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9h [PC] Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – February 14, 2018 A new Overwatch patch is currently in development and now available for testing. To share your feedback or report and issue, please post in the PTR Feedback or PTR Bug Report forums. Please note that the below patch notes only include changes currently available for testing on the PTR. While many of these changes will also be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in a future patch, the PTR is PC-only and therefore will only reflect changes coming specifically to that platform. HERO UPDATES Doomfist Hand Cannon Ammo recovery rate increased from 0.8 seconds to 0.65 seconds per bullet Developer Comments: This change will help Doomfist more consistently be able to use his weapon as part of his combos. Mei Endothermic Blaster Freeze (slow) duratioDeveln increased from 1 second to 1.5 seconds Weapon alternate fire ammo cost reduced from 25 to 20 Developer Comments: Increasing Mei’s slow duration helps her freeze targets that are particularly elusive such as Genji or Lúcio. Lowering her alternate fire ammo cost allows her to more safely use it without costing her the ability to freeze enemies. Sombra EMP No longer blocked by small objects (e.g. sign posts) Hack No longer gains ultimate charge from health pack healing Cast time reduced from 0.8 seconds to 0.65 seconds Now disables the following abilities: Genji—Cyber-agility Hanzo—Wall Climb Pharah—Hover Jets Lúcio—Healing Boost and Speed Boost (turns off current song entirely), Wall Ride Mercy—Angelic Descent Machine Pistol Machine Pistol spread reduced from 3 to 2.7 Opportunist Enemy health bars are now visible when health drops below 100% (formerly 50%) Her ability to detect enemies through walls at 50% or less remains unchanged Translocator Duration increased from 15 seconds to 20 seconds Developer Comments: The goal of these changes for Sombra is to remove the necessity for her teammates to take damage and heal themselves with her hacked heath packs to try to get her ultimate charged up quickly. Her ultimate will now come up less often, but there are more abilities that are disabled by Hack so it is more effective when used. Previously, Opportunist would only activate when an enemy’s health bar dipped below 50% but now the passive will reveal all damaged enemies in her line of sight which should help Sombra identify targets to pick off. Overall these changes should make her more effective and less reliant on her ultimate. USER INTERFACE UPDATES Mercy Valkyrie No longer shows enemies’ health bars unless they have taken damage Developer Comments: This helps remove some clutter from Mercy players’ screens when they use her ultimate.Josh Engen99 9h
Dec 20 Bug Fix & "Casual" Hanzo Skin Testing on the PTR - 12/20 Hello Agents, We're currently testing some new changes on the PTR. Please provide any constructive feedback you may have here. Thank you. GENERAL General Weapon accuracy is no longer increased or decreased when shooting at Genji’s Deflect or abilities that block projectiles (e.g. Winston’s Barrier Projector or Mei’s Ice Wall) The Casual Hanzo skin has been updated to more accurately reflect his appearance in the Reflections comic BUG FIXES General Fixed a bug that caused weapon accuracy statistics to incorrectly calculate and display as a negative percentage in-game (e.g. players’ career profiles, the match status screen, and the end of match summary) Maps Fixed an issue with spawn room doors preventing players from leaving or entering the spawn area on Control mapsTom Powers0 Dec 20
20m Please get rid of Lucio on hack list. The hack is very useful, if used correctly. But simply just holding down a button and shutting down Lucio as a healer is very strong. If then you would be shutting him down completely. How is that fair at all? If it only works with EMP and only shuts down his self healing, while decreasing the Ally heal. I would feel as if that was fair.Dummly33 20m
26m Once again the Devs prove they don't know what they're doing These Mei buffs actually tilt me. No not because they make her op. They tilt me Because they're borderline pointless. Mei needs help, she's in a bad spot. She's an anti-mobile hero who can't do anything to mobile heros. Try to freeze a tracer, blinks away genji, dashes away moira, teleports dva, boosters sombra, translocator. I could go on and on, but my point is her problem isn't her freeze no lasting long enough, its her freeze not being able to freeze mobile heros. Her freeze takes too long to activate, anyone with a mobile skills and the reflexes of a dying cat could get away.golo23 26m
