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Nov 4 Season 3 Competitive Changes on PTR Right now on the PTR, we’re starting to test out changes for Season 3 of Competitive Play. While there’s one big change to Season 3, there are also some behind-the-scenes adjustments to how we’re calculating Skill Rating and Skill Tier placement that I wanted to discuss with everyone. The largest visible change to Competitive Play will be to the off-season between Season 2 and Season 3. Based on community feedback, we’re going to shorten the off-season downtime to just one week, with Season 2 ending at 00:00 UTC on November 24, and Season 3 beginning on December 1. Additionally, during the off-season, we’ll display an in-game countdown to when the next season begins. Before explaining the changes to Skill Rating and Skill Tiers, let me explain some of the goals for matchmaking in Competitive Play. First and foremost, we always want to provide the fairest matches that we can. Fair matches of skill between the teams provide the greatest chance for you to have fun in Overwatch. At the same time, we’d also like every new competitive season to feel like a fresh start. These two goals end up being somewhat contradictory. If we completely reset everyone’s Skill Rating (SR) at the start of a new season, then players of all skill levels would end up playing against each other and having poor quality matches until the system could reevaluate each player’s skill. Because of this, we don't fully reset your SR when a new season begins, and instead use your SR from the previous season as a starting point. Another area of Competitive Play we’re trying to improve for Season 2 is how we distribute everybody into their Skill Tiers (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, etc.) based on their SR. When Season 2 started, we had WAY more players in Gold and Platinum than we initially intended, and way fewer in Bronze and Silver. This was the result of how we calculated your initial SR for Season 2. We tried to partially reset player SR at the start of Season 2, but the results were not as we expected. Instead, below-average players started Season 2 at a higher SR than they should have been given their performance in Season 1. This meant that as they played in Season 2, their SR would often drop to a lower value, which didn’t feel great. It also meant that there was a much wider variation of skill in the Gold and Platinum tiers than we wanted. This is something we want to avoid in Season 3. As a result, we’re testing a different way of determining your starting SR for Season 3 on the PTR. We’re leaning more towards trying to keep things fair rather than giving everyone a fresh start. We’re also going to initially tune your SR to be slightly lower to start. In turn, fewer players should start the season having their Skill Rating drastically drop despite having close to even wins and losses. This change will mean that some players will not start in the same tier for Season 3 that they were placed in for Season 2, and that your SR gains from winning will be a little higher at the beginning of the season. After you play enough matches, however, your SR gains and losses will go back to normal. We’ll be looking closely at the results of players placement on PTR and see if our goals are being met, and might make further adjustments during this testing cycle that might require a reset of placement matches. If that’s the case, we’re try to provide advanced notice whenever possible. In the meantime, we really appreciate your feedback, and thanks for everyone who is helping us test on PTR!Scott Mercer500 Nov 4
Jul 6 Welcome to Competitive Discussion - Please Read! Welcome to the Competitive Discussion forum! We encourage you to use this forum to provide feedback and/or discuss your experiences while playing Overwatch competitively. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct and Forum Guidelines before posting. Code of Conduct Forum Guidelines For the latest Overwatch news, click here. For the latest Overwatch patch notes, click here.Lylirra1 Jul 6
2m No rules to follow - no players to follow the rules. 1. No penalty for 100% trolls (I'm not talking about people playing hanzo or widow and are pretty good with them - I'm talking about the worst trash kind of players who just want to lose, they don't talk, they pick whatever is needed less etc.) 2. You can derank ruining hundreds of games and there is also no penalty for such thing. 3. People start loosing - they meet few trolls in a row and they also start trolling - never ending circle of hate - and that's just the beginning. Have fun, I'm not going back till there is a system, I mean a real "system", where you have competitive games rather than quick play with number above your nickname. If blizzard can't do anything to stop circle of trolls then I'm out forever. No rules to follow - no players to follow the rules.Apocalypso18 2m
