PTR Bug Report

Feb 10 PTR Hero Updates We have a new build coming soon that has some Roadhog and Winston changes to test out. Roadhog Scrap Gun Spread decreased by 20% Chain Hook Targets are now pulled to a location 3.5 meters away, up from 2 meters. Cooldown increased from 6 to 8 Winston Critical hit volume reduced by 15% The Roadhog changes overall reduce the power of his hook a bit, but his gun is now more effective when not using the hook. Winston's head hit volume was just abnormally big, making him take more damage than he otherwise should. This change brings it more in line with other heroes.Geoff Goodman1 Feb 10
Feb 10 Known Issues List - Updated 2017/02/14 Disclaimer: This is not a complete list of all currently tracked issues affecting this build of Overwatch, rather this is a compiled list of issue we suspect will either affect a large group of individuals or have the potential to be highly impactful. These issues may be addressed at a later date via a client patch or hotfix. Known Bugs Server Browser - Find Game Players receive an inaccurate message if they attempt to join a Game Lobby which has been changed to no longer be Public If you right click for information on a Game Lobby that has been closed, the Info screen will still try to load data When a group joins a Game Lobby they will be divided up evenly among Team 1 and 2 instead of all being placed together Server Browser - Lobby Changing the Max Players value will not always visually adjust player locations out on the lobby screen when they are moved Server Browser - Modes If you disable Health packs, the Game Lobby information screen will still needlessly show other Health pack setting modifications When playing Capture the Flag mode, A.I. Bots will not appear in the game Server Browser - Heroes It is currently possible to use Hero Limits to create games where not everyone in the match is able to pick a hero and play When adjusting Ultimate Ability and Ultimate Generation in the Heroes General settings, what it has been modified to will not display properly in the Game Lobby information If you have custom settings for a hero, but return them to their defaults, the heroes name will still show up in the Game Lobby Information list If Mei's Ice Wall cooldown is reduced, attempting to place consecutive walls can sometimes cause only one ice pillar to appear Tornjorn's cooldown modifier for his Armor Pack ability does not function Server Browser - Other You do not receive a notification message if you are kicked out of a Game Lobby Common Problems "I can only hear sound one one side of my headphones..." Dolby Atmos is designed for use stereo headphones, but some modern headsets attempt to simulate surround using their own software which can result in various conflicting behaviors. Try disabling supplementary audio software utilities, and if that does not resolve the issue create a new thread in the Tech Support forum by following the Tech Support guidelines. "Mei's left click causes a crash in-game and in kill cams..." The particle effect emitted can cause issues on certain graphics cards if they are not using the most up-to-date drivers. Try updating your drivers to the latest version, and if the issue persists start a new thread on the Tech Support forum by following the Tech Support guidelines. "Upon trying to connect to a match, I get stuck loading for a long period of time and I am sent back the the lobby before I get in to the match..." Substantially slow load times can prevent you from successfully entering a game. Try closing back ground applications, ensuring that your anti-virus software is up-to-date, and that there are no issues with your hard drive. If the problem persists, start a new thread on the Tech Support forum by following the Tech Support guidelines. "I am experiencing unnaturally high amounts of latency..." This can be caused for a number of different reasons, some of which have already been documented on the Tech Support Forum. Please be sure to read the stickied posts in the Tech Support Forum for possible workarounds. If none of the proposed solutions work for you, create a new thread in the Tech Support forum by following the Tech Support guidelines. "When I start a match sometimes people and weapons are invisible." It is possible for a player to load into the game before some assets have been fully loaded.Sammidge0 Feb 10
