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Jul 6, 2016 Welcome to Competitive Discussion - Please Read! Welcome to the Competitive Discussion forum! We encourage you to use this forum to provide feedback and/or discuss your experiences while playing Overwatch competitively. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct and Forum Guidelines before posting. Code of Conduct Forum Guidelines For the latest Overwatch news, click here. For the latest Overwatch patch notes, click here.Lylirra1 Jul 6, 2016
2d Advice on getting to and over Masters 1) Don't spam the mic. Talk if you have to and if you need to. Spamming can be obnoxious, toxic, or just distracting. There will always be time to add someone as a friend or talk to them after the match about unrelated stuff. 2) Practice playing more than 1 - 2 heroes. If you can only main Lucio, Junkrat, Reinhardt, or Widow (as a few examples), chances are you won't be as useful to your team. Practicing and being good at multiple heroes makes you versatile and more likely to have a better game / win. Ideally: learn to play at least 2 heroes from each category - tank, support, offense, defense. 3) Don't split up your team if you don't have to. Grouping up can be bad if the enemy is about to do an AOE attack like Zarya or Sombra's ult, for instance. But chances are you can be better protected by your team, and target the enemy more effectively if you're grouped. When your team is spread out, it makes them easier to be picked off. 4) Target supports. Supports don't have much HP. They are therefore easy to kill. Killing them means the enemy team can't heal. Getting the enemy's Mercy down is especially useful. Before going into big team fights in particular, make sure your team is aware where the Mercy is. Try to take her out. 5) Treat your team politely. Your team won't even want to win if you treat them like crap. You are all here to play the game competitively. Learn how to be a good sport, learn how to lose a match humbly, and learn how to give / receive constructive criticism. This wouldn't be competitive if you never lost any matches, so expect it to happen sometimes. 6) Use the voice chat (if you have a mic)to call out whether an enemy is about to ult, if there's an enemy behind your team, etc. 7) Speak calmly. There's no reason to yell. Talking calmly, you will be heard and moreover your voice won't agitate people unnecessarily. If you're yelling at your team, chances are they will mute or ignore you. 8) Switch roles if you need to. Don't stick to one hero if it isn't working out for you. If your teammates want you to switch, maybe it's a good idea to do so. 9) Practice anticipating when you should use your ult. Timing is everything. The tab button is not so far away, just press it to see if anyone else on your team has their ults. It takes half a second to press that button, and half a second to glance below everyone's icon to see if they have their ults. If not, you can ask how close they are, but at least this way you'll know immediately if you can combo your ult with anyone. 10) Practice aiming for head-shots. If that means going into the training module with bots, do it. It goes a long way. 11) Be open to your teammates playing heroes. If you're on attack, but a teammate wants to play Widow, let them. Maybe they are even good enough to carry. What everyone needs to realize is that this game is versatile. There is more than one way to win a map. Give people a chance, but they should also switch off a hero if it's not working out. 12) Realize that climbing in SR takes time. Blizzard doesn't exactly always match you up perfectly with other people on your team that are precisely your skill level. If you're having a lose-streak, perhaps it is best to take a break. 5 minutes, 30 minutes, a day, a week, it's up to you. It wouldn't be 'competitive' if you never lost any matches. 13) As a follow-up to 12), be open to taking a break between your games. Sometimes it can help for you to collect yourself after a heated match. You can reflect what went wrong, what went well - for both teams. I'll add more suggestions if people want. These are the big problems I see daily in my games. Last season, I solo queued my way from low Plat (~2400) to mid Masters (3700) by following these concepts. Please add any other useful suggestions you think would help people if they practiced them. Edit: Thank you for pinning this to the top! I'm glad this facilitated people learning more about competitive. To the people telling me my SR is below masters, that I shouldn't be giving advice, etc: my career high is 3704. I played countless hours improving and learning. My advice is accumulated from that. I quit playing competitive once I reached 3704 last season and let it decay to 3000. I didn't go on a lose streak. I have, however, encountered lots of players this and last season who weren't familiar with the advice I put here. Also, just from a logical standpoint, my advice taken as an argument is independent of my SR. Good-luck in your games! Edit #2 edit boogaloo: got to masters this season @ 3511.etcyl117 2d
Jul 15 Help for the lower ranks Hello everyone, I'm an ex-master and I hear many people complaining about the're stuck in their ranks and stuff like that. So I'm here to help you guys with some hints to improve your rank. I'm not gonna say it all will instantly work but you'll have much use of it in the future. Just put here below your problem and I'm gonna help you. PS: this is not a troll, so you wouldn't hear garbage like "Git gut" from me.StRode500 Jul 15
1m Please Learn Mercy And PLEASE don't play her if you don't know how to play her! These days in competitive, I end up playing Mercy most of the time because the DPS players instalock their heroes. But even when I manage to snag a DPS spot on a team, I always worry about the person playing Mercy. "I can play Mercy, yeah." They say, thinking all you have to do is hold left click. "Protect me!" they shout, as they follow Winston too deep into the enemy team only to get bodied. At lower tiers, I see how this might be the case and she's no-aim no-brain, but... my god, don't tell me you can't tell the difference between a good Mercy and a bad Mercy. If she was as "no skill" as people seem to think she is, then there'd really be no difference between a Master Mercy and a Gold Mercy. I don't WANT to play Mercy anymore. She's extremely high stress, everyone's trying to kill you all the time (though it is satisfying to kill off a pesky tracer/genji now and then), and she's only satisfying when you get those big rezzes. Please. More people pick her up. I'd practically pay to have a Mercy main who knows what they're doing on my team. I don't care how "one trick" they are.BONSAI37 1m
3m Hate to be a whiner, but Zen needs a small buff Every healer has a counter for a Winston pounce, bur for Zen it's death unless your team can chase him away. Ana can sleep him, Lucio can boop him and speed away, Mercy can flitter away. Zen dies unless he can do massive head shot damage with discord before he dies. RARELY happens.Syrin44 3m
5m Need compensation for when somone leaves a comp game. LEAVERS ARE PUNISHED, BUT WHAT ABOUT THE TEAM THEY LEAVE BEHIND??AkimboSlice0 5m