3m Reaper viability I really like playing reaper, and I don't think he's weak at all, but the fact that @#$%ing D.VA hardcounters him so hard makes him almost unusable. Not to mention fat guy hooking you across walls all day. Plz reduce DVA armor plz. 500HP and 100 armor maybe??? At this point everyone must know DVA, hog and ana's granade have issuesmassrines1 3m
4m Please fix the team balancing in competitive Blizzard Blizzard please fix the team balancing its getting out of hand I started at 2105 then quickly dropped down to 1600. I've managed to get back up to 2200 but now I have just hit a brick wall. Every damn game I get thrust into a team of unorganized golds against a bunch of golds and a platinum who are communicating and are 2 times the levels of my entire team. As a level 92 I always get put in games with 50 and 60's against a team full of level 100 and 200's one time I got put into a game with all under level 100 against a level 500 and and countless other 100+'s. I know that just because you are a high level means you are amazing but when they have communication and more experince two things I never get on my teams it's damn near impossible to win. Blizzard please fix this it's getting a little ridiculous.TheAgame5 4m
6m People who play soldier! Destroy the pharah! I don't care if you have gold medals if you aren't killing pharah and she is ulting all over the place then you aren't helping. Especially when the team is equipped to handle her except you. For the love of God frag pharah. That is all... I thought when I get to a higher tier this would be automatic. Nope.,.Splatterpunk1 6m
6m Sombra: How do you play this...thing? After watching professional players play Sombra, playing her in quickplay for 15 hours, and trying her in competitive for 5 hours at a high master level and losing 300 SR, I can safely say that trying to accomplish the goal of "disruption" with Sombra takes a massive amount of effort and often yields nothing but death on the player's part. I've tried playing her in many different ways, but each way results in very little being accomplished. Here are some examples of missions I've went on as Sombra: Life #1: Dedicate to being an opportunist and taking out weakened enemies. Result #1: No one dealing damage for my team, as I occupy a DPS slot, yet am waiting for my team to deal damage somehow so I can pick off weak targets. Also inherently a nonexistent passive because there are rarely ever any weakened enemies to take out in a 2 support meta. Life #2: Dedicate to being a disruptor and hacking key targets. Result #2: Lucio donuts, pellets, and Soldier chip damage interrupts me every time I attempt to hack. Even when hack is successful, hacked target disengages while team covers for him until hack expires. Life #3: Dedicate to being a backline harrasser. Result #3: Shoot supports from a distance, resulting in negligible chip damage that is healed by Lucio aura. Enemy team ignores me and continues pushing objective or holding point. Attempt to get closer than 20m to deal more damage, die to a Roadhog hook, Ana sleep dart, Rambo Lucio, bursted by Soldier or Mccree, or a pistol full of a surprising amount of damage. Life #4: Dedicate to trying to stick with team and fulfill a more reliable DPS role. Result #4: Lose Rein shield wars to enemy team's Soldier or Mccree and promptly get Earthshattered and autoaim'd to death. Life #5: Dedicate to playing "healer spec Sombra" and spend most of match hacking health packs. Result #5: Watch as team loses majority of teamfights due to my lack of presence, and never really end up hacking enemy heroes as it's always on cooldown. Life #6: Dedicate to playing "assassin spec Sombra" and attempt to 1v1 people (even hacked enemies). Result #6: Die to everyone, even characters who aren't made to 1v1, like Lucio. Life #7: Dedicate to playing another hero. Result #7: My team wins the game and I don't get flamed / reported / feel like deadweight. I really want to like Sombra. Really. But what the hell is her role? What can she do that another hero can't do better? Even with her upcoming buff, she'll still just be a hackbot. I never hear anyone say "omg they have a Sombra, better switch to x", yet every other hero in the game has a reaction to them. "omg they have Pharah, switch to Soldier" "omg they have Widow, switch to Winston" "omg they have Tracer, switch to Mccree" "omg they have ez lmao"PainReliever2 6m
9m I wanted to get to Platinum this season. from what I have seen, I wanted to get into Platinum this season. I think I'm going to have to forgo trying to get there it seems. from what I have also seen, it seems that even climbing out of silver tier SR is damn near impossible.Zeldafan3433 9m