34m You have to chose one or the other Lucio can not lose both his healing and his speed and wall ride. It's not fair, it's not/wouldn't be fun to play against. You can take away his ability to heal/speed and means of escaping dangerous situations. Taking away his job as a healer with an ability? Maybe EMP should only make him lose his wall ride and or Crossfade abilities.Dummly8 34m
44m Mercy - bring back rez cooldown reset Not enjoying the latest Mercy iteration at the moment; just feels so sluggish and one-dimensional when it comes to rez's - there's no real tactics other than ensuring you don't swoop in when the situation is too hot. Problem is that rezzing is what Mercy does - that's her thing and now it is very, very mundane and predictable - there's no skill ceiling for using the ability and now she is basically little more than a mobile, consistent, single-target healer. I understand that instant-cast rezzing was too much but the ultimate has nothing in the mix to make rez'ing anymore engaging. Without a massive re-work, I would like to see the re-introduction of the rez cool-down reset when Valkarie is popped. Simple as that. That mechanic was there when the first re-work went in but was too OP at the time with the insta-cast reset and the 10 sec cool down on rez when used in Valkarie mode. The situation is now very different with cast-time rez's and always 30-sec cool down rez's - I think it would add that missing ingredient back into the mix again to re-introduce it. The reset mechanic is much better than the 2-charge rez as, yes, it can produce a 2-man rez but clever timing and usage is required to pull it off - especially in conjunction with the cast-time rez's; it will be situational to pull it off. This would give very good Mercy players the ability to differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack but not so much of a substantial change that you would see Mercy dominate support again. It makes too much sense to me - not sure what others think?TerminatorUK2 44m
52m What this PTR has shown me After a bunch of small buffs, they finally over-corrected on Sombra. Mei and Doomfist will probably have to take the same path. The current buffs wont help them much, but this November they'll give Doomfist a missile launcher and Mei 300 armor or something.balonium23912 52m
1h PTR Feedback about Sombra, and why she's okay. Sombra, is balanced, Here's why 1. She's the new anti-mobility hero we been wanting, McCree and Sombra is gonna be a good combo to counter dive entirely 2. Tracer Sombra to harass the backlines, You guys often say "NERF GENJI AND TRACER!?!!!1", But are complaining about the Sombra buff because it's "Too broken", when in reality, these are indirect nerfs, Why indirect? Genji and Tracer in a very fragile boat where any changes to nerf them, could render them unusable and worse than Hanzo without Scatter arrow, BUT, Changes to another hero without touching them directly, can work perfectly. Genjis double jump? Tracers Blink? These are the things you guys keep asking to be nerfed. These are the closest to a nerf you'll see. 3. Sombra needs this buff, I'm not trying to say she'll be "More skill based" because that is often a horrid argument to nerf something, But she'll be used alot more and on the levels of Roadhog usage 4. You can't say she's busted when other heros literally kill you before you can react, Like roadhogs hook shoot melee, You can't react to that in a 1v1(I know this a team based game, But for Sombra, she engages in 1v1s in the backlines for the most part to disrupt teams.) unless you're another tank, Sombra has a buff that'll actually get her usage and not considered a troll when she's used. That's HUGE for her, She'll no longer be on the same level as Symmetra on GM, Instantly reported for throwing (Not saying I do this, I'm just saying people do this because of how annoying/easy to use they are) 5. She'll be able to finally kill that annoying meta known as "PharahMercy", Where they literally either 1. One shot you or put you so low their other team mates just body shot you twice, All from 1 pharah damage buff shot. THAT is broken and should be fixed, Not Sombra, Pharah Mercy does damage that a ult should only do. 6. Keep in mind, these changes are annoying you on the PTR because people are picking her alot, and using her, testing her out. She won't be this used on the live servers, but her usage will definitely rise. But, if I had to say a change for Sombra, Then don't make it so Lucios aura is effected by her hack, OR, Make it so the other supports self healing is effected. Keep in mind, this is purely my opinion on the fact, If you disagree, that's cool, I'd like to hear why ON this thread, instead of reading countless other post saying "SOMBRA IS BUSTED REEE I CAN'T DO THIS!?1" "i'm quitting the game of Sombra get's more usage", I want actual reasons, Not that, I want reasons that'll explain changes to the meta, No moot points. That is all, Thanks for reading to the end if you did. TL:DR- She's balanced no matter how you look at it aside from the Lucio hack.ĤǛĠŎŦĬŜŦȈƇǺĿ21 1h
