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May 23, 2016 Bug Report Forum Guidelines Welcome to the Overwatch Bug Report forum! The primary function of this forum is to collect reports on issues currently affecting Overwatch. Our goal is that this forum will become an extremely valuable tool to the development team, allowing all of us to help make Overwatch the best game it can be. My name is Max Thompson, and I am the Test Lead for Overwatch. My team and I will be monitoring this forum continuously, looking for new issues and then adding them to our bug tracking database. We will also move some threads over to the Tech Support Forum if we believe your issue may related to your personal setup as opposed to the Overwatch client itself. While you may not see me post here very often, please know that your reports are read and appreciated. In the event that the amount of information in a bug report proves to be insufficient during our investigation, you will see me ask for additional information (like your hardware configuration or what time you encountered a specific issue)—so keep an eye out! Please keep all posts on topic. This means threads should center around bug reports, workarounds, and discussion of gameplay impacting issues. Game discussions, criticism, or commentary should be posted in the General Discussion forum. Technical issues, advice, and discussion of technical issues should be posted in the Tech Support forum. When providing information on a bug report, it is okay to post on an existing thread if your issue is exactly the same as the original post. If you are experiencing a similar issue with slight variations, please create your own topic. If you find multiple bugs, create a separate thread for each one. While this may seem tedious, it is essential to our workflow as it allows our internal tools track which specific bugs have been investigated and it helps us share the workload among our team. Do not hijack threads with your new topic. Posting an issue which is similar but different from the original topic means that your request may be missed or the original request ignored. Please post a subject with a clear summary of your issue. Starting posts with "I need help!" or "Can't play no matter what" only serves to make your issue harder to resolve. We understand that emotions can run high while dealing with technical issues, but posting in an abusive or disparaging manner will not be tolerated, and does not advance our goal of providing assistance to the widest audience of customers in this forum. Please do not post direct contact info for other companies. It is acceptable to post links to websites where contact info can be found, but posting the information here on the forum is not permitted. As always, community forums work best when all participants treat each other with respect and courtesy. We ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct before posting. Thank you for playing Overwatch, and thank you for helping us improve Ovewrwatch for others. Have fun, heroes, and good luck!Max Thompson0 May 23, 2016
10m Payload Bug Payload bug, we hit the point but we still lost, even if we killed all enemies. You can clearly see it on the Video proof: https://youtu.be/QikaI9kar5s We want our points back, you can see all names, no special letters.Karna67 10m
1d Known Issues List 2017/12/13 Disclaimer: This is not a complete list of all currently tracked issues affecting this build of Overwatch, rather this is a targeted list of some known specific issues with this release. Known Bugs CONSOLE Mercy - Activating Valkyrie after Resurrecting an ally will cause you to be unable to Resurrect any other allies for the duration of your Ultimate YETI BRAWL When loading into Mei's Yeti Hunter from the Arcade Card, the loading screen does not reference it In a Custom Game of Yeti Hunter, Swapping the Yeti player with a Spectating player can cause them to enter an endless black screen WINTER MAPS Sprays do not display properly on top of all snow assets across the winter versions of Nepal and Black Forest The winter version of Ecopoint: Antarctica does not have a capture point in the Elimination game mode MOIRA Biotic Grasp General Switching quickly between healing and damaging beams can cause the animation to play from the wrong handHealing The healing spray can reach and heal teammates on the other side of an enemy barrierDamaging The damaging beam will not attach to or damage Torbjörn's turret Attacking barriers with Biotic Grasp will not damage them Moira's beam can visually disappear while attached to enemy barriers The attack beam will attach to the base of objects it should not, such as spawn room doors, the payload, or Mei'c Ice block Attacking Mei's Icewall does no damage to it unless there is an enemy standing directly behind it Biotic Grasp can still briefly