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Jul 6, 2016 Welcome to Competitive Discussion - Please Read! Welcome to the Competitive Discussion forum! We encourage you to use this forum to provide feedback and/or discuss your experiences while playing Overwatch competitively. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct and Forum Guidelines before posting. Code of Conduct Forum Guidelines For the latest Overwatch news, click here. For the latest Overwatch patch notes, click here.Lylirra1 Jul 6, 2016
1d Advice on getting to Masters 1) Don't spam the mic. Talk if you have to and if you need to. Spamming can be obnoxious, toxic, or just distracting. There will always be time to add someone as a friend or talk to them after the match about unrelated stuff. 2) Practice playing more than 1 - 2 heroes. If you can only main Lucio, Junkrat, Reinhardt, or Widow (as a few examples), chances are you won't be as useful to your team. Practicing and being good at multiple heroes makes you versatile and more likely to have a better game / win. Ideally: learn to play at least 2 heroes from each category - tank, support, offense, defense. 3) Don't split up your team if you don't have to. Grouping up can be bad if the enemy is about to do an AOE attack like Zarya or Sombra's ult, for instance. But chances are you can be better protected by your team, and target the enemy more effectively if you're grouped. When your team is spread out, it makes them easier to be picked off. 4) Target supports. Supports don't have much HP. They are therefore easy to kill. Killing them means the enemy team can't heal. Getting the enemy's Mercy down is especially useful. Before going into big team fights in particular, make sure your team is aware where the Mercy is. Try to take her out. 5) Treat your team politely. Your team won't even want to win if you treat them like crap. You are all here to play the game competitively. Learn how to be a good sport, learn how to lose a match humbly, and learn how to give / receive constructive criticism. This wouldn't be competitive if you never lost any matches, so expect it to happen sometimes. 6) Use the voice chat (if you have a mic)to call out whether an enemy is about to ult, if there's an enemy behind your team, etc. 7) Speak calmly. There's no reason to yell. Talking calmly, you will be heard and moreover your voice won't agitate people unnecessarily. If you're yelling at your team, chances are they will mute or ignore you. 8) Switch roles if you need to. Don't stick to one hero if it isn't working out for you. If your teammates want you to switch, maybe it's a good idea to do so. 9) Practice anticipating when you should use your ult. Timing is everything. The tab button is not so far away, just press it to see if anyone else on your team has their ults. It takes half a second to press that button, and half a second to glance below everyone's icon to see if they have their ults. If not, you can ask how close they are, but at least this way you'll know immediately if you can combo your ult with anyone. 10) Practice aiming for head-shots. If that means going into the training module with bots, do it. It goes a long way. 11) Be open to your teammates playing heroes. If you're on attack, but a teammate wants to play Widow, let them. Maybe they are even good enough to carry. What everyone needs to realize is that this game is versatile. There is more than one way to win a map. Give people a chance, but they should also switch off a hero if it's not working out. 12) Realize that climbing in SR takes time. Blizzard doesn't exactly always match you up perfectly with other people on your team that are precisely your skill level. If you're having a lose-streak, perhaps it is best to take a break. 5 minutes, 30 minutes, a day, a week, it's up to you. It wouldn't be 'competitive' if you never lost any matches. 13) As a follow-up to 12), be open to taking a break between your games. Sometimes it can help for you to collect yourself after a heated match. You can reflect what went wrong, what went well - for both teams. I'll add more suggestions if people want. These are the big problems I see daily in my games. Last season, I solo queued my way from low Plat (~2400) to mid Masters (3700) by following these concepts. Please add any other useful suggestions you think would help people if they practiced them. Edit: Thank you for pinning this to the top! I'm glad this facilitated people learning more about competitive. To the people telling me my SR is below masters, that I shouldn't be giving advice, etc: my career high is 3704. I played countless hours improving and learning. My advice is accumulated from that. I quit playing competitive once I reached 3704 last season and let it decay to 3000. I didn't go on a lose streak. I have, however, encountered lots of players this and last season who weren't familiar with the advice I put here. Also, just from a logical standpoint, my advice taken as an argument is independent of my SR. Good-luck in your games! Edit #2 edit boogaloo: got to masters this season (2nd time) @ 3511. Edit #3: got to masters this season again @ 3508.etcyl299 1d
5d IMPORTANT - Technical Reminders about End-of-Season/Season 8 ... ... Hello everyone! There is less than a week remaining in the seventh Competitive Season and I wish to express a few key reminders about some technical rules of the competitive season. A lot of this is technically news you may not want to hear, but I feel this is a "The More You Know... [insert shooting rainbow star here]" sort of posts, so I hope you keep that in mind before giving me a Like or Dislike. If you are showing any signs of disconnections, PLEASE stop playing Competitive until next season. I do not want to see other players get banned at the last minute due to connection issues of any kind. Remember, all disconnections counts as leaving the match per competitive rules and will be penalized appropriately. If you are disconnecting and wish to troubleshoot the problem, please post in the technical support forum or check out this guide: Reminder for players who are season banned: If you have been SEASON BANNED from Competitive Play due to leaving/disconnecting from games, you WILL NOT receive any End-of-Season rewards including bonus Competitive Points, spray or player icon. Furthermore, those who were banned from the season will not be allowed access to the Off-season Competitive Play Mode from December 28th to December 31st. This is suppose to happen in accordance with the rules of Competitive Play. Source: You can tell if you are completely seasoned banned if the competitive play option is locked and no suspension timer is displayed on the top of the locked competitive play option. If you have THREE season bans on record, you may already be PERMANENTLY banned from Competitive Play. Announced in the middle of season 5 and followed up with a formal announcement in season 6 by the Overwatch development team, players who have at least three season bans on record, are subjected to a PERMANENT ban from Competitive Play on their account. So when Season 8 starts, and your Competitive Play Option is still locked, you may be one of those players. Details on this policy: Leaving an off-season match results in an INSTANT -75% XP penalty According to player posts from last off-season, if you left an off-season competitive match, not only did it trigger a suspension, but it also instantly applied the -75% XP Penalty. This penalty can only be removed by playing several games (of any game type) without leaving whatsoever. NEW! What else to expect when Season 8 starts Unless there are further changes when the formal season 8 news blog comes out on New Year's Eve, I would like to remind everyone of the new change that Scott Mercer posted. Players ranked in Diamond tier or higher, will NO LONGER have personal performance be a factor in calculating skill rating adjustments after each match. Players in Platinum tier and lower will still have personal performance be a factor. This enables players to continue to develop their skills and increase without their teammates or the result of a match be as much of a factor. Players in Diamond and higher will still see varied skill rating adjustments. Remember factors such as strength of schedule, frequency of play time, skill rating decay recovery, and how close to 5000 SR you are will still influence the SR adjustment. All other competitive rules still apply (especially skill rating decay). Thank you for hearing out my little P.S.A. but this is a busy time for me as I participate in the MVP program in the Tech Forum and the CROWDS program on the @BlizzardCS Twitter Feed and I am trying to get as much of the word out now as possible. Cheers! (^^)vWyomingMyst70 5d