1h Sombra ult charge from self heal? Should Sombra with these changes still retain her self heal ult charge only? I get they made hack stronger now. But her ult charges super slow now, I was hitting a dva in the face with every bullet and watched my ult meter fill so slowly. I feel this would make everything perfect with her. Team mates can't get her ult charge anymore but she still gets it herself to remain consistent with every other character that gets charge from self healing.Sushi6261 1h
3h Sombras hack is almost perfect... Almost There's those things that Sombra can just end people with, But could you make it on the same scale as Genji's deflect? He can deflect Zarya's black hole, like a black hole c'mon now, So to make sense of this, I suggest to make it so you can hack turrets and make them work for you, Hack orisas super charger, etc etc, Nothing to do with shields as that would be beyond busted. But Sombras hack is a little to fast, I'd say nerf it to .70 Speed if of .65ĤǛĠŎŦĬŜŦȈƇǺĿ4 3h
3h Mei's Buffs Genuinely thank you, she's been a garbage fire of a hero for so long, this allows her to actually work where she's supposed to. Can't wait to play my Mein again <3Lovely10 3h
4h How do we define a "Good Place" ... She's below junkrat in GM, placing her at 3.15% pick. Anyone below 3.8% is not being picked equaly in the lineup, so they dont even qualify as an average pick. Both junkrat and Mercy have slowly been sliding down since their changes so neither of them are at their supposed lowest limit from this last update, and with more buffs coming, its likely both of them will slide further down that list. I guess my question is at this point, if they arent in a Horrible place when the top 6 characters take up most of the pick ratio, when is a character at a good place?BoopBot15 4h
4h The Mercy Re-Work Didn't Work The entire point of the re-work was to make her more fun and engaging but in the end she has become less engaging, when she activates her ultimate ability she has to disengage from her team and hold one of two buttons the entire duration of her ultimate to get the most out of her ultimate. Resurrect is better suited as a ultimate ability than a regular ability, no other character has a regular ability that requires this much coordination from the rest of the team to accomplish. It has no mid fight power. It can only be used at the very start of a engagement or at the very end of the engagement assuming the team was able to hold their ground. Revert the re-work and balance from there, remove the invulnerability from ultimate resurrect and consider adding a short cast time or a smaller resurrect radius. Now that the power of resurrect as a ultimate has been reduced add a new ability that would allow her to be a bit more active and more engaging to play, whether it be a movement ability or an ability that would allow her to heal her teammates while actively using her pistol, a weak aura.BenjaminWolf11 4h
5h Overwatch to the switch We should have overwatch on the Nintendo switch fans need that to happenFunkyPants0 5h
6h OWL skins - search by Hero While I like that we can pick a team and see all the different heroes in that team's skin, I would also like to be able to select a specific hero and quickly scroll through all the different team skins on just that hero. EDIT: I did not mean to post this in PTR but general >.<BlueFountain0 6h
6h Disconnecting Vs Leaving Game Wish Overwatch could decipher between losing power and quitting game. I'm sure the servers can tell the difference between shutting down immediately and losing all connection from clicking leave game and backing out. I lost 60 SR from losing power at my house. I have never gotten mad and left because we are going to lose.Muffinman2 6h
6h DOOMFIST PTR FEEDBACK IN DETAIL intro::so doomfist is in a funny place right now he has a less that 45% winrate across all ranks. doomfist needs some buffs,buffs that will make him more playable than before. 