PTR Bug Report

Aug 10 1.15 PTR Known Issues List 2017/9/8 Disclaimer: This is not a complete list of all currently tracked issues affecting this build of Overwatch, rather this is a targeted list of some known specific issues with this release. Notices: While Competitive is not available on PTR, the game still knows the season is ending and has a banner displayed in the middle of the Play menu Known Bugs JUNKERTOWN When the Payload reaches a checkpoint the UI will still show a small distance needing to be covered until it begins moving to the next point Standing on and then attacking the Motorcycle in the first Attacker Spawn Room can cause your camera to move and shake Reinhardt's Earthshatter does not effect targets standing on the moving turbine blade near the final point Doomfist's Seismic Slam targeting UI does not function correctly when aiming at the spinning turbine blade MERCY AND D.VA D.Va Micro Missles do not interact with objects in the game world D.Va's mech does not animate when re-entering it Using melee right as you begin Boosting will not cancel the boostMercy Aiming below a fallen teammate's soul globe does not easily target the hero for resurrection Resurrect and Damage Boost are both default bound to the same button on controllers The Valkyrie Ultimate form does not benefit from movement increasing abilities No Ultimate charge is refunded if Mercy is killed in the moment she casts Valkyrie The Ultimate icon is not crossed out when hacked by Sombra Swapping weapons during a quick melee can cause your weapon to disappear DEATHMATCH General If Symmetra is killed just as she places her Shield Generator, a Teleporter may be placed instead Torbjorn has collision with his own turret You are unable to move yourself into a Spectator slot while in the lobby for a Custom Game of DeathmatchFree for all Symmetra's turrets will target Junkrat's Steel Trap even after it is destroyed, until it despawns Sometimes it is possible for a player backfilling into a game to be slotted into a 9th placeTeam Deathmatch The round VO at the start incorrectly advises you to "Prepare your defenses" DOOMFIST Rocket Punch Using Rocket Punch in the air with high latency can cause the camera to jerk backwards If you have high latency while being killed by a Rocket Punch your body will not appear to ragdoll correctly Rocket Punch's speed and distance are not affected by hero abilities that boost your movement speed If enemies are Rocket Punched into a friendly Mei Cryo-Freeze they will not take the wall impact damage Rocket Punch does not knock back's mech as it is self-destructingSeismic Slam Seismic Slam can get caught and stop short on some terrain Seismic Slam does not interact with destructible itemsRising Uppercut Using Uppercut while the enemy is near collision can cause Doomfist to be knocked back Using Rising Uppercut directly after a Seismic Slam can cause Doomfist and the enemy to be knocked away from each otherMeteor Strike Meteor Strike does not go under barriers that have a gap available HIGHLIGHTS Swapping between Live and PTR clients will clear your created Highlights Quickly cancelling a highlight recording before it loads can potentially display the associated map origin in the background When viewing recorded highlights using the in game video player, footage has current video settings applied over video settings at time of recording (causing footage to appear twice as dark or bright) ADDITIONAL ISSUES General If a player is invited to a game that has all player and spectating slots full, they do not receive an error that they cannot join the game The green arrows indicating you performed above you career average do not display correctly when performing better or worse than your average You are incorrectly told that you are "Leaving Your Game" when you accept a party invite to a group that is already on the same team/game instance as yourselfCustom Game Browser The Game Browser does not provide any indication that AI Bots will not function in Elimination and CTF game modes Disabling Primary fire for D.Va turns off the mechs Fusion Cannons, and her Pistol The ammo counter displayed on some hero weapons may not function correctly if the Ammunition Clip Size Scalar is modified Ultimates will re-enable weapons that have their primary fire disabled for the duration of the UltimateHeroes Ana: Heroes hit by Sleep Dart may have animation issues when hit by other abilities Junkrat's Concussion mine will disappear if thrown into an Cryo-Frozen Mei Mei: Cryo-Freeze does not clear the debuff from Ana's Biotic Grenade Reinhardt's Earthshatter and FIrestrike can be cast in the direction of your camera Zarya: Kill credit is not received when using Graviton Surge to pull players off a ledge to their deathMaps On Hollywood Torbjorn can get stuck in the second defenders spawn room if he junps between the wooden planks leaning against the wall Killcam and Highlights from Horizon can play back incorrectly if captured from on top of a hanging tire If you stare too long into the Robot City beneath King's Row a dark cube begins to envelop your visionSammidge0 Aug 10