Jun 21 PTR Bug Report Forum Guidelines Welcome to the Overwatch PTR Bug Report forum! The primary function of this forum is to collect reports on issues currently affecting our Public Test version of Overwatch. Our goal is that this forum will become an extremely valuable tool to the development team, allowing all of us to help make Overwatch the best game it can be. My name is Max Thompson, and I am the Test Lead for Overwatch. My team and I will be monitoring this forum continuously, looking for new issues and then adding them to our bug tracking database. We will also move some threads over to the Tech Support Forum if we believe your issue may related to your personal setup as opposed to the Overwatch client itself. While you may not see me post here very often, please know that your reports are read and appreciated. In the event that the amount of information in a bug report proves to be insufficient during our investigation, you will see me ask for additional information (like your hardware configuration or what time you encountered a specific issue)—so keep an eye out! Please keep all posts on topic. This means threads should center around bug reports, workarounds, and discussion of gameplay impacting issues. Game discussions, criticism, or commentary should be posted in the General Discussion forum. Technical issues, advice, and discussion of technical issues should be posted in the Tech Support forum. When providing information on a bug report, it is okay to post on an existing thread if your issue is exactly the same as the original post. If you are experiencing a similar issue with slight variations, please create your own topic. If you find multiple bugs, create a separate thread for each one. While this may seem tedious, it is essential to our workflow as it allows our internal tools track which specific bugs have been investigated and it helps us share the workload among our team. Do not hijack threads with your new topic. Posting an issue which is similar but different from the original topic means that your request may be missed or the original request ignored. Please post a subject with a clear summary of your issue. Starting posts with "I need help!" or "Can't play no matter what" only serves to make your issue harder to resolve. We understand that emotions can run high while dealing with technical issues, but posting in an abusive or disparaging manner will not be tolerated, and does not advance our goal of providing assistance to the widest audience of customers in this forum. Please do not post direct contact info for other companies. It is acceptable to post links to websites where contact info can be found, but posting the information here on the forum is not permitted. As always, community forums work best when all participants treat each other with respect and courtesy. We ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct before posting. Thank you for playing Overwatch, and thank you for helping us improve Ovewrwatch for others. Have fun, heroes, and good luck!Max Thompson0 Jun 21
7m Tracer Recall CD can't be set to 0? I've changed CD to 0 in global heroes settings, then tried tracer, blink cd=0, but Recall cd = 6sec.Rein1 7m
11m Global ultimate regen % is not shown When I change Global Ultimate regen % in settings and Ultimate regen % for a hero on the right list of changed settings I just see "Ultimate cooldown regeneration", but no value is shown.Rein0 11m
1h Can we have custom settings for Practice range? Can we have custom settings for Practice range? At least ability to change hp, damage, speed and respawn time of bots would be nice to have. But what I'm dreaming about - are bot models equal to a hero models, which you can choose in settings. Or at least the same bots with smaller heads.Rein2 1h
1h Roadhog combo Tried the new changes and honestly Roadhog seems stronger than he is on live now. To make up for the increased distance between the hooked enemy and the Roadhog, you just have to take a step forward. Anyone who played Roadhog with hook 1.0 is already used to doing this. The only problem I have is that for some reason I have a hard time doing the hook + left click + melee combo. As in, the melee just doesn't go off until you press the button again. If I just left click + melee it works just fine. Is anyone else experiencing this? Is it intended?Iraast0 1h
2h Practice Range with friends? I can invite people to the practice range, is this intentional? if so i like it, its a fun little 1v1 area. But its so hard for my friend to switch characters.JustAthena1 2h
3h 2 Very small sombra bugs 1.When I pressed e right when the countdown hit 0 (within the last maybe .25 seconds or under), the number 15 flashed before the timer went away. Tested it and got it 3 times total... its hard to do, but its there. 2. when I ult in practice mode, the robots don't get hacked x..( when I right click them they're hacked, but not when I ult. Ult hacks health packs though.Neku211 3h