Feb 8 Upcoming Competitive Play Changes for Season 8 Limiting the Skill Rating variance for Teams With the debut of the new competitive season 8 in January we’re going to be making a few matchmaking changes to increase match quality. The first change is limiting the maximum Skill Rating (SR) difference between the highest SR player on a team and the lowest SR player on the same team. This will especially help players at both the lower and higher limits of SR, where there are typically fewer players available. If a player has an SR of 4500, there are not that many other players who have a similarly high SR. The matchmaker has previously assigned players who are of a much lower SR to the same team as 4500 SR player, and hasn’t always created the best match experience possible. We implemented the technology for this change in the patch at the end of November, but did not aggressively tune the SR value of the limit. During the month of December we will be quietly testing the effect of more restrictive SR limits to both match quality and queue times. With the data and player feedback from testing, we’ll then come back from our holiday break on January 2 and apply a finalized set of values for Season 8. Note that the matchmaker will still allow you to group with other players according to the current SR limits at their skill tier, which is 1000 SR for Bronze through Diamond, 500 SR for Master, and 250 for Grandmaster. We recently restricted the SR grouping limit at Grandmaster with this new Season 8 change in mind. Removing Personal Performance Skill Rating Adjustments for Diamond tier players and above Ok, this explanation is going to be pretty lengthy, so everyone grab some popcorn and buckle up. When you win a competitive match of Overwatch, you gain Skill Rating, and when you lose a match you also lose Skill Rating. The amount that you gain or lose is calculated based on many different factors, and here’s a quick list of some of the most important ones: • If you have a higher than 50% chance to win a match, you gain less for a win and lose more for a defeat. Conversely, if you were an underdog in a match than you gain more SR when you win and lose less SR when defeated. • New players experience both higher gains and higher losses than players who have completed a lot of matches. • You gain less SR for a win than you lose for a defeat as you more closely approach the system’s mathematical upper limit 5000 SR. (So at very high SRs you do need a greater than 50% win rate to keep your SR stable.) There is also another factor in determining the SR change after completing a match, and that’s a measurement of how well you personally performed during the match. If you perform well than you gain more SR when you win, and lose less SR when defeated. The reverse is also true, so if you perform very poorly you gain less SR for a win and lose additional SR when defeated. The personal performance adjustments have been controversial amongst the community for quite some time, especially since the calculations for these adjustments are not at all transparent. The adjustment does create a lot of positive system wide effects including rewarding players who make the effort to play well, punishing inactive players, and more quickly providing fairer matches for new players or those who decide to play a new hero or role. So we spent quite a lot of time examining data over multiple seasons, checking a lot of math, reading a LOT of community feedback, and then doing some deep soul searching about this. Especially at the higher levels of online competition where every point of SR matters, we want players to not be distracted and worry about how to optimize around the personal performance adjustment. They should just be trying to WIN. So after we get back from the holidays on January 2nd we’re going to turn off the personal performance SR adjustments for players in the Diamond skill tier and above. We look forward to everyone playing matches and giving us feedback about these changes in Season 8!Scott Mercer589 Feb 8
Jul 15 Help for the lower ranks Hello everyone, I'm an ex-master and I hear many people complaining about the're stuck in their ranks and stuff like that. So I'm here to help you guys with some hints to improve your rank. I'm not gonna say it all will instantly work but you'll have much use of it in the future. Just put here below your problem and I'm gonna help you. PS: this is not a troll, so you wouldn't hear garbage like "Git gut" from me.StRode500 Jul 15
8m Is it okay to play comp on weekends or at night? I have been super painfully careful with my sr this season because I know I'm no bronze and anywhere but bronze is fine by me for the time being, and I don't want to jeopardize my progress. I stop playing after 1-2 consecutive losses (depending how I'm feeling) or 3 wins. This season I could only play Tuesday Thursday in the daytime because those were the only times my nephews weren't tearing through my house. What have your experiences playing after 9 pm have been? Or playing Friday night until Sunday? I've been pretty scared to play during those times because I was worried my sr would take a taking by the sheer increase in trolls and leavers.Kris21 8m
10m Widowmaker should be locked until 50% accuracy What do you think about Widowmaker being locked in competitive mode until you have to be at least 40% - 50% weapon accuracy to play (that's when it'll be unlocked). The majority of the Widowmaker players have accuracy below 30% and it ruins the competitive mode. Many of us feel frustrated because it feels like 5 on 6 most of the time.Depressed17 10m
28m Why Handicapping (MMR) is Wrong for Competitive Play Author's note: Players, please like or dislike this post if you agree or disagree that MMR should be removed from Competitive Play. In two polls, we have voted overwhelmingly in favor (at 403 to 50, and 320 to 42). This is a continuation of two threads which have reached their limit for comments: Blizzard, please respond! Objective I argue to remove Match Making Rating (MMR) from Competitive matchmaking. In Competitive matchmaking, MMR ensures the type of match that Blizzard wants players to have: hotly contested and as long as possible, with a 50% chance for either team to win. But true competitive players want no such guarantee. And because the matchmaking system ensures those 50% odds by arranging teams based on hidden skill-metrics (MMR), it: Covertly *handicaps* Competitive matches, Favors new players over experienced players, Fails to prove the skill difference between players, Requires prohibitively long wait times for groups, and Lowers the quality of gameplay across all competitive tiers. How is such a travesty possible? It is possible because most players do not *realize* their matches are being handicapped. And those of us who know of handicapping fail to see its implications. Overwatch's own designers seem to have missed the point. Overview Overwatch's designers say they "balance" matches with MMR. The system sorts the twelve players from each match into teams, based on the merit each player has shown in matches past. Matchmaking uses merit-tracking algorithms (MMR) to keep matches from being 'uneven.' Principal Overwatch Designer Scott Mercer explains: "When the matchmaker creates a match, it determines the % chance for each team to win based on the match it made. The VAST majority of matches are usually near to 50% (especially if you're a player closer to median skill rating and you're not in a group). When we do put you in a match that we know isn't a 50/50, we adjust your SR gain or loss based on your calculated change of winning. "We model the synergistic effects of players being together in a group. Based upon the data we see in groups, we predict the win % for each team. We try to match similar sized groups together. "The amount of MMR (and SR) you go up or down isn't simply a matter of whether you won or lost, and what was your predicted chance of winning. There's a couple of other things at work. One is the matchmaker's confidence in what your MMR should be. Play a lot of games, it gets more certain. Don't play Overwatch for a while, it gets less certain. You go on a large win or loss streak, it gets less certain. The more certain the matchmaker is about your MMR, the less your MMR will change in either direction based on a win or loss. "We also do evaluate how well you played the heroes you used in a match. The comparison is based on historical data of people playing a specific hero (not medals, not pure damage done), and we've done a lot of work to this system based on the community's feedback. "While it's a minor factor compared to wins/losses (The best way to increase your SR is still to play together and win as a team!), doing so does help us determine your skill more accurately and faster." -- However In Quick Play, we do not count wins and losses as we do in Competitive Play. We do not stake our rank and reputation on a number, like we do with SR. And MMR skews everyone's SR. Because if you are a *relatively* skilled player for your SR, handicapping/MMR makes your teams worse than they would be on average, by random chance. Semantics – "Balance" vs. Handicap This discussion has a fulcrum, a single word it turns around. A word that Blizzard has chosen incorrectly, misappropriated from the design parlances of casual, non-competitive games. The word is “balance,” which is actually handicapping in the context of a competitive game. defines a handicapped contest as