PTR Bug Report

Jan 15, 2018 moira has a bug. moira has a bug. Suddenly it does not move.여왕벌1 Jan 15, 2018
Jan 15, 2018 Junkrat Riptire Camera Bug Testing the new changes in the practice range, I encountered a bug with Junkrats Riptire. I was spamming WASD while trying to use my ult, and when it activated, the camera was facing the tire from a south west position, rather than its normal south. This caused it to move north east, the direction the camera was facing, rather than directly forward. I spent an hour trying to reproduce the bug but couldn't, if anybody else finds bug this reply here.Iorveth8 Jan 15, 2018
Jan 15, 2018 Bug/Edge-case: Genji's Wall Climb Consuming Air Jump With the removal of wall climbing resetting Genji's air jump, wall climb will now situationally consume Genji's air jump. This has always been the case, but was masked by the wall climb resetting the air jump. How to reproduce: 1. Jump towards a wall. 2. Let go of your Jump key after jumping. 3. Collide with a wall. 4. Press and hold Jump key to wall climb. 5. Release Jump key to stop the wall climb. 6. [BUG] Cannot air jump. (It has been consumed by pressing the Jump key to wall climb.) Players can manually work around this by never letting go of their Jump key after jumping. This will allow them to go into a wall climb upon collision with a wall. Because there's not an extra Jump keypress to wall climb, the air jump is never consumed. Myself and a number of friends have always released the Jump key after jumping, and then pressed it again to wall climb. I'm sure lots of other people have performed the wall climb in the same way. Previously, this never caused a problem, because of the air jump being reset after wall climbing. While we can all adjust if need be, it feels really clunky to us to need to hold the Jump key in case we want to wall climb. We would much prefer it changed so pressing the Jump key while colliding with a wall doesn't consume the air jump. Hopefully that was clear. While I'm sad to see Genji's agility changed in such a jarring way, if this is what is needed to bring Genji in line with the rest of the cast, let's at least make sure how it ends up remains as fluid as possible.Zennul4 Jan 15, 2018
Jan 15, 2018 Loading Screens are limited to 60fps in PTR I have a 165hz G-Sync monitor and I noticed, while playing PTR, that the frames are limited to 60 on certain loading screens or the team comp screens, which causes the mouse cursor to "lag". Going from 165hz to 60hz will do that though. Just thought I'd report this since it does not happen in regular Overwatch. Thanksevilsliwa4 Jan 15, 2018
Jan 14, 2018 Got a bug with mercy beam on live servers This bug appears just after i ulted.Rondoudou1 Jan 14, 2018
Jan 14, 2018 lost connection always lost connection 24hr suck itMagentaZ0 Jan 14, 2018
Jan 14, 2018 Mercy is beyond broken So as a Mercy main, i understand that she needs a nerf. Her rez ability is OP and it will be hard to get rid of the ability all together, but there are some major issues with her in the PTR. First issue, her ult is useless compared to every other hero. You took away the second rez, which was needed, then you proceeded to slow her down and put a cast timer on her. So what she essentially does is stays stationary in the air for everyone to see. This makes her a liability to her team EVERY time she uses her ult. Second issue, her ult is also bugged, when she finishes her cast of a rez and i turn to fly out of danger, Mercy will stop me about .5 sec to do another hand animation rez. She isn't rezzing anyone, she is just doing jaz hands in the air. I play in masters and I can tell you that she will not be picked up if this change goes through. Third issue, you have yet to give her any incentive to use a rez. I would like that if i risk my butt trying to get a tank or dps up that I at least have a short span of invulnerability. You gave it to us before, why cant you cut that time in half and give it to us again. I hate to say it, but if you decide that breaking her is your best option, then I'm not playing comp anymore. Ill play quickplay and what not, but i wont be played dirty like this and then turn around and play your game to its fullest. Ill go back to Rein and Mei and wait for you to figure out how to balance a game properly. I feel for the community. You waited over a year to nerf Junkrat,after you buffed him btw, but you'll nerf other characters. This change to Mercy was poorly handled and i have a feeling that if any character becomes meta, then this is what is going to happen. You boost a character up and then take everything away because you made a mistake. I know a lot of people will disagree, that mercy was too powerful and I agree. But these nerfs were uncalled for and only broke her beyond repair. You needed to take a hard look at her and come to a sensible solution. This is insanity!Kiko0 Jan 14, 2018
