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May 23, 2016 Bug Report Forum Guidelines Welcome to the Overwatch Bug Report forum! The primary function of this forum is to collect reports on issues currently affecting Overwatch. Our goal is that this forum will become an extremely valuable tool to the development team, allowing all of us to help make Overwatch the best game it can be. My name is Max Thompson, and I am the Test Lead for Overwatch. My team and I will be monitoring this forum continuously, looking for new issues and then adding them to our bug tracking database. We will also move some threads over to the Tech Support Forum if we believe your issue may related to your personal setup as opposed to the Overwatch client itself. While you may not see me post here very often, please know that your reports are read and appreciated. In the event that the amount of information in a bug report proves to be insufficient during our investigation, you will see me ask for additional information (like your hardware configuration or what time you encountered a specific issue)—so keep an eye out! Please keep all posts on topic. This means threads should center around bug reports, workarounds, and discussion of gameplay impacting issues. Game discussions, criticism, or commentary should be posted in the General Discussion forum. Technical issues, advice, and discussion of technical issues should be posted in the Tech Support forum. When providing information on a bug report, it is okay to post on an existing thread if your issue is exactly the same as the original post. If you are experiencing a similar issue with slight variations, please create your own topic. If you find multiple bugs, create a separate thread for each one. While this may seem tedious, it is essential to our workflow as it allows our internal tools track which specific bugs have been investigated and it helps us share the workload among our team. Do not hijack threads with your new topic. Posting an issue which is similar but different from the original topic means that your request may be missed or the original request ignored. Please post a subject with a clear summary of your issue. Starting posts with "I need help!" or "Can't play no matter what" only serves to make your issue harder to resolve. We understand that emotions can run high while dealing with technical issues, but posting in an abusive or disparaging manner will not be tolerated, and does not advance our goal of providing assistance to the widest audience of customers in this forum. Please do not post direct contact info for other companies. It is acceptable to post links to websites where contact info can be found, but posting the information here on the forum is not permitted. As always, community forums work best when all participants treat each other with respect and courtesy. We ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct before posting. Thank you for playing Overwatch, and thank you for helping us improve Ovewrwatch for others. Have fun, heroes, and good luck!Max Thompson0 May 23, 2016
19h Reinhardt Issues -- Update Following up from an earlier post, here is where we are at with reported/known/reproducible Reinhardt bugs and issues. A few of the addressed issues (Fire Strike hit box, for example) were fixed before 1.13. The rest have either been fixed or iterated on in 1.13. All of these fixes should be available on the PTR by this afternoon. Addressed Reinhardt Issues Fire Strike hit-box was too small A host of hammer swing issues affected by high network latency have been addressed We’ve also increased Reinhardt’s hammer swing speed by 10% in general in 1.13 Several animation cancelling bugs (also high network latency related) have been fixed Fire Strike and Charge animations now synch correctly regardless of network latency Charge reliably pins targets instead of knocking them back (Note: we fixed a number of issues and all of the issues we were reliably able to reproduce. Because charge is a cone-based attack and latency is involved, there might be other issues that surface. Providing us reproducible steps or video clips will help us if additional issues arise) Charge reliably pins targets when moving up steep stairs/ramps (see above note) Remaining issues: Earthshatter isn’t picking up targets under certain circumstances. We intend to fix this issue in the next patch.Jeff Kaplan257 19h