5m Insane losing streak since Summer Games patch Now let me preface before I start this: I'm not the only one seeming to encounter this. Three other friends of mine have also reported this. That's why I made this thread to see if I'm the only one going through this. So prior to the Summer Games patch, I was on probably the best competitive winning streak of my career. At least 12+ wins in a row and I was finally back on my way to gold. I was playing as Mercy most games, even though usually I play as Sym. And it won is pretty much every game that I played Mercy as. I decided to stop playing for about two days before the Summer Games hit, and then play on the actual day. Ever since then, still playing as Mercy, I've encountered the craziest amount of blowouts I think I've ever seen. No one on my team even remotely tries to defend the point. I've legitimately had about 8 games in a row now where at least 3 people in the team refuse to hold the actual point and decide running off by themselves, behind a wall so there's no way in hell I can fly to them. (Shocker they all die within a few seconds). Not only that, people are seeming to refuse to play an actual proper comp. 10+ games now I've had rounds with 4-5 DPS and me being the only healer. Or whenever I try to suggest ways we could either push or hold the point better, they always go on a whole "naaah ___ is better than ___" and then said person usually can barely even carry their own weight. Which I don't mean to toot my own horn but... I really know what team comps work and what don't. Especially on defense. I every single consecutive time ask for one person to go Rein or Orisa and 95% of the time people refuse and pick Zarya and D.Va/Winston on defense. It has never worked for me so far. Because of people not listening to my advice and going off by themselves, I've lost about 400+ SR. Went from 1756 to 1330 in about the span of three days. (I keep trying to let my game 'cool off' for a day or two but it never works.) I've even tried stopping for hours, even a full day and it doesn't help. I queue with my friends who are slightly higher SR than me but even then we both get destroyed. (I've queued with about 5 friends now, all losses) Does anyone have any advice?Amélia31 5m
8m Complainers who never switch Join a game, 5-6 people go DPS. It's fairly common these days. The thing I really don't get is how come there always seems to be one or two people in those games that start complaining over not having tanks or healers, and yet they refuse to switch? If team composition mattered so much to them, why do they chastise everyone for doing what they refuse to do? Also, at least lately, it seems to be mainly Doomfist players that do this. Why??Pŗiŋcę12 8m
9m Mercy is the easiest hero to play and play against--she's most effective against bad teams. Easy to play doesn't mean she is low risk, though. She's easily countered and is high risk/high reward. Everyone knows why she is high reward: her ultimate. How is she high risk, though? She is easily countered by enemies who do any of the following: 1. Don't do poke damage. Focus enemies together and get elims. 2. Eliminate people spread out in space (not all in one spot). 3. Eliminate people spread out in time (stagger respawns). 4. Eliminate Mercy as one of the first 3 enemies down. 5. Conserve ultimates. Any one of these methods will shut down Mercy's usefulness with resurrection. Additionally, Mercy is the only support completely dependent on her team. Lucio can personally benefit from his non-healing supportive kit: speed and boops. Ana can personally benefit from her non-healing supportive kit: sleep and anti-heal. Zenyatta can personally benefit from his non-healing supportive kit: discord orb. It may be difficult, but each of these heroes can hold their own. Mercy has damage boost, which is dependent on allies and their ability to hit enemies. Mercy also has Guardian Angel, which relies on teammate's positioning. If everyone is bunched up in front of the enemy, there is no escaping whatever comes her way. In this way, unlike every other support, Mercy is risking a portion of her effectiveness on her team's skill. A good Zen, Lucio, or Ana can reliably 1v1 a good chunk of the roster if they need to and have the mechanical skill because their support abilities help even the playing field. Mercy can't reliably 1v1 anyone except another Mercy, or baby D.Va. Using her ultimate isn't as high risk as it used to be now that she is invulnerable, but she can no longer cheese it from spawn (unlike Hanzo firing dragons at a cart from spawn)--which I'm very happy about personally. She's high risk because she's easily countered by both the enemy and her own team. She punishes bad enemies, and rewards good allies. More on countering Mercy, and common arguments against her: "Mercy has her ultimate for every team fight" Mercy gets her ultimate charge most reliably from healing her teammates (because they can't always be relied on to do damage with damage boost). That means that if the enemy is only doing poke damage without getting elims, I can have my res every team fight. That's a problem with the enemy not being able to get picks, not with how fast Mercy's ultimate charges up. I've played against good players who do almost no poke damage, they just gang up on one teammate at a time (usually when they're out of position) and there's nothing I can do to save them. In those cases, Mercy is useless and I change to another healer who has more utility. That's rare, though. "Mercy's ultimate is unfair and takes no skill to use" Mercy gets the most from her ultimate when all of her teammates die in a small area and in a small amount of time. There are four skilled ways to counter Mercy's ultimate once she has it: 1. Get picks spread out over the map (space)--focus people out of position and punish them. With even 1 person eliminated before pushing into a teamfight with ultimates, Mercy's resurrect will put her team into a 5v6 after being resurrected (assuming your team didn't lose anyone, or you have a Mercy of your own). 2. Get picks spread out over time. Mercy's ultimate is most impactful when it gives her team a numbers advantage. If you eliminate her teammates so they are staggered, then she will never have a good opportunity to use her ultimate. If you eliminate 2-3 people on point, play around with the remaining heroes a bit to delay their deaths--this will make it so Mercy can't resurrect everyone together. Mercy may decide to resurrect these initial few people, but she likely won't if she's aware you have ultimates ready. If she does res them, use your ultimates and wipe them. If she doesn't, the rest of the team should be an easy clean up. 3. Make sure Mercy is in the first 3 people to be eliminated during a team fight. She can't use her resurrect if she's dead. Also: by killing a couple before her, she won't be able to resurrect more than 2-3 people if she gets back to the point. "But Mercy can run back and resurrect everyone if she is killed first" Yeah--if you're taking an unreasonably long time to eliminate anyone else. Focus people as a team better and get the picks quickly. If you stagger the eliminations, Mercy won't have a change to resurrect more than 2-3 people. She can help stall, but she won't be able to swing things in their favor. 4. WORST CASE SCENARIO: Conserve your ultimates. If you know there is a Mercy lurking around somewhere, and you 1) couldn't eliminate her teammates spread out over space; 2) couldn't stagger her teams respawns; and 3) couldn't eliminate her... then save an ultimate to use after she resurrects her teammates. You know where they'll respawn and can set yourself up into a good team-wipe position.Scraunched1 9m