10m Can we please actually talk about ranked? So i have been playing ranked, and i have been noticing a few things about the system that seem a -So i got placed in low gold, which was a nice surprise to me as i started ranked as soon as i got level 25, and was able to hold it fairly well. -I then started playing a few games partied with my friend, (a bit higher SR than myself) and we got put up against people in masters for 2 games in a row, which put us on a losing streak and i ended up losing about 400 SR in a couple games. -At around 1600 SR now, i noticed that i was entirely unable to get above about 1750, no matter how insanely well i was playing because my team is (let's be blunt about it) REALLY bad. my point here is that the MM system is too focused on win/loss (as many games are) and not as much about player skill. you can be in a game and literally do the best person in the game and lose 50 SR because you lose the game. I can say that, especially since it happens quite a bit where i will not only get 3-4 gold medals but also POTG and lose with a team of angry players saying they have all gold medals and trying to report me for chat abuse for saying that we could use a healer on our team. TL:DR: -Ranked system could be improved (brackets are way too wide?) -It is almost impossible to move rank in (judging from other people's posts) any tier -You can be as good as you want, but you cannot carry hard enough sometimes too win the game We all know the ranked system is by no means indicative of real skill level, so please leave the, if i may, !##!%*## measuring, out of the posts. that all being said, any thoughts on the "ranked experience"?Biggles4 10m
12m What are the best carry heroes for each class? The standard would probably be Soldier 76, Mei, Reinhardt, and Ana, I'd imagine. But are you able to deviate from that? I'm only asking because losing more and more SR due to teammates that leave mid-match or are using heroes that keep being countered by the enemy is very normal. I was in Silver, where things were already unpleasant, but I'm nearing Bronze so I want to be prepared.Mizail6 12m
15m How do I stop this horrible losing spree I worked up to 2900 and bounced around 2700-2900 and then one day I just had a massive loss streak down 400 rating. Now I am 2400 rating and the games feel MUCH harder than when I was at 2900 and it seems like the losing streak is never going to end. I am very very quickly losing any desire to continue playing. It feels more like luck and less about how well you play for if you get to move up or down.Glass66 15m
22m Should people keep their rank if they're way below it? Made it into Plat this week despite weeks of leavers and griefers who were all plats when I was trying to escape gold. First thing that happens whilst in plat is I get into a game with a "diamond" (actually rank 2600 or so) who, because a team mate picked Widow, decides to just stay in spawn and leave us 5v6. Ironically, the Widow does a great job and we almost make it but lose due to the aforementioned difference in player numbers. He gets reported. Next game, he's on the other team. Starts mouthing abuse in the chat constantly as his team completely stomp us because he's actually trying. My question is this: should he be allowed to deliberately drop down in order to get easier games without penalty? Maybe there should be a rule that if you drop say, 100+ levels below a threshold, you don't keep the rank (like if you drop below 2400 you return to gold) etc. so that you can't just rest knowing you have end of season rewards way higher than your level? I just feel there are way too many people not trying and throwing games because they're not going to try to get higher than they've already got, and it screws those who are actually trying and ruins the experience for them. Maybe an incentive to actually keep winning would help get rid of people like this.Starchild16 22m
27m Looking For People to play comp. Current Rank - 1699 SR with a high a little over 2200SR - Have been floating around 1600-1800 for a couple weeks now. Pretty straight forward but here is what I'm looking for: -Players who do not just want to group but want to move and use ults as a group. If you trickle in at any point it is clear you do not understand what group play means. -Players who are willing to switch and communicate -If we loose, please don't have an attitude like we are suppose to win simply because we are in a group. We will talk about the loss and come up with solutions. - Don't blame anyone for anything, simply tell me or another on the team what they did wrong and provide them with what should have been done. If you can't tell them the correct answer, you offer zero value in that situation and should keep your mouth shut. - Understand the hero you play, if you don't know how the hero works please just ask to switch or get some help. Most of all I'm looking for all of the above and people who want to move up the ladder. I'm not looking for people who are fine hovering where they are. Please don't take what I said as "I think I'm good", just simple stuff that is needed for any successful team to move up the ladder. I typically play Monday-Friday after 10PM, sometimes in the mornings before work 6AM-7AM and of course on the weekends (mainly at night but some Saturday and Sunday Morning). Cheers and please please shoot me your info and I will add you.fewchips12 27m