Jan 13, 2018 crash as moira i just played a game but in the middle i crashed... i dont know if it has anything to do with moira or something else.... is anyone else having this problem?univerza4 Jan 13, 2018
Jan 13, 2018 Mercy Pleas don´t NERF Mercy :(kris777kiko0 Jan 13, 2018
Jan 13, 2018 Unexpected camera/character jitter behavior (movement code?) I originally posted this on the LIVE - Bug Report forum yesterday. Wanted to put it here as well since the issue is also present on PTR and there's less of a chance for it to get buried. Original Post: ______________________________________________________________________________ Description: A single frame of unexpected camera jitter (or character movement). This might be related to the new movement code (and explain some complaints of jerkiness?). I can't be sure if this was present before the update, though, since both PTR and LIVE servers have this update now. Example inputs: Pressing the 'A' and 'D' keys down simultaneously (as best as possible) without letting go. Letting go of the 'A' and 'D' keys simultaneously (as best as possible), if they were both pressed down already. Edit: After more testing, there might need to be a very slight delay between the two inputs to cause the issue. Naturally, inputting this by hand with a keyboard (instead of a macro) will end up testing with different delays. Expected behavior: One of the following: No camera (and character) movement, if input at near exactly the same time, since the 'A' and 'D' keys cancel each other out in Overwatch. Very slight camera (and character) movement to either the left or right, depending on which key was input first. This makes sense because initially one of the keys will cause the camera/character to move in one direction, but then the other key will cancel out the first key and result in no more additional movement. Observed unexpected behavior (relatively consistently if you can press the two keys simultaneously with good timing): Sometimes, there will be a slight jitter of the camera position (and possibly the character as well) for what appears to be a single frame. It looks as if, for that single frame, you moved left or right, but then went back to the original starting position the next (and remaining) frame(s). Hence, the jitter, with either a left->right or right->left visual bug. Can be easier to see if paying attention to something right in front of the player that is thin and has good contrast with the surrounding (like a pole or railing). This does not make sense because the only possible visual behavior should be what was described above. Edit: Not 100% sure, but further testing seems to indicate that if both inputs happen at almost exactly the same time (it's easier to enter the inputs almost simultaneously in the case where both keys are let go), there is no visual jitter. When the two key inputs occur slightly offset, but still almost at the same time, it causes the described unexpected visual jitter behavior. If I were to guess, somehow the inputs are being dealt with serially, instead of in batch per frame. Also, this might solely be the camera shifting (without the character, somehow), instead of both the camera and character. Maybe it's possible that the inputs are being handled separately between the camera and the client's character position, where one is behaving incorrectly. Tested conditions with consistent successful reproduction: Frame Rate Cap: 90+ (it seems elusive below this, maybe just a low chance) Keyboard Polling Rate: 125/250/500/1000 Hz (200+ FPS with 125 Hz polling didn't seem to work, though) V-Sync: On/Off Reduce Buffering: On/Off Graphics Quality: Low It might also be more visually noticeable at mid frame rates like 100-150 FPS. Other test inputs that presented some visual jitter: Setting Left/Right to LMB/RMB (1000 Hz mouse) and pressing LMB and RMB simultaneously without letting go. Pressing 'W' and 'S' simultaneously without letting go. Pressing 'S' and 'D' simultaneously without letting go. Probably continues along similar input combinations. Notes: Hopefully this isn't just my GPU, drivers, or something else acting funky. @BlizzardDev: Please reply if possible :) (confirmation of bug or fixed it) Also, would I be in danger of being banned if I had tried to use a macro to test this out with precision (in practice range, custom, or quickplay)? Insanity0 Jan 13, 2018
Jan 13, 2018 200 Ping Games I'm getting connected to 200 ping more and more often playing on PTR. I'd really like to test changes on servers that run well for me, and the live game always has a great ping. I feel like something is going very wrong with where players are being connected. Still more than 50% of my PTR connect to games with <50 ping. I'm queuing from the east coast.PocketHealer1 Jan 13, 2018