13m If you're a decent DPS, don't rely on others for it I just had a revelation today that I wanted to share with the forums. This whole season, I've been filling roles since there's not many people who choose to play tank or healer. I was constantly wondering why I kept losing and losing more than I was winning. I kept wondering why I wasn't keeping a 50% win rate. I used to play Pharah for the past two seasons and kept a decent win rate in both of those seasons. This season, I started to transition into playing Lucio (because I enjoy the DSPStanky playstyle) and Mercy because my group of friends needed a support main (the Mercy main in our group lost his desire to play Mercy and started to fill in roles, but wouldn't choose Mercy if we needed a healer). In my group, we usually play tank and support and let the solo q teammates play DPS. This lead to a sudden drop in my win rate which I assumed was due to our DPS lacking. The solo q players we get usually jump in without us even if we try to get them to group up for a team push. I kept going on through this season knowing there was nothing too major I could do besides heal and get a couple shots in. We got steamrolled constantly and this lead to me losing 600 SR over the course of this season and I ended up in 2500. Today, I just said screw it and I solo queued as Pharah and Soldier: 76. I thought I was going to drop in SR more because the team comps looked so unsightly. People were choosing Hanzo/Widow/Torb/Symm on attack right off the bat, sometimes no healers or tanks, sometimes 5 DPS and Zen/Lucio solo healing. People in the team chat were already saying how we're going to lose because we're all throwing. I was completely surprised how everything turned out. I started to get picks and people changed their minds off of throwing and actually choose characters to support the team instead of camping outside the objectives while sniping. Sometimes no one would switch but I stayed persistent, I just kept playing as I always did, and when I pulled in picks, our teams pushed through and won. I earned over 200+ SR in the past few hours I played today. I lost a few of course, but my wins actually outweighed my losses for the first time in a while. My message is if you know you're a decent DPS and you know you will get picks and you at least have the common sense to know when to retreat or push, just forget about the team comp if it doesn't look great. You don't have to fill in roles all the time, sometimes it will just hurt you more if you know you're better at something else. Tl;dr, climbed from 2500s to 2700s over the past few hours because I started playing DPS after realizing filling in for teammates wasn't my strong suit.Giff4 13m
15m Theres clearly something wrong. Look at these forums. On the first page, 9/10 of all the threads are complaining about something. I know some of these are just tilted people with no knowledge but many of them have good points, and blizzard cant just ignore the fact that theres more criticism on these forums than tips on improving. I know blizzard is trying their hardest to make the game the best it can be but if they could answer some of mid-low tier competitive players i think it would fix these forums a little.KillerStrafe17 15m
16m Got to masters as widow. Here are some tips for climbing! 1) mouse ergonomics matter if you are palm gripper, you must play with low sensitivity (if at 800 dpi, use between 2-4 in game sensitivity), and a large mouse pad to reduce strain on the wrists, increase accuracy, and develop muscle memory. If you don't know which mouse to use, try to get a mouse that has a lower base of gravity and weight, like a death adder or zowie fk2, so that the mass doesn't throw off your aim if you have to flick using your entire arm quickly. if you are a claw/finger tip gripper, play with high sensitivity (if at 800 dpi, use between 5-7 in game sensitivity) and make sure you use the sides of your thumb and pinky to slow down your aim when you need to. Make sure to fully extend your index and middle finger so that it is fully relaxed to reduce strain. the smaller the mouse, the better (any zowie, g502, m65 pro). 2) always use 0 for scope sensitivity 0 scope sensitivity makes it so that your in game general sensitivity matches the scope sensitivity exactly. Make sure it is 0 to help build muscle memory. 3) take your time with your shots it only takes a split second to land a kill on a 300 hp or less hero, or 3 seconds to land a kill on a 240 hp or less hero. the more shots you miss the more the enemy team is aware of your presence. 4) count your bullets start with 10, and count down until you reach zero. to increase your chance of survival against a flanker, ensure that you have at least 7 sniper bullets remaining. if you see a flanker getting ready to attack, make sure you reload before they jump on you. 5) relocate frequently try to relocate every 3-4 sniper shots if the map area is small, or every 6 shots if the map area is large. dont forget rule #4. 6) keep calm, keep cool do not panic if you see a lot of colors, flashes, and loud noises. drown out the distractions and focus on your priority targets. if it helps, mute voice chat, or turn off all game sound so that you can focus clearly. do not forget rule #3. once you master this, you can start engaging in voice chat or turning on more sound. 7) when engaging a winston if you cannot land a headshot before or the split second he is in the air, run. if you are being pocketed by a mercy, you can 1v1 a winston no problem, but make sure that mercy is safe before you engage in a 1v1. if your mercy runs, you must run. 8) when engaging a hanzo aim for the base of the chin. due to hanzo's glitchy head hitbox, aiming for the chin will land you a headshot, guaranteed. 9) when engaging a genji if possible, shoot genji when he is at the height of the jump if you want to go for headshots. if the genji is facing you when jumping, expect to be deflected. 10) when engaging a tracer go for high ground. if you cannot go for high ground, you must have enough ammunition and accuracy to deal 300 damage to tracer (recall). again, make sure you use rule #3. Enjoy your climb to masters with widow maker! PythonPython4 16m
17m Sick of Doomfist? Learn Sombra I knew Doomfist would be an issue once we got an idea of his kit. After seeing him on the PTR I immediately began learning Sombra as a reliable way to counter him. When Doomfist is hacked, he is useless and squishy enough for Sombra to solo kill him. I see plats and below complaining about Doomfist and how OP he is... He's only OP because the heroes you're used to playing, don't effectively counter him. Mei, Junkrat, Hog and McCree all do a decent job at countering him, but Sombra, at least in my experience, is the best method. This means Plats>, that when someone picks Sombra, they may not actually be "throwing." There is a reason Sombra is used at the highest levels of play. Her utility through hacking is unlike any other hero. She can deny health packs to the enemy, she can render many heroes totally useless like DVA, Mercy, Rein, Hog, Zen and Doomfist. Her EMP negates any and ALL shields. And her EMP/Hacks also let your allies know who has ultimate or not. I think it's time the community at lower levels of play start to really embrace Sombra for what she can offer. Start working with your Sombra mains rather than just flamming and throwing your game at the sight of her. /rantObesity27 17m
23m I want Scoreboard Make the game a real competitive game. 1.Give us scoreboard 2.pause 3.options for silenced players to communicate 4.remove auto kick in competitive 5.give us option to come back into game no matter for how long we have been missing (still recieve loss if missing for more than 2 minutes) 6.enable spectating in comp matches with delay 7.give us popup when we login to notify us of banned players that we reported I am not going to write pros and cons on all of these as they were discussed many times.Alekk5 23m