31m Match times I noticed that if you're playing comp and the game is at a draw (say 2-2 on anubis) and the first team to try to score gets a point (so 3-2) in the minute or so window, the enemy team gets a full five minutes on their attempt. I would like to know how this is a balanced mechanic? The enemy should have the same amount of time as my team does to complete the objective but they do not...nick419912 31m
33m LFG currently stuck in the 1600s LFG Im currently stuck in the mid 1600s with a high this season in the 1900s. I can main Rein if needed, I'm also a fairly good Soldier, Ana, and Pharah. If any of you are interested in playing, and working as a team please come give it a shot. I enjoy this game, and am always willing to work on improvements in my fundamentals, but I need a team to work with. Players who are willing, and able to play together . Stack Ults, Move, Shoot, and Communicate together. Raptor2k#1351Raptor2k2 33m
33m Looking for a PC Competitive group! Hey all, I typically solo or duo queue, VERY rarely trio queue, and I am looking for teammates (for competitive play). Here are the particulars: 1. I main D.Va, play a little Soldier, and can play Ana fairly well in a pinch. 2. I'm floating around mid silver (1700-1800), as are my part-time teammates, but I feel like with a good team, I (we) can be much better than that. 3. Ideally, we'd like to have (in order of need): Mercy Rein Ana Lucio Pharah Winston But we're open to anyone outside of Soldier, Mei, or D.Va. We play Eastern time, generally in the evenings (variably between 6 and 10 PM) and on the weekends. We aren't hardcore, but we do take it fairly seriously (though we do like to have fun). Language can be adult in nature, and we DO run voice chat (at the very least a headset so you can listen). If you are a solid player in the 1500-2200 range, and this sounds interesting, please reply to this thread. I really do feel like---with the right grouping---we can make a legit push towards Plat, and maybe beyond once we gel. Thanks! PS: You don't have to be superman/woman, but we would like to have a team of average to above average skill, with a desire to get better. If you are a 10:1 KD Roadhog, chances are we are below your level of play...conversely, if you are a 1.2 K:D Roadhog who just figured out he can heal himself, that won't really work either :)Cayen17 33m
35m Nerf pharah on console, team of idiots .Zorek1038 35m
38m A fix for Competitive Leavers Alright so it's happened to all of us. You're in a competitive match, whether it's going well or bad, someone leaves. There's a MASSIVE skew, and your team loses, with no softening to the SR blow. Sucks. Every time. So I have an idea for taking care of leavers in competitive So say someone leaves. An A.I. would be injected into the game (keep reading it makes sense) playing whichever character an algorithm decides is most necessary and the A.I.'s damage, health, and healing levels would be adjusted to the average of the people on the team they're fighting on. the A.I. itself would play like a hard, BUT the damage, health, and healing done by the A.I. would change which is much less complex than changing how the A.I. plays. So say it's an offense or dps of some sort; it's damage dealt is adjusted to be the same damage per minute as the average dps on the team they're filling in. That way you cant use these A.I.'s to skew. They play the same no matter what, but use fixed accuracy and playstyle techniques in combination with constantly adjusting damage and healing output, along with health, to balance how often the A.I. dies per kill with the other players with it's same role. These numbers would also adjust to be appropriate for differences between characters. Kind of like a Lucio is bound to do more healing than a Zenyatta, because of the area of effect passive healing. So assuming that on average Zenyatta does 70% of the healing per minute a Lucio does, and 140% of the damage per minute. The A.I. Zenyatta would be adjusted to heal 70% as much as the player Lucio and do 140% of the damage per minute. Ult charge rate would be averaged across ALL players to make the A.I.'s charge rate, so say the other 5 players averaged get 65% ult charge per minute, the A.I. would automatically be granted 65% ult charge per minute. Note: Do not cite me on ANY of these numbers, which are completely ficticious and only being used as examples. As for the penalties to the leavers, they seem fine so far. But thats no reason to punish the team they left with a guaranteed loss Please excuse any spelling or grammar errors, and feel free to point out any flaws in this idea.Thdor6 38m