Jul 27 Known Issues List 2017/08/09 Disclaimer: This is not a complete list of all currently tracked issues affecting this build of Overwatch, rather this is a targeted list of some known specific issues with this release. Notices: Performance issues with 4k playback in client may occur VS. AI is now only located in the Training tab Known Bugs LÚCIOBALL General Normal Competitive grouping restrictions are being applied to Copa Lúcioball. It is possible for the ball to become stuck outside the playable space, resulting in an endless amount of overtime. The ball can behave unpredictably in corners of the map. Players can be kicked from Lúcioball for being detected as AFK incorrectly. It is possible to recieve 0 SR at the end of a Copa Lúcioball match. It is possible to become stuck in the Copa Lúcioball queue. DOOMFIST General Shield degradation from "The best defense..." passive counts as self-damage, which makes getting a "perfect" round in Elimination matches very difficult Rocket Punch Doomfist is not affected by knockback effects while Rocket Punching Using Rocket Punch in the air with high latency can cause the camera to jerk backwards If you have high latency while being killed by a Rocket Punch your body will not appear to ragdoll correctly Rocket Punch's speed and distance are not affected by hero abilities that boost your movement speed If enemies are Rocket Punched into a friendly Mei Cryo-Freeze they will not take the wall impact damage Rocket Punch does not knock back D.va's mech as it is self-destructing Seismic Slam Seismic Slam can get caught and stop short on some terrain Seismic Slam does not interact with destructible items On the Horizon map Seismic Slam does not correctly move you when used on the sliding crane above Point B Rising Uppercut Using Rising Uppercut while the enemy is near collision can cause Doomfist to be knocked back Using Rising Uppercut directly after a Seismic Slam can cause Doomfist and the enemy to be knocked away from each other Meteor Strike Meteor Strike does not go under barriers that have a gap available The height gained from leaping into Meteor Strike is not enough to escape falling to your death at the final point of King's Row HIGHLIGHTS General Pressing Record quickly will allow another highlight to start playing while the other highlight is attempting to load causing the client to be render starved for a period of time. Quickly cancelling a highlight recording before it loads can potentially display the associated map origin in the background. The Overwatch logo will be squished in 21:9 when the Highlight was captured in 21:9 Attempting to quickly back out of the highlights menu just as a recording is completed can cause the clip to fail to be generated HORIZON MAP General Sprays are not displaying properly on all the glass surfaces of the Hydroponics Lab Some monitors on the map cannot be destroyed by explosions Killcam and Highlights can play back incorrectly if captured from on top of a hanging tire If you peer into the Telescope with your aspect ratio set to 21:9 the image of earth is not displayed correctly ADDITIONAL ISSUES General When opening a lootbox, the lineup may display incorrectly, but the rewards are still delivered appropriately. If a player is invited to a game that has all player and spectating slots full, they do not receive an error that they cannot join the game The Career Average arrows during end of round flow do not display correctly to show doing better or worse thatn average You are incorrectly told that you are "Leaving Your Game" when you accept a party invite to a group that is already on the same team/game instance as yourselfCustom Game Browser The Game Browser does not provide any indication that AI Bots will not function in Elimination and CTF game modes Disabling Primary fire for D.Va turns off the mechs Fusion Cannons, and her Pistol The ammo counter displayed on some hero weapons may not function correctly if the Ammunition Clip Size Scalar is modified Ultimates will re-enable weapons that have their primary fire disabled for the duration of the UltimateHeroes Ana: Heroes hit by Sleep Dart may have animation issues when hit by other abilities. Ana:The Beach Ball emote has the incorrect velocity on console platforms. D.Va: Eject effects can display after D.Va has already exited her mech Mei: Cryo-Freeze does not clear the debuff from Ana's Biotic Grenade Symmetra's beam can target friendly Mei Ice walls Zarya: Kill credit is not received when using Graviton Surge to pull players off a ledge to their deathMaps When entering a match on Castillo the voice says "Traveling to Dorado" If Symmetra places her turrets under the elevators on Hollywood, they can appear to be floating below them In certain situations, the jumpad on Oasis can launch players higher than intended On Temple of Anubis the holographic barrier of the forward attackers spawn room can be seen before the door is opened When falling to your death on Volskaya, the ice on the water does not always break where you fell throughSammidge1 Jul 27