Jan 12, 2018 Healing as D.VA In a quick play game on the Overwatch PTR, I somehow managed to heal 38 health while playing as D.VA. I didn't take a screenshot during the game because I switched to a healer afterwards, but I took one of the average healing per 10 minutes statistic on my career profile after leaving the game. It's 0.25, when it should be 0.00. EDIT: It happened again, but this time I got a screenshot. I somehow healed 4 health. Jan 12, 2018
Jan 11, 2018 Fix Orisas Halt Cooldown Blizzard????Pleasseeeeee come onWhitedogg3160 Jan 11, 2018
Jan 10, 2018 Career Profile FFA Deathmatch Win (Rate) Glitch The free for all deathmatch career profile section appears to only display wins as times when you finish in first rather than in the top 4, as stated by Jeff Kaplan in the announcement video. The win rate also says 100% rather than even when the win rate is not 100%.MOG7 Jan 10, 2018
Jan 10, 2018 doomfist rocket punch glitch Jan 10, 2018
Jan 10, 2018 Chain Glitch - BlizzardWorld - VIDEO Was messing with the map and came across this. If you mess with the chandelier a bit, the chain starts freaking out and ends up disconnecting itself from the ceiling. An easy way to replicate this is to Swift Strike through it once; should make it break instantly. Video link - Jan 10, 2018
Jan 10, 2018 doomfist outside of map glitch (e.g blizzard world) doomfist outside of map glitch if a spot where doomfist cant get to is in a spawn room and a smaller character like torbjorn can reach that spot (e.g. on top of basketball machine in 1st defending blizzard world spawn) and you switch from the small character to doomfist in that spot and then ult and hold zoom out you can glitch out of the map p.s. blizzard I love exploring outside of maps (not abusing them) for the art such as eichenwalde but I do not want people to abuse them so id appreciate if you could notify me when this bug is patchedQuirkyTurtle0 Jan 10, 2018
Jan 9, 2018 Disconnecting from a comp match I was playing a competitive match on volskaya already got both points on attack and when it switched to defense the game disconnected me and banned me as well as taking away 60 sr even though I was able to comeback and play and still win the match. I find this beyond unfair due to it not being my fault the server disconnected me and when I tried logging in right away the login button didn't even work until I restarted the app THREE times.Tsukuyomi0 Jan 9, 2018
Jan 9, 2018 Blizzard World bug It isn't out after 2 months, it must be a bug.Pang0 Jan 9, 2018
Jan 8, 2018 Lucio's Wallriding on PTR doesn't feel good! As a long time Lucio main, I was excited to hear about the new air momentum buffs to the whole cast from 2-3 days ago on the PTR. On the day this patch rolled in, I wanted to test if Lucio felt different or was better. Lucio felt the same as on Live, which was fine, I love how the wallriding feels on Live servers. However, the day after when I went on PTR for a second time after another patch (I believe the patch that added that Hanzo skin), I noticed Lucio felt entirely different when wallriding. He feels heavier, more sluggish, and it feels like he doesn't gain momentum in the same way as before. Going from wall to wall to gain momentum with wallriding no longer feels as tight and fluid as before, in fact, I feel like it's actually damaged the distances he can reach or the speeds of which he can gain. Along with these changes, I noticed his bunny hopping felt just as sluggish. It feels as if he jumps lower, but this could just be because he feels slower and worse than before. Either way, regardless of if this is a bug, intentional change, or a bizarre side effect from the Momentum buff patch, this is BAD for Lucio. He's less fun to play and execute wallrides with, he gains less momentum than before (meaning he's slower and easier to hit over all), and the same goes for his bunny hopping and standard ground jumping. I sincerely hope this is a bug that gets addressed in the near future, and doesn't hit live servers. Lucio's already in a bad spot (arguably he's the worst or the second worst Support in the game, Ana being the other Support in question), and this change to his Wallriding mechanics and overall feel will make him nearly unplayable. He'll just get left behind, as Mercy, Moira and Zenyatta take over the Support meta. Please don't allow this change to Lucio go through the live servers.Whimsipoof2 Jan 8, 2018
Jan 8, 2018 Mercy Valkyre bugs When Mercy is in Valkyre and rezzes someone, she does the "rez animation" 2x which is very confusing and irritating. Furthermore the audio qeue when Valkyre is about to end is missing. On live it does a swooshing sound when Valkyre is at 18/19 secs to let you know it's about to end but this is missing on PTR, which again is confusing for Mercy players like me who are used to listen to the audio qeue and focusing on other things on screen instead of staring at the countdown.Tortellini0 Jan 8, 2018
