Bug Report

Dec 10 Known Issues List 2017/1/26 Disclaimer: This is not a complete list of all currently tracked issues affecting this build of Overwatch, rather this is a compiled list of issue we suspect will either affect a large group of individuals or have the potential to be highly impactful. These issues may be addressed at a later date via a client patch or hotfix. Known Bugs General Capture the Rooster: There is currently an issue that could prevent a player from receiving the Flagbearer achievement when playing as D.Va 1v1 & 3v3: It is possible to be moved across the map when ejecting from your mech as D.Va If you accept a group invite from someone on your team, the UI incorrectly states you are "Leaving your game" Killcam and Play of the Games do not display correctly if you are pulled into a match while watching a Highlight Some abilities that can knock players to an environment death will not display their icon in the killfeed display Hero specific control settings are not automatically used after the first round of Control maps Competitive If you move from Party Chat to Team Chat during a game, you will not be placed back in Party Chat after the match ends The announcer audio at the end of rounds is missing the word 'complete' Heroes Ana: Heroes hit by Sleep Dart may have animation issues when hit by other abilities Ana: When thrown straight up in the air, Biotic Grenade may despawn before making it back down to the ground Ana: The injection sound effect for successfully hitting an ally with your rifle is not playing D.Va: Eject effects can display after D.va has already exited her mech Mei: Cryo-Freeze does not clear the debuff from Ana's Biotic Grenade Pharah's Concussive Blast does not currently display a kill feed icon Reaper: The sound effect from Hellfire shotguns may place twice in some situations Roadhog bot will do a spin after hooking an opponent If Sombra uses Translocator just as her Thermoptic Camo timer expires, the beacon may not be tossed out If Sombra throws her Translocator directly down on the floor she cannot properly relocate to it Symmetra's primary fire can inadvertently target Mei's Ice Wall Tracer's "Clock's Tickin'" spray does not match the thumb nail in Hero Gallery Winston's health bar can be obscured while he is standing for his Primal Rage Ultimate Zarya: Kill credit is not received when using Graviton Surge to pull players off a ledge to their death Players killed by Zarya's Graviton Surge may have their Kill Cam move erratically A.I. Bots can path into traffic and die on Oasis Maps In certain situations, the jumppad on Oasis can launch players higher than intended If the arcade machines on Hanamura are not destroyed in the first round, players are unable to break them in round 2 The killfeed display is missing from the Practice Range Common Problems "I can only hear sound one one side of my headphones..." Dolby Atmos is designed for use stereo headphones, but some modern headsets attempt to simulate surround using their own software which can result in various conflicting behaviors. Try disabling supplementary audio software utilities, and if that does not resolve the issue create a new thread in the Tech Support forum by following the Tech Support guidelines. "Mei's left click causes a crash in-game and in kill cams..." The particle effect emitted can cause issues on certain graphics cards if they are not using the most up-to-date drivers. Try updating your drivers to the latest version, and if the issue persists start a new thread on the Tech Support forum by following the Tech Support guidelines. "Upon trying to connect to a match, I get stuck loading for a long period of time and I am sent back the the lobby before I get in to the match..." Substantially slow load times can prevent you from successfully entering a game. Try closing back ground applications, ensuring that your anti-virus software is up-to-date, and that there are no issues with your hard drive. If the problem persists, start a new thread on the Tech Support forum by following the Tech Support guidelines. "I am experiencing unnaturally high amounts of latency..." This can be caused for a number of different reasons, some of which have already been documented on the Tech Support Forum. Please be sure to read the stickied posts in the Tech Support Forum for possible workarounds. If none of the proposed solutions work for you, create a new thread in the Tech Support forum by following the Tech Support guidelines. "When I start a match sometimes people and weapons are invisible." It is possible for a player to load into the game before some assets have been fully loaded.Sammidge0 Dec 10