one in which “certain disadvantages or advantages are placed upon competitors to equalize their chances of winning.” For example in old Quebec (French Canada), parishioners had a tradition of racing home from church in horse-drawn sleighs or wagons, which they would handicap by placing different numbers and sizes (weights) of passengers in either vehicle. That’s an example of a *friendly competition* where handicapping is appropriate, because the important thing isn’t who wins the race; it’s the closeness of the race and the fun to be had along the way. The race itself is merely a pretense for a good time. Any scoring that took place between drivers would be in jest. That is what some of us expect from a game mode like Quick Play. But players expect Competitive Play to be different. We have a "Skill Rating" (SR) that ticks up or down when we win or lose. That number is both our reputation and our right to compete with other players of our caliber. Handicapping makes light of that number and, in turn, it makes light of Competitive Overwatch players. When you play Competitive Overwatch you may be a horse pulling your team along, or you may be a passenger just along for the ride. And the handicapping system might designate you as such correctly or incorrectly. But those designations happen to determine the nature of every match you play. This is where the difference between individual and team competition comes in. Players participate in matches as teams, but they participate in the SR system as individuals. Handicapping teams is not the same as treating individuals fairly in the SR system. Blizzard wrongly conflates those ideas, distorting players' very notion of what fair competition is, and what they are doing in Competitive Play. Blizzard says that handicapping/balancing matches makes them fair for competitive players, and that is false. “Forced 50% win rate” When players talk about this, they are trying to talk about handicapping. An argument against handicapping has already taken place in the Overwatch community, based on vague terms and phrases that do not address the problem. Without *clear* terms to inform the discussion, players have turned away from it like a losing battle. But ‘handicapping’ is a real gaming term that many players understand. It is a word with history, meaning, and a proper definition. I bring you the word 'handicapping' as a banner to rally under. I urge you players: use this word to understand what MMR truly is, to frame your own discussions, and petition Blizzard for Competitive Play that is *free* of handicapping. I have a long argument to make, but my case is simple. Anyone with basic understanding of game theory – any Overwatch player – can grasp it. Case in point In every match, MMR tells matchmaking which players are relatively strong and which players are relatively weak. The MMR/handicapping system does not put all of the strongest or weakest players on either team (6 v 6) because it predicts that as a one-sided match. Instead, matchmaking ensures that both teams have about 3 strong players and 3 weak players. If one or two players from either team are real standouts (for good or ill), the ratio of strong and weak players might be closer to 2:4 or even 1:5, on either team. The degree of difference in skill between players is different in every match. But MMR picks up on every discernible difference between players. According to those differences in player skill, matchmaking arranges the teams and effectively handicaps matches, with no regard for individual players' SR, outside of the 1,000 unit range. So what's the problem? These kinds of matches are *unproductive by design;* they consistently prove as little as possible about the relative skill of the players participating. When matchmaking uses MMR to mix strong players with weak players, it guarantees in every match that some strong players will move down in rank, and some weak players will move up. Hypothetically speaking, the most *productive* match is one where all 6 of the strongest players are on one team and all 6 of the weakest players are on the other. Because in the win/lose result, the strongest players all gain SR and the weakest players all lose SR. Even an impartial matchmaking system would not produce this type of match all of the time. But MMR/handicapping turns it into a unicorn. MMR circumvents the natural selection process that is supposed to be taking place in Competitive Play. It makes the SR system inefficient, stagnant, and keeps the SR system from sorting players according to their merit. Evidence of handicapping Here are three simple things you can observe for yourself, which show how matchmaking and MMR handicap your matches: 1) Group and queue for matches with other players who you know are good at Overwatch. You will see that your wait times for matches scale up in direct proportion to how good you are, and how many of you are in the group. While there are other groups available to play at your collective *SR level,* matchmaking takes time to seek a group with an equal *MMR profile.* 2) Win matches as a group, and you will see your wait times increase from match to match. Matchmaking delays your games in order to handicap them, based on your group's record. Again, there are other groups available to play at your collective *SR level,* but matchmaking takes time to seek a group with an equal *MMR profile.* 3) Note the spread of player experience (portrait color, stars) across teams, when you join matches in small groups or solo queue. You will see the teams in each game have roughly the same number of experienced and inexperienced players. The matchmaking system arranges teams this way to handicap matches. It's relative Whether or not you sense the skewing of your matches depends on how good you are, as a team player, and where you find your SR rank to be. But if you are a relatively skilled player for your SR, then handicapping/MMR is designed to make every match difficult for you, specifically. It sounds like a persecution fantasy, but it's patently real. Fighting your own shadow Under MMR's influence, every player has to 'fight at their weight' in every match, regardless of SR standing. Handicapping/MMR ensures that every standout player finds a doppelganger or a *set* of players on the enemy team who are able to counteract them. This might sound fair-handed, but let me explain why it's not. Suppose your SR is low for your skill level, and you are the best one of twelve players in a match. In that case, handicapping/MMR singles you out by placing the second, third, and even fourth-best players in the match on the enemy team. Hence you, like a baited bear, must counteract their joint efforts. That becomes a self-perpetuating cycle. The harder you try — the more you kill, heal, and play the objective — the more skilled opponents you will be *faced with* in your next match...the more skilled teammates you will be *separated from.* The challenge of the game is literally guaranteed to ramp up, whether or not you win your present match; whether you climb or fall in the SR system; as long as you try your hardest. It is not enough to be good, to climb in SR. MMR follows you from match to match, figuring out how good you are. Then it informs matchmaking, which forces you to be better than *yourself* if you want to advance. In this way, you can experience the same difficulty playing at most competitive ranks, regardless of how good you are. From a game design perspective, this seems like a magic formula, a dream. But from a player's perspective, it is a nightmare. Handicap favors inexperienced players If you are an experienced player (with one or more stars of experience), you have a strong interest in MMR's removal from matchmaking. MMR ensures that players of similar experience will be distributed evenly across teams. Again, this might sound fair-handed but let me explain why it's not. If you are the most experienced player in a match, handicapping/MMR teams you with the most inexperienced player in the match while placing the second, third, and even fourth-most experienced players to oppose you on the enemy team. It is inexperienced players who benefit from that arrangement, and experienced players who suffer. You may deny the correlation of experience and skill. Why then, does matchmaking never place a slew of experienced players against a slew of inexperienced players? Is it interesting to see the outcome of such a match, or is it *no contest?