doesn't go their way. Switch your character, work as a team, use your mic, and don't play something that's going to unbalance the team. If a Phara is wrecking your team and you don't have a Soldier, McCree or Ana on the team... That's your fault. The game isn't built so that one character can go up against anyone else on every single map and it doesn't matter what your team plays. This isn't Team Death Match.Kroenen0 42s
45s mercy buffNieR12 45s
1m The reason I Mercy rez you into an enemy team ultimate In that moment I want you to feel as hopeless as I do on Mercy all the time.Lawson19 1m
1m Phara is way too powerful on Nepal, Santum Seriously, it doesn't matter where you stand on the point, it's an easy boop off the map. They should shrink the pit.Drazzerien3 1m
1m Does Junkrat sing "Earth Angel" on open mic night? When it's open mic night at Texas Roadhouse do Junkrat and Roadhog sing a duet of "Earth Angel" with Junkrat singing and Roadhog making guitar noises with his mouth.Fallout4 1m
2m did toddlers design this game? Pharah can't be touched by so many heroes but she gets shutdown by very specific enemies that can be crushed by anything else example A- pick soldier to counter pharah. gets eaten alive by the hordes of tanks on screen example B-pick widowmaker and get tossed around like salad for 5 mims ,if it's not a headshot, pharah will just kill you and recover her hp examble C- pick Mclefty or zennyata and get 2shot by the whole cast while trying to hit pharah since you're looking upwards the whole list me every hero that can't even reach her.FrozenLover0 2m
2m Legacy Skins Yo. I just wanted to say that legacy skins (for example noire widowmaker and oni genji) can be purchasable ingame. the only differens between preordering is that you get noire widowmaker for free, for example. i think a good price of them would be around 3000 gold. Oni Genji can also be purchased for 3000 ingame currency. and the difference is that if you complete the challenge you would get it for free. that would be awesome. because many of us wants these but there is no way to recieve them any more. sorry for my bad english :/Calzuino36 2m
2m Petition: Amorphous Blob from Oasis as next hero It's about time amorphous blobs were represented on the Overwatch roster.Lawson19 2m
2m The bias is real... I stand by my statement when I say that this community has one of the worst sense of bias that I've ever known. We've talked about this "meta" crap for a while, but I wanted to vent about what I feel is causing this, because it's been bothering me for a while now. I've made comments, mostly jokes, about our situation before. We are currently in a state where some people want their favorite characters to be top-tier gods, while every character they DON'T like to be garbage and/or not exist. And recently, the worst offenders of this mindset are, you guessed it, the Roadhog players. And the victims? D.Va and all the defense characters. Ever since Hook 2.0, Roadhog players are jumping in joy that they'll finally be able to one-shot everyone with no flaw. However, D.Va players are not happy with their character's nerfs that will destroy her. And I don't blame them one bit. They have every right to be upset. But then you have the side of players who see a D.Va profile pictured-user not agreeing with the nerfs, and they assume they're salty noobs. Then they type stupid comments like, "'Oh no, I can no longer abuse my no-skill Leeroy Jenkins...' Cry some more, your tears are delicious." The assumptions could not be more blatant or hypocritical. And then there's the defense heroes. Remember these heroes when the game came out? They were considered overpowered before because people refused to play around them. Now, we just feel sorry for them. Especially Widowmaker and Bastion. Not the haters, though. They still won't forgive them. I don't even need to say anything about MEI. I think the past 8 months of abuse towards her players, plus my many comments on why I'm sick of the haters, speak for themselves. People wanted her to be deleted, for Pete's sake! And even to this day, some people, from Reddit to these very forums, still refuse to accept the fact that good Bastion, Mei, Widow, Hanzo, and Torb players exist. They'd rather watch them die. I get that they can be annoying, especially Mei, but that's too much! The double-standards are just appalling. But the worst part? This bias is the reason D.Va was nerfed to trash. It's the reason Roadhog and Ana are still able to run free. It's the reason defense heroes have remained untouched and abused for so long. And the reactions? "Finally. Go **** yourself, D.Va. No one cares about you. Not even your own creators." Disagree with me all you want, but it's the harsh truth. One shudders to imagine who's next on the list... If this keeps up, we're in for a bumpy ride.SoaringEagle25 2m