4m PS4 Highlights Broken I am on PS4 and since the latest major update, my highlights clips do not aggregate at all. I can only record games through the PS4’s native recording system. I have attempted deleting and reinstalling the game, however, nothing has worked. I’ve contacted Blizzard support, but I’m told that if that is an issue, there aren’t very many reports of it, and there isn’t a solution in the works. The issue has no effect on gameplay, but it’s still a bit annoying knowing that a portion of my game doesn’t work and isn’t being addressed.BCisB0 4m
20m Symmetra Voice Line She says "Teleporter ready for deployment" when holding shield generator.SneakyTurtle0 20m
28m Hacking Hanzo doesn't unselect Scatter Shot Hacking a Hanzo while Scatter Shot is selected will not unselect it and the Hanzo will still be able to use it.Furgl0 28m
32m Highlights doesnt want to record ps4 Dosent want to record Highlights.Zarcaz3 32m
36m I can't play MM for 2 days... Until recently, everything was fine, but for an unknown reason the game (During the match) began to end. I finally lost my sentiment, when 3 times in a row was disconnected from the game. Other programs and games work well. I tried to update drivers and OS.BRD1 36m
38m Loot box + Currency Bug Xbox User I logged onto overwatch and saw that I have -45 currency I had 3010 I and got 48 loot boxes These loot boxes are not summer games Note: My pc account is not the one that has this problemHueHuePlus2 38m
43m [Bug (With video)] Roadhog's hook positioning Hey, so, this bug was captured on PTR, but I have been getting it off and on in the live version as well. I believe this bug was supposedly fixed along with hook 2.0, and for the most part it has because it doesn't happen nearly as often, but this still happens to me occasionally. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQeqkvTkCt4&feature=youtu.be As you can see for no reason that I can discern, Reaper was popped upward after my hook. in this instance Reaper was at about half health before I hooked him and I was confident that he was going to die, but because of the position it put him in I missed most of my pellets and he lived to kill me instead.Endurrr1 43m
52m Reporting bad influence players There seems to be missing a report-a-player option when I look at the players list. Currently I keep getting this group of players that gets teamed up with me. They do not play fairly, cooperate, or even communicate appropriately on the microphone. It seems that these players may have "prefer this player" selected on me to keep harrassing me in my games. They don't make the game fun and on top of that, they make the competitive part of the gameplay unpleasant. Two of the players are PLZ-GET-STREAKS and VYXLS. I have tried going through reporting a player through the website but no luck. Also, through the Sony Network, I have tried reporting as well but no option to report as in this situation. This game is being deteriorated in entertainment value as players like these ruin the fun in it. Please help.SneakyTurtle0 52m
59m Missing $ in overwatch Missing $ from Overwatch. Im missing money from the last 2x months. Around $2000. Was saving for gold weapon. Don't understand why $ dwindles when I log on. Search of forums shows issues from 2016. Whats the bug?Stumanchu2 59m
1h error Estoy teniendo un error que me sale cada tanto cuando juego overwatch y a varios le a pasado ya. Error se a perdido el dispositivo de renderizado ,por favor ayuda ,me saca de las partidas y no quiero tener problemas por culpa de ese errorToxic0 1h
1h Highlight Recording Feature So I was testing the new highlight recording feature, and it was just a black screen, can someone tell me if this is an issue with the game or my own computer?Sivyks3 1h
1h 7 games played in stats, but show 6/10 on placement menu Hi, I played 7 games (4W/3L) in my placement, but on the competitive menu, I see 6/10 placement done... Anyone else having this issue?momo0 1h
1h Items missing Thanks for partially fixing my problem. I was negative gold and you guys gave me 48 loot boxes. Which was very generous of you and i ended up in positive gold afterwards. But you guys took away skins and voice lines and sprays before i opened my loot boxes even though i wasnt missing items before hand. So i opened them up hoping to pull the ones i was missing and ended up with only a couple skins and voice lines missing. I wouldnt be mad if they werent summer games stuff or if i didnt pay money to pull them. Its mercys summer games skin, eidgenossin, and divas, taegeukgi, and a couple of summer games lines. I honestly dont care about the voice lines. I just thought it would be easier to fix than giving me loot boxes and taking away items i paid for. Edit: after looking through all the characters more closely i saw that i was missing a couple other skins like mercys devil skin , rescue mei, etc. I mean those arent too big a deal since they are in the main game and i can pull them anytime but still its the fact that i am missing skins that bothers me.Shade87503 1h