do damage after Moira is killed Biotic Orb General Moira's Orb will kill itself if it bounces too much in quick, rapid succession Biotic Orb does not correctly bounce off of moving platforms Biotic Orb passes directly through breakable objects Mei's Ice wall will consume Biotic Orb instead of letting it bounce off Biotic Orb will travel directly through Mei's Cryo-Freeze instead of bouncing offHealing Healing self-damage back to teammates does not deplete Biotic Orb's total healing resource pool Biotic Orb will continue attempting to heal D.Va's mech when it reaches zero health and is animating being destroyed Healing tendrils will attach directly to invisible heroes like stealthed Sombra and a recalling Tracer Fade Moira can take damage as she enters fade, causing her to die and appear invisible in the killcam MERCY AND D.VA D.Va D.Va's mech does not animate when re-entering it Using melee right as you begin Boosting will not cancel the boostMercy Aiming below a fallen teammate's soul globe does not easily target the hero for resurrection The Valkyrie Ultimate form does not benefit from movement increasing abilities Swapping weapons during a quick melee can cause your weapon to disappear DEATHMATCH General If Symmetra is killed just as she places her Shield Generator, a Teleporter may be placed instead Torbjorn has collision with his own turretFree for all Symmetra's turrets will target Junkrat's Steel Trap even after it is destroyed, until it despawns Sometimes it is possible for a player backfilling into a game to be slotted into a 9th place DOOMFIST Rocket Punch Using Rocket Punch in the air with high latency can cause the camera to jerk backwards Rocket Punch's speed and distance are not affected by hero abilities that boost your movement speed If enemies are Rocket Punched into a friendly Mei Cryo-Freeze they will not take the wall impact damage Rocket Punch does not knock back D.va's mech as it is self-destructingRising Uppercut Using Uppercut while the enemy is near collision can cause Doomfist to be knocked back Using Rising Uppercut directly after a Seismic Slam can cause Doomfist and the enemy to be knocked away from each otherMeteor Strike Meteor Strike does not go under barriers that have a gap available HIGHLIGHTS When viewing recorded highlights using the in game video player, footage has current video settings applied over video settings at time of recording (causing footage to appear twice as dark or bright) ADDITIONAL ISSUES General Shooting barriers count as shots fired and will lower the weapon accuracy stat It is possible to see the Competitive Match Intro UI if you start another match right after cancelling out of the Competitive Play Queue Party Leaders do not receive any UI notification that they cannot queue for competitive if a party member is suspended or banned Sending a Friend Request to a player that already sent you one will give you a confusing error message If a player is invited to a game that has all player and spectating slots full, they do not receive an error that they cannot join the game The green arrows indicating you performed above you career average do not display correctly when performing better or worse than your averageCustom Game Browser Variant maps do not display their full name: e.g. The "Spooky Eichenwalde" map just displays as "Eichenwalde" When setting filters for search, you can still attempt to look for Lucioball games The Game Browser does not provide any indication that AI Bots will not function in Elimination and CTF game modes Disabling Primary fire for D.Va turns off the mechs Fusion Cannons, and her Pistol The ammo counter displayed on some hero weapons may not function correctly if the Ammunition Clip Size Scalar is modified Ultimates will re-enable weapons that have their primary fire disabled for the duration of the UltimateHeroes Ana: Heroes hit by Sleep Dart may have animation issues when hit by other abilities Junkrat's Concussion mine will disappear if thrown into an Cryo-Frozen Mei Mei: Cryo-Freeze does not clear the debuff from Ana's Biotic Grenade When Orisa has the Pumpkin Head Victory Pose equipped she can stand too high to be seen by the camera Symmetra is able to use her ultimate to place a teleporterin Elimination game modes Zarya: Kill credit is not received when using Graviton Surge to pull players off a ledge to their deathMaps On Hollywood Torbjorn can get stuck in the second defenders spawn room if he junps between the wooden planks leaning against the wall On Junkertown when the Payload reaches a checkpoint the UI will still show a small distance needing to be covered until it begins moving to the next point Reinhardt's Earthshatter does not effect targets standing on the moving turbine blade near the final point of Junkertown Shooting the gold coins in the last defender spawn room of Junkertown can cause performance drops on some machinesDenis Genest0 1d