2m Background Download, what is it? Title. Is it like pre-downloading the tuesday update?Macedolago7 2m
3m What IDDQD is doing is shameful Him and all these Top 500 losers solo queuing down to bronze to stomp people is disgusting. These chumps probably realise how stressful and godawful it is to have to be good at a game all the time, having to stick to the meta 24/7, having the expectation to always be good and perform at tourneys or else kiss goodbye to their overpaid "careers", but that's what happens when you're a pro. They should have the moral sense to go whence they came and go back to not having fun playing video games. Don't fret legit bronzies, I got you.WrstReaperNA72 3m
3m Arcade is Broken, Lets Fix It I've been playing a bit recently. and I've noticed a STEEP downwards trend in the quality of Arcade matches. People are becoming more toxic and provoke arguments, matches boil down into salty messes, and less people are starting to enjoy it. Why? Loot boxes. Three a week for a simple nine wins. What has this lead to? People playing comps full of nothing but Symmetra and Meta heroes, trying harder to win than normal quick play. After all, three cheap wins is faster than grinding EXP. In order to win in half the gamemodes, you have to play the cheapest and fastest strategies you can find to actually get ahead, particularly in brawls and in No Limits. The gamemodes have become more of a gamble than trying to have actual fun. Winning feels cheap, losing feels cheap, loot boxes for cheap. If Arcade is supposed to be a set of quirky game modes for fun, why impose such a high bounty on winning them? People flock to the arcade JUST to win nine matches. While it's always been a problem, the bad matches to fun matches ratio for me has gotten absurd in the past two or three weeks. I used to love arcade, and I still want to, but the amount of salt and trolling that's come from one economic mistake makes good matches few and far between for me. I have two ideas for a solution: A: Quick Play wins count towards weekly boxes B: Remove weekly boxes entirely, and instead replace it with something like a "Daily Arcade" EXP bonus, win or lose.Pancakei14 3m
4m Sombra's hack should stop mercys regen titleTheOne14 4m
4m Who will get skins next? So because i'm a nerd and in love with character/costume design, I created a list of all the event skins that have been given out so far for reference. Kinda shows which characters have been left out more than others and maybe an indication as to who "should" be getting skins later in 2017, but! Bare in mind I haven't included "special" skins like Genji's Oni or Origins Edition skins. Genji - 1 Summer Games epic McCree - 1 Summer Games epic, 1 Christmas epic Pharah - 1 christmas epic, 1 halloween epic Reaper - 1 winter epic, 1 halloween legendary soldier76 - 1 halloween epic Sombra - 1 winter epic Tracer - 2 summer legendary's, 1 winter legendary Bastion - 1 Halloween epic Hanzo - 1 Halloween epic Junkrat - 1 Legendary Halloween Mei - 1 christmas "legendary" , 1 chinese new year legendary Torbjörn - 1 winter legendary, 1 summer epic Widowmaker - 1 summer epic D.VA - 1 Summer Games epic, 1 Chinese New Year Legendary Reinhardt - 1 halloween epic, 1 chinese new year epic/legendary (?) Roadhog - 1 halloween legendary, 1 winter epic, 1 chinese new year epic/legendary (?) winston - 1 winter legendary, 1 chinese new year epic (?) Zarya - 1 winter epic, 2 summer legendary's Ana - 1 Halloween epic, Lucio - 1 christmas epic, 2 Summer games legendary's Mercy - 1 summer games epic, 1 halloween legendary symmetra - 1 Halloween epic Zenyatta - 1 halloween epic, 1 winter legendary, 1 chinese new year epic (?) Going by the list, I'd say Genji, Soldier76, Sombra, Bastion, Hanzo, Widowmaker, Ana and Symmetra should be getting love further in the year.poisonivy57 4m