May 23 Bug Report Forum Guidelines Welcome to the Overwatch Bug Report forum! The primary function of this forum is to collect reports on issues currently affecting Overwatch. Our goal is that this forum will become an extremely valuable tool to the development team, allowing all of us to help make Overwatch the best game it can be. My name is Max Thompson, and I am the Test Lead for Overwatch. My team and I will be monitoring this forum continuously, looking for new issues and then adding them to our bug tracking database. We will also move some threads over to the Tech Support Forum if we believe your issue may related to your personal setup as opposed to the Overwatch client itself. While you may not see me post here very often, please know that your reports are read and appreciated. In the event that the amount of information in a bug report proves to be insufficient during our investigation, you will see me ask for additional information (like your hardware configuration or what time you encountered a specific issue)—so keep an eye out! Please keep all posts on topic. This means threads should center around bug reports, workarounds, and discussion of gameplay impacting issues. Game discussions, criticism, or commentary should be posted in the General Discussion forum. Technical issues, advice, and discussion of technical issues should be posted in the Tech Support forum. When providing information on a bug report, it is okay to post on an existing thread if your issue is exactly the same as the original post. If you are experiencing a similar issue with slight variations, please create your own topic. If you find multiple bugs, create a separate thread for each one. While this may seem tedious, it is essential to our workflow as it allows our internal tools track which specific bugs have been investigated and it helps us share the workload among our team. Do not hijack threads with your new topic. Posting an issue which is similar but different from the original topic means that your request may be missed or the original request ignored. Please post a subject with a clear summary of your issue. Starting posts with "I need help!" or "Can't play no matter what" only serves to make your issue harder to resolve. We understand that emotions can run high while dealing with technical issues, but posting in an abusive or disparaging manner will not be tolerated, and does not advance our goal of providing assistance to the widest audience of customers in this forum. Please do not post direct contact info for other companies. It is acceptable to post links to websites where contact info can be found, but posting the information here on the forum is not permitted. As always, community forums work best when all participants treat each other with respect and courtesy. We ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct before posting. Thank you for playing Overwatch, and thank you for helping us improve Ovewrwatch for others. Have fun, heroes, and good luck!Max Thompson0 May 23
30s Fix this already The Y key is bound to team chat for me, so when I hit the Y key why do I get the spray wheel at random times?AMERICAN0 30s
45s Cannot Play Lilijing Tower Every time I get into a competitive or Quick Play match on this map it doesnt load and wont let me join. Every other map works fine. Please help as this means im losing Skill RatingsConspiracy0 45s
9m Voice comms cannot be plugged in after you boot the game up I find it really frustrating that you cannot get the comms working at all if you plug in your microphone after the game has started. Multiple comp games have resulted in communication failure simply because I plugged in my microphone after I have already entered a match. When you are using a laptop that has a combination port one would rarely have their microphone set up ahead of time. This is a huge issue that im sure results in numerous players being unable to talk during a competitive game when communication is critical to success. Please allow the game to refresh audio devices after the client has been launched!! This would be a wonderful QOL change that will improve the communities communication! Don't let me down JeffGiraffe0 9m
14m Competitive/game joining bug I was queued for a Comp game with my friend and i was clicking back and forth of my highlights and we found a game. The game loaded but right before i could select a hero, the game glitch back out to the main menu and I tried clicking on "Rejoin Match" but nothing would happen. But i was still technically in the game because my friend said I was still in the game's chat channel and was waiting for me to select my hero. So being stuck at the main menu and nothing happening, I exited the game and got de-ranked for being helpless. So I guess there is a bug if you click back and forth between Highlights and the main menu when you join a match.Melodic5 14m
