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Jul 6, 2016 Welcome to Competitive Discussion - Please Read! Welcome to the Competitive Discussion forum! We encourage you to use this forum to provide feedback and/or discuss your experiences while playing Overwatch competitively. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct and Forum Guidelines before posting. Code of Conduct Forum Guidelines For the latest Overwatch news, click here. For the latest Overwatch patch notes, click here.Lylirra1 Jul 6, 2016
1d Advice on getting to Masters 1) Don't spam the mic. Talk if you have to and if you need to. Spamming can be obnoxious, toxic, or just distracting. There will always be time to add someone as a friend or talk to them after the match about unrelated stuff. 2) Practice playing more than 1 - 2 heroes. If you can only main Lucio, Junkrat, Reinhardt, or Widow (as a few examples), chances are you won't be as useful to your team. Practicing and being good at multiple heroes makes you versatile and more likely to have a better game / win. Ideally: learn to play at least 2 heroes from each category - tank, support, offense, defense. 3) Don't split up your team if you don't have to. Grouping up can be bad if the enemy is about to do an AOE attack like Zarya or Sombra's ult, for instance. But chances are you can be better protected by your team, and target the enemy more effectively if you're grouped. When your team is spread out, it makes them easier to be picked off. 4) Target supports. Supports don't have much HP. They are therefore easy to kill. Killing them means the enemy team can't heal. Getting the enemy's Mercy down is especially useful. Before going into big team fights in particular, make sure your team is aware where the Mercy is. Try to take her out. 5) Treat your team politely. Your team won't even want to win if you treat them like crap. You are all here to play the game competitively. Learn how to be a good sport, learn how to lose a match humbly, and learn how to give / receive constructive criticism. This wouldn't be competitive if you never lost any matches, so expect it to happen sometimes. 6) Use the voice chat (if you have a mic)to call out whether an enemy is about to ult, if there's an enemy behind your team, etc. 7) Speak calmly. There's no reason to yell. Talking calmly, you will be heard and moreover your voice won't agitate people unnecessarily. If you're yelling at your team, chances are they will mute or ignore you. 8) Switch roles if you need to. Don't stick to one hero if it isn't working out for you. If your teammates want you to switch, maybe it's a good idea to do so. 9) Practice anticipating when you should use your ult. Timing is everything. The tab button is not so far away, just press it to see if anyone else on your team has their ults. It takes half a second to press that button, and half a second to glance below everyone's icon to see if they have their ults. If not, you can ask how close they are, but at least this way you'll know immediately if you can combo your ult with anyone. 10) Practice aiming for head-shots. If that means going into the training module with bots, do it. It goes a long way. 11) Be open to your teammates playing heroes. If you're on attack, but a teammate wants to play Widow, let them. Maybe they are even good enough to carry. What everyone needs to realize is that this game is versatile. There is more than one way to win a map. Give people a chance, but they should also switch off a hero if it's not working out. 12) Realize that climbing in SR takes time. Blizzard doesn't exactly always match you up perfectly with other people on your team that are precisely your skill level. If you're having a lose-streak, perhaps it is best to take a break. 5 minutes, 30 minutes, a day, a week, it's up to you. It wouldn't be 'competitive' if you never lost any matches. 13) As a follow-up to 12), be open to taking a break between your games. Sometimes it can help for you to collect yourself after a heated match. You can reflect what went wrong, what went well - for both teams. I'll add more suggestions if people want. These are the big problems I see daily in my games. Last season, I solo queued my way from low Plat (~2400) to mid Masters (3700) by following these concepts. Please add any other useful suggestions you think would help people if they practiced them. Edit: Thank you for pinning this to the top! I'm glad this facilitated people learning more about competitive. To the people telling me my SR is below masters, that I shouldn't be giving advice, etc: my career high is 3704. I played countless hours improving and learning. My advice is accumulated from that. I quit playing competitive once I reached 3704 last season and let it decay to 3000. I didn't go on a lose streak. I have, however, encountered lots of players this and last season who weren't familiar with the advice I put here. Also, just from a logical standpoint, my advice taken as an argument is independent of my SR. Good-luck in your games! Edit #2 edit boogaloo: got to masters this season @ 3511.etcyl169 1d
3d IMPORTANT - Technical Reminders about End-of-Season/Season 6 ... If you have MULTIPLE season bans on record, you may already be PERMANENTLY banned from Competitive Play. Announced in the middle of the season this season by the Overwatch development team, players who have multiple season bans on record, are subjected to a PERMANENT ban from Competitive Play on their account. So when Season 6 starts, and your Competitive Play Option is still locked, you may be one of those players. Source: --- OTHER INFORMATION --- Hello everyone! There is less than a day remaining in the fifth Competitive Season and I wish to express a few key reminders about some technical rules of the competitive season. A lot of this is technically news you may not want to hear, but I feel this is a "The More You Know... [insert shooting rainbow star here]" sort of posts, so I hope you keep that in mind before giving me a Like or Dislike. If you are showing any signs of disconnections, PLEASE stop playing Competitive until next season. There were some quirky issues that I am not sure were ever resolved by the Overwatch Development Team last season. At the end of Season 4, there were high reports in the Bug Report forum that players who were SUSPENDED but NOT BANNED at the time the season ended did NOT receive their bonus competitive points at the end of the season (but did receive the participation spray and player icon). So if you are showing signs of disconnecting, you should strongly consider avoiding Competitive Play until the start of Season 6. All disconnections counts as leaving the match and will be penalized appropriately. ... Should you happen to encounter this problem however, please submit a bug report in the bug report forum (not in the technical support forum). If you are disconnecting and wish to troubleshoot the problem, please post in the technical support forum or check out this guide: Reminder for players who are season banned: If you have been SEASON BANNED from Competitive Play due to leaving/disconnecting from games, you WILL NOT receive any End-of-Season rewards including bonus Competitive Points, spray or player icon. Furthermore, those who were banned from the season will not be allowed access to the Off-season Competitive Play Mode from August 28th to August 31st. This is suppose to happen in accordance with the rules of Competitive Play. Source: You can tell if you are completely seasoned banned if the competitive play option is locked and no suspension timer is displayed on the top of the locked competitive play option. Leaving an off-season match results in an INSTANT -75% XP penalty According to player posts from last off-season, if you left an off-season competitive match, not only did it trigger a suspension, but it also instantly applied the -75% XP Penalty. This penalty can only be removed by playing several games (of any game type) without leaving whatsoever. Thank you for hearing out my little P.S.A. but this is a busy time for me as I participate in the MVP program in the Tech Forum and the CROWDS program on the @BlizzardCS Twitter Feed and I am trying to get as much of the word out now as possible. Cheers! (^^)vWyomingMyst25 3d