24m The lack of logic and factchecking on these forums So recently there was a thread named: So I gathered some data this's not good news. This thread currently has 18 likes and 6 dislikes. (+12) The OP claimed the following: ... His post then continued, to claim that personal performance wasn't affecting SR unless he was "godlike" (of which there's no evidence or analysis or comparison between his performance and others in his elo), while the "spreadsheet" was nowhere to be found. Not even uploaded to a site, google docs, or anything. One of the responses were as follows: ... This reply had 8 likes and 6 dislikes.(+2) This brings up a problem that's been evident on these forums. People like, dislike, post, and offer opinions completely based on cognitive bias and in lieu of actual evidence. When a post that claims in the first sentence "I have evidence", but in the ensuing paragraphs, that evidence is nowhere to be found, that post should be discredited, not supported by people who don't bother to factcheck at all. Not only that, but I reviewed the stats of this player on: What it showed was that his stats are nowhere close to even being top 10% on most metrics in comparison, yet his skill rank is within the 9% of all skill ratings tracked by overbuff. People will see what they want to see, and hear what they want to hear. Factchecking and logic are dead on these forums.CankledFury32 24m
25m Difference in Communication between OW and CSGO I wanted to pose a question that perhaps you all would have insight into. I play at close to the lowest level in ranked play in CSGO, being Nova 1 and literally one rank away from Silver, but yet even that that low of a bracket, people have microphones and are willing to communicate and work together. Players will buy guns for others that are short on money, coordinate and plan pushes and strategies, and so on. In Overwatch, you very rarely get this kind of communication outside of Masters or higher, according to my friends that have climbed that high (I'm stuck Diamond on lucky winstreak every season but that's a story for another day). I wanted to ask why you see such a disparity in not only capability but also willingness to communicate. I believe it has to do with the fact that although CSGO and OW both punish individual play to a certain extent, CSGO more visibly punishes it, in the fact that if you die, your team is at a permanent disadvantage for the remainder of the round but also that if you are truly skilled enough, you can actually succeed in "carrying" a round, which makes individual play a very high-risk, high-reward choice versus just playing with your team. If you flop, your team notices for the entire round, a form of negative reinforcement, while individual success is publicly displayed for both sides in the scoreboard, a form of positive reinforcement to carefully consider taking the risky solo-play option versus playing as a team if you are not skilled enough to pull it off. However, OW differs in that there is no public in-game scoreboard, which should lower toxicity, but however loses the idea of negative reinforcement for playing as a team as your stats are not displayed to the team and does not reflect to your team that you are either failing or succeeding in your solo play. This could potentially encourage solo play by those unskilled enough to do so to continue their behavior and be a detriment to their team as there is no reinforcement to prevent this. Also, just with the nature of very slow time-to-kills and health packs, healers, etc. in the game, your mistakes are a lot less noticeable and thus are harder to learn from because you are punished a lot less for your misplays, or at least it takes place in a much less obvious form. On the other hand, succeeding in pulling something off takes usually an even higher skill level and sometimes relies on your enemies being significantly worse due to the slower time-to-kill and ability to reverse damage through healing, which makes the risk end of this line of play much larger while making the reward arguably much smaller. However, this is contradicted by the lack of reinforcement rather than an increased amount to discourage this behavior. Therefore, players feel less of a need to communicate with their team, although they logically should be attempting the opposite, and communicating as much as possible. What are your thoughts on this?Axanael3 25m
27m How many active players does the game have? I was just wondering because I got a 4 minutes estimated waiting time for comp queue, in high plat. I thought that there was a double-digit million number of players owning the game, granted I'm probably searching at a real off-time in basically any time zone, still 4 minutes made me raise an eyebrow.XRed16 27m
37m Is blizzard even looking to fix Season 6? Season 5 is over in 12 days. There is a PTR out but nothing in it about SR changes or anything. Dose Blizzard plan to fix their system for season 6 or are they going to let it die a slow death with their heads in the sand about how it all works... or doesn't work more to the point.Shadowcat33 37m
47m Simple Solution for Leavers Lets face facts people. The current punishment system in the game stinks worse than grandmas dirty underwear on the 4th of July. I have a very simple solution for the massive amount of leavers, trolls, griefers and throwers. Leavers: 10 minutes is NOT enough to deter someone from leaving a second match in the same day. Not even 30 minutes. There has to be a MEASURABLE disadvantage for leavers. This set of conditions will ONLY hurt those who have a habit of leaving matches. 1st offense: 1 hour temporary suspension from Competitive, 25 points of SR removed. 1 hour will prevent that player from effecting other matches in the immediate future. 25 SR is also a fair number for one leave, especially for those who legitimately disconnect from the game for what ever reason. *Players on their first offense will receive an "red flag" that carrys a 12 hour cooldown which starts AFTER the suspension expires. If that person leaves another match within that time they receive their second offense. If they can manage to go 12 hours without leaving, the 1st offense is then cleared, the red flag is removed, and they start fresh. 2nd offense (if they leave another match within that 12 hours of the 1st offense): 5 hour temporary suspension from Competitive matches, 50 SR removed. Would YOU leave again if that happened??? I think not. *Players who recieve their second offense get a new red flag now for 24 hours after the 2nd offense temporary suspension time ends. Once that cooldown ends, as with the first offense, their record is cleared, and they start fresh. 3rd offense: 10 hour temporary suspension from Competitive matches, 100 SR removed. Red flag timer now increases to 48 hours. That player is marked as a "habitual leaver", and at this point if they leave another match within the 48 hour window, they can be permenantly banned from Competitive matches. Anyone who thinks this isn't fair, has probably left more than a few matches themselves within a few hours. If you DISCONNECT once...that is an accident. Disconnect twice, you are probably making a bad decision. Disconnect 3 or more either have REALLY bad internet and should NOT be playing online multiplayer...or you have a nasty habit of abandoning a Competitive game mode and effecting other peoples SR level. "Once is an accident, Twice is a coincidence, Three times is a pattern." A paraphrased line from Ian Flemmings "Goldfinger". I replaced "enemy action" with "pattern". People who display a pattern of behavior need to be punished for it and the only way to discourage them from continuing that behavior is to punish them for it. Too many players have their SR railroaded because of habitual leavers, griefers and trolls who forcibly effect other peoples gameplay. Whether that is making them angry, griefing their abilities with Mei walls, killing them with Symettra portals etc. Something has to be done to stop the relentless exploitation of the portion player base who actually want to succeed in this game or any other.DerpyPants11 47m