16m During comp, I get redirected to the homescreen Lost 200sr because of this. Screenshot tinyurl.com/jcekgoeIII1 16m
18m Comp game bugged, couldn't play, counted as loss? Entered comp game in a group of two. Was watching a highlight at the time. When the highlight ended I was left at the main menu screen. I was in the game - could hear game sounds and see game chat - but couldn't see the hero select screen. I think the highlight was playing as I entered the game and it somehow bugged out? Had to quit to try to reset the game and the game was cancelled. It's now counted as a loss which is a bit rubbish given I didn't do anything wrong. Given how close to the end of S3 we are I'd really appreciate any response from anyone who can fix this!Rand0mUser3 18m
20m Menu endless scrolling [PS4] In the main menu of Overwatch, when i scroll up with the analog stick it keeps scrolling endlessly, even when I don't touch the controller. The only way to stop it is by scrolling down with the analog, but it starts again once I scroll up again. Before saying it is my controller's fault, I have to say I already tested it with 2 different controllers and the results are the same. Also the same thing is happening to 4 out of the 6 guys I'm playing with on PS4. I searched about it in the forums and reddit and I saw some other reports about it. I also contacted support and I was told they will forward my problem to the dev team, but I was also told I should make a post about it here so it can have more impact. This is a really annoying problem that should be fixed as soon as possible.HeadahFreaq1 20m
32m SR missing I did not gain any sr when i win my comp gamesStarzfishy1 32m
1h LOOK AT THIS BUG YOU DUMB BLIZZARD you such a idiot look this map change bug It has continued 41days i defeat because of this bug on rank game this is the way of blizzard work?? i can't believe this dumb you blizzard https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TyU3FzXD4moAdunToridas0 1h
1h Console highlight bug Ps4 Highlights/Potg and killcam won't show up all it will show is a part far off the map when I play in any mode or even when I go to my saved highlights and t winky way to get past this is to restart applicationBT1609100 1h
1h PS4 - Tips continue to show when not enabled I have notice after one of the recent updates, tips continue to show when a map a game is loading even though I have tips turned off. Previously, for the some reason, the skirmish tip "There are no map objectives in skirmish, so just have fun" would still show even if Tips was disabled. But now I still see all tips even though it is disabled. I have enabled/disabled again but still see tips.PokeifDead0 1h
1h D.Va spawning out of mech on PTR Hello, I was playing a custom skirmish on the PTR with everything set to 500% and was playing as D.Va. A few times when my mech was killed and i was killed immediately after ejecting from my mech i would spawn without being in my mech. I think it only happened when I used my Ultimate before I was Ejected as i can not recall I time where I didn't and had it happen. Not sure this is simply because of the instant respawn time or just because of how fast i was being killed getting out of my mech, but i found it interesting. Thank you, SlebertSlebert0 1h
1h Missing Overlay Lately I've been having this problem where I'll get into a game and the overlay is just- gone. No character selection, or other players, just whatever random character shows up when you get into a game before you pick a character. Nothing happens when I press enter, or esc, my only option is to exit the game completely. It only happens once every so often but when I'm in competitive it really sucks. I thought it might be me pressing Alt+z or something but it just happened again and, yeah, there was nothing I could do but exit the client. Now im out 50 SR and have a 9 min ban. RIPDolly1 1h
1h Sombra Teleport Bug - Happens almost once a game At least once per game I can't teleport to Sombra's beacon. The animation will go off but she won't move, just wobble in place a bit. The example I have recorded shows her not moving 3 meters but I've had situations where she won't move through walls, even at distances of like 10 meters. There is also some issues where if you throw it out, sometimes it will be thrown but won't get placed and will instantly go off cooldown, that's annoying but not nearly as dangerous as not being able to tp full stop. Some other minor bugs like if you throw a teleporter at the end of a round on a control point map like ilios , it'll still be visible in the next round and if you throw a teleport again you'll see 2 symbols pop up but the main issue is not being able to teleport. Please boost this guys, make my bae usable again ;-; Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ycDGhm8GdPYAristotally9 1h