Jul 15 Help for the lower ranks Hello everyone, I'm an ex-master and I hear many people complaining about the're stuck in their ranks and stuff like that. So I'm here to help you guys with some hints to improve your rank. I'm not gonna say it all will instantly work but you'll have much use of it in the future. Just put here below your problem and I'm gonna help you. PS: this is not a troll, so you wouldn't hear garbage like "Git gut" from me.StRode500 Jul 15
1m win 1 lose 1 ended up with less SR both games got multiple golds, multiple times on fire and cards at the end of match...dunno what algorithms are in place but seems fishy that losing nets a higher loss of SR than winning does for gaining SR SR should be given or taken away based on your performance weather you win or lose...doesn't seem fair for those who solo queue and do their job and then some only to lose the game because the team doesn't want to co-ordinate, or go in one at a time, or the usual reasons why people lose I know I know it's a horrible idea or w/e but it's just frustrating is allScorp2 1m
2m Yeah... Matchmaking Is Balanced... Seriously though, how the !@#$ is this even possible Jeff? 2m
2m why is 50/50 win/lose ratio even a thing why are people being punished for doing wellScorp10 2m
3m My Comp.Experince .First match for the day had some really pro smurfs, could they have been GMs smurfing no one will ever know. Second match again had really really good smurfs that resulted in a match that ended in less than 5 mins. I dont know what you are doing blizzard to balance team match making since it seems these matches only seem to get worse, but I pressume that enough posting with general concern (it is not breaking community guidelines in case you feel like removing this post also) maybe you will take some action to fix said issuesdeadmankenny69 3m
5m Junkrat Why is Junkrat the go to character in silver gold and platinum. He's honestly isn't the best character especially in the growing Pharah Mercy strat. He can easily get outplay by almost anyone. And if you use him as a tank buster why not just use Reaper or Bastion who can do what he does but better. Its cool if he's your main but why do people use him as the you-took-my-Genji-now-I'll-throw-until-I-get him character? I just really want to know the reasoning.Narwhal16 5m
5m Make Ana Great Again! (Volume Three) So I've made two other threads regarding this topic and I will post them below in case you are curious. In the past I have mentioned what concerns me about Ana's place into the game. If you look at Overbuff's stats this week Ana has now a negative winrate in all tiers and lost her slight positive win rate of 50.5-51% at GM. Regardless of how hard it is to be impactful with her in ranked queue, people still pick her a lot. Now obviously a healing support will have some kind of moderate to high pickrate. It's just that her role in the game is very muddled. Before her damage nerf she had a 11 person rifle. You had the option of healing and doing damage. Ever since the nerf she has been weaker, having to rely on others in order to have impact. Some people have argued that she is a support and that she should only be a healbot with good utility. And similiar voices will rise up saying if Ana is buffed to any degree the tank meta will come back. I beleive that she is as vulnerable as zenyatta and previously (pre rifle nerf) did not outdamage Zen. So they are not in the "too similiar" category. Her main focus is chaos control, being able to turn the tides of the battle with her ability to heal and do damage, swing a fight with her grenade, and also to disadvantage the enemy by making a fight a 5v6 with her sleep dart. Being easily diveable, unable to three shot 200 hp heroes, no mobity options all cripple her effectiveness. And with the Mercy rework fully commiting Mercy to #1 must pick, top of the meta. Ana is left in the background as joining the table of Lucio and Zen as secondary supports. She used to be able to almost compete for the slot of main healer but not any longer. One benefit of the Mercy changes are less anti-synergy between choosing Mercy and Ana together. But Ana is still playing second fiddle to Mercy in every way since the rework went live. I used to enjoy games where either team did not pick a Mercy because you never needed to keep extreme tabs on her. Now that Mass Rez is gone, it's definitely less overbearing but I feel as this Mercy must pick meta will need to be looked at. And instead of making the mistake of nerfing Mercy because she's good they need to buff other supports because the playerbase enjoy variety and Supports and Tanks are necessary to be good, fun, and versatile. I do not wish Blizzard make the same mistake of nerfing heroes the community deems overpowered just to appease them. Some people have talked about this sort of rhetoric as being considered "power creep" but I feel as though that can be a good thing if every hero is getting something. Or if there was a universal buff such as 10% increase movement speed for all heroes (which would bring Tracer/Genji at 19-20%). Perhaps my example would have bad ramifications for balance, but I often feel in Ana's case she had one small buff and many nerfs throughout her Reign at the top. I feel as though Blizzard are afraid of buffing Ana because of any backlash. I don't really want to much of a big buff. I've had some interesting rework ideas of having two nades (a +50 -30 grenade at 12 seconds and a +100 -60 grenade at 24 seconds). Or possibly just reverting the damage nerf? That would be simple and really fine in the current meta. I'm sure Blizzard could find something more creative if they really did not want to give her back the damage she once had. So here I conclude my third post on the "Make Ana Great Again" series. Hope you guys have a wonderful day. First Post: Second Post: 5m