Jan 7, 2018 Are there any eastern PTR servers active? Usually when I play on the PTR, it's filled with Korean-named players, so I assume it's a Korean PTR server and it's the least problematic server I can play on. But I've only been on the [cdg1] server and it gives me 250-360ms ping and it really is difficult for me to play the game to gather feedback about it. Is there any SEA PTR servers active and how do I get connected to one? Queuing just doesn't work anymoreKyaw2 Jan 7, 2018
Jan 7, 2018 oira's Biotic Orb goes through Mei's Ice-wall on PTR Jan 7, 2018
Jan 6, 2018 IDEA FOR MERCY 3.0 But hey guys I just thought about pretty cool Mercy v3. Resurrection: no longer an ability. New ability "Angel potion"': Gives a teammate invincibility for 2 seconds. Cooldown:15s. Valkyrie: Lasts 10 seconds. 1 insta ressurection. That'll make her more fun for sure. Although it may sound a bit crazy, what do you think? My opinion: Valkyrie and res were too powerful and on the ptr the ult is just complete useless. It's safe to say that's Mercy 2.0 rework wasn't successful and I'll ask for another rework.ßèßžÊÇ1 Jan 6, 2018
Jan 6, 2018 Network intilization error I have been getting network intilization error for a while and don’t know how to fix, can anyone helpDeadlyPotato0 Jan 6, 2018
Jan 6, 2018 Mercy's Valkyrie audio cue missing? I tested Mercy on the PTR and i was missing the audio cue when Valkyrie is going to end. Bug? It was quite helpful knowing when i had to disengage the enemy.UebelBAM1 Jan 6, 2018
Jan 6, 2018 mercy on ptr Does anyone know if the cast time with the respawn time on the ptr is a bug or somthing that will go live? When mercy rez and the teammate is about to respawn if mercy has 2 seconds to rez and the teammate has one second to respawn mercy cant rez him it means that the respawn timer is not going to stop when she rezes...if its something that abount to go live you killed mercy for no reasonDarkness5 Jan 6, 2018
Jan 6, 2018 Mercy Valkyrie Resurrect When Mercy resurrects, it looks like she is resurrecting two times. Don't know if this happens to everyone but it happened to me everytime in practice. Link to video: PS: This is my second post on this because I think I posted the first one in PTR Feedbackby accident. Sorry Blizzard :/Kewaninou5 Jan 6, 2018
Jan 6, 2018 mine 0 damage still knockback I used a mine against a tracer on a capture point Nepal and she bounced back as well as I did as if hit by the mine but i got no damage sound/visual on my cross-hair and her hp was not revealed to me, yet the tracer was knocked into the air exactly like they were hit by the mine. sorry for the lack of evidence. I was not recording at the time nor did I remember the instant capture button fast enough.Heatflash0 Jan 6, 2018
Jan 5, 2018 Mercy Res Glitch? So I've been checking out the new mercy nerf and I think I may have found a glitch with guardian angel. I was at the practice range and was trying to get ult when I guardian angeled to a dead bot for res. When I did res I "hopped" a little bit and the bot was ressed early, this also reset the cooldown for some reason. Has anyone else come across this?SoDelightful0 Jan 5, 2018
Jan 5, 2018 PTR patch notes grammar error: "Janruary"DeusEx450 Jan 5, 2018
Jan 5, 2018 RIP-tire controls inverted I haven't gotten time to test this in a game, but when you're Junkrat in training, and you die while using his ult, the movement for the tire becomes inverted after a few secondsLlamaBlimp0 Jan 5, 2018
Jan 5, 2018 Valkyrie's Free movement + -75% Movement on Rez 1. Valks Ult now being exactly the same as Mercy's normal E ability with the Cast time, delay and only being able to Rez one person has caused a big problem. Normal Rez with the 75% less movement speed made the 'Lose Rez on Knockback' noticeable and fair as you knew that you were distanced from your target on purpose. Now with Valkyries flying speed negating the Grounded Still Sinking in Tar Mercy Nerf from last year its super easy for you to try and Rez while flying and for the Rez to cancel cause you were moving slightly too much. The only solution is to stand absolutely still and turn up your DPI to the max and Spin while rezzing which should not be a viable strategy. 2. Sound effect isn't adjusted for new duration but I'm sure your expecting a few changes to be made and once you're sure on a set PTR change you'll change it.Sikko0 Jan 5, 2018
Jan 5, 2018 Couple Mercy bugs (Jan 4th, 2018) First: While in Valkyrie, the forward momentum gained after using Guardian Angel to fly to an ally is too great. It may be set to the speed it was before the GA Speed decrease. Second: There is no sound effect played when an Ally is res'd during Valkyrie. Example: Jan 5, 2018
Jan 5, 2018 Valk bug The second use of mercy's rez will be used up and not rez, on the bots, atleast used valk spammed q rezzed first bot second bot stayed dead, but still started the rez CD Simple, should be easy fixMauK1 Jan 5, 2018
Jan 5, 2018 Junkrat's mines/trap disappearing after tire This happens both when the tire explodes ( ) or get destroyed ( )Comimato0 Jan 5, 2018