4m Roadhog's Hook needs more risk Having a hero with the ability to instantly kill anyone in general with little effort is a bad idea. Rein's ability to charge is well balanced. It's a risky move an leaves him vulnerable to a myriad of attacks. It has small flexibility with a low turn radius. If he doesn't get his charge right he will jeopardize a hold or leave the team defenseless. Even at close range him putting down his shield is a risky move I'm not suggesting Roadhog's hook ability should be removed however his ability needs much a higher risk to use if it's going to give him an instant kill. How would you go about this?Kagrenac16 4m
4m 5vs6 competitive How is it fair when someone quit and we have to play 5vs6 in competitive?Uvuvwevwevwe9 4m
4m Will this run Overwatch Can this pc run overwatch with decent fps on medium settings ($500 range) 4m
4m My Thoughts on the State of Competitive OW I may be a lowly Silver player, but I can't be the only one who is getting really sick of competitive Overwatch. I used to play it for hours before my evening job every single day (I'd even get up earlier than I usually do to get more play time in), now I just...don't want to even bother anymore because the heroes I like to play are considered "troll" or "toxic" picks. Now, I understand that asking me to switch isn't toxic but at my rank people cuss you out and sometimes worse. Overwatch has this problem where only 8 heroes or so are meta, therefore nobody lets you play anything else or you're "toxic". I'm a Widow/McCree main, sometimes I like to play Lucio too, but mostly the first two. I like to play them in a competitive environment. Quickplay isn't taken seriously anymore, so I don't get the same competitive feeling there. No one is really trying their hardest. That's why I like to play my favorite heroes in comp instead. It's really frustrating and is making me lose my interest in the game quickly. I don't mind that there's a meta. In League of Legends there's a meta, but at least they have enough diverse heroes that are balanced enough to be able to be played at lower ranks without being considered a "troll" or "toxic" pick. I get that my mains are high skill floor heroes, but I'm trying to get better at them and the only way to do that is to play. Soldier 76 is the most boring hero in the game. I like him as a character lore-wise, but gameplay he is boring to me. I hate that you have to play him as a DPS main or else you're trash (I get told to play Soldier instead of McCree all the time despite maintaining 50%+ accuracy in my comp games). This game is suffering competitively because Blizzard is trying too hard to make this an e-sport when in reality, they are preventing others from enjoying competitive mode. I swear on my account's standing that I do my best to win my comp games even when I pick Widow/McCree. This "only play Soldier and tanks" meta has officially killed my interest in competitive Overwatch. TL;DR: It sucks that I can't play my favorite heroes in competitive mode without being flamed or called a troll/toxic player. The "you can only play 8 out of the 20-something heroes in this game in competitive otherwise people report you because Blizzard won't balance the game" mentality has ruined the competitive mode of this game for me.JustARogue5 4m
4m Chinese New Year Skins! Today 2 New Overwatch clips were posted on twitter which stated that the Chinese New Year Event is gonna host on the 24th of January and showed new event Skins for DVA & Mei and by looking at the skins it's guaranteed to be legendary the clips. DVA Skin Mei Skin Since the DVA skin has just been confirmed it's likely that the 2 shimada brothers, Gengi & Hanzo will get a Skin which may or may not be a legendary I make this statement because South Korea and Japan Celebrate the Chinese New Year another reason is that's gengi and Hanzo don't have that much Seasonal Skins TBH they only have 1 and it's just and Epic not a legendary.vVFireFoxVv53 4m