5m Intenional throwers and De-rankers? So i ended my placement matches this season at a little over 2300. Its gold, not a horrible distance from plat but not far away either. For about a week i battled back and forth with wins and losses. I'm decent, not great by any means but not horrible either. After about a week the nonsense started. Players coming in and auto-locking something we don't need like a hanzo for a 4th dps. Once i checked the player profile said players would have some extremly low time played, like under a few mins, while 10+ hours on their "main". They would have some K/D of like .088 or something and the entire team would ask if said person could change to something we need. More often then not there will be no reply in voice comms cause of course the player hasn't joined. We type it out and still no answer. During the match the player could be found running around the map, ignoring the objective, and generally not doing anything to help. This is extremely frustrating, even more so with the massive loss of SR. I must have reported about 25 ppl doing this or something very close to this. What are we supposed to do about this? I don't have a 6 man group that i can get together with for competitive, i really feel that this is something that needs to be addressed. I was actually told by one of these players that "It's faster to farm bronze for gold weapons, so im trying to de-rank". Yet i have to lose SR because he wants some weapon skin. Is there really no solution to this?kaliber3 5m
8m Skirmish suggestion Change skirmish to DM.... nuff saidReviir1 8m
10m Most Fair Format For B05 Map Pick/Ban? I am entered in an Australian Amateur Overwatch League which is 2k-3k SR. We finally made it to the finals (2nd place). The host decided that it is fair that the 1st place team gets to decide the first 3 maps for the finals. None of us have been too into map pick / banning, but this seems absurdly unfair. Can anyone offer a better solution to this? When are teams supposed to pick/ban? The week before, the day before, or on the day? This is the link to the hosts idea of finals map pick/ban. Thank you very much for any replies. 10m
13m Best of 3 KOTH destroys adaptation. There isn't enough time during KOTH matches to allow people that have been matched solo to work together. It feels bad to be matched with a group that is trying to find its footing only for the game to be over. I'd like to see KOTH go back to best of 5 or the capture timer to be increased.Metsik0 13m
15m Age Problem I have been noticing an issue with competitive recently. Every game, I join voice chat to communicate with my team. I say hello and then I hear "Oh no not a squeaker". This really bothers me. Sometimes they will blame me for not doing my job just because I'm younger. "What are you doing stupid kid" "Children shouldn't be able to play this game". Some other games, I have seen people going as far to throwing the game just because i'm younger. This is something that's really annoying and I think that even if i'm younger, I should be able to use voice chat.BennyHD5 15m
19m Comp Performance: Luck? System? Skill? On the topic of Bronze to GM challenges where you see GMs popping off every match, I've also analyzed the matches they go through, on each ELO and they tend to get pretty fairly good teams with good comps. The most recent challenge was an example of the guy always insta locking DPS and his team playing around him, even if nobody knew he was a smurf nor they knew he was streaming. However for some people the reality is different. E.g on low gold, my current rank, I hardly get a competent team comp, it's usually 3 DPS insta-locks, a Sym/Torb one trick who is terrible at the game and a solo healer or stuff like that. Even when I get a good comp or we manage to assemble one, once the first fight is lost people give up and switch to other classes and the good composition is thrown away. So I was thinking, is it just a coincidence that smurfs on "lower ranks" (let's say up to diamond, for a GM player) always pubstomp 40-0 (win-loses)? Do you guys think it's: 1. Pure luck. Like how the biggest Poker players usually have skill but cannot control all variables and hence had good luck while there may be good players who never had this luck and never became "big". 2. The system. Once the analytics of how well you perform start to roll in, it secretly detects you are a smurf and matchmakes you with balanced teams with a high chance for you to win and get out of the low rank. 3. "Good Karma"/God or whatever that is always on their side. 4. Just statistically "lucky" as how some people can get 10/10 bad teams and others 10/10 good teams (e.g some top streamers like AimbotCalvin always get good teams -or it may also be the fact people play around them-, while other streamers are hard stuck on the same SR, 50/50 winrates). 5. Illuminati.Psychedelic3 19m
30m I've noticed a new trend in gold/plat and its troubling... After a long battle of getting the point. I've noticed my team will rush in and try to spawn camp, a lot. This ends with the enemy completely destroying my team and getting the point back almost minutes later. Has anyone else experienced this?SerpentMonk2 30m
30m Comp points makes me not want to play comp Every single OW season, I start around 2200 then drop to 2000. When I get really close, I stop playing comp. I don't want to play QP because it's full of... well, QPers. I want to enjoy a serious experience of the game, but I don't want to be punished if I don't do well. I listened to the new season video that Kaplan put out, and he said he wanted players to feel like they had an opportunity to climb, and achieve something. That is the exact opposite of the effect I'm having. Anyone else care to chime in?MrFrostyOwl2 30m
33m Disconnect/Crashed when game starts For a few times, I got disconnected or I crashed when the game started, when I gets back on, I already got a 10 minutes penalty and my SR got reduced by 50. The blizzard team knows what's going on about people, if they crash or did they leave on purpose. I request for a 100 SR, since I lost 100 SR in total just because I got disconnected by blizzard servers, its not even my fault.Yqwn1 33m
38m Was it always this negative? I've only started using the forums since S6 because it is so messed up in my experience. Since I've been on there's been an obvious and huge outpouring of dissatisfaction from the community and every post that says S6 is garbage gets a lot of upvotes. (I'm guessing a lot of new people are using the forum) Alongside this torrential downpour of dissatisfaction I've never seen a single blizzard post. I know forums are usually pretty high on complaints but this seems especially egregious. Who here has been here on previous seasons? Were people always this unhappy and in this large of a number with this level of agreement shown in upvotes? I'm not asking you if they are right or if you agree. I'm asking you to step back from your side of it for a second. I'm asking for an honest appraisal of how much the community upvoted the complaints about the game and how frequently those complaints occurred. (when all about the same thing) Forum Moderator Note: Calling out individual developers or the development team in your title or post is against our forum guidelines. Please focus on discussion of the feedback/suggestion in your thread.SumNakdDude13 38m