56s The 'new' Mercy Mercy got buffed - or at least something like that. Will it be enough? I have played Mercy for over 200hrs now and I know her pretty well. Somehow I have the feeling that Mercy's latest "buff" is like nerfing Roadhogs Hook by reducing the knockback on his ultimate. It's true that you have a higher chance of getting killed short before and after you have resurrected your team. Before you have resurrected your team, the new buff will not help you. After you have used your ulti, the dps on the point just have to follow you to kill you. Mercy's value is her resurrection and this update does not help her to get the value on the street. Mercy's design is a little paradox. You are supposed to survive all the ulti combos that killed your team, then get to your team and resurrect them. With such a high value ulti you do have something to protect you right? Nope, the only thing you can do is to hide. So you can't help your team at all by healing or boosting them because when the enemy comes in heavy, Mercy's biggest problem is when the enemy knows where she is. So the team fight is 5vs6 there. I think she is designed to be that powerful and weak at the same time. You don't have to be a good sniper or tank to play her, but know the map, know where you can hide, know where you will not be shot at and somewhat predict when the enemy will use their ultis (eg. when you hear pharas jetpack and she gets in that akward position above you). The other healers are more designed to be with their team when your team is attacked (Zen can heal and can't be killed for the time of his ulti, Lucio can provide a huge ammount of shielding, Ana can try to sleep dart the enemy and throw anti heal on them). Mercy has to duck and cover when the other team comes in, because when she is dead she is no good for the team and she has lost the only reason why you could pick her. And when you can't see a dead teammember she has to walk in ... she has to walk in slow. By the time she gets into a position where a resurrection is worth it (so eg. not a resurrection for one player when three others are dead nearby), she is dead. Every other healer has at least one ability that can help them with the enemy/protect themself. Mercy has almost nothing. Sure, she has her Caduceus Blaster, but that does not really help her out. TLDR: So will the buff help her? Yes, I think so. Will she die less? Maybe. Will she be more viable (the crucial question here)? I'm sorry to say, but No, she won't. Three things I think would help her: One of the best buffs for Mercy would be if the Guardian Angel would not require a team mate you have to fly to (that would also fit her current playstyle and design). So she does not really need a dedicated E ability. Give her something to defend herself (like ana has her sleep dart). Eg. Mercy could apply a short stun effect when she hits somebody/uses melee with her Caduceus Staff (like a mcree flash bang). Or she could apply a slowing effect when she hits somebody with her gun (like a symetra turret) Right now Mercy's resurrection does reset all cooldowns and removes anti heal (even Tracer's Recall does remove ana anti heal - see So why is anti heal removed from Tracer but Mercy's ulti doesn't do that? Sometimes I can't heal people because they got hit by ana's nade just before they died. That happened just today when Reaper got naded, died on the point, I resurrected him, he used his ulti and then he almost got killed because the debuff was still on him EDIT: And fix her bugs 56s
5h Symmetra teleporter glitch. On some maps(Numbani for certain) Symmetra can place her teleporter on a cliff, and that causes her teammates to die by falling down when using it.Yerkebulan0 5h
7h luico's sound wave not affected by 0% abilties title don't understand why this is if it is just fine on the live serverXHAD1 7h
8h Hero title screen bug I logged on to Overwatch on PTR but the Hero on the title screen was and the mech was on the screen in a t-pose along with herself who wasn't. I do not think this is a big deal but i hope this is new info at the least that we can fix.Randomguy1010 8h
8h Can we get Third Person option? Like in the spectator mode? There is third person and this is the perfect option for custom games!Akoyumi15 8h
10h Need to save my creation games. i want to save all my setting for the creation games...Exportan2 10h
10h PTR changes that are never going live Blizzard, I wonder if you are also going to test things on the PTR that will may never see the light of day (aka get will be included in the main game). Example: I would like to see Ana's nade without the anti healing. Ana is a very strong healer, but I have the feeling that she is almost too strong. There are only very few ultis that she can't block - either by using her sleep dart or her anti healing. As of today it was not possible to remove the anti-heal debuff from the grande in the Aracde server list - so I can't test it there either. Another example would be any other hero buff or nerf that is may an idea worth testing with a larger ammount of players. I would love to see such changes (since it's the public TEST region everything should be allowed in there) even they may will not be included into the main game. Just be sure to outline if you just test a feature. Your current information policy regarding changes done to the PTR is bad - and I mean really bad (eg. 400-600 MB update in one day. What has changed? Nobody knows. There isn't even an official changelog)MrTeaNTea6 10h