1h Not showing as being in top 500? Can anyone help me?Warsong2 1h
1h Top500 Bug? Okay, so I got into the top 500s and my season high now is 4389. The problem is that I did not get the Top500 Emblem (The shiny blue one) and it has been about 2 hours since then. I have played 2 games and dropped to 4336. Are the leaderboards accurate and up to date because the lowest SR required for it (at the moment) is 4373? Does it actually take days for it to update or something? I have won more than 50 games by the way. Reference: http://i.imgur.com/HINYSLr.jpg http://i.imgur.com/xmsoCz2.jpgMcjohn11 1h
1h Highlight bug? Hi there, I've been having this problem lately with my Highlights, like one or two will save at first, then they will all change to one hero and be blank. It's like they're getting corrupted or something.LASERPEWPEW3 1h
1h Statistics Bug i think my statistics have glich, i've played competitive mode only 10 times not 11.(5W 5L 0Draw) pls check it for me thanks.Cazzandra0 1h
1h Statistics bug i think my statistics have glich, i've played competitive mode only 10 times not 11.(5W 5L 0Draw) pls check it for me thanks.Cazzandra0 1h
1h ptr account details i recently downloaded the ptr to try out all the new stuff but when i got on it i was about 60 levels below my actual level being 288 also all the skins and stuff that i had equipped at the time of the level are still on i don't know whats going on and i just want to knowkillercrisis0 1h
1h Symmetra when the last update happened with symmetra - her main weapon is way too powerful and it is by far in my opinion the worst update for this game - i have lost all desire to even play - there is no skill required at all to play that character - and for her to be able to kill 2 tanks is ridiculous without taking any damage - anyway that is just one opinionSloth98712 1h
1h disconnect while searching=lost SR disconnect while looking for comp. lost SR and 10 min ban. been happening for a while. if I reconnect quick enough I can maybe get back in. my internet isn't the problem. heard other people experience this too.Rexbanner2 1h
2h Competitive Win Granting 2 SR points Please, can some one at Blizzard tell me why they put me in a game where we slaughter the enemy team so bad they rage quit the game, then upon winning, I received only 2 SR points. Then in the next game I get placed into, I get a team where two teammates leave the game, where afterwards I lose more than 40 SR. Can you please explain why this system is so flawed? This has happened to me multiple times, and it is happening frequently to players at the higher tier in solo queue(3500+).Ultimately this flawed system leads to inaccurate ranks of certain players, causing certain players to de-rank more than they should and climb more than they should.TPphonehome1 2h
2h Competitive Bug - During halftime/round switch During halftime/round switch, in hero selection, all I could see was my hero model and that's it. Then I had to quickly alt+f4 it so I could I could rejoin but then it wouldn't let me rejoin and said I had abandoned. Please fix this bugInfiniteEnd0 2h
2h Matchmaking Bug/Annoying thing I consider a gameplay issue I just recently hit Prestige 2 in overwatch and since then and about 30 lvls before that I have been getting matched with people well over my rank and skill level in quick play, The most recent game I was in had a P4 P5 and P6 all on the other team with my teams highest being P2 and it has been like this for a while, Idk about pc and XB1 but my issue is on ps4 and its just not playable any more, I join a game and the other team has such higher leveled people then me and they are way better then my team, It may not be a top priority bcs its just qp but plz fix. Anyone else having this aswell on other platforms?Keeyloh0 2h
2h No hero selection option In the middle of a ranked game, switching sides and my game would not load my hero selection screen - it only loaded the background character (Lucio, who I had played earlier). After everyone had selected characters and was in the game, it put me in the game (as Lucio), but everything was blurry and I couldn't move or shoot or anything. I quickly alt+F4 and tried to rejoin, but then I couldn't connect to the server. By the time I got back in, I was kicked from my group (with my friends), my ranking dropped 50pts (for a Blizzard bug), and I was banned from playing competitive for a bit. There really should be some sort of system to determine when people have a DC or a game bug and stop stealing their ranks rather than just screwing them over as if they wanted to throw a game.arpuleo1 2h