43m My Journey through the Bronze Inferno I'm going to preface this by saying that I don't think that I am some GrandMaster who has been slighted by the system, I'm not even some Platinum player, I'm somebody who is incredibly frustrated by Bronze, and the miserable games that I have had. I started playing Competitive soon after I got the game, two seasons ago. This was my first mistake. I have played games like TF2 for years, so I think that I have a pretty alright game sense, I know how to call things out, I know to group up, not to jump off cliffs, all that stuff. I did my placement matches and landed in Bronze, after going through some frustration and seeing the level of play that was prevelant in Bronze. I tried next season, and after grouping up with some folks I had good games with, I almost cracked Silver, give or take a few games. I then had a string of terrible games and ened up lower. I walked away, I wasn't enjoying it at all. Enter this season, I thought I would give it another shot. The placement matches, I went 6/10. I was placed lower than the end of last season. I worked my way up some, but then tonight happened. I warmed up with a few rounds of Death Match and a Quick Play. 1st game: Temple of Anubis We had several people under level 50, There was little to no coordination, some didn't even use their alts. One person talked, but was already tilted. We were able to hold the last point. We were unable to take the first point due to half the team not grouping up and straggling in and dying. We lost. 2nd game: Route 66 Again, two people under level 50. The Mercy kept saying they were dying because we didn't have a Rein on Attack. They kept walking in front of the team, and kept being killed when following Pharah. They switched to Widow. We pushed the cart in front of gas station. On defense, Orisa stood on the walkway and only shielded themselves and Mercy, who refused to move from behind it. Widow still played Widow. We lost. 3rd game: Nepal. We had two players under level 50. One played Hanzo in Sanctum and never used their ult. They quit when we lost the round. There was one person who talked aside from myself. No one really touched the point, and when I did, Winston, I was trying to take out Sym turrets, but I had no follow up with team mates. Shrine, we almost took the point, we did not. The other lower than 50 played Junkrat, notwell, but was trying. We lost. More and more it is simply unfun to play competitive when you have people who are so low level, or are gaming the ranked system, or are trolls. I have better matches in Quick Play. People will play better, talk more, and generally have more wins. Bronze is a miserable slog.Venture8251 43m
1h Why is gaining ranks a bad thing in comp? In my first season (S4) I got diamond as it was the first time I had ever played OW. Since then I have held GM in S5 and S6 as I grasped how the game works and am pretty good at it I think. My problem is that in high levels of game, people naturally look through eachothers stats to see who they mains etc, but if one person is let's say plat or gold in there first season and 4 seasons later has ranked up to GM, that first rating will always haunt then as the team seem to blame them for losing. Claiming things like: Boosted, Fake rank, Go back to gold, Ruining GM. I very rarely get this but all the time I see this both in game and by streamers. If people aren't allowed to naturally rank up then what is the end goal for them and is this kind of behavior counted as toxic?Sunni7 1h
1h Why I'm quitting Overwatch So to start this out, I just want to say, I know Jeff won't read this but I'm just trying to call for help, which starts me out on my first topic. 1. The blizzard team absolutely caters to the higher ranks, while branded and silver, just get forgotten about. If Jeff actually listened to us, a lot less people would be in bronze. 2. One reason why they need to listen to us is that we have been complaining about throwers and leavers since the release, and nothing has been done about it. Im not sure if blizzard thinks it will solve itself or what, but as of now, this problem is horrible. 3. The fact that you still lose the same amount of sr when half of your team has left the match is absolutely ridiculous. There is no way unless you are a top 500 for you to win a 3v6. Why do I still lose the same sr for that? This is my story on how I found the problems: When I got the game in October 2016, I got placed in low bronze, mainly because I had a terrible pc and got horrible frame rates on the lowest settings. I started to gent made fun of by people who I thought were my friends, so I decided to keep trying, so I could show them that I wasn't as bad as they said I was. I stayed there for about 3 months when I got a new pc. Then I got 60 fps on ultra/epic, but stayed the same. After 6 months of trying really hard, I finally got to silver. It was difficult just because of the amount of leavers and throwers in those ranks. When I got to silver, I was very proud of myself. I kept climbing until I stopped at 1650ish. Then for whatever reason, I started to just get horrible amounts of leavers and throwers so I started to drop. Soon, I ended up dropping back into bronze. Then I realized how worthless of a fight it was. There is no getting out of bronze/silver. Maybe if blizzard actually listened to the lower ranks it would be possible, but as of now, it's a lost cause.player4042 1h
1h How Competitive Skill Rating Works Too long, didn’t read How do I maximize my Skill Rating? In order: 1) Win games 2) If diamond or above, play a minimum of 4.67 games per week (starting one week after placements). 3) Perform well, stat-wise, with the chosen hero In my last game, my Skill Rating went up/down by X. Why did this happen? The details of Skill Rating (SR) movement in a match depends on whether a player wins or loses, the Match-making-rating (MMR) mismatch between the two teams, the mismatch between the player’s SR and MMR, whether a player is new, the player’s statistical performance, and possible bugs. Add it all together and it is nearly impossible to determine why a player’s SR has a specific movement in a particular match. Sometimes over the course of twenty to one hundred matches it can be seen that one particular cause is dominant, but that often depends on careful data collection and some guesswork. Introduction The SR system is confusing, and a good overview does not appear to be available. The best overview that I am aware of (1) is out of date, not particularly organized, and doesn’t get into all the nuances. This information below is gathered from sporadic blue posts, and salted with my own experience, various forum threads, and watching streams. Note that since Blizzard does not give exact algorithms, I do have to fill in some gaps, or leave some items unknown. I will edit this post as information becomes available, or the SR system changes. Ranks < 500 Bronze, SR not listed 500-1499 Bronze 1500-1999 Silver 2000-2499 Gold 2500-2999 Platinum 3000-3499 Diamond 3500-3999 Master 4000-5000 Grandmaster Top 500 players in region. For season 3, the rank distribution was Bronze: 6%, Silver: 22%, Gold: 34%, Platinum: 23%, Diamond: 10%, Master: 3%, Grandmaster <1%. (3) Third-party sites such as do not give a reliable distributions because players have to actually log in to those sites for it to count the data. This skews those sites heavily toward higher ranked players. As a player gains SR, he will be promoted to the next tier when appropriate. He will drop out of each tier as he loses rank. However, there is some loss protection for Diamond and below. After a loss (but not a win), the game will check to see what a player’s current tier and skill