1#HOW HES PLAYED:::::if you look at doomfist his main damage was supposed to be his fist currently chipsa and other pro players use his fist for mobility rather than damage...its hard to use small hit box and the ghost punch happens almost every game, his movement/damage abilities like the slam and uppercut are so low damage that its hard doing anything as doomfist. theres always this moment where doomfist uses all his abilities to just kill one person. his cool downs for his slam and uppercut should be lower. #2 THE UPPERCUT::::so he uses all his abilities to kill one person and trying to kill just that one person you die in the process over and over due to the HUGE hitbox the hitbox on him is just as big as zaryas....we should give him 300HP or lower his hitbox...hes not a tank hes a DPS. i found a way to make the uppercut a little better without making it broken and that would be to charge it kinda like the fist the more you charge it the higher you go,,,,,it will help getting to higher places without using every single ability it would help combo with the slam because the higher you are with the slam the more damage you do. also the uppercut should work like the fist when you hit a ceiling you should take damage kinda like how you hit a wall and take damage. #3 THE SLAM::: the slam is a little tricky especially on console, you have to aim it just right to hit your opponent and on console they cant aim perfectly and its hard to combo wit the slam cuz they cant turn fast enough, so what i think we should do is make the slam a 360 degree radios and when you stun your enemy there stunned for a little longer so you can turn fast enough to combo. #4 COMBOS::::: doomfist is supposed to be a mainly a melee hero but hes in a first person shooter honestly it does not mix well if his movement is lacking and if there is no way to combo properly. to properly combo he needs a little bit more range on his abilities for example the uppercut you have to be wayyyy to close in order to use it...due to air currents from the (doomfist) that can level sky scrapers it should produce enough air to pic someone off of the ground by being a little farther away all the abilities need range the farther you are away the less damage you do,,,,for the better skilled player it would reward them. #5 THE GUN FIST:::: ok the shotgun fist on his left hand needs one more bullet he has 5 knucks and not 4 and once again theres allways this moment where doomfist cant do anything due to him using all his abilities just to kill one person. and the (tiny fist) thats what people call his shotgun hand it needs to do 60 melee damage he has super strength he broke out of jail with out his doomfist and your telling me...mie can hit people with the same damge as doomfist. also if you increase the damage it would help with doomfists combos. #6 ABILITY RESET::::: also an ability reset would be pretty cool to if you land a fist and kill someone it resets all your abilities so you can get out no trading required lol. it qouls kind of be like genjis dash reset in a way #7 FINAL THOUGHTS::: so fixing/buffing this character will take some time giving his abilities buffs like better cooldowns and reworking them to make it better for doomfist players to do damage like a dps so he can more freely and not die instantly every time he kills one one wants to kill trade its not fun. also he should create an air current that knocks people up into the air they take zero damage until they hit a ceiling. imagine he upercuts and it creates a strait line of air they float in mid air for a sec so people can combo. this gives him some range and is able to combo better. one combo would be uppercut 180 slam from slight range,,,he currently has to be wayyy to close he can melee from range due to his ""leveling sky scraper doomfist gauntlet"" so far that lore part is kinda strange maybe he can level a small house XDDDBahethoven3 6h
9h Torbjörn Buff/Fix Hey since you hear alot of the community i hope my idea gets through I love playing torb (not as a main) even in comp and im a proud plat. works great on some maps in defense but even with tanks its very hard to get your turret up again in a teamfight. damage wise turret and torb are fine imo and survivalbility is ok also when you are stacked on packs. so my idea would be: let torb fix and "mini"upgrade his lvl 1 turret with 1 swing (still 5 swings for lvl 2). its really annoying to hit your turret to heal it from 149 to full hp before upgrading it(even with body blocks). this would be a great change whats makes him viable more without touching his damage that much. i hope some of you like this idea or even got better ones till thenWatchx4 9h
9h Remove all passives with sombra's hack Since we're removing lucio's passive auras, we should also remove all other passive effects: Sombra: can no longer see things through walls when hacked. Reaper: Can no longer lifesteal when hacked. Junkrat: Takes self-damage while hacked, and no longer drops bombs. Mercy: Health no longer regenerates while hacked. Dies instantly instead of ejecting if killed while hacked. Zarya: Energy does not increase damage while hacked, may get energy reset to 0.Crusher481 9h