* Why doesn't handicapping/MMR allow those matches to take place? Devalued experience Inexperienced/unskilled players think they are being tested by placement matches and regular competitive matches in the same way that more experienced/skilled players are being tested. So a player with less than one star of experience assumes that they are equal to all players at their SR level, regardless of experience. It does not occur to inexperienced players that they have arrived at their SR standing through the assistance of a handicap. And who can blame them? The handicapping/MMR system is hidden, after all. But it is not fair to experienced players that they should be forced to contribute to the success of less experienced players. New players may have a right to prove themselves in Competitive Play. But they do not have a right to be braced by veterans in every match, and escorted to victory. Handicapping has caused millions (billions?) of pointless arguments between experienced players and newbies who will not accept their advice or command. New players deride experienced players for not being ranked higher, for all their hours of practice. And since newbies and vets alike are unaware of the handicapping system, the situation suggests to everyone that experience counts for nothing. Classification without consent It's not only about the number of stars under your portrait. If you are the best healer, tank, or DPS in a match then MMR brands you as such, and pits you against the next best player in your hero class. This might sound fair-handed, but... If you step out of one role to fill another, your team is likely to crumble because no one on your team matches your proficiency with the hero/class you switched from. This effectively locks you into a role without your knowledge or consent. And it ensures that if you are proficient with many (or all) of Overwatch's hero classes and characters, you gain no advantage from it. Handicapping/MMR discourages *groups* and *teamwork* By punishing outstanding performances, handicapping/MMR catches the most effective Overwatch strategies in its snare. When a group chooses characters who complement one another, they create 'statistical anomalies’ that the MMR system ‘corrects for’ in its 'matchmaking problem.’ When a coherent group presents itself, the MMR system *painstakingly* matches them against equally coherent groups, despite the availability of less coherent groups of the same size, at the same SR level. Not only does that mean prohibitively long wait times for everyone involved, it costs such coherent groups the advantage they are supposed to have, by working out strategies and vetting their teammates. MMR costs coherent groups countless opportunities to apply strategy against opponents who do not. It negates the advantage a coherent group would naturally have, under an *impartial* matchmaking system. Conversely, handicapping/MMR coddles players who ignore the principles of good strategy, sheltering them from competition with coherent groups they should be facing in their SR level. MMR makes Overwatch the *antithesis* of a team-based game – a running contradiction to the idea that group cohesion and synergy mean anything at all. Handicapping/MMR promotes 'DPS instalock' Healing and tanking are desperately ineffective when you have unskilled/inexperienced players filling the other roles. Solo players know this intuitively, and that is why we start every match pleading for sanity with 3-5 DPS instalocks. Despise these players if you will, but they are acting in their best interest under the handicapping/MMR system. When a player climbs in SR by playing DPS well, they are essentially locked in to that role. That is because handicapping/MMR ensures that equally skilled DPS players in subsequent matches will be placed on the enemy team, so changing to tank or heal leaves the enemy DPS unchecked. The leaderboards are absolutely dominated by DPS players ( Is it because DPS characters are intrinsically more effective than tanks and healers? Or is it because they have an advantage in the handicapping/MMR system? E-Sports above all Blizzard wants to use Competitive Play as a mere filtration system for people with *fast reflexes,* nothing else. It is a casting call for E-Sports celebrities, not a proving system for team players who understand the game; the players who are truly the best at the game of Overwatch. Those experienced and skilled players are buried in the middle tiers, the dumping grounds into which they are swept by a never-ending stream of new Overwatch players. New players have no problem qualifying for gold and higher, because of the boost that handicapping/MMR gives them. Meanwhile smurf account buyers scramble over us, like drowning swimmers, clawing their way up by pushing the rest of us down. They are gaming the MMR system that Blizzard has created by giving them more money. Is it any surprise that Blizzard is complacent in that behaviour? What this means for players It violates the faith we all have had in Competitive Play; that we can climb the ranks of the SR system by showing merit as team players. SR is our only form of rank and reputation but when we show true merit, an invisible hand guides us to challenges that are virtually assured to destroy our SR, our rank and reputation. Performance-based SR... Blizzard's feeble attempt to restore the meritocracy of Competitive Play; to offset the profound SR-skewing effects of handicapping/MMR. It is a tacit admission that the SR system fails its *supposed function* of ranking players according to their skill. Performance-based SR means that Overwatch players do not share the goal of *victory* with their teammates. The most cynical and well-informed players give up on victory to *game the system.* One-tricking... a natural consequence of performance-based SR. When players see that they are being graded on their own stats rather than the win/lose result of the match, it demotivates them from being real team players. Instead of doing what is best for their team's chance of winning the match, they start doing what is best for their own chances of racking up big numbers in damage, healing, kills, etc. Reverse karma MMR works like reverse karma. It restricts our mobility in the SR system. If you're interested to watch your SR trend up and down, and figuring out the strategies involved in your losses and victories, then no governing system outside of SR and your own group selection can serve your interest. Double standard In SR/MMR, we have a set of systems that judge us on the performance of our team as a whole (SR), but divide us on our individual merit (MMR) at every instance. It is a galling and obvious double standard. While SR decides the level we are allowed to compete at, the majority of us are stuck in a quagmire we cannot climb out from, because rising up makes you a target for handicapping/MMR to strike down. Artificial equality A handicapped match is much more likely to hang in the balance, making it more exciting for players. But by handicapping a match, MMR makes its outcome intrinsically unrelated to the skill of the individual players and groups participating. It is absurd to increase/decrease SR based on the wins/losses of handicapped matches. No Competitive Overwatch player has a *fair chance* of winning a match according to their skill. Because of handicapping/MMR, unskilled/inexperienced players are more likely to win and skilled/experienced players are more likely to lose. Stop worrying and love the MMR? Once you realize what MMR is doing to your odds in Competitive Play, it is still possible to enjoy yourself. If you think you can rank up, you just have to recognize that you are guaranteed to be teamed up with a statistically unlikely number of inferior players in every match. But don’t ignore that fact, or you’ll go insane. Handicapping/MMR defies pattern recognition Pattern recognition is our birthright as human beings, who evolved to use the very stars for navigation. Our brains have grown to run advanced heuristics in wars, and heated battles against enemy tribes. Games like Overwatch are allegories for war, which we play to enjoy our faculty of pattern recognition. But handicapping/MMR circumvents the *math* that we would all use to understand Overwatch and *game* an impartial matchmaking system. It contradicts the calculations that we all make, based on *reasonable assumptions* about how matchmaking works. We assume that matchmaking is impartial, but that is not true. Invisible standards Competitive Play systematically deceives players on a grand scale. When the *fact* of handicapping and the *metrics* of MMR are hidden from players, it takes away players' ability to rely on their own senses. When matches are handicapped without our understanding or even our awareness, it debases our perception of the game we're playing. Worst game-design ethics since World of Warcraft Blizzard is violating the right we have as players to see the factors affecting our matches. Handicapping/MMR is the *dominant factor* of Competitive Play, and it is completely hidden from view. That raises ethical issues about consent, because most players would not engage in "Competitive Play" if they understood handicapping/MMR. Nothing in Overwatch's user-interface even mentions "Match Making Rating," nor does Blizzard define it elsewhere. Blizzard fails to warn players about handicapping, leaving them to labor under a delusion: that altruism is rewarded. Cause of toxicity Much toxicity in the Overwatch community stems from cognitive dissonance (a kind psychological distress) caused by handicapping/MMR. When a player succeeds in one match, they are challenged in their next match *by design.