2h Ingame Skin purchase now locked I purchased the Rooster Skin for Bastion during the Year of the Rooster event with ingame coin . Today I went to look at it and it was locked. Game Master Tuzlarhan asked me to report this as a bug after some attempts to unlock it.BlackDiamond0 2h
2h fps drops okay now everytime a patch update comes, my fps drops, and there are more bugs than before. my pc is perfectly capable of playing overwatch at epic settings 70-90 fps and now its 30-45.ASHUPASHU635 2h
3h competitive playbug i searching the quickplay but i found competitive play; what happend! so my score is down.. return my score!!IOI0 3h
3h cant reconnect to competitive game. cant reconnect to competitive game legit blizzard needs to let players reconnect to a game if it takes 10-30 even a minute penalizing ppl for no reason is stupid. had a bug couldn't join just sat there saying entering game... couldn't reconnect i lose point and get banned for 2 hrsBlank0 3h
3h incredible lag in Mystery heroes (EU) I just got off from playing one of the most puzzling matches I've been in. Normally, when I play, there will be some amount of lag. Since I'm in a student dorm and I'm using the wifi, that's to be expected, even though I have a ping of roughly 20ms. I have an Asus ROG computer but I can't seem to find that GamerFirst III program people are saying to get rid of. So I'm getting the rubberband effect on a regular basis. Nevertheless, what happened in this match was way out of the ordinary. I took down an Ana with a YOTR skin who just stayed completely in motion the entire time. Shortly before this, someone else said "don't shoot pls" Shortly after I took down Ana, I was killed and by the time I was in the spawn room again, more and more people were noticing the same issues I was facing - People standing still, rubberbanding, finding themselves and others entirely helpless, etc. I've checked around to see if there were any notes regarding the server, but there are none to be found. So I guess this would be something to let you guys know about. EDIT: Just realized this was in the American server, not the EU one.mii2naCaptor0 3h
3h Abilities STILL Not Triggering I made this thread several months ago, but since no one paid the slightest attention to it, I'm remaking it. Sometimes (5%, or around there), I will press an ability button and the ability will not work. Notable Examples (Not an exhaustive list): Reaper's Wraith Form: The visual effect (purple smoke) and sound effect will trigger, but I will not be invulnerable, or move faster. McCree's Combat Roll: Same thing, visual and sound effect triggers, but neither the actual roll nor reload will happen. Sombra's Translocator: The actual translocator will be physically thrown, but will disappear soon after. No teleportation can be done. Also, in some cases, the beacon WILL place, and I will attempt to teleport only to be moved somewhere between my previous location and the beacon. Junkrat's Concussion Mine and Steel Trap: Similar to Sombra's Beacon bug. Both will be shown to be thrown, but neither will ever be an actual asset in the game. As such, Junkrat cannot detonate the mine (even though the detonator is in his hand, which makes it clear I DID use the ability). Reinhardt's Firestrike and Ultimate (!!!!!): Visual and sound effects play, but nothing happens within the game. No shattered earth, no firestrike. I don't understand why this hasn't gotten any attention before. It can't be just me getting this. It's not lag, I sit at 30 ping all the time. And aside from that, lag would not cause the lack of an ability to happen on my end.Avicou4 3h
3h Solider can't see health bars. Even tho the option is turned on health bars for me and a friend still not appear when playing solider. Zarya works fine thoRudepick0 3h
3h Sombra feign death glitch While messing around with Sombra, I found that by using her E at the moment she touches the hard kill zone, she appears on the death feed as falling to her death as well as informing the player that they are dead while not actually dying. I suppose in a few situations you could even trick other players into abandoning a search for you by abusing this.Blockhead1342 3h
3h Losing sound during gameplay I'll have sound in the main menu, go to play a game an i'll lose the sound during gameplay. Might hear faint sounds like a Roadhogs shotgun shot. After the game is over the sound will come back in the main menu and new game will start and i'll have sound for a little bit but then i'll lose it again. Any ideas?Mudkero0 3h