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Sep 14 PTR and PTR forums going offline soon Hello everybody! Thank you very much for participating in the PTR, and providing us with valuable feedback and bugs. We will be taking the PTR offline soon, and the PTR forums will be disappearing with it. Don't worry, we do still have access to all your posts to review, especially combing over for any last minute bugs :) Thanks again and see you in the next PTR!Sammidge0 Sep 14
38m Please fix sprays 1. If you look straight down and press T to spray, the spray will appear upside down. If you rotate your camera slightly up and then spray, the spray will appear as intended. 2. When D.Va sprays in mech and then loses the mech, the spray disappears. When she sprays out of mech and calls the mech, the spray disappears. When D.Va dies, the spray disappears. 3*. I also managed to somehow put two sprays with D.Va - the spray that I put out of mech didn't disappear when I called mech. But I cannot reproduce this anymore. P.S. These bugs have been there forever.Arevenge0 38m
42m Please fix reticles Reticles are very inconsistent. When I view my own POTG/highlight, I see reticle as if only general reticle settings were applied - anything set specifically for a certain hero is ignored. This is not the case when I spectate quick play though. However, I spectated a custom game deathmatch today and experienced the same problem. This issue has been going for a long time now.Arevenge0 42m
3h Tracer blink on ptr Im not sure why you changed the animation at all, it was fine before. If it was intended it should be reverted because I'm pretty sure no tracer players like this change at allorangejuice2 3h
3h Where are the patchnotes? I was gone for a couple of days saw that PTR started back up, two questions 1)Where are the patchntoes? 2)was there a reset on the PTR from 1.1.5?XHAD1 3h
8h Highlights updates (6/28) Hi. Thanks again for all the feedback as we continue to iterate on Highlights. With the latest build on PTR, we've added the ability to change the location of recorded highlights. The caveat is that it's a little bit of a power user feature. Here's how you do it. 1) Make sure Overwatch is closed. 2) Open your Settings_v0.ini file, located in Documents\Overwatch\Settings 3) Find the [MovieExport.1] section. 4) Add a line for VideoPath = "<insert new path here>" and provide a path. For example: VideoPath = "C:\Users\yourusername\Desktop" 5) Save and close the file. Videos will now be saved to the new location, and the new path will appear in the client. Movie Format and Hardware Encoding options are now located in the Advanced Options dialog and can be set per recording. Movie Format defaults to Auto, and Hardware Encoding will correctly show as grayed out when recording in WebM.Andrew Boyd28 8h
8h competitive play frozen monitor bug i lost so many points due to frozen monitor when i tried to play competitive play and this is not my first time lost almost 100 points for nothing. if this happens again i would never play this game again and come back for good it is enough to waste my time so disappointed with blizzard never happend this before and i am so pissed off i spents hours to make 100 points and lost it in 1sec nice work blizzardmulzomdao0 8h
12h Assists on kill feed always appear in blue The tittle says pretty much anything. For example, if a enemy Mercy helps killing (heal or damage boost), the frame around her portrait in the kill feed will appear blue and not red.SaagSG0 12h
22h problem On the PTR, if you turn on toggle boosters, you can't launch your self-destruct anymore.Gibraltar0 22h
1d Genji ultimate bug So I was testing the Oni genji skin on PTR to see whether the Oni voice line was there or not and I run into this bug ( while casting his ultimate. Not sure how that happened. I tried to recreate the bug several times but did not succeed. Please fix if possible.Kekstarter1 1d
1d Inactivity really? sitting on objective, guarding it, doing my job and kicked out of the 3rd round of a game for inactivity. Total BS. all that time invested in a game and I am holding it for my team and removed. Why? Game uninstalled. Ridiculous.Mour2 1d
1d No HUD/UI changes on Assault maps Seems like the patch didn't make it all the way out the door. There's currently no changes to Assault map progress bars as described in the patch notes. In the control maps however, it seems the HUD there matches the patch notes for consistency where possible. Hopefully when this change goes live we see less C9 LUL. Thanks!SOMBRȎ0 1d