9m "SELECT" and "CONTINUE" buttons broken Multiple times I've got kicked out of the game for inactivity because I was unable to join the match in the first place. The button to confirm the hero selection and the button to proceed from the hero selection to the match both did not react to any input and were greyed out.Skairipa0 9m
9m Defeat instead of draw? Played a competitive game in Hollywood on 12/13/17 at approx 4:30AM. Round 1 they pushed it all the way in OT (no time left). Round 2 we pushed it all the way with time left. (Tied 3-3). Round 3 we were unable to capture the point in the minute given (should've been more) but it gave victory to the first team. Shouldn't this be a draw?Deputydoom2 9m
17m E stopped working as Moira I was playing defense on Junkertown as Moira and at one point, I think what happened is I cancelled my orb ability while I was still in the "select" part (orbs still in her hands) and then phased immediately after and I think by doing that it locked me out of being able to use my orbs at all. It was as if the button(s) became completely unresponsive. I have my E ability set to both E and Caps Lock and both were completely unresponsive during this time. When I died, I was rez'd again by Mercy a couple times and the problem still persisted. It wasn't until I switched off to Zenyatta until I got my E ability back, but unfortunately the game ended before I got a chance to test out Moira again since switching. This hadn't happened to me until the Winter Wonderland event came so I'm assuming it's a newly introduced bug with this patch. It would be lovely if it could be resolved ;)W00t7 17m
18m Diamond game bugged defeat instead of draw Played a low diamond game on Hollywood. We attacked first, completed the map with 5 seconds left. Other team completed map in overtime. This resulted in a one sided overtime, our team having one minute to attack. (The other team doesn't get a chance to attack as they completed their attack in overtime). We didn't get a tick on the first point, and the game ended. This should result in a draw, but it turned out as a "defeat" for our team. We all lost SR and the opposing team gained SR. To be clear, this was a 3 round game... 1. We attacked, 5s left 2. They attacked, finished in overtime 3. We attacked with a minute, didn't get the tick The game ended there and we lost. PLEASE FIX THESE BUGS... Extremely frustrating. Is there anyway to refund the SR we lost?Aarrgon1 18m
27m 2017 Hat Icon My 2017 hat icon is not available for me to use. I logged on during the Christmas event last year, and I specifically remember unlocking it. However, since before the most recent summer games it has been locked again. Is there any way to get this fixed? Edit: I've had this game since day 1 and haven't missed a single event :c Edit 2: Additionally, in my transaction history you can see I had bought Winter Loot Boxes in 2016Wakasagihime0 27m
31m Doomfist Bug: Uppercut not lifting enemies high enough I just had a few games where I experienced this bug repeatedly, for nearly every Rising Uppercut. When I hit an enemy with it, they don't go as high as I do, making it very difficult to land shotgun shots, and virtually impossible to follow up with Rocket Punch. This happened even when there was no surrounding terrain for them to catch on. They just didn't go as high as they are supposed to.Gaze1 31m
32m Overtime glitch When in overtime, the orange bar is not synchronized with the little sparks, these sparks start from the middle of the bar and not at the same position of the bar.EliteGuard0 32m
40m Asian server issues I live in japan and a lot of the games after the update I have, -missing sound -huge lag spike etc... fix?Zer00 40m
40m Disconnected from server upon joining a group Started happening a month ago. Happens randomly. Sometimes more than once a day. Internet is stable. Happened to 3 other friends as well recently.HoneydewHew0 40m
42m doomfist bugs ・wallslides still happen(a lot!) ・ghost punches are still a thing Also I dont hear this a lot but when the player has over 40 ping... ・fist not hitting ・fist canceling for no reasonZer00 42m
42m Report bug update? As all of us can see there is a lot of bug going on right now and i just wanted to know if we could have announcement when there is going to be an update for all the problems in the game atm. Hopefully soon..! A lot of people are decaying just for the fact that they don’t want to play for an unfair lost or just because there is so many bugs..Including myself. Just gotta wait till the game is safe again..!Zastela0 42m
42m Decay drop you out of grandmaster and master now? i thought changes were made for decay system where you would still keep your emblem if you were to decay from grandmaster or master? I was 4058 and decay all the way to 3807 now and i have not play a single game since. After the xmas update i notice i stopped getting the "not enough game played message" and i have a master emblem now. Is this intended?Tookie9 42m