10h Hog is UNIQUE because of his HOOK Hog is unique hero because of his hook. People love him because of his design, because of his hook. But you nerf the unique hook, idk why, maybe to satisfy Roadhog's Haters? Actually you don't need to do that, you are not satisfying them, but you are killing a character in overwatch. Hog was already good with his flexible hook at Hook 1.0. If fact, a chain is a flexible weapon. The only problem in Hook 1.0 was only the animation which pulled a target through wall. But you couldn't fix the animation at all, so all you could do is : removed the flexibility of a chain with 2nd LoS Check. And the problem continues, Hog can't pull a target from high ground even he can clearly see a target's head. Yes, the hook always breaks. And now people just dancing left and right behind a corner, and hog can't do anything at all with his hook. U made the hook more consistence then. And the haters were extremely angry, because of the damage output. And to fix that issue, you nerf the cooldown and make the distance to 3,5 mtrs. What is the result? Haters are still angry no matter how hard you try to nerf him. Dear Blizzard, the problem was started from only 1 thing : The animation bug, it made the hook seemed like pulling through wall. You have a lot of brilliant graphic designers and programmers. Why don't you just fix the animation?awie16916 10h
10h D.Va Respawns without Mech occasionally D.Va Respawns without Mech periodically. I've only noticed it when there's minimum Respawn Time and when she dies very quickly once forced out of the mech. Steps to reproduce: Turn damage dealt and received all the way up, respawn time down, kill D.Va's Mech and then kill her as fast as possible, likely before she even touches the ground. I don't know if this has been posted before, I'm sorry if it has, and I'm sorry for my bad English.Datras2 10h
13h Stuck on the loading screen. Has anybody ever encountered this problem? It keeps happening to me when the game ends and the host sends players back to the lobby.HelloJunie0 13h
16h Kill feed bug? Everytime you kill somebody with an ultimate in the killfeed it shows the ultimate icon and the blue lightning, but everytime the lightning effect comes up the box for the icon goes white. Is that intentional?Tobyturtwig1 16h
16h Some suggestions i know its still in early stages but here are some suggestions that would be nice: - add server history, if someone leaves and wishes to rejoin later and the server is still active it'll show it - allow 'custom' servers and modding so every server isnt the same basic customizations that overwatch allows - dedicated servers , 24/7 - more modes - allow users to connect to server by ip - add game console like hl source games or bf1 has their console - allow players to customize settings and such in console such as 'sfx_volume 10' or 'bind <key> "emote" or so onLocoVirus0 16h
16h Can't find games I am in Australia, i spent 25 minutes queuing for quick play and was unable to find a game so i closed the game and checked if it needed to be updated, launched the game again and queued for another 20 minutes still unsuccessful and from what i could tell from general chat this is a very common problem.Darthremar2 16h
18h About these Custom Servers? I'm just here to share my opinion about this. When i first heard it from my little brother i was like no way, ARE Overwatch gonna start going like Counter Strike? What the hell so NICE can't wait to try it. Joining the PTR, trying it for a few hours. Honestly i tried like nearly 30 different servers, and everybody had different modes, setups etc. Wasn't really what i expected, the biggest issue with it. It wasn't fun, at all to be honest. It's really good for practicing yes, but where is the fun? Or was the purpose of custom games to have fun when you need to steam of from the bad ranking system? Anyhow, i have one question i'd like a honest blue post answer on. If it's supposed to be fun why the living hell aren't you putting Lucio Ball back into the game? Into the arcade, into the custom servers, whatever. I swear to god so many people like it, THAT could be a new potencial thing.. I can even see ranked Lucio Ball in the future.. I don't expect everybody to understand this feeling, but playing Lucio Ball for me, is like winning with such a bad cordinated, zero communication on ranked in platinum... When you're like, how did we manage to do this? And then feel bad about the other team that must have been x2 more bad than we did. That WAOW feeling after that happens, i FELT constantly during the Lucio Ball event. FOR THE LOVE OF OVERWATCH BRING IT BACK! #From otherwhise a very happy Overwatch casual player. #jeff #reply #your #feelingsExcrucio0 18h