1d Dva Ult with the new setting doesn't keep its momentum With the new Dva "hold to boost" setting (thank you for adding, btw) it seems it cuts off the momentum of Dva's self destruct when trying to launch it. I think it makes sense why it's broken (the fact the game's now checking for a constant shift key-press from the player instance and when you become detached from the mech, the player instance is separated from the mech instance) but it would be nice for consistency's sake if this could be fixed. :)W00t5 1d
1d symetra turret GE bug sym turrets on a moving card: same for liveMrTeaNTea0 1d
1d widowmaker melee ui bug 1d
1d observation bug you are dead, somebody just respawned and you see him inside the spawn, he selects a different char and walks away your view/the camera doesn't follow himMrTeaNTea0 1d
1d Current Doomfist issues (with videos!) Let me start by thanking whoever on the dev team is reading threads like these and either fixing DF's issues or passing them along to the folks who are. These fixes haven't been added to the PTR patch notes, but we have ABSOLUTELY noticed that you ARE fixing these issues (especially the bug where DF couldn't RP someone standing on a Mei wall for some reason). I hope these videos help, and if you need more testing with video, hey, don't be shy about asking. For the record, all of these were recorded on the PTR today (9-9-17). Wall slide after punch is still very much a problem In the above clip, you can clearly see that Mei slides off of the wall and diagonally backwards without impacting (she goes VERY far as well). Rocket Punch catching on small geometry Here, you can see that all it takes is a relatively small geometry object that doesn't appear to be in your path to block rocket punch. Seismic Slam inconsistent with height Here, you'll see that the first slam (executed while standing on the platform) results in 125 damage/charge. The second, done after using uppercut to gain additional height, results in only 100 damage/charge. Doomfist hates eaves (or maybe eaves hate Doomfist) Attempting to uppercut while immediately adjacent to any wall with an eave or "lip" will launch DF back the other way. This might be tricky to fix, as many walls in this game have eaves like these, but it still stinks to deal with. Lastly, not even sure what Rocket Punch did here... I'm inclined to believe RP caught on the edges of the geometry here (as that's where it seems to stop), but I can't be certain. All I know is that this was BIZARRE... I wasn't able to record it, but I've also observed the Rocket Punch registering "fake hits" still, where Doomfist actually swings at the enemy, you see bloodsplatter, but the enemy is completely unaffected.Destian7 1d
1d Skins I’ve bought several skins one is for genji for 1000 credits... and it will allow me to equip it but it won’t let me actually use it in game... if I could either get the skin or get my credits back that will be greatFireUnicorn1 1d
2d Tracer Blink Animation Bug Tracer seems to have been hit with a bug in the latest PTR update. Her blink almost feels as if there is travel time instead of the feeling of teleporting that you get on the Live Server. I assume a couple frames have been added into the blink animation. As a Tracer player of countless hours, a couple minutes on the PTR gave me motion sickness as well as throwing off my overall rhythm.Morbid0 2d
2d Can’t launch D.Va ult with new boosters option I’m currently on PTR trying the new D.Va Booster option and I can’t launch her ult into an area. I’m holding down the shift key as well. It just falls down and doesn’t move. I tried this like a good 10 times and still nothingZae6 2d
2d baby dva stopped rendering in mech I emoted and used selfdestruct at the same time, the mech dident go into selfdestruct mode, but did the emote instead. Causing dva not to render on my screen. Dva in the mech was visible for others though. gfycat direct link how to do the glitch: 2d
2d Doomfist's ult charge is used only on-descent All characters now lose their ults when the player presses Q -- except for Doomfist. He retains his charge until the player chooses where to descend, leading to interesting edge cases: If Doomfist presses Q and gets picked while "ascending", he keeps his ult. If Doomfist presses Q while falling to an abyss and hits the death floor before the animation finishes, he keeps his ult. It's certainly rare and less likely to advantage the Doomfist in a real game, but if even characters like Lucio (with a variably-timed casting animation) now lose their ultimate charge as soon as the cast is started, this should also be changed to align with them.Smiley0 2d
Sep 14 More health than Maxhealth I played mystery heroes as Genji in Junkertown on PTR, suddenly as I looked on my healthbar, I had 270/269 healhpoints, after I got hit by something 262/261 healthpoints. Screenshots: Sep 14