50m Im still unsure how to improve Hey, Im a level 278 Silver with 1681 SR in competetive. I've had 142 hours in game and I havent made any progress since my first season. My games consist of me letting my team down, feeling horrible and leaving upset, and im sick of it and I think its time to change. I need to improve, but I dont know how? I do spend a little while in the practice range trying to improve things like aim ect but I dont see any improvement after my long hours, I know these things wont immedately improve so im going to keep trying. Ive had 1200 hours in team fortress 2 and honestly Im still horrible at FPS shooters. I have a terrible mindset when I go into games, knowing that im not going to benefit anyone, just ruin their rank and have a horrible time, I've since avoided competetive because I dont feel like I'll ever get better than silver. I dont have a main, and I feel like that will be the first step to improve, but when I play I sometimes see myself fall in love with a character for a short while to do really horrible with them and immediately stop playing them. Im interested with Lucio and Mccree but ive never really be good with them. Im interested with any feedback I recive, thanks a lot!MiniKuukou18 50m
1h How is it that your infinitely complex SR algorithm... Can't realize that this Genji main has a -4 K/D ratio, and you need to put him on my team 3 games in a row... Or you can't realize that this guy ONLY plays Hanzo and has an average of 3 elims per game... Or this Torb spends 100% of his games building turrets in spawn... Or this Mercy averages 1500 Healing per game, and 3500 damage.... How is it that you can't get a close game? It's roll or be rolled... This guy has lost 50 games in a row and hasn't killed more than 10 people over the course of those games, but NOOOOO he's not throwing. I call bull!@#$ on forced lose streaks if in 6 or 7 games in a row, you're algorithm can't even tell what I can simply type into Overbuff and determine in 30 seconds.pr0l1fic39 1h
1h WTF HOW IS THIS FAIR?! I just played two games and both games I had a leaver on my team. Both games I did really good with low deaths, high elims, high accuracy. First one I lost 43 SR, second one we managed to win and I only get 23 SR. HOW THE HELL CAN THE DEVS AND SOME USERS IN HERE CALL THE CURRENT SYSTEM FAIR WHEN IT DOES CRAP LIKE THIS?!BlueFountain3 1h
1h Data on games. What should I collect? I want to do a substantial data set for evaluating myself, my games, and the subset of the community I play with. Is there anything I should add to this? Perhaps time of day? Example: SR: 789-812 (981/962) [1100 1277 1174 789 761 / 531 987 1044 951 1242 1022] Time in Queue: 2:45 Map Type & Name: Escort (attack) [watchpoint] Final Score: 3-2 Leavers: 0 Toxic: No Heroes Played: Lucio, Mei/ Final Statistics: 29, 14, 2:14, 6488, 6412, 12 Notes: (Includes notes of toxic players and why leavers left)Metsik1 1h
1h I Love Season 5!? Every overwatch competitive season i've played in i've stayed around gold and silver. This new season was different, after my placement matches I ranked 1475 (bronze). Immediately I said no, I got into my first game where there were all silvers and I was the only bronze. Surprisingly none of them cared my first game was well played with great communication and teamwork. I started off maining Reinhart this season, while flexing if needed, and in silver he was awesome. watching pro players like stylosa I was able to utilize his techniques without any punishment. Silver was an EZ elo until I got to gold, not only was there a PTR update that gave Reaper life steal, but I started to see a lot more dive comp. After analysing dive comp I picked up Winston a hero that I though I'd never play. He was kinda hard to pick up at first with jumping into the middle of the enemy team and getting annihilated. Then when I finally got use to him I found out how amazing he is. I dove behind enemy teams, dropped the bubble on anna so she couldn't heal, then have fun. I even started to climb near and then above my past career high of 2275 (gold). An as I climbed to 2475 my wax wings melted and I dropped 200 sr. I didn't play for a while because of the leavers and trolls, but as I dealt with them more I started to learn how to communicate with these players. I stayed positive and kept our team moral up, even to the point of shout calling when two of our team mates were shouting at each other. I never mute, were all players trying to gain more sr at the end of the day. The great climb started to begin again. I even started looking at my teammates career profiles and asking them to switch when necessary. I also brought back Reinhart into my game for maps with small chokes. with all these necessary changes I was able to climb to platinum. This has been my most fruitful season by far, from bronze to plat. I even have my first Winston golden gun.CREAMECHEESE7 1h
1h Metas & Climbing Ive noticed ALOT of people writing about diffrent heroes. So after watching the WC, and doing some research (because i was bored outta my mind), ive come to a few conclusions. 1) The tank meta isnt near what it use to be. Top tanks are, Winston followed by (of course) D.Va... then after that (by almost a 50% pick rate) Zarya and Rein. 2) DPS is almost sold on 1.Tracer 2. Genji, not too far from that is soldier, and WAY farther down the pick list is McCree. (Unless ur on Def, then there's the occasional Sombra) 3) Heals (Its not even close) 1. Lucio... then a little ways down is Zen..then a little further is Ana. The main thing i noticed was... NO defensive heroes in this list. No hanzo, bastion, torb, ect ect. (There are times in Master/GM games someone will go Widow/Hanzo, but NOT often enough in WC to get a mention) Why there might be a variation here and there, these are the lock ons in real competition. Lucio, Zen, Tracer, Genji, Winston, D.Va is a basic comp in WC. The one thing ALL WC teams had???? COMMUNICATION!!!! Alot of people say they cant climb, its impossible with leavers, trolls, ect ect. It can be done. I climbed on my main account from bronze to diamond. Its not master/gm, but.. im still alive and have time to get better. CLIMBING 1)Most people that complain have NO communication. That is a MAJOR key to climbing. Even if NO ONE else is talking, atleast they can hear your call outs. 2) You play heroes your not good at to fill a role. This is even worse! I would suggest getting decent at atleast 6 heroes, 2 dps, 2 tank, 2 heals, THEN worry about climbing higher. Get out of the mentality that a "bastion" will save the game. 3)Solo Ulting and Ulting to save your own life. Its a total waste, because its a TEAM game. Get use to comboing ults, and using Def ults to save the TEAM. 4) Practice practice.. and yes.. MORE practice. Aiming and Tracking are a BIG part of this game. If your not good at it, you wont get far. QP is toxic, but atleast you can put some hours in. The target range is good also to just run around and blast things. 5) Watch guides on youtube, watch highrated streamers. Youd be amazed at things you can learn from better players. There are actually players out there that will watch your gameplay video and give you tips.... FOR FREE! 6) Dont get toxic.. Dont RAGE! Helps NO ONE. 7) Take breaks. Dont sit in front of your screen for hours on a losing a streak. You shouldn't complain about not being able to climb unless you've done ALOT to improve your own game play. Ive taken my sons account from sub 500 to almost gold in 2 sittings. Its possible.. even solo Q'ing. Dont give up, but, if you want to climb... YOU have to do some improving yourself, its not always your team holding you back.Mythic1 1h
1h Top 500 on lucio ball rewards so I just hit top 500 on lucio ball (450) and then instantly lost 3 games after and now I'm out of it. If I continue to not get back into top 500 will I still get my player icon and spray. Please help .ŃŌŘŦĦ9 1h