43m Can't leave games unless you quit to desktop I've had this bug since the latest update. I noticed it during a comp game where someone left in our team, team was leaving after we could leave without a penalty, but when I tried leaving the game, it didn't let me. I had to quit to desktop in order to leave the game. https://clips.twitch.tv/AbnegateToughNoodleTheThing ^ video evidenceAxlei14 43m
44m always lost connection to game server first when I play in any game, the game sometimes get stuck where all players are not moving and then it disconnected.This happened to me a lot of the times.harizplayz0 44m
44m Lucio Pixel Spray Bug I killed on Ilios 4 enemies without dying, and i wallrided during all of them, but I didn't get the achievement. Blizzard pls give it to me. That makes me very salty.CHRIZZY0 44m
47m Ana Owl Skin + Locked On highlight intro bug When I equip Ana's owl skin (Again I cannot stress how much of a good job you guys did with this) and I check out the Locked On highlight intro, I appear to be experincing a small bug. Normally when you zoom on her during the intro with any other skin, you manage to see Captain Amari's eye no issue but with the owl skin it doesn't show anything at all when you zoom in instead of the blue rings that are her eyes.Damage1750 47m
51m Torbjorn Turret Not Registering Swings I've noticed since this patch, practically every game, I at times will swing my hammer at my turret from one inch away and it will not register the swing. This seems to happen randomly, but constantly, no mater the distance or even if your facing directly at the center of the turret. Broken torb :(Em30 51m
55m Ambush! Achievement Glitch Sooo earlier I was in a game going for the Ambush! achievement, and I killed 3 enemies in my game that were reloading snow, and I didn't get the achievement. I don't have it already.Aria3 55m
1h Broken matchmaking queue Hey dear overwatch players. i think my matchmaking queue is broken in some way. every game im queueing for are total shiet. im losing every game because im being queued with comp players and much more experienced players than i am. im getting killed every single second as fast as i show my face. it just makes the game so boring and i want help. I left the game for some weeks and when i got back i just kept on losing games more and more against people with golden weapons and over lvl 700 - 1000 levels. when im just 400. i really hope this happens to others too. because this is pure bullshietIkeaGnome0 1h
1h Game going back to loading Hey, my friend is having some issues on the game, that he's game bugs and he can't walk, then he go back to the loading screen, i have a video of it, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTgnjqdONdk&feature=youtu.beJpalves26012 1h
1h Moira, after some actions i can't press E button Hi, im just playing overwatch today and i find bug. After some actions i can't use moira's E ability. After rejoin match it's fixed, but then it's apear again. Is it problems with my PC or Game?FireWolf2 1h
1h Competitive Rating So i played my 10 competitive placement matches and i got 1714 rating and considering how i did i feel it is too low first i would like to know why i got that rating because i allways seem to get that kinda rating no matter how good i play so a reason would be nice i feel i should get a higher rank considering i am better than many gold players i know i know u might get these offten but i think it is a mistake so if not plz enlighten me Regards Daniel SchnefeldtDaniel888830 1h
1h Mercy ult rez I'm not sure if this is a bug But when mercy uses her ult and tries to rez someone it won't allow you to rez unless you're looking at them perfectly unlike the rez before the event.ChanceTakin87 1h
1h New Mercy Winter Wonderland Update Bug. Has anyone else experienced an issue where Mercy is unable to res a teammate during Valkyrie? So far it seems like trying to res two people consecutively, isn't an issue. But there are times where I res normally, use Valkyrie, and I'm unable to res the next person right after. Here's what I'm talking about specifically: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qzy3XB74kTYEliteHunter122 1h
1h Serious issues with SA servers. Please check! Me and a couple friends are experiencing this issue after the Winter Wonderland patch. Some audio feedback (like the sound of getting a health pack) and visual feedback (like enemy Tracer's recall visual effects) are gone after the update. I saw a few posts about this on PT-BR forums. It seems to be affecting only some players on SA servers. Please take a look at this! Competitive is unplayable right now because you can't hear and see important feedback coming from the enemy.Demi2 1h