Sep 14 Junkertown Performance issue I discovered with a buddy that standing on top of piles of coins in Junkertown and shooting them causes the game to glitch out. Shotgun heroes seem to trigger this really badly. Here is a little proof. Sep 14
Sep 14 Genji Silent when Casting his Ultimate Was playing on PTR this morning when I noticed that Genji was silent when casting his ult - no "Ryujin no ken wo kurae!" that I nor my teammates could hear. It doesn't seem to be this way for friendlies (could hear our own Genji scream "The dragon becomes me!" just fine). Here's a video showing what I mean. Sep 14
Sep 14 DVA can't fire, or enter mech As baby DVA, when you try to resummon mech: Mech is not summoned. Cannot fire pistol. Cannot melee.Karadd2 Sep 14
Sep 14 TORB/SYM TURRET ULT FARM Ok, so I've been testing Junkertown, like everyone else, and in the first spawn, the motorcycle will give ult charge to Sym and Torb. All Sym and Torb have to do is put their turrets next to the motorcycle and they get ult charge. Another thing to note is that Sym will get charge for her gun from the bike. Also when standing on the bike it makes you glitch out a bit, and hog's hook is a bit glitchy when hooking the bike.JimJonJim1 Sep 14
Sep 14 Defense Matrix hasn’t been tweaked yet So I remember Geoff Goodman mentioned that the PTR would test a 25% increase to Defense Matrix’s recharge rate, but I’m not sure if it was ever implemented. I’ve been eager to see if that would allow her to flow better, but I believe it still takes ~10 seconds to reach full capacity from empty in the current build. Also, with the addition of Micromissiles, I see that Defense Matrix doesn’t have any first-person animations. That was delegated to the animation for activating her missiles. The screen has the green UI element, sure, but D.Va’s hands don’t flex/hit a button/anything. Additionally, D.Va only has one voiceline for Micromissiles. This is just me being a spoiled brat, but I hope there’s more than just “Bang.” I look forward to seeing Junkertown hit live next week, thanks.Dinosamba1 Sep 14
Sep 14 1.15 PTR 2017/8/24 In this version of the PTR, you cannot access the arcade mode which allows the new game modes / the new map... It is even glitched on the screen when u try and look at it.MysticChrist4 Sep 14
Sep 14 Custom games inactivity will kick host The custom games inactivity timer will kick the host and completely shut down a hosted game, instead of kicking the host into the lobby or to spectator. We need an option on how to handle inactivity ... such as a main disable/enable, and whether to send inactive players to spectator queue or what.omgitsgela3 Sep 14
Sep 13 Voice Chat Error [20900] - Removed from game. Hey guys. I received an error while waiting for my game to start. All players were there, and it was in the 60 second game start countdown, before I was kicked with Voice Chat Error [20900]. I wasn't doing anything at the time. It just happened. Screenshot can be found here: Sep 13
Sep 13 Baby Dva Remech Bug When I could have re-meched, I couldn't do anything but pretty much die. Couldn't shoot, couldn't melee. Pretty much nothinghumanpanda0 Sep 13
Sep 13 Dva not being able to get in her mech In mystery heroes (could be junkertown too but I haven't tested it out), Dva wasn't able to get back into her mech for some reason. Then she couldn't shoot, spray, or melee. Anyone else got these problems?Jl8w73 Sep 13
Sep 13 PTR Logoncomplete with an Error Loging in to the normal Overwatch servers works just fine, but when I attempt to Login to the PTR server it says: "Sorry, we were unable to log you in. Logoncomplete with an error." I have tried restarting computer, verifying the files of for the PTR and attempting to login several times, all to no avail.Saigomade4 Sep 13
Sep 13 10000 ping i get a lot of ping 10000 can't move everyone is rubberbanding really badbeastmode0 Sep 13
Sep 13 Junkertown motorcycle crash We were shooting the motorcycle in the attack spawn while Mercy stood on it. She looked like her feet were glued to it while it was shaking, and her body was rigid and shaking wildly along with the bike. A few seconds later, my game crashed.Thaang2 Sep 13
Sep 13 Respawn/spectate bug Was playing dva on junker town. Died once then when I respawned I was still spectating sombre. My abilities could still be used but idk if my character was in speak or what. I could only spectator sombra. Couldn't switch between teammates just sombre. And the voice animations for my abilities could be heard as well.beardsly0 Sep 13
Sep 12 Junkertown & extremely blatant invisible wall There's a quite ridiculous invisible wall next to attacker spawn as it clearly looks like you could go there without any obstruction. Screenshot shows the furthest you can go: For comparison, on the opposite side of the spawn, the player can tippytoe next to the cliff on a very narrow ledge.JoonasD60 Sep 12