4m What is up with McCree? McCree's DPS seems oddly terrible considering his non-existent mobility, 200 health, offense+defense tied to 1 ability (flashbang), and quite possibly the worst ultimate in the game. His effective range feels too short considering he doesn't have the agility to get in/out of that range easily, nor the health to stay alive in that range, nor any self-healing. Also needing 10 shots to kill a Pharah beyond 40 meters feels a little strange. So far I've only found once use with McCree: aim training. It's so INCREDIBLY punishing to play him, that after a few rounds with him I can switch to Soldier 76 and completely wipe the floor with people. Am I doing something wrong? I have 50% accuracy and 9% crit rate with McCree, but that doesn't seem to be anywhere near enough.Xuvial50 4m
6m Will build a PC in the Future I'm going to build a PC in the future, can i know what specs should i build to run a smooth fps with Low settings and 100% Render Qulity? Budget is about 300-350$rLa1 6m
6m Should Sombra's hack do 400 damage? You really shouldn't be getting hacked in the first place. You need to work on your movement. Why are you not behind Reinhardt's shield You could just shoot the Sombra. Takes like a full second to hack someone, should probably have killed her already smh. Has 8 second CD in PTR, more than enough time to punish Sombra. During the CD all sombra can do is poke, her hack should do 400 damage, at least then you would learn to stay out of her LOS.Munbalanced28 6m
6m Need help with a College Assignment Hello guys, I need the Overwatch Community's help with a college math assignment. So the assignment is basically that I need to do a histogram based off the seasons that people were born in. However, i need 20 willing people to just give me the month that they were born on and i'll make the histogram out of the the first 20 people that give me those birth months (to be clear, i'm not asking for the day or year. Just the month so I can complete the assignment). If you want to give me the month that you were born on, then I just want to say thank you ahead of time for helping me out with this assignment, and that you just need to post it on this thread. Many thanks, DragonslayerDragonslayer24 6m
6m why does Shield Generator have infinite charge? Teleporter can only be used 6 times. so he enemy team can use it only a few times before it vanishes. why doesnt the shield generator have some kind of charge? once you set it up somewhere it will keep generating shields for infinity until it's either destroyed or the objective point is taken. it needs to have some sort of charge (like 2000 or something) which the generator uses to generate shields.GameVizier3 6m
7m What would YOU change with Sombra? What are your thoughts on Sombra, and what would you like to change? No "buf dmg and nerf spred" comments please, let's make this a conversation and not a one sentence comment and run situation. Let's keep this thread alive so we can get someone at the Overwatch Dev Team to look at this! (EDIT: You can request to buff her damage/nerf spread, I was just asking for more detailed posts)Kangaexe171 7m
7m New skin idea (reinhardt) Space marine Reinhardt with a chainsword to complete it , would be awesome and fit his character , also would be cool to swing around a chainsword or somethingRain0 7m
7m For those of us that know where the objective is... Can we please have an option to remove the indicator???? I'd like to be able to see the enemies on the point.TheGreenman2 7m
11m Nerf Sombra So I was on D.Va protecting a rip-tire we were almost in postion when Sombra hacked me disabling my matrix. The tire then died and everyone yelled at me for my inability to do my job as a tank. It felt really unfair. Like Reaper v D.Va felt unfair for Reaper.Sevon6 11m
13m my opnion of new's skin ( i have a problem with it) *This article is from the Korea Overwatch Forum and translated by me (metamong) and added my opinion. Hello! This morning, I am going to look at the problem with the's new skin. The ornament worn by a is called a baessi ribbon and the clothes(rainbow-colored Hanbok), which is usually worn by young children aged 4 to 5. It looks like a little bit of a problem for an adult to wear. Some people don't understand how it matters. Unfortunately, some people consume a dressed in young clothes as a minor and consume her as a passive and weak child. And I think those social views are very wrong, because she is a proud “adult woman” who can love herself. I would appreciate it if you could change's skin by listening to my opinion. But I know it's a real hard job. The reason why I wrote this is to reduce possibility of seeing her in the wrong eye. (wrong way) Please read this article and consider how you consume her. If you saw her with the wrong eye. From now on, whatever she wears, look at her as a “proud and strong adult woman”. Thank you for reading this article and thank you for creating such a wonderful game for Blizzard Entertainment.metamong0 13m