22h How can I give my feedback about PTR? In Quick Play I wait a entire hour (60 minutes) and CAN'T find any game. In arcade there's only the modes with full speed, 5000HP etc and if I create my own custom game with standard rule no ones get in because they want to play only with 10000k HP and speeds, infinity ult's etc. Look a this Quick Play search: And now you guys wanna make a big change with Bastion and Roadhog... How can we say something about changes that with can't taste with a standard gameplay?Ripp1nCorpse1 22h
22h Point blank Roadhog hook pushes away targets Don't know if it's intended or not, but if the target is close to Roadhog and they get hooked they'll be "pushed" away from him.Viryl7 22h
3h Sombra feign death glitch While messing around with Sombra, I found that by using her E at the moment she touches the hard kill zone, she appears on the death feed as falling to her death as well as informing the player that they are dead while not actually dying. I suppose in a few situations you could even trick other players into abandoning a search for you by abusing this.Blockhead1342 3h
2h Remember Jeff, You categorized RH as EASY Hero to Play As Title Says... Blizzard categorized Roadhog as EASY hero to playawie16923 2h
1d Where did the topic of Symmetra go? The only problem I have with her is her range, and her lazer going through walls...InFaR3D4 1d
1d Bastion turret DMG What's the point of going to turret mode if you can just use the normal mode and consider you can aim still do more dmg to every hero in the game besides rein's shield?Kappa6 1d
1d Saving Server Settings I would like to save custom game settings for future use. Half an hour of work to refine the rules only to have them disappear is disheartening. If there isn't a current way to do that I would love to see that added to game. If there is, someone please let me know.Nassassin976 1d
1d PTR Update We've updated PTR to a new version with additional bug fixes. Thanks for continuing to provide feedback!Jeff Brill20 1d
1d Suggestion! Should add the option to alter with resource bars like fast recharge or slow usage or the option to even have them in the first place.. Of course these options should be on the new custom game future. CursingSun0 1d
1d Hide in seek broken Players in our hide in seek game were being kicked for inactivity because they weren't doing damage.Naos1 1d
1d Proposed Bastion Changes are too powerful After playing on the ptr and also watching streamers and pros also play the new bastion and hearing thier honest feedback he is way too powerful to put into the game how things stand. I'm looking at this from as fair viewpoint as i can because bastion isn't in the best place and i like the idea of his proposed changes but, Bastion with a pocket mercy is nigh invincible, the damage to kill a bastion with a pocket mercy is unreal, he builds his ultimate in an unreal amount of time with the amount of damage he does with a boost, he is unkillable but does extreme amounts of DPS. Seriouslly blizzard, listen to some honest feedback about this from the community, everyone who has actually played the new bastion is seeing him as just too powerful, now i know we said this about sombra but we hadn't had chance to test her, with the new bastion we have, its going to be awful to play against this bastion mechanic with the amount of healing he does whilst being able to move and the damage reduction, when mixed with any support hero he gets extremely unbalanced and this is obvious. Please tweak bastion tune him down before you let him loose on the live servers, then if he really needs a tune up and we are all wrong fine, but, dont ruin the game by just releasing bastion as he is now....PUNKTD14 1d
11h RIP Overwatch It's like blizzard wants to ruin the game. Bastion is too much now,what are you even doing? remove the Ironclad ability, 35% is too much, most heroes can't even kill him now,even heroes who counter him can't even do it. EVEN ULTS,YOU KNOW, THOSE ABILITIES USED TO CLEAR AN AREA AND SUPPORT THE TEAM, CAN'T KILL HIM NOW It's like blizzard is just catering to tanks and turrets, they don't care about the other players now. and yes, im aware of his inability to move, but all you need it is a camping Ana/mercy and Bastion, and you can't lose. I have an idea Blizzard, how about you actually come out and ask the PLAYERS what they want, you know, work with the people who play your game. GG Blizzard, you are destroying your first game in 17 years, well done. if you agree with any of this, hit the like, lets get jeff to see this #NerfTheTurretsEnjiYamakuza25 11h