* Wondering "What changed?" they can attribute the sudden challenge to unrelated factors by mistake. They may blame their own character selection and actions, or those of their team. I've been toxic in my own matches. I've chastised many of my own teams who didn't deserve it (especially new/inexperienced players). Because they weren't meant to play with me in the first place; they were destined for lower ranks just as I was destined for higher ones. But handicapping/MMR intervened to everyone's misfortune. Handicapping/MMR renders the SR system meaningless, and leaves us without means to differentiate from each other. We are not in a proving ground, we are in a mill, churning inexorably with players who are not our equals. I sound immodest, but I face this problem with tens of thousands of players like me. It is a massive and systemic problem. But it's a simple problem, and it's Blizzard's to fix if they have the mind. "Soylent Green is made of people!" The most insidious aspect of MMR is the way it uses people. It uses the appointment of your teammates and adversaries to create your handicap, suppressing your chance of being teamed up with players who are *as good* as you are. So your teammates are guaranteed to be your inferiors or superiors, on a per-match basis, while your enemies are guaranteed to be your equals. What a grand, dystopian future we live in. The travesty defines a travesty as "a grotesque or debased likeness or imitation; an artistic burlesque of a serious work or subject, characterized by ludicrous incongruity of treatment, or subject matter." Handicapping/MMR makes Competitive Overwatch a travesty because it forces us, in every match, to play against those who are *most* like ourselves and with those who are *least* like ourselves. Want a teammate who is as good at Hero X as you are? MMR prevents you from ever meeting them. At every instance, in every match, MMR ensures you can only be that player's adversary; never their ally. And if you group with such a player, MMR prevents you from finding a fair match to play in. Conflict of interest If you would still defend the handicapping/MMR system as ‘fair-handed,’ reader, consider your principal interest as a Competitive player – victory. Now consider these questions: When you queue for a match, you deserve the same *chance* of victory as any other player in the match, do you not? Would you accept a system that *explicitly* subtracts from your chance of victory, and adds to your chance of defeat? If you are an experienced player, do you accept that you must babysit the inexperienced? If you are an inexperienced player, do you want to be babysat? This is about more than just "victory." It is about the poetry of group synergy, of lucky random encounters. The uncanny lack of that poetry is what players feel when they rail about incompetency and toxicity in their team mates. Blizzard redacted that poetry when they imputed the handicapping/MMR system to Competitive Play. Competitive players have an interest in fair, impartial matchmaking; randomly assigned teams of players with similar SR. We want to win or lose *according to* our merit not *despite* our merit. If that makes for short matches, then so be it. It's about money for Blizzard Blizzard has an opposing *commercial* interest in making matches as drawn out as possible; they designed the handicapping/MMR system to ensure that every match is a struggle. And it comes directly at the cost of players' mobility in the SR system. The handicapping/MMR system does not make Competitive Play fair or even fun for long-term players. It makes matches protracted and desparate. Because that is what gives the appearance, the illusion of fairness, regardless of the truth. And it leads to repeat sales from Smurf account buyers who try to eschew the system. The impetus When Blizzard took the decision to apply MMR in Competitive Overwatch, I think they were driven by fear. They feared that players would reject their game as unfair when they had one-sided matches, and especially when they had one-sided losses. Thinking that MMR worked for Quick Play and apprehensive of the ‘negative customer experience,' that could result without MMR's careful stage-work, they put it in Competitive Play and we've been suffering for it ever since. Blizzard warped their own game to suit their business interests (or the business interests of other stakeholders) at the cost of user experience, ultimately failing Overwatch players. Déjà vu Let me share an eerily similar experience that I had, arguing for sanity on another game developer's forum: Thread 1 Thread 2 In those threads, I used common sense and spoke out against user-experience problems that profoundly concerned player reputation and the fairness of scoring. These are team-based online games with great production value, just like Overwatch. I doubt that many Overwatch players know ‘War of the Vikings’ and ‘War of the Roses.’ But they feature the same control-point-objective-based gameplay structure that Overwatch does. They compare on many levels, though the developer and publisher are both less moneyed than Blizzard/Activision. Just as with Overwatch’s MMR/handicapping problem, the problems affecting War of the Vikings and War of the Roses: Were insidiously hidden from players by misleading user-interface Defied users' assumptions of the game they were playing Punished altruistic behavior, and rewarded selfish behavior in players Confused players' intuitions, causing cognitive dissonance Fractured the correlation of team-based strategy and victory I proved the players' overwhelming consensus in those threads by gathering votes, just as I have done here. The game developer, and their publisher, decided not to fix the problems. Why do so many game designers and publishers fail to recognize the principles of fair competition, in the "competitive" games they give us players? It is because the creation process inevitably falls prey to greed; to blind, slavering stakeholder interest, all forms of commercial interest. Marketability trumps integrity behind closed doors. The cholicy baby Overwatch players themselves are to blame when they tell Blizzard that one-sided matches are "unfair" or "boring." In handicapping/MMR, Blizzard is trying to give us what we want. But a good parent knows the difference between wants and needs. Players *want* engaging matches, but *need* to compete in an equitable system. Realistic expectations One-sided matches are a perfectly natural thing, and we would see a lot of them at the onset of an impartial matchmaking system. But at the end of a great sorting process of *natural selection,* we might have clearly established leagues and be able to expect some standards of play, outside of the bottom rank. If you were playing in a baseball league, would you expect every game to be hotly contested? Would you expect teams to swap their strongest and weakest players to even the odds of every match? Once again The MMR system is *handicapping system* that is hidden from players, rigging their every match and dampening their best efforts. Instead of experiencing natural winning/losing streaks, we get a carefully monitored slow-drip, with victory and defeat in as nearly equal measure as matchmaking can arrange. The effects of the system are confusion, incumbency, and a completely incoherent narrative for every player's career. It detaches a player's merit from their rank and reputation. We Competitive players want to deepen our knowledge of Overwatch and keep discovering its nuances by playing with our peers. But we can't find our peers in a system that *decides the nature* of every match we play by pitting the best of us against each other. My proposal For the SR system to really work, it must be the only system. Teams should not be "balanced" based on anything besides their SR and their group size. Throw all the handicapping/MMR metrics out the window. To Blizzard We know you worked hard on the handicapping/MMR system, Blizzard, but you can't justify its existence in principle. You're effectively forcing your best players to babysit your worst players, which is questionable. But you are also deceiving players by hiding the handicapping system from them, and that makes your game like a dirty casino. Only when matchmaking is *impartial* can the win/lose outcome of an individual player's matches be reflection their skill. Until then, Competitive Overwatch will be as a rigged slot machine, causing cognitive dissonance for all who play it. You need to consider the rights of your players, and decide what side of history you want to be on. To the incumbents Many Overwatch players (let’s say Platinum and above) have reason to be satisfied with handicapping/MMR. I haven't been Platinum for several seasons, but I know that the most *successful* Overwatch players are lone-wolf DPS types. Many incumbents have reason to fear the change I am suggesting, because it would reveal they are not as good at Overwatch as they think they are, or as the SR system suggests them to be. Their leadership and teamwork would be proven weak by an impartial matchmaking system, which would expose them to real competition. These are folks like Blizzard's precious cadre of "professional players," who