rating are. If his skill rating has not exceeded the minimum for his current tier for the past five games, he will be demoted (16). For Master and Grandmaster, a player will be demoted immediately if his skill rating is not high enough. Competitive point rewards are based on the highest rank achieved during the season (16). Ranks are wiped each season (but not MMR, see below). Top 500 is not awarded unless a minimum of 50 games are played. The top 500 spray is not awarded unless a player is in top 500 at the end of the season (18). Matchmaking Matchmaking is based on hidden match-making-rating (MMR), not SR (3). If a player has never played competitive, his initial competitive MMR will be based on his performance in quick play and (with unknown weighting) arcade. Before playing competitive, a new player can estimate what his competitive MMR will be by looking at the career profiles of his opponents in quick play. The player’s initial (career) competitive placement matches are determined by this hidden MMR. After some, probably small, number of games the influence of quick play on competitive matchmaking is removed and competitive MMR and quick play MMR are separate (*). For new players, MMR and SR is more volatile. With the exception of diamond+ players who have decayed (see below), MMR and SR are closely linked (21). For players that have played many games in balanced matches, typical SR movement is 20-30. The SR/MMR convergence is implemented by having each match pull SR in the direction of MMR. That is, if SR is lower than MMR, a player will win more SR than MMR on a win, and lose less SR than MMR on a loss. When I refer to an SR buff, this is how the buff is implemented (14). The game uses MMR to determine whether a match is fair, and attempts to match teams such that the game is fair (each team has a 50% chance of winning). Upon victory, the winners receive a bump up in SR and MMR, and the losers get bumped down. At times (off peak-hours or very high/low rated players), finding a fair match will be impossible in a reasonable amount of time, and the match maker will match teams based on a best fit. However, note that if only very imbalanced matches are available (the infamous Brazilian six stack playing at 3 AM), then no match will be made and queue times will become extreme to infinite (3). The tuning for what is very imbalanced is a number that is not published and can change with time. In the middle ground, top (or bottom) players will have a longer, but not infinite queue, to attempt to find a better match (15). If the match making algorithm determined before the game that it was not fair, the higher ranked team will receive less SR/MMR on a win, and lose more SR/MMR on a loss. The lower ranked team will receive more SR/MMR on a win, and lose less SR/MMR on a loss (2). This is standard for Elo (rating system from chess) type systems. Draws cause no change in SR and have an unknown effect on MMR. If the match-maker says most games are fair, then why are there so many stomps? There are many reasons: 1) Overwatch, as a game, has a tendency to snowball. The winner of the first fight has an ultimate advantage that has a tendency to last the round. Losing teams tend to tilt and start playing poorly, which can continue in the same round and carry into the next round. 2) Random variables are random. Maybe a cat walked on a keyboard or someone fat fingered an ult (7). Maybe someone who has 99% up-time for their internet had their 1% failure that day. Maybe one team has all dps mains, and the other team is well balanced. MMR and predicted win percentage only has validity over many matches, not each individual match. 3) Not every player tries hard every match. Sometimes this is subtle, like playing with a beer or two too many. Sometimes it is less subtle, like practicing a hero a player is not good at, regardless of team comp or map. 4) Some players actively break the system, by either hard throwing, that is intentionally losing (as opposed to soft throwing as in item 3), playing on someone else's account to boost it, or other similar actions. These actions are bannable and should be reported when seen. Blizzard has promised to take stronger actions against this sort of thing (17). However, soft throwers and hard throwers can be difficult to distinguish, and Blizzard has to error on the side of caution to avoid banning the wrong people, so it will always be a problem. The in-game report UI gives guidelines on what behavior is or is not bannable. 5) New accounts in general have less data and will have a less accurate MMR. There is no required minimum number of games to play, so new accounts can stay “new” for a very long time. 6) MMR itself is only approximate. See the section on “How Accurate is SR”, below and realize that MMR generally will have the same issues as SR, with respect to accuracy, except it is harder to measure what is going on with MMR. If MMR are SR are so similar, why have both? Isn’t that unnecessarily confusing? Can’t we handle the problem of rank camping (see below) some other way? In a word, yes. Here I’m going to engage in editorializing and reading between the lines of the blue posts. See this as my informed, but unverified, opinion. The real purpose of MMR is to provide Blizzard’s absolute best estimate of each player’s ability. However, since it is invisible to the players, Blizzard can change how it is calculated at any time and can have movements or changes that feel bad (22). The "unnecessary" placement matches for established players also give Blizzard an extra opportunity to mess with MMR and make it harder for the players to see what is going on. SR, on the other hand, is player facing, and subject to player psychology. Aside from players' tendency to over-react to every little thing, blizzard uses SR to influence player behavior (SR buff at the beginning of the season (now removed), SR penalty for leaving, SR penalty for being inactive) and to coddle players’ tender egos (22). The good news is that as Blizzard is getting more confidence in the system, goofiness like this is slowly getting removed. Streak bonuses were removed. The knock down / build up in SR at the beginning of the season was removed. There may be some day in the future when Blizzard has enough confidence in MMR to make it public, and to abolish SR. High win percentage debuff / Low win percentage buff As mentioned, SR is pulled in the direction of MMR (21). There is evidence (29) that this leads to an unfortunate and unintended side effect: If SR is well above MMR because a player has won many more games than he’s lost, less SR than MMR will be gained on a win, and more SR than MMR will be lost on a loss. This is an SR debuff. At high win percentage, a player can gain up to 6 SR less on a win than he loses on a loss (29). The effect is expected to reverse at low win percentage (SR would be buffed). The effect goes away once a player’s win percentage gets near 50%. That is, the player’s MMR is not ruined for life. Rank Decay To prevent rank camping, for players ranked 3000 SR or higher, their rank will decay 25 SR per day if they do not play. Each game a player plays increases his buffer by 36 hours, to a maximum of one week (20). Each day a player’s decay buffer decreases by one. If it hits zero, decay starts. To determine how