1d PTR Feedback Just my opinion of the PTR. Tank main at 3k SR for background. I love the custom servers. Amazing addition. The search features could be tweaked a bit, but I'm sure you all already knew that and have plans of addressing in the future, so no need to beat a dead horse. Mercy Invul: Great addition. Something she has needed since the release of Ana to just have some semblance of viability. I know everyone is still chanting for "2nd skill" change, but I do want to see how she pans out in the coming season. Res is the single most important ability in the game in my mind, very high risk, very high reward. Bastion: I love all the Bastion changes except Ironclad. It's too much. He's literally unkillable now in way too many situations. My real problem is the number 30%. Half it for a start and let's work around that. The mobility is great, quickness of in and out of modes is great, spread on main fire is much more favorable. But as someone who started playing this game at a skill level in silver, I am willing to gamble 50%+ hybrid and 2 CP map in bronze and silver will end in a Draw now. People struggled with getting to him and killing him as he was, but now is just too much. I'm sure in the pro and GM scene, it won't be too difficult. Roadhog: I like the change here as well. I'd like to see more (as a Rein main), but I understand changes have to come a little at a time, and we don't want Road nerfed to oblivion where he's no longer viable in any situations. I think the ability to drag a target from their favorable position to your position is punishment enough, without having the ability to instantly kill them with no help from your team. Honestly, when his hook was "broken", it was better because he could "fish" for targets around corners or high ground to pull them off. I like that mechanic and play style more than he just hook/insta-gib someone every 6 seconds. Like I said, we don't need the change now, but that's just my thought process. Winston: Right direction. Getting absolutely shredded because of his enormous crit hitbox being in the face of whoever he is targeting (which is how you're supposed to play him) was annoying. Don't believe we need another "buff" for Winston. His low playrate is due to Roadhog being so dominant. I have a few changes I would like to see, but that's because I like the character. Think he's in a good spot. Again, this is just my feedback. Someone who's put hundreds of hours and enjoys the critical gameplay that this game facilitates. Feel free to disagree, ignore or rant about anything I've said, mainly just wanted to post so the Dev team could have more feedback for the hugely underpopulated and even more under feedback-ed PTR.ryleepowell0 1d
1d Bastion is unkillable in turret mode now He just heals through everything. Pharah's rockets, ect.Novaterra18 1d
1d Is the Roadhog hook nerf too much? While I completely agree with his hook getting a cooldown increase frm 6 to 8 seconds I feel as though his hook was hit a little too hard. Now I am not at all saying let's keep it the same way but I believe that people should still be pulled into at least melee range (3 meters) instead of 3.5 meters away. People being pulled 3.5 meters away just recreates the problem of hook 1.0 where a lot of characters would survive almost all the time. Roadhog is a character made to punish people that are out of place. Like in front of a Reinhardt sheild, etc. He shouldn't have to worry about not killing someone after he lands the hook. Thank you for your time.MaikeruPan16 1d
1d Proposed Game Mode Custimaztion Options 1. In depth ability settings Like increasing knock back of Lucio's "boop" not that important 2. Applying Hero Limits to only one team. Some game modes I only want the limit on one team, due to the power I give to one character, but other teams can have the hero stacking. 3. IDK... That's allI want... other people can offer instead I guess.. IDKInferno1 1d
1d Why play Reaper??? Just play Hog..... I'm after testing out the new spread changes on roadhog and there is literally zero point in playing reaper, testing on bot HOG one shots (without headshots) at a much greater distance than reaper and this is only using leftclick then you also get a medium range of the rightclick, it does more damage than reaper even though HOG is a tank, it leaves Reaper 100% useless.... Please address this, Road is supposed to be a tank but its painfully obvious to those who play the game he is just DPS with a massive healthpool, he is in nearly every single game and tbh hes just awful mechanics that are not good for the game. You seem to have forgotten about Reaper he was once such a great character but now there is no reason to play him at all, why play a 250hp hero when you can play a 600hp hero with a self heal that does more damage at a greater range with the added bonus of having a medium range ability that is also a one shot kill on a lot of heroes.PUNKTD34 1d
1d You know what would be nice? A way to filter out all these "OMFG 500% Everything PLS JOIN!!11!" servers.Dsingis2 1d
1d Custom Game Setting Suggestion I think it would be nice to have an option to save gamemodes you've made into the presets menu, so you don't have to create the exact same settings every time. It would be easier for people who host their own games more often and have specific rulesets that they like? I don't know.Bonzibon0 1d