40m explain - why not banned already? 4:39Tankist7 40m
42m Trolls... in about the last 10 or more games i played i got about 10 or more trollers , im not really sure , are they really getting reported do players actually report trollers ? or is the game not banning them , i have given both my time and love to this game , but its just unbearable and so frustrating to try my best to win but having one or more team mate that they just AFK is spawn or just wander around the map saying his hellos to the other team team and wasting our effort and time , so is there anyway at all to deal with them other than quitting the game </3 ? like do trolls really feel happy when they lose a game ? or when their team mates are mad cuz of what they did ? i really dont understand.Magnum0 42m
43m Why is my win rate in Competitive hovering at 38-40%??? Lately I have not dropped as much nor have I gained as much. Still my win rate is hovering at 38-40%. Only reason I am not drastically changing SR is that I gain a lot, lose smaller chunks for a long time then gain again..This is reaaallllyy annoying..Can anyone explain?JuggernauT4 43m
44m Don't Play Competative on Weekends Friday, Saturday, Sunday just don't do it. Playing comp during the week is such a better experience, I hardly ever get trolls or leavers, teams communicate and usually aren't salty, hell this week I went on some decent streaks. But as soon as friday rolls around, the first 5 games I played were all terrible. People super salty, not talking, troll picks, leavers. Its like a completely different game. I'm starting to think, weekends are just a toxic time to play the game. Lots of people who can't play during the week which equates to people not as good, this makes makes people salty which leads to the influx of trolls, leavers, and just general salt in the community during this time.Themorphofme4 44m
48m Selfishness loses matches. I'm on a pretty big losing streak right now. I find that selfishness is why I keep losing my games. I'm mostly a solo Q player. As a solo Q player I see quite bit of bad habits among players. I can usually tell when we're going to lose right from the beginning. Instapick dps, off tank and one a healer? lose. Defense points with bastion, hanzo and torb? lose. Also as luck would have it, I'm constantly being put in matches where the other team would run a rein+zarya combo and we would not have one. Honestly from my experience, a team that doesn't know better to run 2 tanks and 2 healers are going to lose anyway. They won't switch and no point asking because its just not gonna happen. People are generally stubborn and won't admit that the team comp is garbage and switch. There was one match few days ago, another instalock dps heavy team with me being the only healer. Getting crushed by a team running triple tank. Steam rolled the first control point and I was getting killed constantly as the only healer on the 2nd round. Told the team I'm going Zarya we're getting crushed anyways. The the dps guys switched out to zen/lucio combo and someone else switched to rein. Amazingly the game turned around and we walked all over the other team for the win. Conclusion to all this is, don't be selfish and don't just choose who you want to play as, choose your hero based on what the team needs.Understeer39 48m
54m Report team trolls/sabotages? We just had a game where a Mei just completely derailed an already fragile team, 1 player left mid game leaving us at a 5v6 disadvantage, then someone decided to be a Mei troll locking 3 people in the spawn point every time. I recorded a clip of it being done intentionally she did it at least 3 times, and looking at the username i am pretty sure this is not the players first offense of doing this, i recall them from previous matches. Honestly this kind of behavior deserves a suspension for the season it's unfair to a team in competitive to be sabotaged. I looked for any kind of a report but couldn't find one.Sassbre0 54m
57m How are they raising so much? It is really confusing when i see these "bronze to grandmaster" videos and I just do not understand how they are raising so much even about ONE HUNDRED in one match. Please respond as I really want to know.. Thanks Btw here is a video i found where the guy rose so much 57m
1h Wtf is going on? The past 2 days I've dropped600 sr. I've been consistent season 1, 2, 3 at 50+ and 2500+. Was there some sort of match making change. Very frustrating.Redonkulous9 1h
1h Climb to Diamond - Platinum and up Players Group If your CURRENT rank is 2500+ NA server on PC and if you want to find teammate for groups of 2-6 for ranked play the link is below. We are a Discord group called Climb To Diamond and use discord to meet and team up with others. The whole point is to get out of the solo Q MM hell that is out there and get together with other players roughly as skilled as you. Players must have a mic, play as a team, use comms, and keep toxicity to a minimum. Come build your friends list here with ppl you work well with and get out of solo Q hell! Remember, you MUST be 2500+, and if you fall below 2400 plz leave the group and come back once you reach 2500 again, thank you! 1h