have been allowed to earn their titles under a false competitive system. I see the conflict of interest for them as well. But I hope they'll prove their smarts by taking my side. Let us see what Overwatch really is, together :) Other forums If you would like to discuss this topic on Reddit's Overwatch forum, go here: This discussion is not limited to Competitive Play. All experienced Overwatch players have an interest in removing MMR as a handicapping system. If you want to contribute to the Quick Play discussion go here: Appeal for action The handicapping/MMR system prevents good team players from transcending the ranks of the bad. It uses experienced Overwatch players as training wheels for the inexperienced, rather than allowing us to separate as we would naturally. Players, please speak up for yourselves. Complain to Blizzard and send them to this thread. Send other players here to comment and vote. Blizzard wronged us by designing Competitive Overwatch this way; let's prove we are aware of that and demand better from them. Player consensus Blizzard, look at the like-to-dislike ratio on this post. Look at these posts from other players about the problem of handicapping/MMR in Competitive Overwatch: Players, tell Blizzard that you want fair Competitive Overwatch. Make your own thread on the topic and I will index it here. Include "#faircompetitiveoverwatch" in your post so I can find it.Cuthbert942 28m
32m Gold Is The Worst Rank To Be Stuck In Hi all, I've been playing OW for about a couple years now and I've experienced silver, gold, plat and diamond and I have to say gold is the most frustrating rank to be stuck in. I find a lot of players in that rank still have a lot to learn in terms of map awareness and teamwork. Skill isn't TOO much of an issue so long as you can work together, you have a good chance of getting out of gold. Does anyone else agree? I made a video about it if you'd like to see. Video: 32m
44m LEGIT QUESTION: "Heals, heals..." I've noticed some players continually say "Heals, heals..." over voice. It's good to ask for heals but I wonder why some players don't use the healing shortcut that gives the automated "I need healing" message. The automatic message puts a cross above the players head (that is visible through walls) so healers can instantly see where the player is (even if they aren't critical status). Thoughts? Are you a healing-bind or a "Heals, heals" player?Cookie5 44m
1h After a long losing streak, shouldn't we get easier games? At least that's how I thought MMR worked, like in SC2. However there seems to be no "bounceback" potential in OW, since the further you slide, the worse your teammates will be, so it becomes a death spiral of toxicity. FeelsBad Literally I'm getting 3-4 gold every game and my team is absolute trash.JTMoney2 1h
1h Season 8 will end in 8 days! As always don't play comp until the next season if you want to climb, because the possibility to go down with 100-200 sr is very high.dostheboss26 1h
1h Skill Rating Seems Kinda Broken in Low Tiers So I'm a high-bronze player currently at 1300 sr. And while most matches seem fine, every once in a while ill get placed in a match were team's average sr is 940-970 and the lowest on my team is 550. The worst part is, the enemy team is composed of 2-3 people of my level, while mine is entirely below 1000 sr. This means that it makes for a really annoying game because it makes it so it ends in a draw on capture maps and whoever attacks second on payload wins (no one else plays the objective and they instantly die to Torb or Sym). So does anyone know why this happens and how to avoid it?Arigos0 1h
1h If You Want To Try A New Character... Do it outside of comp. To join a game with 11 other players to "see if Genji is a good fit" is asinine. To throw a game and then repeatedly say crap like "Idc" and "You guys need to chill, this is a game." when you've played Genji for 8 minutes your entire competitive career and can't live for 30 seconds or even understand the basics of a team composition. It's extra worse if you duo with someone else who can't play their role either. I just got out of a game with a Genji / Widow duo who absolutely refused to play with their team. He died 4 times in 2 minutes, then started with the "Idc, this is a game. Get over it. I'm not switching." I am honestly at a loss for words at the state of this community at the moment.pr0l1fic26 1h
1h Retards All you !@#$ers, im tired of these GARBAGE %^- players in my game, I just dropped 40 *!@#ing points from 1980 to 1940 cause some autistic $%^-ing hanzo player, I deserve to be in a minimum of high plat. I cannot stand these brain dead morons in goldAppleǃ19 1h
1h Why do you strive for diamond/master?? Like... whats the point? I keep hearing how much of a chore diamond and up is but unless you are making a full on living from playing (and not less than minimum wage) why do you play so much and strive for top tiers? Seriously curiousSaVaGeOnE10 1h
1h leaving within first minute of the game due to losing Today I encountered a situation that was rather.... Infuriating. What I have linked is a short video of a competitive match. In said match, we were rolling the enemy team. We capped first point in less than a minute..... When suddenly, one of the other team members decided to dodge, causing the match to cancel. This makes me mad for several reasons. This person knew what they were doing and took the 50SR loss to prevent the rest of the team from losing SR, and keeping me and my team from gaining SR. I feel that 1 minute is too long of a window for leavers to cause a match cancellation. I feel there should be a system implemented that creates a sort of "if this, than that" situation: if team 1 is making unimpeded progress capturing an objective, then the game should continue regardless of a player leaving the game. This is certainly not the first time this has happened to me, and I feel it will not be the last either.Guko1 1h
1h I wish solo que was actually solo So I recently started playing comp again now that the Mercy meta has gone done and at least for myself there has been one consistent frustration: Groups. Now this may sound weird and maybe it’s just bad luck on my end but I hate queuing as a solo player and being put with groups. Now one could argue that I can just group myself, but I’ve played since beta and almost all of my friends have moved on from OW. Duo ques (again at least for me) almost always insta lock DPS and usually one is genji and never join voice comms. I don’t care if you don’t talk, I can shot call and call weak targets all day, but when you’re the two DPS and you can’t hear that “X” is low that’s an issue. Trios/Quads always seem to have their own conversations and just are generally there to goof off. They almost never seem serious and are just there to play with friends. Now there’s nothing wrong with that, but comp isn’t the place for it. Anyway, I’m sure I’ll get a barrage of “Well make friends and group” or something similar but being Active Duty my schedule varies too much to play with people consistently enough to gain synergy. I simply want to be able to come home after 14 hour days and just play the game with people who want to win. So Blizzard, any chance to make separate queuing systems? Possibly even opt in to play with groups and what not. Cheers everyone.Emaias4 1h
1h 2 Ideas to Improve Symmetra After she places her ult allow it to charge up for additional effect. Teleporters, would gain additional teleport charges. Armor, would allow for a large shield boost that lasted for a short duration. Thus allowing symmetra to have a defensive ult like zen and lucio Also, Symmetra needs the ability to remove a placed ultimate, or possibly to even move it once every so often. That way a ultimate would be able to move to a new location based on what the enemy was doing.Here4U0 1h
1h The MMR Problem (My Story) I started to play competitive this season since I thought it would be fun. I placed in the mid 1600's, and I did pretty well at the start, reaching the low 1700's the same day I got my rank. Then, something happened. I began to go on a losing streak for seemingly no reason down to the mid 1500's. I was still doing fairly well, or at least I thought. Then once that finally ended, it was a slow trickle down to the upper 1200's. I'm now bronze. So, what happened? I believe this thread by Cuthbert has the answer. For the TL;DR version, basically if I do well, the game puts tougher players on the enemy team, and less skilled players on mine, all because the MMR system wants to make a 50/50 chance game. I believe this is what happened. I ranked up fairly quickly so the game decided I was good, so it gave me worse teammates. (As an example, I at one point, encountered a Torbjorn player on my team while playing king of the hill.) I quickly lost MMR and so the games I got began to stagger with a win/loss, with a mini losing streak in between. This caused me to derank all the way down to bronze. Now, I don't claim to be a great player; decent at best. I know the role of my character and try to play them to the best of my ability. However when I start deranking this much it leads me to believe something is going on behind the scenes to sabotage my experience. If anyone is willing to share their stories about how this system screwed them over, I invite them to do so.Fastdash28 1h