1h Disconected but rejoined -50SR Hello Blizzard why do you have rejoin-function when you lose SR anyways? Disconected right at the beginning but rejoined within 10 seconds and still lost 50 SR?Haninator2 1h
1h 50 SR drop for disconnect Dear Blizzard, I have experienced this issue on multiple occasions. I enter a match and it keeps flashing the reconnect screen, and after that I will be thrown out of the competitive game costing me 50 SR points as well as a leaver penalty. This issue has occurred before and I have raised it up previously in a different thread, "Losing SR from disconnecting", however no one got back to me regarding the issue. It really pains me to see all my effort going to waste just like that. Further more the penalties are getting harsher and harsher for something I did not commit. I was lucky enough to meet a great team of people and we were on a roll, but because of this, we were all thrown out of the game, and I couldn't join them because of the ban. I understand it may not be possible to see whether a person disconnected or left intentionally, but I hope something can be worked along these lines. Getting kicked out of the server is the last thing I wanted to happen. I hope this issue can be addressed and looked into. Thank you!!!TsukiYuki26 1h
1h Lines all over my screen Hey guys... I have all these annoying lines all over my screen and i can't do anything against it... It happened when i was in a bad mood and slamed my hand into my keyboard and these weird lines appeared... It's only when i'm ingame in overwatch, no where else... I have tried to restart my game and even reinstalled it, but it doesn't seem to work... What can i do?Jogge6 1h
1h Matchmaking glitch So today i was playing overwatch and i was doing my placement matches. When i play my second placement match i play against a top 500 a platnium and a gold plz fix this and give me my placement match back or at least change it to a win-PROGENGI0 1h
1h Got Duplicate But No Gold I got the McCree American skin in a box just now but it didn't say Duplicate or anything, nor did it give me gold for getting it when I was pretty sure I got the skin last year's Summer Games event.Feleas3 1h
2h 126 xp for full match Arcade elim match, 3 min, 1:3 loss, normal gameplay. We got 126 XP. What?XRed1 2h
2h getting punished when returning to game My game crashed and I now have -75% exp for 7 matches. I returned to the game so this must be a bug. I refuse to believe blizzard is punishing people who return to their match after their !@#$ty game crashes. Please fix this and turn off my -75% now. Thank you.Sinless1 2h
2h Removed points for winning! Hello, I am from Russia so I apologize for my English at once. I just played 2 games, one WON and the other LOST. But even for the win, I was removed points! I'm 100 percent sure that I won with a score of 3-0.REAT1VEONE1 2h
2h POTG not working properly There is a bug where i deserved POTG and did not receive itSilentStorm0 2h
2h Tracer end screen bug So i just finished a match and decided to emote during the end screen. And what happened is nothing short of terrifying. My screen decided to warp in a way that made it feel like i am reaching the speed of light.Owiec0 2h
2h Training room widow bug not sure if this really matters but i found a bug in the training room where you can grapple into the ceiling as widow. not really sure how to show this but yeah, i found a bug.Ashen0 2h
2h Players/Szczęście Mateusza Why in my team are 7-year-old Russian children who offend everyone in the chat, and the opponents are Koreans with telepathy?Zimeakdam0 2h
2h Competitive Leave+Rejoin Bug? I personally have bad ping so end up disconnecting from games quite often. The problem I have been experiencing is when I have been playing Lucioball... winning... get disconnected due to ping spike... rejoining... and finishing ftw. However, I then noticed I received a loss and sometimes a penalty. This has to be a bug otherwise what is the point in the rejoin button. A separate issue that I find personally annoying is that I receive penalties just because I am unable to invest in a decent connection. Surely blizz can tell whether a leave is ping related or not so why not only punish those who leave deliberately. When I got the game on PC in season 3, I hadn't even finished my placements before I got a permanent ban for the season. Its unfair that blizz expect everyone to have a £2,000 setup and punish those who don't.Ne01 2h
2h Inconsistent Sombra hack with Lucio's crossfade On normal settings ('Hold to crossfade' off), Sombra's hack will make his crossfade stuck at whatever setting he's on. While 'Hold to crossfade' is active, however, he can release shift and switch back to healing while he's hacked. This gives an advantage to Lucios with this setting as they can heal themselves as they escape the Sombra.Minsŏ3 2h