Sep 12 Junkertown, invisible wall polygon near point B You can see through the wall/doorframe from the point to the small room but not the other way around. There's a one-way hole. Screenshot: Sep 12
Sep 12 Saved Highlights Path Change? I was glancing over the changes on the PTR, which I'm very excited for, and I noticed an issue with the save file destination. Here's a few bits of information on my end: --My C: drive is an SSD that my OS is installed on --Overwatch, Battle.Net and everything else gaming related is installed to my D: drive --The settings for Battle.Net are all directed to save things on the D: drive I didn't notice an option to change the path where the saved files are stored, is this just temporary because it's only PTR? Although it's not a huge issue, I don't want to have to manually move videos from drive to drive when I max out my SSD. Has anybody else noticed this? I want to know if I'm missing somethingScuzzlebutt7 Sep 12
Sep 12 Major Junkrat Ult bug-Die before deploy, No tire, ult lost With one of the newest paches, this bug has been introduced. When you start to deploy the tire, if you die before it is even usable, you now lose all ult charge and get no tire. No tire is killed either when you die. Before this patch, if your tire was not deployed and killed (you died before it was usable), your ult charge was not used. Please fix this bug, i have lost many ults now because of this issue. To repeat, this is NOT the tire getting killed right as you deploy it.Walbuls0 Sep 12
Sep 12 Trapped in Spawn So I just played a game in Junkertown and our Torb decided to stay in spawn or he just joined into the game a second before we capped the second point as the attacking team and he was trapped in the old spawn for the rest of the game....flashstep0 Sep 12
Sep 12 Why the Roadhog nerf is the wrong one First, I'll start off by saying that I agree it's a bit too easy to pull off the Hook combo as Roadhog (ditto with the RMB one-shot). I'm not going to try to argue that Roadhog shouldn't be nerfed in any way whatsoever. However, I think the PTR change goes in the wrong direction. There are a few main reasons for this. First, the nerf doesn't punish bad Roadhog players, it punishes all Roadhog players by making them play better to compensate. Second, the nerf undermines basic characteristics unique to Roadhog that are at the center of why people find him enjoyable. The PTR Patch Is an Across-the-Board Nerf Currently, at the top level of Overwatch play (especially pro play), Roadhog is a marginal pick. In tournaments, the only tank picked less often is Orisa, who has her own problems and is desperately in need of a buff. His pickrate and winrate on the ladder peaks in Diamond, but drops off in Master and Grandmaster. In other words, Roadhog is at his strongest in Diamond. Therefore, I believe the goal of a Roadhog patch should be to focus the nerfs on how Diamond (and lower) players take advantage of Roadhog while minimizing the effects higher tiers of players. The problem with the current nerf is that it's simply an across-the-board nerf to his burst damage (and overall damage, too). This means that Roadhog players with godlike mechanics will be punished almost as much as Roadhog players with terrible mechanics. It's true that the current nerf requires a Roadhog player to be more-consistent with their aim, but even with perfect aim, Roadhog will struggle in many fights that he can win on Live. This is exacerbated by the random distribution of his pellets; even if you always aim in exactly the same spot every time you shoot someone, you won't have the same damage. Since Roadhog's hook combo on PTR is just barely able to kill many heroes, this randomness punishes even perfect Roadhogs. In effect, this is just reducing the skill ceiling for Roadhog. On the other hand, different nerfs could reduce Roadhog's effectiveness only in the hands of players with mediocre mechanics, such as by shrinking the hitbox on the hook. This would demand a greater degree of mechanical skill from the Roadhog player, ensuring that only people with good aim could truly excel with him. In effect, his skill requirements wouldn't be so different from Hanzo or Widowmaker. While you might not enjoy being headshot by a sniper, you can't deny that it requires good aim (or a lot of luck). Even a more-modest nerf to Roadhog's damage would produce better results. Nerfing his pellets' damage from 9 to 7 or 8 would still give him significant burst damage potential against squishy heroes without requiring a rework of other aspects of his character. This would still increase the mechanical demands on Roadhog players, since they'd need to