1d Custom Game Settings When changing the general hero settings for one specific team, it changes the other team's setting as well. For instance, say you want to have team 1's health to be 300% and team 2's health to be 100%. When you change team 1's health to 300%, team 2's health becomes 300% as well. This is really annoying when trying to set up a zombies custom lobby or a boss battle.Etwan2 1d
1d EXP FARMING it seems some players in the arcade have found a way to farm EXP for loot boxes by setting ulti charge to 500% and possibly killing NPC's. im seeing atleast 6 rooms that are blatant about it. its innocuous on the PTR but you may want to look into this before release on the main clientKSTYLE8 1d
1d Bastion ult length 1 sec shorter With all the updates that Bastion is getting, hes extremely versatile now and does a heck a ton of damage. I thought maybe toning down his ult might help by nerfing it by taking away 1 second of his ult time... so its punishing if people group, but with the explosive forgiveness of his ult, he usually can take out teams pretty overwhelmingly unless slept of course... I might balance it so that the tank has a shorter period of having side effects such as sleep or poison, but still taking away one second of ult time. Also possibly adjust some of the armor added to the ult, and convert 25 or 50 of that to normal health. Of course you can't make his ult less special than his normal kit right now which is extremely strong. Other than that, maybe nerfs to his normal kit might be in order.Neku212 1d
1d Torb turret bug When will you get round to fixing the turret bug where you can't upgrade your turret when you put increased health on in a custom game? I expected it to be fixed along with all the custom game changes but nope.Violetmercy0 1d
1d Custom games setting suggestions So after looking through the new custom games editor I realized that there are some settings missing, I was wishing for. 1. I was hoping to see the possibility to adjust firing speed and reload speed. 2. I don't know if there are technical issues when implementing this, but i was also hoping for the projectile speed to be reducible... Just for the Matrix Fun. 3. Also I don't know if this is either a bug or intended... Anyway i can't find a way of adjusting the Soldier:76s Helix Rocket cooldown in detail... And why is there a cooldown modifier for his sprint, which doesn't have cooldown at all? Being able to modify every hero in detail is a great idea and I am excited to see the patch on the live servers.XontoZockt0 1d
1d Junkrat, Sombra and Torb Small Buffs Suggestion After careful study of these heros, their purpose and what they need to do, these are small buff that need to go into effect, so these heros will have a better survivablity.(These small change wont make them OP, but they will have a better time fulfilling there roles,) Junkrat: Bear Trap is no longer Destructable.(But can still destory it in mid air before set.) Passive: Increase In AOE(Like x2.5) Sombra: Getting Shot while hacking, no longer interrupts the hack.(Also move to Support because she is(Fact).) Torb: Level Two Turret now has a low chance of firing a missle(This would also help him on console or you know you could just remove his turret nerf.) Armor Packs: now have a random chance to reward: Boost Attack, Boost Speed, Add 25 Health, Add 25 Shield, Add 25 Extra Armor(These don't stack, and replace each other.)Jesterskull5 1d
1d Jeff, 8 sec CD is too much Jeff, 8 CD for Hog's Hook is really too much. You force RH Players to hook 100% accurately. Because once the hook failed, he now has a hard time to survive and a dead meat. 8 Secs is a long time with only 4 LOW FIRE RATE bullets to survive. And in fact, the self healing doesn't help too much when you are already in fight with enemy, it only gives chance for enemy to headshot you very hard because you are freezed when self healing.awie1694 1d
1d Roadhog Consistency Suggestion I have two suggestions to increase the consistency of Roadhog. Rotate each hooked target to face Roadhog. Homogenize his bullet spray pattern. Right now, if you hook most enemies while they are facing away from you, their model's rotation is in a worse position than if they were rotated to face you completely. Here is a link to visually represent what I am talking about: If each target was pulled into the same position each time that would increase the consistency of damage output from hog. The linked video above includes a clip of soldier that shows how the solution should look. Secondly, the bullet spray pattern. Roadhog's bullet spray pattern seems to be different each time he shoots. Here are four shots: As you can see, each shot pattern is different. I simply suggest making the shot pattern the same every time to increase consistency.Psyntax2 1d