1h Cant Rejoin Games (Client Crash) My game crashed today and I quickly re-launched the game to get back into the fight and help my team. As the game opens all I see is a message saying I am suspended for 10 minutes. There is no Rejoin match option like there usually is. I don't understand why this is. The game crashed and I really want to get back and play with my team but the option isn't there. It just sees me as a leaver and I am going to be punished where that is not how I play. I always play the game all the way out and really want to get back and help my team. I don't get why rejoin game isn't an option if the game crashes and you have to relaunch it. Could we please see some change to this or explanation as to why this is.Arouthor0 1h
1h The competitive game is FULL BROKEN! PRINT: 1h
1h blizzard matchmaking is NOT FUN cuz leavers and aimbotters im wasting more time on leavers and aimbotters than actually playing the game. trying to climb itself is time consuming enough but lose a few times in a row because of leavers and aimbotters(with the streak system) makes the game downright not fun. i dont really care about rank, but im a tryhard when it comes to winning. you're making your customer's effort to coordinate with each other and have fun wasted down the drain.GanjasKhan3 1h
1h Calvin needs to stop How does one even aimbotting with thousands of view(ers ) and propel defend him. His subscribers defend him but it's a clear lie. I saw him play for two minutes on stream and he headshot someone instantly. That was all I needed to see to know he was hacking. I couldn't watch it anymore and I turned off the stream. But even if I'm not watching thousands are and they are all being deceived by this hacker.HanzoTroll26 1h
1h Comp on PS4 ...has got to be some of the most painful gameplay I've come across in nearly 30 years of gaming. I'm relatively new to the game, but I have been following the community for a while now and although I am a lowly console plebian, I feel like I have SOME understanding of it. -Leavers not being penalized beyond a 2 hour ban or such is unreal to me, Blizzard. Dota 2 has a Low-Prio system that forces players to win a few games without leaving them before they can rejoin the rest of the community in regular games again. Why doesn't this game? Are you afraid people will put the game down? Dota 2 has 12 million concurrent players and shows no sign of slowing up with LPQ in the game. -Lack of communication and general trolling. This is a community issue, but I have no way of reporting a player, like in my last game, that picked Torbjorn (why is he even in this game?) and went to Oasis and literally played in traffic trying to dodge cars all game while we tried to 5v6. Needless to say we got 3-0d. Why does console not have a report function? -If PotG is any indication of bad algorithms, it seems placements are a joke. I am not moaning about my silver rank as I said I am new and I am maining Ana to see far I can climb with her, but there is a clear divide in game sense in my games. Reins are charging headlong with no team behind him and subsequently feeding. Bastion on offense picks with 1 tank and the rest dps and my Ana solo healing. Trying to communicate better picks or strategy gets me flamed, which is the only mic use that occurs, it seems. I can't speak for PC. At least we don't have to deal with aimbots, but the state of affairs on console is some of the most horrid I've come across ever. Blizzard can you please take the time and refurbish your comp scene? There's really no other reason to play this game.Noire8 1h
2h A suggestion from Team Hanjo Please add a random hero button for Comp. i hanjo namasteBacontotem2 2h
2h Proof you can climb! I was placed at 1100 and now I am gold. It wasn't easy but I did it. Now to see if I can get to plat. I soloed a bit but mainly played with friends. You can do it.Splatterpunk6 2h
2h Matchmaking in HoTS Just curious, how is the matchmaking system in HoTS? How was it when the game first started?Goliath6 2h
2h Reporting Players on PS4 I play on a ps4, and i have just ended a competitive match where 2 players were so sure we would lose the game, that they were continuously throwing theirselves down the edge of the map, dying like idiots. WHY isn't there a way i can report another player, WHY? What is the damn problem, can somebody explain this to me please? I know that on pc there is a way so i really don't get it.Skorty2445 2h
2h People on the forums be like... stuck here cuz my team!Taeyeon2 2h