many games must be played per week to avoid decay, we can calculate (1 game / 36 hours) * (168 hours / week) = 4.67 games / week. This is slightly lower than the 5 games per week that was originally reported (15). To see if decay is imminent look on the right hand side of the information screen of the competitive play card. After returning from decay, the player will have a substantial SR buff (gain more SR from wins than he loses from loses) until he is back where he was (3). While decayed, a player’s MMR (and hence matchmaking) does not change (3). The decay clock doesn’t start until the player does his placement matches. Performance Modifier SR gains are adjusted up or down based on the performance of the player. This is a minor factor (2). This is done based on a numerical comparison of measureable quantities such as elims, deaths, assists, damage blocks, ults cast, etc. between a given player and other players of that hero at that MMR (8). Generally it is assumed that the measured stats are those visible to the player, but that has never been confirmed by Blizzard. Most of the details of this implementation are fuzzy and not published (probably to reduce exploits). This performance measure is correlated but not identical to “on fire” calculations. “On fire” compares a player to his teammates, while SR bonuses compare a player to other players that are not in the current match, but in a similar skill bracket, and playing the same hero (8). The effect of the performance modifier is generally small, but there are plausible reports of it causing people to have to maintain a 55%+ win rate to maintain their SR (11, 12). This is the most controversial (among many controversies) part of the SR system. There are two camps, those who don’t want their SR to be so heavily influenced by those in their group, and those who worry that having a performance based system will cause people to not play the objectives / win conditions and instead go stat hunting. In addition to people who go stat hunting, people can unintentionally be at the wrong rank because their good / bad play is not reflected in their stats. In the early days, these groups were roughly equal, but lately those advocating for no performance modifier are more numerous (on the forums anyways). Regardless, the effect is small and by far the most important contribution to SR is winning, and stat hunting is poor as well as toxic play. Season Transitions Players’ 10 placement matches will continue to use their MMR from their previous season for matchmaking purposes. Prior to season 6 (September 2017), players’ SR would be bumped down at the beginning of the season, and they would earn it back with an SR buff over the course of 50 matches. This felt bad and was removed (15). Currently, a player’s initial SR will generally be close to his previous season ending SR, but with a relatively ordinary adjustment based on 10 placement matches. However, occasionally a player will have a large and inexplicable movement (in either direction) (23). My best guess is that Blizzard adjusted their formulas some as promised (25), and used placements as cover to move some players’ MMR/SR, but there are other possibilities. Because of reasonably high quality data for season 6 (23), it is possible to derive a formula: (New Season Starting SR) = (-235 +/- 44) + (1.02 +/- .01) * (Previous season Ending SR) + (38.3 +/- 4.1) * (Placement Wins). New Season Starting SR has a standard error of 152 SR (24), which implies an unexplained range of roughly 900 SR. How accurate is SR? On the forums there are generally two factions with respect to SR, those who think that SR is essentially luck and a meaningless value, and those who believe that SR is essentially correct. Neither of these factions have the correct approach. The correct question is to ask how accurate is SR? Clearly top 500 players are better than bottom 500 (see any bronze to GM series or watch low bronze play vs top play), so SR is not completely random, but how accurate is it really? For this discussion, I am assuming that we are talking about a player that plays to win every game, doesn’t share his account, and has played at least 100 competitive games. There are number of ways to approach this question. One is to start a completely new account, and then play 100 games on the new account and see how it performs compared to the old one. This shows that SR can vary by 1000 SR in extreme cases, and 500 in normal cases (27). There is some evidence that reroll experiments show less variance at higher ranks (28) likely because there are less random variables, such as smurfs, throwers, and inconsistent play. Another experiment we can do is look at how SR changes between seasons. Even though SR is generally about where it was from the previous season, there is roughly a 900 SR range (in extreme cases) that cannot be explained by previous season ending and placements record (see previous section). Regardless of where this comes from, this implies that SR is not particularly accurate. Next, any player can see how his SR changes during a season. A range of 500 is completely normal here. In addition, if an account needs a 55% win rate to maintain SR (11, 12), and if win % changes slowly with rank, then it is expected that this will be an additional source of significant error in SR. If a player gets noticeably better, it can take a long time to get to the correct rank. If a player maintains a 55% win rate, he will only go up approximately 220 SR/MMR every 100 games. Because there are twelve players in a match, one player's contribution (and ability to carry the match) is limited unless he is playing at a vastly different skill level, so a 55% win rate for a player that is moderately under placed is to be expected. Put this all together, and we can state that an active and motivated player’s SR is only accurate to +/- 250 SR in normal circumstances and +/- 500 SR in extreme cases. Of course, new players or players that actively break the system can be off by much more. Forced 50/50 There is an old and persistent conspiracy theory that Blizzard’s algorithms force players to have a 50% win rate by nefarious means (if a player gets many wins in a row, very poor players are put on his team to make him lose). This has been contradicted by Blizzard (7), is contradicted by people’s ability to climb (13), and would be a horrible and difficult-to-implement design. The truth is much simpler. If a player wins more than he loses, his SR/MMR goes up. As it rises, he is placed against stronger opponents (and with stronger allies), which increases the chance that he will lose (7). Once in equilibrium, the average person he faces (and is allied with) is at his skill level, and the only way to go up is to become a better player. Win Streak Bonus / Loss Streak Penalty Prior to April, 2017 there was a substantial bonus to SR for winning many games in a row (about 4 or more), scaling all the way up to 150 SR for one win. To keep things balanced, penalties existed if a player lost many games in a row. This was removed because it lead to people who got lucky/unlucky being thrown far from their true rank (9, 10). Leaver Penalty Each time a player leaves competitive matches any time before the Victory/Defeat screen, he will receive a 50 SR penalty. It is not known if leaving