1h Free Weekend Comp Trolls Would Blizzard be willing to provide feedback about if they plan to do anything about free weekend smurf account comp throwers? I'm not salty because frankly I gave up on caring about the SR comp system long ago but I feel that the game has serious issues with detecting trolls and people actively throwing games because its funny in comp. It would be nice for free weekend accounts to be wall gardened to a separate comp que so that the kids can play together. It's unreasonable to expect legitimate paying customers to have to deal with free weekend new account trolls. It provides a bad user experience for the entire community while trying to push new sales of the game, which are actively creating this issue for long time customers. If customers cannot be tracked across all accounts there are no consequences to your actions and that creates a system of abuse. The responsibility doesn't just rest on the community to report and actively track this issue. Long time Overwatch player since the beginning, - Mr. AndersonChosin1376 1h
2h Such a great job! I just wanted to take a moment and thank Blizzard for creating such a fun and competitive environment in Overwatch. It's so incredibly fun to try and grind out a better standing with 5 - 10 SR for a win and -50 SR for a loss, I mean just absolutely FANtastic! Keep up the great work, and the truly enjoyable environment. /sarcasm_offFrosty8 2h
2h Brainstorming: not enough game types Hi, I've heard that the developers are looking for brainstorming ideas about grouping up and competitive, so here's my take. Overwatch should take example on some of the most popular MOBAs and their game modes. MOBA/Overwatch == PvE/Training: for practice against bots MOBA == PvP Unranked : for when you are learning the game or casual play. Overwatch == Quick play: for when you are learning the game or casual play. MOBA == PvP Draft: for serious matches for players looking to practice for ranked. Overwatch == not present, only off-season competitive comes close to this. MOBA == PvP Ranked: for serious matches and ranking up. Requires a minimum of 10-16 heroes in your roster (aka you know different roles and characters) Overwatch == Competitive: for serious matches and ranking up. Only requires level 25 to access. See the difference? My suggestions would be to implement a game mode between competitive and quick play and up the requirements to access competitive to having at least 5 hours on each characters or at least 10-14 characters out of 26 meaning that you know enough to join serious competitive games. You could name the new mode Draft which could have a lower requirement than competitive which incentivizes you to play seriously and practice in a mode that's not a joke half of the time and learn how competitive works before actually joining in.Ennelaye1 2h
2h S8 SR Gain above diamond I haven´t tested it yet but can somebody tell me how exactly SR gain/loss works now in season 8? Do you gain/lose always a fix amount of SR now?NepNep6 2h
2h OWL Dream Team? Mine would be kephrii, gale, Dafran, Mickie, xqc and harryhook or the meme dream team. Ik some of them don’t play in owl but I’d like to see how keph and gale would do. I’m using my iPad so I can’t go back and replace “or” to “for” without deleting the whole post xDTargetMei4 2h
2h Willing to help console player learn on computer? I have OW on both Console and PC, but I usually play on XB1. I've played there since season 2 (though several seasons have under 10 hours) as that's pretty much what I play all my games on besides mmo's and such. currently I stay about mid plat with a bit of time in high plat. As you know though, the differences between the two are pretty huge, from the settings to the aim, to even basic movement and abilities. (even after playing mmo's with all the keybinds, it still doesn't feel natural). On that end though, I do have a gaming mouse with plenty of buttons for keybinds, and just today I went out and picked up a gaming mousepad as the general consensus is you apparently want to be making large sweeping movements to aim, which are not possible with my regular mousepad (RIP wristpad) this is my current "setup" As for the settings I currently have a couple different mouse settings (it can change settings by pressing a button, it changes the color of the side buttons to let you know which it is on). it seems to only be able to change 50 at a time, so I had red set at 1050 dpi and white is 800 dpi. My ingame sensitivity is set at 12 atm. probably terrible but like I said, it's a lot more tweaking than you have to do on console where you just adjust aim smoothing and aim ease in till your stick moves the correct speed. I'm also thinking about just putting each characters abilities on the mouse buttons so I don't have to bother with the keyboard binds. I'm level 16 on computer so I haven't done any comp yet obviously. I'm a flex player, which basically means I get shoved into heals or if I'm lucky, tank, but I can play all 3 (at least on console) so playing some dps as well would be nice. so to end, if anyone is willing to help out, that would be great.jedc224 2h
2h Worst set of games I've ever played Welp, dropped approximately 250+ SR in comp in <30 minutes thanks to some truly awful games where I never had teammates interested in actually trying to win a point, let alone a map. Nothing but people throwing, arguing, or just standing in spawn. I recently switched to PC because I was tired of nonsense you get in solo queue on console. I guess I was given false hope by my placements, where everyone worked together and I was actually able to solo queue to being place in Plat. I know it doesn't sound like much, but this was the best I've ever done and if felt great. Now, after getting nothing but trolls and rude teammates it feels awful. This is mostly just a rant, and I accept any downvote's I get. I just want to say, in a vacuum, that Blizzard, I'm shutting your game down for a little while. You got my money, but this is completely unacceptable behavior by your player base.cmhollywood11 2h
2h Looking for players for Comp. Team Looking for players interested in joining my boyfriend and I in competitive mode. :) We're SRed around ~2,000. I'm a D.Va main and he's a pretty flex player. (Me, not as much. Only decent with a few heroes.) We're just looking for a few chill players that are interested in working as a team to try to raise us all up in the ranks. ^-^ Both of us are friendly, easygoing people, so it would be pretty awesome to get other friendly folk to play with. (Can't stand trashy, toxic people!) PC, NA ServersSonTeresa5 2h
3h Important change that needs to happen in season 9 If someone or multiply people leave from your team in game for any reason your team shouldn't suffer SR loss when you lose. It's not an accurate representation of your skill and gives griefers and trolls far too much power to effect other people's game enjoyment. Just had a great game with a team that was looking to do well on defense round 2 but right at the start of round 2 one of our support players d/cs and we never had a chance after that. Personally I managed to play well enough I only lost 13 sr for the game but that's still more SR than I deserved to lose for someone leaving/disconnecting from the game. Some might say it would lead to people abusing that system but it's not like the person leaving isn't getting a -50 SR penalty and possible suspension from comp. I'll I'm asking is when people are in a zero chance to win situation they don't get punished for the actions or issues another teammate had. I've seen posts about ideas like this in the past and I really hope blizzard's devs are thinking hard about this fix to one of the nastiest problems comp has right now.Caution16 3h
3h Moira's ULT against Reinhardt shield question. Hey, do you think Moira's ultimate should go through Reinhardt's shield? Her regular damage beam gets blocked by shields but not the ultimate? Maybe it's just me but this seems like a continuity error. I believe he can also block Symetra's primary beam and I can't see the difference between that and Moira's tbh. Also Reinhardt's shield blocks most damage in the game besides Winston's tesla gun and a Genji dash so if someone can explain why Moira's ult can go through the shield that'd be great. I mean if Rein can block D.VA's bomb then why can't he block a beam?Ash1 3h
3h D-Va Moira problem Just another game - as soon as the other team realized we had a Moira they switched to D-Va -> gg, no more Orbs, have to switch off Moira. This needs fixing. Putting this here before people repeat their chants: The "just a counter" counter-argument here is that D-Va is in almost any matchup and hence Moira gets too pushed much into a niche. It's boring. Her kit isn't the one of a specialist such as Bastion, it's a waste of a good all-round hero in her case.XRed21 3h