Jan 5, 2018 It's possible to whiff Resurrect with Valkyrie ... I posted this a second ago but I think this belongs in the Bug Report instead.AConstelle0 Jan 5, 2018
Jan 5, 2018 Junkrat Trap/Grenade Bug in Doorways When in the practice range I noticed that when I trapped a training bot in the doorways and shot them with a grenade from Junkrat's primary fire, the bot would be left with a sliver of health. This did NOT happen when outside of the doorway OR when using a concussion mine. Examples: I HAVE NOT TESTED THIS OUTSIDE OF THE PRACTICE RANGE. If someone were to do it before I get around to it I would happily edit to link them.Sloth0 Jan 5, 2018
Jan 4, 2018 PTR level outdated Hello guys, I just logged into the PTR and I saw that my level doesn't match the level I have on the Live version.(There is a 200 level difference). Can I get a new snapshot or something so all the settings and everything be transferred to the PTR? Thank you in advance.XQQ1 Jan 4, 2018
Jan 4, 2018 Microphone hard to hear on Facebook Live Streams I have a problem with my mic volume when I stream to Facebook. This isn't an issue when in game, as when I press the chat button, everyone seems to hear me fine. But during live stream and replay of live streams, my mic is drastically low compared to the in-game volume. I have tried resolving that by lowering the overall game volume, but I have to reduce game volume to around 30% before my mic can be legible. Is it possible to adjust mic/game volumes to the same levels as when pressing the 'chat' button when Facebook Stream is activated? Other players are heard just fine when chatting as the game's volume automatically silences itself, but the same should be done on live streams for others viewing it so that my own mic can be heard as well.Buggy3D3 Jan 4, 2018
Jan 3, 2018 Highlights updates (6/28) Hi. Thanks again for all the feedback as we continue to iterate on Highlights. With the latest build on PTR, we've added the ability to change the location of recorded highlights. The caveat is that it's a little bit of a power user feature. Here's how you do it. 1) Make sure Overwatch is closed. 2) Open your Settings_v0.ini file, located in Documents\Overwatch\Settings 3) Find the [MovieExport.1] section. 4) Add a line for VideoPath = "<insert new path here>" and provide a path. For example: VideoPath = "C:\Users\yourusername\Desktop" 5) Save and close the file. Videos will now be saved to the new location, and the new path will appear in the client. Movie Format and Hardware Encoding options are now located in the Advanced Options dialog and can be set per recording. Movie Format defaults to Auto, and Hardware Encoding will correctly show as grayed out when recording in WebM.Andrew Boyd38 Jan 3, 2018
Jan 3, 2018 No graphics It was my first time playing and I was so exited to play! Then it said No graphics found.. I tried fixing up some things but it did not work..DemonLevi1 Jan 3, 2018
Jan 3, 2018 TOTAL MAYHEM time played is not in character list I believe this is a bug, total mayhem time does not register on total time played for character. Please fix this. I do want to see TOTAL time played for all characters and modes.Bloodmoon2 Jan 3, 2018
Jan 2, 2018 Doomfist Bug. MS on payload Happen on Junkertown. Meteor Striked the payload and screen shook crazy. Camera went out of control.TimeRabbit0 Jan 2, 2018
Jan 2, 2018 genji ult buff genji's ult in my appinyon is needs to be buffed he dose not do enough damage i think that he needs a health boost when using his ult because there have been way too many times where junk rat just shot a few bolls at me and i dey and it is getting anoying alsothebandaid0 Jan 2, 2018
Jan 1, 2018 Widowmaker - Blizzard World - Unintended Location Hey All, I found a place where i'm not sure if Widowmaker is supposed to reach. However if she is, some glitchy stuff is happening once up there. Jan 1, 2018
Jan 1, 2018 Error 6-04 I try to record my highlights again and there appear "and uknown error has been occured (6-04) and my pc literally get freeze so i restart my pc... That only happend when i record a highlightsebas58235 Jan 1, 2018
Jan 1, 2018 OverWatch General Error 0xE0010160 Everytime I try to open up OverWatch, it will stop for a few second and show a general message error. I've tried to find a solution by searching YouTube and various other sites but I can't find any reliable solutions.YifYif1 Jan 1, 2018
Dec 31, 2017 Frame rate capped at 60 in main menu My frame rate is capped at 60 in the main menu even though I have the cap set to 300 in the settings. On live servers I can get around 160+ FPS in the menus.Calleigh2 Dec 31, 2017
Dec 31, 2017 Empty Lootbox I opened my first lootbox from Christmas Wonderland (the one we've got from Blizzard) and I got 2 white "Nothing". There was literally nothing. I do have a print screen to prove it. Dec 31, 2017