penalizes players’ MMR. In addition, a leaver will receive increasing automatic bans, with each leave (19): 10 minutes 30 minutes 2 hours 8 hours 24 hours Season Ban (with a season ban, no rewards are received) The season ban cannot be reversed. The reason or method of leaving is irrelevant. If a player plays many games without leaving, the leaving penalty resets downward. The rule of thumb is that if the bans are getting into 8 or 24 hours, a season ban is imminent. If a player receives three season bans, a permanent ban is likely (30). The season bans do not need to be consecutive to count toward a permanent ban. Bugs Because of the complexity of the system, subtle bugs with skill-rating and match-making can be difficult to spot and reproduce by the players. And many player reports are not particularly trustworthy for various reasons. However, there are a number of reports of a bug that will cause people to have very small gains / large losses in the match after the match with a leaver (26), assuming the bugged player left after the game said it was safe to do so, but before the end of the match. In addition, note that using statistical measures to rate players is particularly prone to subtle bugs, which Blizzard and players have been discovering and Blizzard has been (slowly) acknowledging and fixing since launch. References (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) Stevo, a twitch streamer and Symmetra main did a bronze to gm series on twitch after these changes went into effect, and there was no detectable SR bonus, even though he won 51 matches in a row. and following. (11) (12) (13) (14) “When you do come back and actively play matches, you’ll also typically gain more SR from a win until your displayed skill rating and internal matchmaking have again reached ‘equilibrium’ “. (15) (16) (17) (18) (19) (20) (21) (22) (23) (24) (25) (26) (27) (28) (29) (30) (*) Not confirmed by Blizzard or data, but having it work some other way would be broken.Kaawumba62 1h
1h Game Problem or Player Problem? I think everyone should be friends with someone in Masters or higher. It is a good lesson in humility. I personally send my Hanzo VOD for review by top 500 Hanzo main to improve myself. Those who don't, will be posting these in forums: When you win " i carried " When you lose " my teammates are bad, matchmaking flawed, SR system sucks" Today, I found a 1000 SR DPS main complaining in the lobby. He said his teammates are bad and the game placed him incorrectly. I invited him to a custom game, we both picked mccree. He couldn't land a hit after 12 shots. Next, we both went Pharah. Same outcome. He can't land a single hit. I don't even play these 2 heroes that much. "My enemies usually don't move that way" Ok, dps main with bad aim. Next I asked him where does he stand when defending on Hanamura. He stood on high ground, facing the enemy spawn door. Not even silver players do that! Jesus....hanzo0nly1 1h
1h Posts getting deleted?? : Repost : match by age I posted a suggestion earlier, thinking that there must be enough of a player base by now to match people by age. Since I'm in my 30's, I would just prefer to play with people close to my own age. During the day, I find that most leaves are actually kids, and they can also be the most rude, it seems. I was wondering if there is a way to match people by age, when possible? I don't understand how my posts get deleted. What have I said wrong? People even responded to it, and it's just gone. Not the first time that has happened to me either.RixiRooTM2 1h
1h This is why performance based SR is fine I've seen the complaint a lot that the algorithm can't measure clutch impact plays that win games. The people who hit master, GM, T500 are those who put up big stats AND make clutch impact plays. That's why they are high ranked. It's almost insulting to those who put in the effort to climb when someone blames the algorithm for not measuring their clutch plays as if we didn't make those type of plays in our own climb.Alias8 1h
1h I only got 3 SR for winning a game? So I went 30 elims and 12 deaths as Reaper with 5 death blossoms but I only get 3 SR? What is going on? I think the update screwed SR up.NinjaZell3 1h
1h The "true SR" myth. I fell victim to this ideology myself for awhile, and now that I understand things more clearly i decided to post on the subject. So far in season 6 I'm continually bouncing between low plat and mid plat. Whenever I get back to 2700 I start faltering, hit a loss streak and tumble back down. Do I blame the system ? The leavers ? The griefers ? They suck, true enough. However I think it's far more likely that somewhere between 2500 and 2700 lies my true sr, and I just need to buckle down and practice my mechanics, perfect my strats and improve myself. When I first placed in season 5 I was silver, and cursing the game and the community for conspiring against me to keep me from my "true SR". In retrospect I now know that I WAS a silver player. And when I got better and became gold I WAS gold. Until I got better and hit plat... You get the idea. The truth is were rarely as good as we let ourselves believe. But we can put in the work to improve rather than stay static and toxify the atmosphere of the game. Let's all spend a little more time focusing on improving ourselves rather than cursing out others. The system isn't perfect, but it's also not as imperfect as we sometimes let ourselves believe.McLintock8 1h
1h DC from server = per ban = unfair I get dc from server a lot some times twice in a row, i try to get back cause i am not a leaver.. i hate that just cause we losing. need to bring in something for those who just get a simple "DC" and don't go afk / leave just cause they are losing.Knghtlight3 1h
2h Aim thing problem hi, i play tracer a lot and my aim is not very consistent. This morning i was at around 38%acc, in the afternoon, i was around 40%acc, now its night and im only getting 35%acc, is it because im tired or something? I want to be consistent, can someone halpPhoenix747e3 2h
2h My First Season getting to GM.. Thank you Blizzard, I really appreciate it! Keep up the good work on making my favorite game better! (Literally i'm the guy who buys a lot of Overwatch Merch) Now onto business, I placed 20 sr this season at 3888 then my career high which was 3868 and grinded my way to GM which I'm currently at. I'm confused at how this is possible when I lost 4 placements matches if I remember right. And I even flexed during placements this season instead of one tricking! Also don't give up my fellow players, I placed in Plat my first season! One tricked Tracer until low Masters, then became a DPS/Tank main who is a healer flex!ShiroNight1 2h
2h Overwatch controller league Does anyone else think that there will be a possibility of an overwatch controller league? Although there won't be for a LONG time, I believe that they can and will do his at some point. Only reason I would say this would be a good thing is because from my experience the two forms of control have very different feels and capabilities. It would be great to see this and would be great for support and noticing the other two thirds of the playerbase more.SwankyPants6 2h