2h Notification about the status of a report It would be really nice if you got a little message that someone you reported got banned. It would give me great satisfaction knowing the griefer/hacker/immature player/chat abuser/or just the general toxic player got what they deserved, and that the report you sent in actually did something. This would give an incentive for more people to report others that are being toxic/hacking, since you know your report might actually matter in getting them punished.SilentKiller2 2h
2h Average Joe's Experience in Solo Queue w/Data I started this game at launch, and have not played any FPS games outside of the new Doom in many years (and never in any competitive type mode). I'm about as average Joe as they come, so wanted to share some numbers with you for perspective. I'd say that about 98% of my time has been solo queuing. In Season 1 I had a few friends I would group with, and in season 3 there were a couple of times I 'stayed as group' for a couple of games but it was very rare. My goal is to eventually get to Diamond, so I've been trying to look for trends in my play, and digging through numbers to help me identify what I need to focus on. Some Numbers: Season 1: 103-118 W/L Initial placement I think was around 37 (dont recall exactly) Season High 47, final ranking 40 48 Hours played, 26 of which (54% of time) was on Soldier 76 (46% win rate on him that season) Number of heros with at least a 50% win rate and over 1 hour played: 4 AVG Elims: 23.03 AVG Deaths: 9.76 Season 2: 65/74/15 W/L/T Initial placement was 1800ish Season High 2053, final ranking 1687 32 Hours played, 7 of which (21% of time) was on Zarya (53% win rate on her in season 2) Number of heros with at least a 50% win rate and over 1 hour played: 3 AVG Elims: 22.40 AVG Deaths: 8.47 Season 3: 268/233/33 W/L/T Initial placement was 1140ish Season High (so far) 2361, current 2255 106 Hours played, 39 of which (37% of time) was on DVA (59% win rate on DVA) Number of heros with at least a 50% win rate and over 1 hour played: 5 AVG Elims: 22.74 AVG Deaths: 6.46 One thing I noticed was that I tended to focus on a primary hero each season, and that as a spent more time on a particular hero I did get significantly better with him/her. Getting out of bronze and silver wasn't that difficult when just trying to be better than average on 1 hero and riding that hero up the ladder. I've been bouncing around in gold now between 2100-2350 for a bit now and that strategy doesn't seem to be working anymore. As I get into matches with primarily plat players (or high gold), team composition and communication are taking a significantly larger role in the outcome of the match. When digging through my numbers a couple of things stood out (using oversumo, masteroverwatch and the stats available in overwatch itself). The first is that as I've gotten better my elims per game aren't really changing. That was a bit surprising to me but the data doesn't lie. The second is that my average deaths have dropped significantly as I've started to climb (34% decrease in avg deaths per game comparing s3 to s1). A large reason for this is getting better at positioning, knowing when to back up/off, and when to commit to a fight. Another big reason for this is my awareness of health packs is so much better than in the beginning, and playing a hero like DVA where I can get to them quickly is reducing my dependence on a healer. The other big thing that oversumo really helped make obvious was my aim sucks compared to high tier players. Practicing headshots with mcree vs annas in training mode has definitely helped but its my biggest deficiency across the board when looking at all the stats, so I continue to spend a little team each play session on this one aspect. I'm confident I'll get up to Diamond, maybe not this season, but next for sure. Constant inspection of whats working and whats not working, digging into my own data to find my biggest deficiency and trends that correlate to better win percentages will get me there. I post all this to say, I dont believe in elo-hell (I used to), and I do believe that an individual player in solo queue can climb with the right level of effort, regardless of natural FPS skill (cause lord knows it doesn't come natural to me). TL/DR: Elo hell doesn't exist. Solo queuers can climb. Analyze your data, find the weak spots, find the data trends that correspond with SR increases and you can learn what you're doing well, not well, and more easily create a plan to improve your play and ranking.OddGreybush7 2h
2h "Overwatch has crashed in the graphics driver" Seriously, as if losing 400SR in a couple of days wasn't demoralising enough, OW has crashed twice now while trying to take screenshots. Nothing has changed since the last time I was taking screenshots (in terms of drivers etc).p4ndr6 2h
2h This post will be removed. Solo players are raped by the SR and MM systems.WGibson4 2h