2h Weird server problem I was queuing for competitive game, i had the "looking for a game" bar at the top of the scree. when it sends me to the main menu screen with "rejoin game" tab. i clicked it but nothing happen. i could see the chat pooping up. people typing "gg", "ez win lol" etc. also on the chat screen i got unexpected server failure message. the game got cancelled i guess, but when i try to queue again im ban for 2 hours with the message that im being penalize. support team what's going on?drwolfn21 2h
2h Don't ban people if they get disconnected during game load I just lost 500 points and got banned because an implementation error. If there is a problem, you HAVE to workaround it. If people get disconnected during game loading, allow them to rejoin the match, don't BAN then straight. THAT is an implementation ERROR, a bad decision. Give time, like 30 seconds to rejoin without any penalty, as game will not even START. You seem like no brain taking these type of decisions, like with diablo 3 economy system, etc... Blizzard will never be again the same. I am sad about that. After you close incidences without solving them. If i go inside the game will be just to have fun trolling it. So ban me forever or solve that ERROR it is annoying to pay for a game that after you can't play. I would take my money back if i can, no because i don't like it, because how i feel after you close an incidence like that. Here my thread with everybody telling it is my fault https://eu.battle.net/forums/es/overwatch/topic/17616771786 but.... if you search, there are lot of people with same problem. https://eu.battle.net/forums/es/overwatch/topic/17616731737 https://eu.battle.net/forums/es/overwatch/topic/17616701702 https://eu.battle.net/forums/es/overwatch/topic/17616731768 I know they are in Spanish, hope here someone takes care of it. This was the polite answer from blizzard This is Game Master Ezlyniel. Thank you very much for contacting us today regarding the appeal for the competitive play in Overwatch. It was a pity I couldn't find you online today. Hopefully we can have a chat in other moment :) This kind of suspensions in the competitive play, comes because of disconnections or if you leave the game before the match ends. As you may know, the system cannot see if you left the game intentionally or you just disconnected. Remember that the game is giving you some small penalizations of few hours, days and finally the final ban until the start of the new season. As I can see, there is no errors or bugs regarding disconnections during games. There is no errors at the moment with it. That means that there should be something with the connection or with any program in your computer. Lately, there were some issues with Jazztel and Orange that cause disconnections in our games. That is something we don't have control at all and your ISP should be the one to fix it. Even though it is not your direct fault, you are still "ruining" the game to other 11 people, so it is definitely your responsability to fix it or find a solution to it. We can check if you want your connection and if there is something that is interfering with the game. To do so, we will need a couple of files: - Msinfo: https://eu.battle.net/support/en/article/12988 - Traceroute: https://eu.battle.net/support/en/article/7870 (please, run this test at the time of disconnection) Please, send those files in a new ticket. However, I'm afraid we cannot remove the ban at all. Eventhough you didn't really do it on purpose that is something that must be fixed as that is having a quite bad impact to other players. Ah! Unfortunately we won't be able to discuss this further and the future tickets about this matter won't be reviewed. See you around! Have a good day!ZarkGhost1 2h
2h Crash - Your rendering device has been lost Frequent crash with "Your rendering device has been lost". Only happens in Overwatch.Chewy23 2h
2h Sombras ultimate in the practice range when i use sombras EMP in the practice range, right next to either pair of enemy bots, it does nothing at all. i can still hack them manually, and it shows the same effect it would on a hero, but for some reason emp doesnt work (hacking them doesnt do anything as all they do is shoot and move but individual hacking shows the visual effect)sunee0 2h
3h LUCIOBALL TEAM FOR COMP LUCIOBALL TEAM FOR COMP looking for a good lucio ball team I need a goalie and a offence player. I'm making a fantasy lucio ball team and I need a starting team. pick the team you want to be on and say your position. TEAM 1: Jonkla , ? , ? Team 2: ? , ? , ? TEAM 3: TEAM 4: TEAM 5: TEAM 6: TEAM 7: TEAM 8: TEAM 9: TEAM 10:Jonkla3 3h
3h Gibraltar Competitive Bug. Just played a competitive game on Gibraltar. Our team attacked first and pushed the 3 points, the other team only push 2 points and the game should have ended there. However it proceeded to go into overtime afterwards and gave the other team a second chance at attack which they managed to push and get one more point making it 3/3, afterwards we did our attack and got a point making it 4/3, when the game ended we were given defeat and told the game was 4/4.... ummm what?BusherBrown4 3h