1h Huge Mercy Valkyrie Bug! I believe it started when WW 2017 came out today but I've experienced it at least once in each competitive game I've played Mercy in today. When activating valkyrie, her rez does not work! She receives a charge/2 charges like usual, but when clicking the button or (in my case since I'm on console) pulling the left trigger, nothing happens. I'm fairly sure the picture of the player that you see when you rez isn't there either. No glitch or anything, it just doesn't happen. And no cooldown either. It's literally just like I'm not hitting the rez button when I am. Has this been acknowedged yet or anything? Basically Mercy's ult feels useless thanks to this bug.Sky6 1h
1h Competetive Raiting So i have played my 10 placement matches and get Rank 1715 if i recall i dont really understand why it is so low considering how i did in thoese games so i would like to know why i was placed so low. I would also like to know what the rank is bassed onDaniel888830 1h
1h Competitive error on Hollywood I just played a game where we finished the attack with 15 seconds to spare. The enemies finished the map too but with 0 seconds. After the second round the game gave us 1 minute to attack (Shoulda have been 1m 15sec) but none for the enemy team (Should have been 1m). We couldn't get the tick and the game just said that we lost the game. There were no fourth round and i lost sr for that. I have a video of this game.FizzyElf3 1h
1h Gift Loot Box Missing I accepted the gift of a free winter loot box from battle.net, only when I logged into Overwatch nothing came up to tell me I had received it.stereoman6 1h
1h 4500 sr with 50 games played, but not on leaderboards hello, I am currently 4474, with over 50 games played, and have not recieved the blue top 500 icon, or shown up on the leaderboards. I remember this was a huge problem in s2/3, but hasnt happened to me before. I did disconnect from 2 games in a row (my 49th/ 50th) game, but I played more, and now have over 60 games. Any help would be nice.SqualaǶ0 1h
1h screen Freeze bug with a screen. Guys help me when I play a rating game, my screen freezes, but sounds work. what to do? video card r7 250. The bug with the screen hanging occurs only in the rating gameCoRtEzZx0 1h
1h Moira can't use orb Hello, I noticed this bug that tends to happen quite often. It occurs when I use blink whilst being in the process of choosing which orb to fire. The result is when I come out of "the blink state", I cant use the orb. Pressing E (the default button for the orb) does nothing, and changing the bind to an other key (mid-game) also doesn't help. The bug lasts during the whole game, and resets when I enter the next game. Thanx!InfinityNS0 1h
1h Winter loot box full of nothing Hello blizzard I played the new yeti hunt mode and i won for the first time but when i opened the loot box (from winning for the first time) I got literally anything! I also checked my characters and they got nothing! Picture: https://t.co/5WWyV4BBmn Can you please make it up to me?JEHERY0 1h
1h Draw bug So the map is numbani playing ranked. we were 2.2 a draw. and it was last attempt since we had 2 minutes and they had 0 on the clock. We failed to get the 1/3 of the point. So it should prompt DRAW, right? No, DEFEAT screen was prompt and we lost SR. Now wtf!?Pathurnaax8 1h
1h King's Row/Hybrid Bug in Competitive (Video Reference) Hello Community, we recently played a comp match on King's Row and went 3 - 3 in the first round, the enemy team had no time left and we had 60 seconds. After the "round complete" screen, we were on the attack, which was a little confusing but we just thought there were some changes (no one got the additional 60 seconds for finishing with less than a minute left) On attack, we then failed to get a third of the point so the game was over, but instead of it being a draw (3 - 3) the enemy got a point and we lost 3 - 4. Video evidence + commentary (done in one take, it's just to make things clear please excuse my lack of eloquence^^): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MaSrulqzjU Did anyone else experience this? Thanks for looking into it and have a nice day! GressiGressi0 1h
1h Draw resulted in defeat No VOD, sorry. steps to replicate: 1) defend round 1 to overtime 2) finish round 2 with 3 minutes left (your team) 3) fail to get 33% 4) DEFEATNullNeska0 1h
2h Weapon Switch Bug I already searched the weapon switch bug and found a lot of topics here. I'm opening a new one, so maybe they'll see this bug is still available and maybe they'll get a way to fix it. For those who dont know what I'm talking about : If you play someone with 2 weapons (Like Mercy/torbjörn) and you try to switch to the other weapon it get stuck and you cant switch them. I got this problem as Mercy all the time and cant even play with gun because I wont be able to heal in an critical moment. Doesnt matter if youre trying it with the key or the mousewheel, it still get stuck. Also if you try to bind the key to another one it wont work.. Please fix this Bug and help all the mercys to defend their selfes. . :( Uh well yeah.. also torbjörns weapon too. Shiro4 2h