3h Junkrat Traps Occasionally I'll see Junkrat traps that partially clipping through the floor. It's still pretty noticeable, but harder to shoot.Platypus0 3h
3h Comp Suspension Myself and one other person from my group were just suspended from comp and our SR dropped by at least 50+ points. A failed to conner to the server message came up and people dropped from our group.FinalAlloy1 3h
4h Player Icon Bug Available player icons aren't displayed correctly when looking at somebody's career profile. When I look at my friend's career profile it tells me he has the Mochi player icon but he sent me a photo and he doesn't actually have it.Platypus0 4h
4h bug on communication menu Just now I was playing a competitive game and the communication menu showed up. I didn't press"c" to let it show up and I couldn't cancel it. And I couldn't control my hero. So I quit the game but I can enter overwatch after that, it said "an unexpected error occur" then I tried another time and I open the game successfully this time. But there's no rejoin button, my friend was still playing and I had no way to rejoin the game. After that, I found I had been banned for 10 min and lost 50 points. I know I can't get my points back, but I just don't want this stupid bug happens again.diediedie0 4h
4h Roadhog Roadhog is a playable character in the game...Platypus0 4h
4h Bug on communication menu. Just now I was playing Roadhog in Oasis(competitive game). I hooked somebody and I thought I was really cool. Suddenly the communication menu showed up, and I can't control my hero. So I could only watch my enemy kill me. After I res, the communication menu was still there and I just can cancel it, it only switch to voice line and emotes. So I had to quit the game but I couldn't open overwatch then. It said"an unexpected error occur" so I tried third time and I open overwatch successfully but there's no rejoin button. My friend was still playing, but I had no way to rejoin the game. Then I saw that I can't play competitive for the next 9 min and I lost 50 points. I have to say that's ridiculous. And I know I can't get my points back, I just don't want these stupid bugs happen againdiediedie0 4h
4h UI Bug I have just encountered a bug in the live Americas server for Overwatch. The basic problem here is that the UI is all messed up, making it impossible to change character when in-game. Many components of the UI is in the wrong place, including the crosshair used for aiming, therefore making it very difficult to aim. There were undeniably a lot of problems involved in this bug, but if anyone would like to see it for themselves, I have uploaded a video of the bug at this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cN0IHWjJ-bw&feature=youtu.be Sometimes, restarting the game works to eliminate the bug, and other times I have to restart my entire PC. I don't need help fixing this of course, I just wanted blizzard to be aware of this bug so it doesn't happen to someone who isn't aware of how to fix this.LeoTheLlama2 4h
4h Inactive kick while fighting I was just in a 1v1, holed up in the hell that is Sym vs. Sym and got kicked for inactivity even though I was ducking in and out of enemy fire. It gave me the warning when I was taking potshots at my opponent and I figure that it was nothing 'cause I had been standing there waiting a few seconds earlier but after that I was running around the cryo room until the enemy revealed portion hit. Can anyone explaine what happened or is this a BS glitchAForce0 4h
4h Problem rejoining a competitive game During the first half of a competitive game, my frames per seconds were dropping very fast. When the round was over, I decided to quickly restart the game with the goal of changing my graphics setting from medium to low. When I got back on the overwatch menus, I couldn't rejoin the game, resulting in a loss for my five friends with whom I was playing. I don't know if this is a bug, but if it isn't, shouldn't there be a small window of time where you could rejoin the game in situations like these? Thank you for your consideration.Pendragon1 4h
4h Enemies footsteps are very small. Enemies footsteps are very small, by contrast allies footsteps are relatively loud. Does anyone else have the same issue? My headset: Logitech G933 WIRELESS 7.1Empate0 4h
4h Solo/duo matched against 5s I understand that during blizzcon someone said this was supposed to be a bug, so here goes: http://imgur.com/99gaoCRFeureau0 4h
4h Voice chats Voice chats stop making noise and picking up my mic. I can hear the game and I can see the notification that someone is talking but I cant hear them.UnluckyTyler0 4h
4h Enemy Bot in Eisenwald Spawn I was just practicing my aim with lucio bots when one of them walked right into my spawn.FoeǶ0 4h