14m I'm Colorblind. CB Mode is AWFUL. InDepth Explanation I am Colorblind. And Blizzards Colorblind Modes are the worst of any game I have ever played. That is not an Exaggeration. It's beyond terrible, and I can't enjoy the game because I simply can't see as much as I should! I have a Red/Green Color Deficiency, there are two types. Specifically I have the inability to see Red correctly (which results in confusion in Red, Green, and Yellow Light), this is called Protanopia. This is where your eyes have an insensitivity to Red Light. People with Protanopia are more likely to confuse:- Black with many shades of red Dark brown with dark green, dark orange and dark red Some blues with some reds, purples and dark pinks Mid-greens with some orangesDeuteranopia is the inability to see Greens Correctly (Which results in the confusion of Green, Red, and Yellow Light). This is where your eyes have an insensitivity to Green Light. People with Deuteranopia are more likely to confuse:- Mid-reds with mid-greens Blue-greens with grey and mid-pinks Bright greens with yellows Pale pinks with light grey Mid-reds with mid-brown Light blues with lilacTritanopia is where a person cannot distinguish between blue and yellow colors. People with Tritanopia are more likely to confuse:- Light blues with greys Dark purples with black Mid-greens with blues Oranges with redsAs you may or may not know, in the Video Options there is a Color Blind Mode available in Overwatch, with the 3 different types of Colorblindness that I outlined the description of above. You can adjust the Strength of the Color Blind setting with a slider that makes the colors more saturated from what I can tell. I have Protanopia, so obviously I would use Protanopia setting right, because I'm Red Green Colorblind with a insensitivity to RED light? Wrong. Protanopia Color Blind Option has Red for the Enemy, Green for Friendlies, some kind of Orange/Green for Group, and Orange for Alert. I'M RED/GREEN COLORBLIND AND THE COLORBLIND MODE BETWEEN ENEMIES AND ALLIES ARE STILL RED GREEN!!?!??! F1@$#%#$^% If I adjust the Colorblind Strength it makes the problem far worse. I tried to use Deuteranopia Color Blind Mode next. Now this !@#$ is funny, because not only is Blizzard still using Red for Enemies, and Green for Allies, but when you try and adjust the Color Blind Strength for this particular one, the Enemies and Allies will almost be the same exact color! It's even worse! I can't imagine someone with Deuteranopia is able to use this setting either. So then we come to the Tritanopia Setting. Holy %^-* I feel bad for people with this color defficiency. I turned this on and I was like "Who spilled Captain Crunch Cereal all on my Monitor?". The most offensive Yellows. Greens, and Blues I have ever seen................... Wait. Yellows and Blues? But Don't people with Tritanopia have problems seeing Yellow and Blue? !@#$ if I know anymore, but all I know is Tritanopia actually helped me more in actually seeing %^-* in my game than the other options. And I don't even have Tritanopia. I still can't see a lot of things in the game, and this setting is NOT ideal for me. Guess that's why I'm a Junkrat Main. Blizz, fix your color blind modes. All we need is for Red enemies to not be Red. Don't make them anywhere remotely close to red. No Red. ZERO Red. And do that for Green too for the other color blind mode. This !@#$ sucks.Freshmeat23 14m
14m Will S76 get nerf? Being S76 in the meta, I wouldn't say that he's OP? But we all know that all heroes are god in the right hands and bad in the wrong hands. Any thoughts?rLa11 14m
16m Level 25 is too low for competitive Blizzard should really raise the ranked mode level requirement to 40 or 50. 25 is simply way too low for someone to start calibrating for MMR (whose algorithm in determining individual skill is questionable at best). Although not all level 25s are bad players, most of them haven't developed enough of an understanding of the game to start playing competitively without being a burden to others in their assigned bracket. Most of them haven't played their main role (not character; main role) long enough to understand how to draft a decent team and minimize counter-picking disadvantages, or how to approach situations during team fights. Am I the only one who feels this way?Enoch205 16m