2h Couldn't move/choose hero glitch.(video evidence) Hi my name is Jakan, I was recently playing a comp game and when I joined and tried picking D.va on Nepal I was just stopped for no reason. Here is some footage(sorry for audio i was accidentally covering it ):) https://youtu.be/OvfntU2iliE I was talking how that when I picked any hero it still would be the same out come. It would spawn me in a weird position every time but when I rejoined it started working. This was the first time this happened. Hopefully I can get my SR back but if not that is fine too. Kind regards, Jakan.Jakan1 2h
2h Competitive Hero Select Game Breaking Bug I joined a competitive game and after I selected my hero, the game would pause, show a glitched version of the map, then take me back to character select. I was forced to close the game and restart and lost 50 SR because of it. I have a video of the incident and have linked it in hopes that I can get my SR back. https://youtu.be/8Wa_LmKmiOsSchubird1 2h
2h 2017 Winter Event, Console Specific Mercy Bug I have experienced this when playing mercy as I Am a mercy main the bug only takes effect during valkyrie when your main rez is on cooldown the second rez that is granted to you will remain unusable until your main rez gets off cooldown but double rez is still usable just do not enter mercy's ult when your main rez is on cooldown and you should be golden or just don't play comp until its patched, PLS BLIZZARD fix this bug it is detrimental to my health. Here is a video that I found which will show what the bug is. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpkzqR0_60oKronosWolf0 2h
2h Hanzo ultimate bug If you died by Hanzo ultimate, you can see his aim, but you can't see aim of Torbjorn or Symmetra if you died by their turrets. Death by Hanzo ultimate: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cdQhoTpSEp0X7FhGk3jhfpYiDIulTsUj/view?usp=sharing Death by Symmetra turret: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UOAluVTml7l7Q5h58VwjImn5Dg6StNdp/view?usp=sharing Death by Torbjorn turret: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SjSM-wj1Mvdti5oTjAxPvVTViUDs6N48/view?usp=sharingIIMySTerYII0 2h
2h Zenyatta's Orb of Harmony healing less Went into the training grounds and started healing a damaged training bot. I noticed it was healing about 1 bar every 2 seconds or so, which is about 12 hp/s when it should be 30 hp/s, nearly a third of what it is supposed to heal. It makes his harmony orbs seem almost useless now. If this was intentional then it should be documented but I doubt it was. Not sure if it's exclusive to training bots but I tried it in a custom game and the same problem was replicated. Edit: After playing with a few zenyattas in quick play I think this may be exclusive to bots and the training range. Not 100% sureXyren1 2h
2h Draw counts as a loss bug Hiya, we need to bump this up, because it's ridiculous. If you play hybrid map and both teams will push the payload to the end, there's another round, right? But if TEAM1 will succed at overtime and TEAM2 will finish with some time left, the TEAM2 gets the "final attempt" thing. If TEAM2 won't capture anything in their attempt it should be obviously a draw because it's still 3:3. Unfortunately, it's counted as a loss for TEAM2 and win for TEAM1 (??? - after 1st round team1 had 0 time, while team 2 had some left to play again). Oh cmon. I'm 100% sure you're not gonna give us our SR back, but at least disable it, fix it, whatever.Sheyz0 2h
2h Doomfist ultimate does not disappear after sleep dart I slept doomfist during his ultimate, and his ultimate hasn't disappeared. You hear his ultimate spell and you even see him take off. I slowdown the clip as a gif: https://gfycat.com/FearfulImperturbableCurassowPrinceVegeta1 2h
2h Hollywood Draws Not Working TL:DR Are draws not a thing anymore? I was playing on Hollywood and our team finished the map with 0:32 on the clock. The enemy finished the map in overtime and we moved on to round 4. With 1 minute on the clock, my team failed and we lost the game 3-4. Thanks to the team for looking over all of these and Happy HolidaysSneakySnake10 2h
3h Kings Row Payload Bug? I'm not sure if this is a bug or not. But I just lost a game because a Dva used her ult next to payload (Christmas kings row) and it proceeded to wipe my team which were standing behind the payload away from the bomb. Is this intentional? I don't think this happens on any other payloadsWeebTrash3 3h