1h Rank 60 = officially good at the game What do you guys think about this statement? That puts you in the top 10%. Or do you guys think rank 70 is "good"?TimothyDGow147 1h
1h Please let OWL teams have their own skins! I think it will be really cool if all the teams can have their own skins while competing in Overwatch League, just like what soccer teams and NBA teams have. 1. It will help improve watching experience for fans since currently it is sometimes really confusing with the red/blue system. Team skins will help distinguish and solve this problem. 2. It can become a symbol of a team and attracts fans better. 3. It gives more exposure to the sponsors of the teams by showing their ad/logo inside the game. 4.It will definitely be an important part of the fan-related merchandise, such as clothes, figures, flags. 5. And for sure we can add skins of the winning team into the game and sell them each year. I can't wait to use the same skin as my idols do.Luka10 1h
1h Let's Fix What's Wrong With Competitive Tonight has been interesting to say the least. I've had teammates who won't group up. 4 dps is apparently the meta. (It's dive by the way). I've had a teammate refuse to fill because "tanking is gay". And finally someone was called an anti Semitic slur. So let me take this post to address some of the concerns I have with competitive and try to suggest some solutions on how to fix it. Let's start with the concerns I have with the current state of competitive. 1) Toxicity taking over the game When Overwatch first came out with season one I had a blast playing it. I was able to climb and the process was fun. Unfortunately that isn't the case anymore. Games are filled with players who are toxic beyond belief and don't care about their SR. It's frustrating when I have two teammates trying to trick shot on Numbani with no time played on Hanzo and Widow respectively. I want to be able to try my hardest playing competitive while having fun but I have anxiety whenever I que up for a game because I'm worried about being teamed up with players that don't care. On top of this, toxic players seem to be in almost every game. All the fun in competitive is taken away when players are screaming at their teammates through the mic or typing repulsive things in chat. This is definitely effecting the way competitive is played. From my experience, if no one on the team is being toxic, it's because no one is using their mic's. Which bring's me to my second concern. 2) Lack of teamwork There's a huge lack of communication and teamwork in competitive. The foundation of Overwatch is that it's a team game. Unfortunately that's not the case in competitive. 99% of the time teams lose because they're not fighting together. When you have 4 members on your team leaving a team fight to kill a Winston that's low on health it's because there's no communication going on. I can understand that there's a plethora of reasons why players don't communicate but it can have a significant impact on the effectiveness on a team. Suggestions: I think there are some minor fixes that can be but in place that can help make competitive a positive experience. I've heard members of the community talk about how they would like to have a system for players to rate each other. While I think this is a good idea I don't think it's the right solution. When you right click on a players name, in the drop down menu, you're given an option to prefer a player. I think that there should be another option to defer a player. This option should reduce the chances of you being qued with or against this player by a slight margin. On top of this, players with a high deferral rating should be excluded from playing with new players (except for competitive). We need to make Overwatch less toxic so new players can enjoy the game as much as a lot of us did at launch. In addition to this, for competitive games, players should be automatically put in team chat and have the option to leave. It was great when Jeff announced that the development team was going to make joining team chat easier for players. However, even though the option is there, player's are still not in team chat. By having players automatically in team chat, it can make the competitive experience be less frustrating. I want Overwatch to be the best game it can be. I'd love to hear some suggestions on how we can fix these issues from other members of the community.Deoxyz26 1h
1h Team comp is getting abysmal as time goes on This season has been the worst when it comes to team comp and I think it is going to get worst and worst. 4 DPS No healers No tanks Torb mains Sym on payload attack Solo heal Zen This has been going on for the whole season and no one will change at all. So many games has been no healer and 1 tank only because I was the tank.Exile205 1h
1h Cooldown changes could solve so many balance issues Give a hero an ability that blocks every bullet and makes you invincible to certain attacks and make it an 8 second cooldown. Its just stupid, the moment any genji feels any danger ever they just hit e and theyre safe and then they can just dash away. Yea winstons can sortve counter them but any half decent genji and a healer that does their job when needed and winstons wont be able to do anything. Also its only heroes like winston, zarya, and roadhog that have any chance of even killing the guy. Or sym and mei, if your into that sorta thing. And with his infinite mobility he can just get real close to your face and once you finally start getting some distance from him or hit some shots on him as soldier or widow, he just presses e. Then he slowly walks up to you in that stupid power ranger skin and just waits for his invincibility ability to finish up so that he can just press right click and melee you to death. One of the dumbestcharacters in the game right now to play against. Doomfist and DVa are the only two other heroes that match up on the bull-*!@ meter in my opinion. Just change the cooldown to 10 seconds so that he cant be invincible every 8 seconds. So stupid how characters like genji and dvas biggest counter heroes are literally only tanks, then mei and sym who no one wants to play really. Honestly just reworking cooldowns for heroes in this game would fix so many balance issues. I dont even care about his deflect hitbox, hes deflecting you shouldnt be able to mcree stun slightly to the side, the purpose is to deflect projectiles. But its cooldown is so short. Thats also why dva is so strong, its cause her cooldown for her jet mode is 5 SECONDS. DVa can travel so much distance every 5 seconds, making her dm infinitely powerful. Winstons strength is also in his really short cooldown too. He can leap in, fight for 6 seconds then leave or fight even deeper. Simply making his cooldown to 8 seconds instead of 6 makes playing winston require much more thought and teamwork then just jumping in and having a zarya bubble you. Right now, anyone can play winston or dva making this game dull because who wants to play a hero that boring as all hell to play yet needs to be played. Were basically locked into playing heroes we hate, which is stupid. We should just not play those heroes because screw em but I doubt thatll happen. But since cooldowns are probably the biggest issues certain heroes have, leaves me with confidence that this game is going to last a long time. All they really have to do is change a number, it really is that simple for some heroes. I just hope they dont overthink it.Jazzy7 1h