2h Theory on MMR vs SR If your MMR is based on a bunch of stats that Blizz applies their black magic to, and your SR simply reflects wins with a sprinkle of performance mixed in, then a winstreak where you got luckily paired with players who carried you (even somewhat) should in theory set up a disparity between what "the system thinks you should rank" and what "your SR shows on the screen". In that case, you may be paired with others in the same situation, and perceive the match as "a forced loss". In a way, it is real. In a way, its the way it should be. If you use some tools to analyse stats on your most played, say 3, heroes, you may find holes in your play. If you focus on those holes, and improve your MMR, you will climb. One tricks, or people who do the same things over and over without improving the holes in their game, may call it elo hell. If you are in your own personal elo hell, find the holes in your game, improve them, and the system starts to shift and MM will reward you - as your MMR improves your SR will follow. If not, you will rubber-band right back to where you should be - the "forced loss streak". Happens the other way around too. If you lose a ton but perform well, your MMR will be above your screen SR and you can more easily get back there. Just my thoughts. Seems to make sense after all the nutty stat analysis Ive read over the last little while. Finding out what stats influences each heroes MMR more and therefore SR is a different story... only theorys exist. Blizz won't tell. Ppl will just game it for SR and not play a team game. (MERCY, ANA)Fuze12 2h
2h Any Sombra mains over 50% Winrate?? I’ve been thinking about putting some time into playing Sombra because she looks like a really fun hero that doesn’t get picked often But I was wondering if anyone if actually having any success in playing her Also, please don’t reply saying you have some amazing withrate with Sombra, if you only have a few hours on herMac1 2h
2h Why did I get bronze when I got gold last season Why did I get bronze in this season , I had gold last season and I won 5matches out of 10 , I should at least be in silver , why ? Could you please help me out ?Batman11 2h
2h Bless up Blizzard buffed widow, and for a second, I thought pharahmercy was dead. But then the mercy rework... now pharahmercy will continue to be an excellent strategy for my friend and I to run. Thanks so much blizzard! -Pharah mainOryxYeti2 2h
2h I just played competitive without voice chat And it was both much easier to concentrate and it was actually a lot more fun. I know it's frowned upon, and I honestly did try to push through the comms in spite of my severe anxiety, but no comms makes competitive much less intimidating and less of a chore. Edit: I also noticed that my performance and sr improved to a point I'm happy with without chat on.Kris5 2h
3h I need help What is the counterplay to junk, sym, torb, bastion, rein, mercy on horizon first point? Please know that I play on console. Also, despite seeing junkrat in literally EVERY [removed] game since his buff (he was already strong on console on certain maps), if there's any tips for getting past him on the maps where he now dominates (Dorado first and third point, hanamura, almost any control map) I would greatly appreciate them. Side note: I'm getting very fatigued by this game now. It used to be fun, now it's stress. Junkrat isn't fun to play against, torn isn't, sym isn't, bastion isn't. And now they're so frequent that if I go one round without one of them, I almost cry tears of joy.MastaEmcee7 3h
3h Playing drunk should be bannable Had a guy confirm he was drunk at the start of the match and he was on support. You might as well be throwing if you're slurring your words and can't form a sentence.AfrcanTurtle23 3h
3h Overrtroll Welcome to Overtroll where all the angry kids hang out. Its unreal maybe 1 in 20 games is decent , almost every game has a de-ranker, thrower etc. I love playing when its good but so many bad matches.Monkeyknot0 3h
3h Wait till end of season? Should I just wait till the last week of season 6 and just do my placements then? In past seasons I've placed low diamond and climbed to almost masters. But with all the negative comments about this season I'm thinking of just doing placements the last week to avoid falling and the sr decay.Dva4 3h
3h Please fix d/c at start of match Please fix disconnecting at the start of match causing an auto loss. This is the best time to be able to reconnect and continue the match. This makes absolutely no sense.Izzy1 3h
3h Leavers Season 6 Currently, Games 3 Leavers 0 Opponents 1 Season5 Games 465 Leavers 29 (Partial Match 14) Opponents 11 (Partial match 13) 2 leavers (1 Separate games) on the opposing team, 1 on our team, that happened that caused a cancel match after a team lost the first point. (not included above as it doesn't count as a game). Season 4 Games 190 Leavers 9 Opponents 7 2 Leaver on the opposing team canceling the match after the team got stuffed on the first push. (Doesn't count to games played) Season 3 247 games Leavers 22 Opponents 5 3 leavers (4 Separate games) on the opposing team, 1 on my team, that happened that caused a cancel match after a team lost the first point. (not included above as it doesn't count as a game).GeraldBaldZ6 3h
3h Free Weekend.. Why is it that people who are using the free weekend are allowed to play comp?SerpentMonk2 3h
3h Low Gold Vs High Gold Experiment which is harder? I started my 60 match experiment between 2 accounts. One account is in low gold and the other one started in high gold (for purposes of the experiment) So far I have done 10 matches total. Higher account just reached plat and so far I am 4-1 on it Low Gold account (this one) is current 3-2 I will keep updating the post every x amount of matches. I am very curious to see my win rate between the 2 accounts. Too small of a sample size to illustrate anything yet but so far the higher account has a higher win rate.tacobellftw13 3h
3h Diamond weapons I have a few gold weapons, and in fact, Im about to be able to get another gold weapon soon, but I dont want any other gold weapons cause my mains have them. How about being able to get a diamond weapon after you get a gold weapon?RobotChicken13 3h
3h How do you get out of Diamond? I’ve been playing overwatch for every season and my career high is diamond. I’ve been diamond most seasons and as of now I’m at my season high which is mid diamond. I just need tips on getting out of diamond because it seems like I couldn’t do it for a long time.Kexse13 3h
4h Not fair I still had 37 seconds to pick a character before the game started. Kicked me out. Game over. Lost 50 sr points. Come on. Game didn't even start yet.FatCatPlayin0 4h
4h Comp & S6 are so bad.... Literally, the worst. I am down 563 SR with a win % of 43.29. How can someone even remotely not be tilted when they are sitting on this and losing an average of 26SR per lost game?? Seriously. Fix your system Blizzard. All these posts and you all do nothing but release some BS YouTube video that does nothing but tilt people more. Literally. Griefers, trolls, and leavers got worse after you released it. Season after season, they only get worse. I feel like this game will die as soon as Destiny is released on PC. Thank goodness. I can see less and less people are already playing. Sad though because I enjoy it when I don't go on 6 game losing streaks.JAYTEE7 4h