hit more of their pellets to score kills, but wouldn't substantially alter his matchups once you've perfected your mechanics. Hog is About Going All-In The main thing I like about Roadhog is that to succeed with him, you have to commit. Every single shot counts. If you miss, you're down for a full second while the enemy peppers bullets into you, possibly killing you, or at the very least charging their ult. If you miss your last shot, you're down for three seconds (1 for recoil and 2 to reload), so you're basically a sitting duck. Likewise, if you miss your hook, you just lost your most powerful killing ability and the main thing that makes you actually threatening for 8 seconds. There's a reason that teams call out, "Hook's down," when an enemy Roadhog misses their hook. It's a great opportunity to push in. Even Take a Breather is about commitment. If you use that ability before you've actually gotten to safety, well congratulations, you just gave 300 HP extra ult charge to your opponents. True, you also got 300 HP of ult, but Whole Hog isn't a particularly good ult; if you just gave 300 HP extra ult to the enemy Soldier, you're the loser in that exchange. The new Roadhog loses this quality; he's now 30% spammier, so if you miss a shot, you can follow up much more quickly. In addition, you have an extra shot in your clip so you have one more chance to shoot wildly in the hopes of actually accomplishing something. This undermines one of the core things that makes Roadhog fun to play: every individual action he does is supposed to have high impact. If you do it right, you get a big reward. If you do it wrong, you get punished hard. Hog is About Creating Space One of the main reasons Roadhog has an ability that can one-shot a large portion of the cast is because Roadhog tanks by creating space. He does this through threat: there's a 20m circle around him that you do not want to be in because you could die instantly. Roadhog needs to be able to do this on his own in order to let the rest of his team do their jobs. If Hog needs a buddy (e.g. a DPS) to actually be threatening, you're now devoting 2 of your hero slots to performing a single tank's job. This can be especially important if Hog is off to the side of his team to cut off access to a flanking route. With the PTR Hog, many characters can just burn a cooldown to escape, significantly reducing his ability to generate meaningful threat, especially when he's guarding a flanking route. It's true that you can still one-shot heroes sometimes, but in my tests, it seems that this is highly reliant on the random distribution of your pellets favoring you. While you might not like being on the receiving end of the Hook combo, remember that it's that very combo that can prevent you from being shot in the butt by enemy flankers. Hog Protects His Team In addition to dealing with flank routes directly, Roadhog can stand closer to his team (e.g. his healers) to counter any enemy that gets on your backline (e.g. by flanking, diving, invis/teleporting in, etc). If a Soldier pops Visor behind you, Roadhog is one of the best ways to shut him down and prevent a teamwipe. If the enemy Mercy is flying in ready to rez, Roadhog is one of the best ways to prevent that coveted "huge rez". The PTR Hog has the same issues with these scenarios as described above. The Mercy case is especially important because if she doesn't die before Hook's stun wears off, she can slam Q and be invulnerable for the duration of her ult. Hog is Already a Team Player I've seen a lot of people say that this change will ensure that Hog players have to work with their team, but this is already the case. If you ignore your team as Hog, what'll happen is that you push into the enemy team, get a pick on a squishy if you're lucky, and then get focused by the rest of the team. Then they'll push into your team 5v5, only now they have 600-900 more ult charge than the rest of your team. You might generate 200-500 ult, but you're waiting to respawn, and even after you're back up, the enemy team has a 400 HP ult advantage thanks to your inability to work with your team. However, if you do work with your team (even when you're on the flank), you can take advantage of your teammate's ability to generate threat and distract the enemies so you can get actual work done. But What's Wrong With Live Roadhog? I'd argue that the problem with Hog isn't that he can do any of the things he does, but that he can do them too easily. When Blizzard created Hook 3.0, they were trying to make it harder to kill squishies with the hook, but they inadvertently gave him a huge buff to his RMB. RMB went from a move that was useful for softening up the enemy to a fairly-reliable way to one-shot any squishy standing 10m away from you. This is entirely because of the spread reduction that