2h Can console please get a report system? One has been "in the works" for what feels like forever and it's frustrating beyond measure at this point. I Just got to lose 60 SR from one match (why that's fair I have no idea?) because the Symmetra on our team was mad we had a Hanso (who was doing most of the work, so idk why he was mad) and decided to put his teleporter on the opposite side of the map so we couldn't get to the payload in time for overtime. Throwing a match guarantees a loss. You don't get to throw and then get mad at everyone else for that loss when you caused it. It's never over until it's over. Stop getting all tilted because things aren't going your way, or because things aren't easy. The problems with this game are 99% caused by the toxic, negative, immature, cranky community. You can all complain about how X character needs to be nerfed or X character needs a buff or blame Jeff Kaplan for your SR, but can we all just agree that players are causing most of your losses? Because they are. Console is more frustrating because there's nothing we can do. Even if we get SONY to deal with the accounts, they just make a new user on the console and can start all over for absolutely no extra cost. You can buy the game once on PlayStation and have unlimited smurfs. =| I have no problem with smurfs as it pertains to people wanting to have a side account to play on and see if they can do better in their placement matches or something. People purposely tanking teams "for the luls" isn't fair to the rest of us. I realize that console edition isn't as important as the PC version, but we were promised that console would be balanced differently than PC and it doesn't feel like it has. We were promised a report system for console and that's never coming. Season 6 is just around the corner and it would be cool if it'd be a different and more enjoyable experience than this current season has been. Blizzard: Please give console players something. @_@[u][/u]Astrobauble0 2h
2h Lucioball top 500 rewards Ohai. Now that The top 500 list is online and Im in the top 500 my question is: If I drop out of top 500, do I still get the top 500 rewards (animated spray and so on)?Phytik10 2h
2h Why we need a per-group-SR system to fix OW competitive! Greetings from a game developer and Overwatch player. Let's talk about the matchmaking ... again. I have read a lot of the SR complaints in this forum and I believe the change to per-group-SR can improve on a huge number of them. A lot of time has gone into condensing this post to a readable size, so I hope you like it. Blizzard should create a different and independent SR for every single group including solo. Any combination of 2 or more players is a distinct group and would get their own SR. The players should be kept in a single queue though. LG Evil Jake Lyon says it well: The rest of my post details the many benefits of this single change. -- What can be fixed or improved when switching to per-group-SR: Grouping restrictions: Friends can't play competitive together if their SR is too far apart. With Independent-SR everyone will be able to group however they like as even the weirdest combination will get a rank corresponding to their actual effectiveness. This removes a major incentive for boosting and smurfing. Smurfing: While not sanctioned by Blizzard, smurfing is still a nuisance to say the least. Much of the smurfing happens to be able to play with friends that have a far lower SR or to protect the solo SR from weak groups of friends. These major incentives for smurfing will be gone completely. Grouping side effects: Currently groups of similarly skilled friends can form groups of extremely different effectiveness. The SR of individual players depends a lot on which group they play most in. With per-group-SR groups of different strengths will simply get different SR ratings. High or small SR gains: Having a SR trend that is contrary to the win percentage is often caused by grouping with people that are very far away in SR points. The highly ranked player will gain less SR as he won against relatively easy enemies, the lower ranked will gain more. With per-group-SR this can't happen anymore. Boosting: Boosting massively reduces matchmaking accuracy. With independent-SR, boosting solo SR can no longer be accomplished by simply grouping up with ~2 downranked diamond/master players. Throwing: Often done as a preparation for boosting, as described above. Group vs. Solo imbalance: Being matched against a pre-made group while playing solo queue feels unfair due to the better team-play of the group or higher rating of the solo players. Independent SR will give every group a correct SR rating instead of a calculated assumption of their groups effectiveness. Performance based SR: Playing for stats instead of wins should not be encouraged in a competitive game. Blizzard probably does this to reduce the impact of all the above points. With per-group-SR, statistics based tweaks can be removed. Jake again: Arbitrary matchmaking rules: The current matchmaking attempts to make group sizes on both sides equal. This fragments the player base and increases queue times. It will no longer be necessary once all groups have a realistic SR and can fairly play against solo players. 6-stack to top 500 solo SR: This will obviously be impossible once per-group-SR is implemented. There will be independent top 500 boards for each group size and solo. -- Details: This is not a call for separate queues! On the contrary, I believe fighting 6 * solo against a 6-stack will feel much less unfair and random once the group will actually be placed at a realistic SR. The initial party SR can be calculated the same way as current group SR is calculated. Already known subgroups should be taken into account. This may be good enough to avoid group placement matches. A lot of cool convenience functionality to recreate previous successful teams could be placed on the team page. Team names & tags could be shown in game. Winston pushing a "recall" button that automatically invites all previous team members and indicates whether all are online comes to mind. Having only one score per player is somehow super important for Blizzard. I suspect it's the only reason why we can't have nice things. The fixed League to SR point relation may no longer work if 6-stacks are the only ones that can play on the highest level. A dynamic definition may be needed. -- TLDR: Blizzard should create a different SR for every group including solo while keeping everyone in the same queue. Per-group-SR will allow players to group up however they like, remove a major incentive for boosting & smurfing and the simplest boosting mechanic. -- Blizzard keeps improving their game and is listening to the community well. I'm optimistic they will do this at some point. What do you think? Thanks to Radman and MacGraeme for their input. :-)ntroPi4 2h
2h Phara is an enabler People when you gonna realize Phara needs a nerf or at least pharamercy literally most my games have been ruined because that combo entire games my team has steam rolled until she came out I'm tired of losing sr because of unfair heroes. I tell you she allows lower level people get to higher ranks and as soon as shes locked in that person cant play anything else and the team suffers for it I say nerf her or the pharamercy combo so they require skill. now if your gonna post something don't write get good cuz I can easily take out anyone else as any other character. Ps.. is there gonna be a Doomfist nerf blizzard theres got to be.MadMutt6 2h
2h Ah, How I love playing at nights It's the most cancerous experience I ever had in my life. Toxic, throwers, no one switches, it feels like I am at least 2500Sr lower and people are all mentally retarded. I have not ever in my close to 1000 hours of Overwatch won more than a quarter of my matches at night. Tonight was the cherry on top. 6 games with throwers in a row. 150 SR. Just !@#$ it all. This game is going to be dead in 6 months cause the devs can't get their %^-* together. No muting, no 10 min ban. Ban them all, forever. Same treatment as hacking, IP ban. These people are destroying any integrity this game could ever have and you don't give a !@#$.Verethragna15 2h