16m Change Mercy's ult to make her a more active character I think we can all agree that Mercy needs some help to stay relevant. Mind Fuzz just did a great Youtube video called "Let's Talk About Mercy" were he went over Mercy's problems. Basically he said to increase Mercy's heal rate and decrease Ana's. I like that idea but I don't think it really address Mercy's main problem, her ult. The way her ult currently works rewards players for hiding a waiting for the big Resurrection. While the Mercy is doing that her team is off fighting a 5v6 and probably losing it. It's both fairly disinterested game play and not great strategically either. I would propose to change Mercy's ult so that it only resurrects one person but it charges at a very quick rate, say 60-80% faster. This would mean Mercy is constantly able to bring people back. It would make her more active in a fight and would make it so that her, Zen's and Lucio's ults were clearly different.arcticnerd7 16m
17m Anyone willing to let me add them? Two reasons: I need friends who play overwatch xD. I got a bunch from heroes of the storm who only play that game. I don't have a lot here. Also, getting friends who could help me get better would be wonderful <3. If anyone is willing to add me for friendship or "git gud" I'd be appreciative. :)Kurome7 17m
17m Leavers Galore I've had an increase in games with people leaving, both my side and the opponents. Does blizzard have anything in the works to more aggressively penalize these players or lessen the penalty on the team that has a leaver?Drak0 17m
18m Stellaris >>>> Overwatch Stellaris is a game where you command an entire civilization to conquer the galaxy - in Overwatch, we only command just ONE PERSON to win just ONE MAP. Why then, is there a purpose in playing this game at all, when one can play Stellaris and accomplish much more?Galactoid17 18m
19m Blizzard please listen to console complaints. Revert the Torbjorn & Symmetra nerfs: Hero-stacking is no longer an issue because of the new hero limit rule on QP/Comp, so Torbjorn will no longer be powerful on consoles. Symmetra's and Torbjorn's turret damage is a joke. Please revert the changes! Especially Symmetra since it was never asked for. There is no report feature on console: There are a lot of known greifers on consoles that are being ignored. We can't report anyone abusing a bug/glitch/cheat or just greifing the game. Directing voicelines at teammates/objectives: We can't say "__ wants to attack/defend the objective" or using the new "Need healing" callout for healers to people requesting healing etc Why? There is empty key bindings in the controller so it could take its place (like left on the dpad). We need these more than PC, we don't have text chat. I'm sure there are more, but I can't think of any!ohluke838 19m
19m Starcraft II Nova skin for Widowmaker On behalf of all the SC2 fans who play Overwatch: Please, Blizzard! Make it happen! <3Wrath23 19m
19m A HERO YOU CAN USE IN ALL MAPS I'm just a little bit curious, i've been thinking this. Is there a hero you can use ALL MAPS and still be very effective? *I know people will say, you can use every hero LOL*rLa6 19m
20m finding room is too long I want to play, but the estimated time is said only 45sec-1.30mins. However, I have wait more than 4-8 mins before it takes me to the room. anyone has the same problem? what happen ? and how to fix it? thxWaltZ1 20m
20m Shield gen NEEDS to be addressed It is basically silent. PLEASE make it share the same noise as TP as it has MORE utility than teleporter and can be placed MILES away from the objective. 99% of the utility isnt even the shields, its the fact that you have to be 5v6 for 1-2 minutes to look for the thing. And to the people that say just find it and kill it you are just playing against bad symmetras.wgod13 20m
21m please uninstall if you play trash in comp please uninstall if you: at any time play ANY defense hero play any offense hero besides 76 or pharah play mercy play winston thank youSteeb30 21m