came along with Hook 3.0. In fact, due to the mechanics of the hook, it's not even particularly challenging to score a kill on a squishy, so they failed on that count too! I believe most of this comes down to the reduction in his gun's spread. It makes it easier to score hook-combo kills, since you have a fair amount of leeway in where you place your shot to ensure that 90% of the pellets hit. It makes it easier to one-shot people with your RMB. It makes it easier to break barriers at range. It makes killing tanks with the extended combo (RMB, hook, LMB, melee) easier. If Blizzard increased the spread on Roadhog's gun, all of these things would be harder again. It might take some tweaking on the actual numbers, but let's say they reverted his spread to the Hook 2.0 value (i.e. increase it by 25% of the current value) and had people get pulled in to 3m (down from 3.5m). This would significantly nerf Roadhog's right-click, and his combo would still be weaker than it was during Hook 2.0 (it pulled you in to 2m and had a 6s cooldown). The goal here should be to ensure that squishy characters can reliably be killed with the hook combo (i.e. no relying on the RNG to favor you), but that it should require good aim on the part of the Roadhog player. Conclusion I agree with the people who say that Roadhog is too easy to succeed with. However, I think the PTR patch as it stands undermines Roadhog's basic traits and makes him more of a generic shotgun character. Instead, I believe increasing the spread on Roadhog's gun would be a viable alternative to nerfing his damage and buffing his rate of fire. This would increase the difficulty of performing instakills with Roadhog while keeping the fundamental properties of his gun intact and still allowing highly-skilled Roadhog players to get those instakills. Addendum: Other Things That Could Change Maybe the above won't be enough to make Roadhog as high-skill as he should be. Another thing Blizzard could change would be to reduce the size of the Hook's hitbox by 10-20%. This would demand a greater degree of precision from Roadhog players while making it easier for smart enemies to dodge the hook, thus reducing the effectiveness of bad Roadhogs. You could also change the "initial" spread of the RMB. Right now, it starts at a spread of about 0, so if you're exactly 10m away from a Roadhog, 100% of the pellets will hit you. If the spread were higher when the RMB shot first burst open, it would be a lot harder (maybe even impossible) to score those RMB instakills. Finally, you could change the cooldown or the healing amount of Take a Breather. While Take a Breather leaves Roadhog extremely vulnerable, it's still an extremely-effective healing ability in raw heals per second. Reducing the healed amount to, say, 200 HP would make it harder for Roadhog players to "undo" their mistakes. However, this would also reduce the amount of ult that enemies could farm off of bad Roadhogs (who often self-heal when they're guaranteed to die anyway).Huginn41 Sep 12
Sep 11 PTR Logincomplete with Error I just bought this game for my pc recently, and i was stoked to check out ptr. Problem is, it wont let me log in as it pops up an error message stating "Logincomplete with an error". I tried reinstalling, restarting, logging in with email, waiting a few days. Everything i could think of, and yet i still cant get the ptr to work. Please helpDankAss2 Sep 11
Sep 11 AI attacks the motorbike in Junkertowns attackers spawn room Today I tested Junkertowns viability by testing how the bots would work there. However I was surprised when I first entered the attackers spawn with five bots when immediately all of them started attacking the motorbike like it was an enemy. All of them attacked it except for a not so big soup rice: The Torbjörn AI (I kind of wished that they would have built turrets there). Here are some fun images of them attacking it: (On a sidenote when will you continue adding rest of the Heroes as bots, atleast those that aren't too hard to code like Orisa and Junkrat)Desperation0 Sep 11
Sep 11 Spectate screen doesn't disappear upon respawn Was spectating another player while waiting to respawn during Overtime. But once I actually respawned, I remained spectating another player instead of switching over to my POV. I could use all of my abilities, but I was watching another player's POV. Only way to fix was to use Self Destruct (was playing D.Va when the bug happened)sgbros12 Sep 11
Sep 11 why can't you join 8 player ffa as a group? I'd love to play 8 player ffa with friends but I can't, and it sucks : (Oriph3 Sep 11
Sep 11 Cant Log In Every time i try to log in it tells me there is a problem logging in. Also, whenever i run the game as an administrator, it lets me log in but it tells me that it can't connect to the servers.Richie312130 Sep 11