3h Parah Ult bug Sometimes when I use Pharah's ult, only the left half of her rockets are used.JonnyCatt0 3h
3h Graviton Surge Bug So I was playing competitive on Lijiang Tower, attacking the 2nd point during the final round. I'm playing Zarya, I've got full ult charge, huge fight on 2nd point. The enemy D.Va is dead, and I fire my GS right as the enemy Mercy uses her Resurrect. I hear the full SE for my ult, and my ult-charge drains to 0%, but nothing happens. D.Va is not in her mech, so there's no way she could have eaten it. It just...vanished. Needless to say, we lost the fight and the match because my GS decided not to show up. What the hell.SoulFlare1 3h
3h Doomfiat bug Can't switch off of doomfist on xbox quickplayAetherwalker0 3h
3h horizon glitch if i shoot orisa shield at wall in main final ramp, it hit the wall, slides down and goes into the ground. might be used for reaper or other out of bounds glitch. i wasn't aiming there on purpose, just tried to send it far enough to cover team while running back but it happened twice. should probably be patchedMachawitz0 3h
3h My 5 August loot boxes Hey so after I connected my twitch prime account I received my golden loot box and was told I would get 5 loot boxes in August. I still haven't received mine even though many people said August 10 was the day? When or where can I get my loot boxes?Moo88881 3h
4h disconnected but just returned to menu i dont know for sure what happened to my game, but when i was playing my game i kicked off from the game like connection problem. when i got that i thought in my screen will be change to lost connection, but it just showed the menu and it said game found. a few seconds later im back to the game. the problem is my ping is normal around 40 and my fps is always 60 and ive been kicked out for a few times like 5 or 6 times for 1 game. please fix this. thanksQuickSver3 4h
4h Lucioball "Group does not meet requirements" This has been happening for quite a while now, and I have no idea how to fix it. I did 3 placement matches, everything seemed to be going well, until the 3rd match. We won, but I didn't appear in the winners at the end, but I did get play of the game. Next thing I know, I try to queue and it gives me this error. I'm not even in a group, so it's really weird. Is there a fix to this?Mainus0 4h
4h Bug in game makes me leave and get a 50 SR loss Seriously fix your !@#$s. I was watching an highlight during queue for a ranked match then suddenly it pops while loading the highlight. Made the game stuck on the main menu while still having audio from the match. Of course i got kicked due to inactivity Ty BlizzardSlushPuppie0 4h
4h Lucio ball camera glitch today i played a game of lucio ball in which when ever a goal was scored the 'goal cam' would become distorted like the field of view was becoming gradually increased this happened on the XB1 version of the gameNUKE2 4h
4h LucioBall ban I got banned in LucioBall competitive couse of server error There was "Failed to connect to game server", i pressed "Rejoin match" but then game just banned me in Lucio ball competitive. It was my last game to finish my placementsRacoonInAHat0 4h
4h Play of the Game Issues. Blurry/Not Saved It's happen two or three times now over a period of time so I may as well note it. Sometimes the play of the game plays back blurry. Doesn't happen too often but I've seen it pop up before... twice with Mei so maybe it's something specific to her. What's worse Plays of the Game aren't always saved to highlights so it's a loss. Plays of the Game should ALWAYS override regular highlights that are there. Video here: https://youtu.be/Hu0_Zy28Y2gDDemon0 4h
4h DC'ed, rejoined comp after 1 minute, won, then lost 50SR Was getting connection issues, then I DC'ed near the end of the 2nd round. Restarted client to find that it was updating more files, waited about 1 minute for it to finish, then reconnected and rejoined the before the 3rd round started. Finished the game, and their team had 2 people leave last round. My SR dropped 50 for winning even though I was gone for 1 minute and rejoined to play with my team. But I get punished the same for those other player that do leave games. I've seen videos where players leave on purpose, come back and aren't punished. Why it this only sometimes a problem?Martyr1 4h
4h No Ult I've been having some fun issues since the latest update. While playing different heroes, I noticed (usually with some tears) that, each time I attempted to ult, the screen would shift to the 3rd person animation of the ult... then nothing. It would freeze, and I would die a horrible and agonizing death. Help.MistressMeow0 4h