3h 2CP Comp matches are getting really stally and it's annoying I'm really starting to get bugged out that the second points can contest for such a long time, it's really discouraging when u get a full team wipe yet there is someone always coming back to stall.ǁŦŖǕMPǁ1 3h
3h +1 SR for victory in CTF I just won a game and obtained 1, yes, 1 freaking point of SR. How this is right?.Hideyoshi5 3h
3h Legitimacy of Comp when rank#2 has 1.5 hrs So this guy....not gonna name him, but literally only ever played 18 games, is UNDER level 65, and has less than 1.5 hours logged....yet hes rank 2? All those hours of dealing with leavers and afkers, all those pain staking matches of carrying his team because a Mercy is afk in spawn....the countless matches hes had to deal with teammates throwing. He has fought so valiantly and is 100% deserving of his high rank on the leaderboards! How does a person even deserve such a rediculously high rank for only having 18 games logged and less that 1.5 hours of playtime? I mean, even I had some leavers and throwers in my placement matches. The odds that this one player has such a perfect experience playing the game are absolutely mind blowing.AHungSloth21 3h
4h SR Carry Over Anyone else really getting sick of their SR carrying over from one season to another?Glonex16 4h
4h Moria HAHAHHHAHHAHAHAHAHAH literally this is the dumbest most broke champion in the game. "Hey guys, lets take the most brain dead chamtion in the game and make it 10x worse." IM NOT SAYING NERF HER! I truely love the way she is, I can finally reliably get 4+ gold/silver medals each game :D Lets duplicate Symettra but make a few changes, Give her Gokus Kamahaha, and make it heal too. Give her primary fire triple the range and unlimited ammo. Lets let her be the only person in the game who can get away from grav. Give her a 7 second teleport. Make her outdamage half the characters in the game. Give her Symetra balls, but like give them AOE effects and bounce around nearly endlessly. Give her the same healing as an ulting mercy for 5 seconds.FrostBurn17 4h
4h Why do people throw as soon as I pick widow in competitive? Everytime I pick widowmaker on competitive, healers and tanks and other DPS swap to hanzo symmetra battle mercy bastion sombra etc and start calling me trash even though they don't even give me the chance to play widow. I'm not even bad with widow.パイオツ23 4h
4h Diamond solo queue is currently Garbage Is the last week of the season always like this? People don't seem to be trying to win (in diamond). Lots of immature people, no communication, DPS who just mess around, toxic people, etc. Gold and plat were better than this. It's really awful. About 80-90% of my games are like this now. Just save your SR and wait until next season I guess.JTMoney0 4h
4h SR gain unfair Why do you gain more sr for playing dps. At least that’s what I’ve gathered.iamhappyso26 4h
4h Comp i got suspended from competitive when i couldnt even join the game so i restarted and got suspendedGhoul0 4h
4h Overwatch Open League S 2 Hi guys ... when starts Open League S2 ? bc my team wants participate in S2? some1 know?Bearkillz1 4h
4h Role q is the only way to fix this. I can’t stand the idea of role que and forced meta but at this point there is zero reason to play comp. the chance of getting a decent game is so small it’s not even funny.AtlasTelamon7 4h
4h The perfect solution to the one-trick problem If you only play one hero for a whole competitive match, your SR gains are halved, and your SR losses are doubled. The perfect way to interpret that is that you should play at least one different hero each round. This will be an incentive for people to learn more than one hero, since you can't just master a single hero and play that hero both rounds.Nibelung17 4h
5h Can I Report a Player With Video Proof? I played a game with the same guy 2 times and i recorded our second game so i can show how toxic he is, is there anyway for me to send this video to blizzard? or can i just post it on the forums? I would like to know before i do anything.HighSniper4 5h
5h The Diamond Que Problem So diamond is a rank where you are not allowed to q with people that are in placements, yet when competitive season 8 only has 8 days left, I am being put into games where people still haven't been placed and ended in mid plat last season. Like I get in the beginning of the season you would have to play with play with people in placements, but seriously 8 days until this season ends man. What were you thinking blizzard? I am not even mad at the people that are being put in my games. At least they are trying their hardest, but like seriously blizzard fix the f ing queue system alreadyTh2owBack1 5h
5h Need help. I posted this a little bit ago, but maybe I used the wrong part of the forums, so I am going to share it here as well I hope to get some help with this by a blue or somebody higher up. I have a player who must have put me on their preffered list because I keep getting into competive games with them all this week. This player never plays the objective, does nothing but ice wall us in our spawn, and spams "A-mei-zing" voice line. This player also sends psn friend requests, cancels them, and then sends them again and again during the match. All this week I have been in no less than 12 games with this person and I report them in every single one of them after they start griefing. They must be very practiced with this character because she.never.dies. she ice walls, freezes, then icewalls, rinse, repeat. They are a silver player with silver border/3 silver stars. What do I have to do in order to stop being put into games with this person? If they are doing it in all of my games, then they are doing it in everyone elses as well and I am so very tired/tilted of it. I blocked the psn of the user, but it did not help. Please direct me to someone or some information so I don't lose my mind.SaintBoot0 5h
5h My comp rank before I even play? Backstory: I play overwatch on my ps4. I have over 200 hours on it, plus I watch Overwatch League so I keep up and learn strats and stuff too not just trickle in, die, repeat, etc. I've been gaming since I was 8 and I'm going on 28 now. Almost all of that has been on consoles though. This weekend, I decided to buy overwatch for PC. Now, I KNOW already that I'm going to have to adjust to mouse and keyboard. And until I do, I'll be playing like an absolute bottom of the barrel bronze player. For example, on console the idea of standing still while shooting is laughably absurd to me. I know better. But on PC, aiming with a mouse is different enough, but aiming accurately while moving with a KBM instead of controller is near impossible so far. Because I'm experienced enough on PS4, I know firsthand exactly how inadequate I am on PC right now. Which is why I'm going to stay the heck out of competitive until I'm fully grounded and established on PC even if it takes me another 200 hours. But this is where my question lies: because I have to get over that initial learning curve for KBM and I know exactly how badly I'm playing until I do learn KBM (not to mention that I keep getting stomped on by master-level smurfs every other round whereas I can't even move and shoot at the same time) will my QP MMR just automatically put me in bronze level ELO for my first rounds of placement matches even though I'm staying out of competitive until I've grounded myself? Is this account dead in the water bronze before it even began?YinMajora4 5h
5h Why do YOU smurf? So let me start by saying that this is not a cry baby topic, or a troll topic, just out of curiosity. I understand that a lot of top players play a smurf account as well, what is the point of this? It seems like in the end they end up playing the smurf more than their main. I understand that starting out with a smurf can be fun since you wreck teams in low elo, but eventually you end up back in the master + range, and since you loose elo after 7 days of not playing, it kind of forces you to play your main again. It just seems like after a while, the smurf is a better representation of your true elo since you go through the roller coaster of loss/win. If you smurf, please share why. Am I missing something? I am trying to be a better player and am just curious if having a smurf account actually gives you a competitive edge over people without a smurf.MrFuture112 5h
5h plz help, i'm stuck in gold again and i want to d♥♥ my every attempt to be the useful for the team ends with failure. usually half of the team don't know their roles, don't care about support etc. (generally incredibly uncooperative). people get tilted quickly and teamwork falls apart. im done with comp (sorry for poor gramma, i dont know if is it correct)ilovetf21 5h
5h solo queue So maybe we shouldn't make it so that a solo queuer get's queued with a 2 stack and a 3 stack against a 5 stack? i am really annoyed by this and what it does because when you have a gold and a 3400 player queuing toghther it's really annoying to get the gold on dps instead of you. they aren't at your skill level and don't pull their own weightCap0 5h