2h Im exhausted, i really am First off let me start by saying i love this game and just about everything about his game. That being said it is extremely frustrating when you do SO much for your team and never progress. Like me for example, i do everything well, i can frag easily can take loads of damage as tank while fragging and heal exceptionally well as ana but no matter what all of my stats are garbage because the only stat that matters is winning or losing. IM TIRED OF THIS i honestly am not trying to brag, im just here trying so hard and stressing so much over it (i know its a game but im a really competitive person) so much so that i "tilt" and may snap on deadweight on the team. Why cant your individual stats let you gain SR. I know that the answer is more complicated than i can imagine but at this current state i feel like quiting is the only way to truely winMrFlamingo7 2h
3h In-Game Mouse Sens, ect. Hey all, I'm an older gamer (32) and play Overwatch with a normal sized mousepad and a generic $20.00 Logitech mouse, along with not having the reflexes I once did, I was wondering what sensitivity, along with crosshair I should try using to improve my Aim, now, I am TRYING to be better at Heroes such as McCree, Hanzo, ect. where the luxury of have 25 shots to spray n' pray with (Soldier) isn't a thing, and landing crits is very important. Any advice will be appreciated as long as it's beneficial and on-topic.AmazinPhelix5 3h
3h Please be more transparent with how Competitve works My anecdote: I was in a 5-stack today, got matched up against a 6-stack that was approximately 80 sr points HIGHER than my team. We got beat and I lost 22 SR. I've had a match where I gained only 6 sr. Seems like with the deck stacked so against us, we should've lost much fewer points, probably no more than 10. But here's the problem Blizz: I don't know exactly why I gain/lose SR in certain situations because you haven't been transparent enough about it. We've only gotten vague explanations about what gets calculated into how much you gain/lose, but I've had so many matches where it just doesn't line up with what you've said. Maybe it is too hard to explain? You don't think my little brain can handle it? In short... plz explain.Snakes3 3h
3h recent solo queue matches have been placement matches My current SR is 2833 and my last three solo queue matches have been placement matches. Which all resulted in a loss for me. How common is having to play in placement matches at mid/high platinum? When i was solo queueing as gold I don't recall ever playing in a placement match.blf1 3h
3h You need to !@#$ing rework matchmaking topic^Bubby3 3h
3h What Went Wrong This Season? As the season rolls on, I see many players on both my team and the opposing team that are 500+ points down from their season high. Supposedly competitive was going to be modified so that there was less loss of SR this season, but it's much worse than Season 2. The SR rankings are all over the place, and even more disassociated from any semblance of ability than last season. This leads to sloppy matchmaking and more uneven games, which further skews SR and leads to more massive loss streaks. Just got out of a game with a 2600 rated player that was previously 3200, and this is becoming the norm with Diamonds you see in Platinum level games. They're not touching on 3000 and then losing 200 SR, they're 500+ down. And in this game they're dominating, because they probably are somewhere around 3000-3100 in terms of actual ability. What on earth happened? The system got worse instead of better.REDACTED5 3h
3h Losing points in ranked because of leavers Hi, I'm a gold tier scrub; and here I am venting. Why? Because Overwatch punishes me for staying in a game when everyone else on my team leaves. So, here's the gist of things. Map: Oasis. Match: ranked. It starts off as a fair fight where my team caps the first 2 rounds. Then, we have a leaver. Not only is this a problem, but he was also a good Lucio. So, the next round our Mei leaves. Then our Junkrat. And then with the final point, everybody leaves except me. Why don't I leave you ask? Well, this giant red message saying that, "If you leave, it will be counted as a loss!" is the reason why I stayed. So, not only did I have to deal with an enemy team who decides its in their best interest to shoot one lonely player whenever he walks out of spawn to sit on the side and watch the sunset; I also have to deal with the fact that I lost 20 elo for a team that left the game. My question is this: Overwatch why do you punish players who are trying to play the game?YuuKiOnna4 3h
3h Bronze ranking.. Bronze: is it just filled with trolls to ruin gameplay?MaximisCoxis17 3h
3h Silver Rein LF 3 man group Hey guys, I am a Rein main Looking for 2 more players to play consistently with. I am 1500 currently, but I was nearly 1800 yesterday. Please add me in game if you want to play a few rounds and climb the ranks! Sorareborn1992sorareborn1 3h