2h Fate worse then leaver Went to play competitive 4 of my team leave and the enemy farm at our start zone So 2 of us fight them all with many many hero pick,killing time, wait for defeat Then I got kick by inactive,even I do damage to them all I still play the game,but why blizzard still punish me for that lose 40 point something Plz fix. Note : below was my own fail,but still it because how unfair blizz system did to me on above Join the new game but feeling bad to the point that I cant play any more And Thank again,in only 7 sec of it I click close game(window mode) suddenly I join the game(same time as I click close) now 2 hour suspendedMonstertin5 2h
3h My Player Resurrected Most in Game Record - 28 Hey guys. Today i just break my old record. I don't know this high or not but really hard to make it. If you guys play Mercy too, what is yours? It was 24 from Control Map. But i just break my old record on Escort map. My Most in Game Res Record is 28. Game time is 20 min. 3h
3h SR Gain Confusion Recently played Lijiang Tower KOTH map, Our team had come across this intentional thrower who would: 1) Throw armor pack off map as Torbjorn 2) Kept switching in spawn just to "mess up" team comp in final round - (Would switch to another support, tank, dps, etc. unnecessarily) In the end our team won and the majority reported him. BUT WAIT, after the whole team compensated for this fool I only gained 19 SR (so 3170 -> 3189). Why only a little SR gain for a hard earned win with a thrower, while playing DPS? TLDR; Thrower on our team and I only gain a small SR, slightly confused. Send help.Clemente1 3h
3h went 2 and 1 in comp today. ended up with minus 2 SR than what i started with. great system blizzard.NUTǃ3 3h
3h Fix competitive. I'm not saying that it's always having bad teammates, but people who say it's never because matchmaking paired you with a bunch a potatoes for teammates are wrong. I don't know about anyone else, but I've lost 400 sr consecutively, no wins in between at all. I've been on a losing streak for a while now, it started 6 days ago and I stopped playing for 5 days cause of how off putting it was, so I came back yesterday and played come and kept losing, no wins in comp whatsoever, and then playing today, no wins whatsoever. I haven't won a single game of comp for 4 days in a row. It can't be that I'm just bad. There has to be some problem on the game's side, I was 21 sr away from getting into Master before the losing started, so if you can't tell I'm a little mad. If anyone has had this happen to them and know why or possibly how to make it stop then tell me. I can already see all the "you're just bad, get good" comments coming.Unloving8 3h
3h Getting banned even tho you join back Not sure if this is intensional but I was just banned for dcing even tho I joined back and we won the game, If I still get punished for joining back then what's the point in doing so Instead of punishing people that disconnecting/leaving give better incentives for people to stay in game Just some thoughts on compXstr1kerX0 3h
3h SR needs reset BAD!!! Sorry gotta rant a little but I have never been so confident in anything. The SR is completely out of wack. I have have played against low silver players all the way to mid diamond players and I can honestly say without a shadow of a doubt that I have seen no difference in skill. I play exclusively support and tank for example and can honestly say I have gold or silver in both kills and damage EVERY GAME (unless I play Mercy). I just played a game where me and my wife played duel support and I managed to get every gold metal except healing (which she got) with 25-4 K/D and still lost miserably because no matter how good I am the game is so team dependent that I simply cannot carry enough. I just don't get how my equals in skill level are players who solo dive a basion as WInston, counter Pharah/Mercy as Reaper and Genji, solo charge as Rein over and over down the middle on Hanamora into 6 Symm turrets and a Torb turret by themselves, teams who are willing to go out without any barriers or any healers. All these things happened to me tonight while I was helpless to solve the issue because I was solo tanking/healing every game. I just can't do another game of me and my wife being the only tank and only healer and still getting all the gold metals between us and loosing rank for it. It is like I am being punished for both carrying and filling.aba157 3h
3h Removed for inactivity Only one person left on the enemy team. I had GM heal as Zen. Chilling on point, waiting out the game. Nothing to shoot. Nothing to heal. Dropped for inactivity. Lost 50SR. Tilted, then lost a total of 6 matches and 200SR. I feel bad for the people on my teams that I let down. I wish I had realized I was tilted earlier. Thanks Bliz!Subflow2 3h
3h Placement matches I just switched from PS4 to PC and I'm about to reach lvl 25 and I'd like to know if the rank I get after the placement matches would be the same in different regions, for example, I'll make the placements in EU and once I finish I'd play with a friend in Americas. Would I keep the rank I got for playing in EU or do I need to do it again? same goes after placement, all the points earned would be saved in another region? Thanks!Yhorka1 3h
4h What heroes should I learn before playing competitive? I play mostly Roadhog and Tracer and play them well. If I want to play competitive play to hopefully get a high rank, what other heroes should I learn? The reason I ask is because I assume other players on my team will pick Roadhog sometimes and maybe Tracer, or maybe tracer will not be useful and Roadhog is chosen. Is it a must to learn other heroes to play competitively in competitive play? If so what heroes should I be learning? Yes I am fully aware that I can choose anyone but I want to try and rank high so am wondering if is is a must to learn multple heroes and if so which ones. ThanksTester14 4h
4h SR Decay kinda dumb I mean i understand the concept of it but some of us have lives and i have to work and go to school and barely have time to play i am in GM and i decay and only have time to atleast play one game maybe two and it still gives me 23 hours after that one match like i wouldnt mind atleast keeping it where i can play once or 3 times a week and keep my rating up withing worrying about itRumy0 4h
4h Doomfist is perfectly balanced Stop crying. Just because you are blind and get one-shoted doesn't mean the hero is broken. It just mean you are pathetic and need to learn he's counters. ps And anyone can play doomfist in any mode and how much they wantINeedHealing30 4h
4h No Hanzo Allowed In Competitive "You pick Hanzo, I throw" Either they will tell you in voice chat, text chat, or just troll pick after I lock in Hanzo. Picking off meta heroes isn't throwing/trolling Widow, Junkrat, Mei, Bastion, Torb, Doomfist, Sombra, Symmetra on Payload Attack. But if you barely played that hero, you pick it and do not even engage the enemy that is a troll pick. These are the games that I actually lost. ... They thought I am trolling. The Hanzo hate is REAL! Some people who comment didn't even watch the video. The same way I believe some people will reply to this thread without even opening the links and go thru the content. ... I shouldn't need to do this to win every game IN GOLD! ...hanzo0nly9 4h
5h Priority system required. It seems like Overwatch does not take seriously about the penalty for the player who is misbehaved. I've heard in DOTA2 they moved misbehaved players to be in "low priority" and play with each other and lose some benefits. How about applying it to Overwatch? What do you think about this?Kasin4 5h