9h Make Mei's feeze time proprotional with their health I think she should be able to freeze the high mobility heroes like genji or tracer a little easier but in order to do that she needs to be able to freeze them faster. That would make her a little to op if she could just freeze everyone super fast. Instead I think the rate at which someone can be frozen is dependent on the total hp they have. So low hp heroes get frozen really fast while tanks take a little longer. This will make her a great counter to those back line harassers while not being op and freezing low mobility tanks super easily.Kilo1 9h
10h Any posibility to watch those new changes on owl stage 2? Title. I will not fun wait like 3 months until OWL stage 3 start.Zorek1043 10h
10h Lucio's Song Doesn't require a button press Balance aside, turning off Lucio's song is simply inconsistent with the other changes. Lucio doesn't press a button to activate his song. He has Crossfade to swap between songs, but that button is already locked by Hack. Wall Ride should be locked, because you need to press a button to use it. Without Wall Ride, Lucio's effective range is tiny. He uses that speed boost to be where he needs to be. Taking away Wall Ride and the ability to change songs is more than enough for Hack to be felt.Gaze2 10h
11h Enemy health bars for Mercy I wonder why they straight up removed enemy health bars during Valkyrie instead of making them optional, like the friendly ones currently are. Valkyrie already barely differs from the Mercy's general gameplay, and yet it's still being nerfed, even if this might not seem such a significant change. And yep, all in all it's a nerf, because I do want to know what I'm dealing with on the enemy side. That extra bit of information is actually helpful for both me (got that peashooter for a reason, after all), and my team. I understand the extra clutter might annoy or distract some players, but there are also ones who would want to use some more info about the enemy team. Just make it a switch, like friendly bars, and let us customize what we want to see. If you really want to help Mercy players, then you should let them choose how much info they want to see, and if you want to nerf her more, please don't sugarcoat it. We're past like the 4th rework now, we already know the drill.Viv2 11h
11h Lucio PTR Feedback Now, not only does EMP COMPLETELY destroy his ult, but now when hes hacked, he cant wallride AND he loses his song ability. AKA, if hes on speed and hes hacked, he no longer speeds. Same goes for the healing song. *Moderation note - Edited the title of the post. We want to hear the feedback on how you feel about the PTR changes but please use caution with your choice of words when presenting the feedback :) Thank you! <strong/> Edit: ^ that's pretty interesting lol. But what I meant by this post is this: the wallride, it's in line with the other passive being disabled. It being OP is another discussion. MY ISSUE, is that it makes it so he is absolutely useless, and is the only character that is affected that hard (besides maybe Rein). And seeing how he's been looked at as one of the most balanced heroes for a while, does he really need more counters?Dorian59 11h
12h Sombra Changes are Great I never play sombra, mecause of the difficulty, but now with these new changes it feels alright playing her.Zipur1 12h
13h Can we retain the 'simple geometry' bouncing arrows? I for one am very excited to check out the Hanzo rework when it goes live on the PTR. I only have one sad point that I expect SOME PEOPLE feel the same about. WE LOSE THE BOUNCING SIMPLE GEOMETRY ASPECT OF HANZO's KIT Assuming scatter arrow is replaced with volley, we no longer have the very cool, skill intensive opportunity to bounce arrows off of walls (a very unique aspect of the kit). I don't want to see scatter arrow as it currently is remain, as many people don't like how it feels. However, i think we could retain the bouncing arrow aspect of it. My reccomendation: Keep scatter arrow as an ability that reads: 6s cooldown. Hanzo's next arrow is able to bounce off of walls. Would be very fun, and not feel bad to get killed to quite like the current implementation!SneakMan10 13h
14h [SUGGESTION] The changes some heroes really need MEI: Icicle now also put a stack of Slow on targetOR Icicle damage no longer decreased on long rangeNote: this will make Icicle a good utility tool or increase its damage potential to be on par with other heroes. Cryo-Freeze now reloads 50 ammo per secondNote: QoL change most players asked for. This change will make Mei gameplay more fluid and prevent her from being defenseless upon leaving Cryo-Freeze. New effect "Ice Shatter": Cryo-Freeze now causes a great knock-back effect on nearby enemies upon deactivationOR New effect "Deep-freeze": Cryo-Freeze now constantly puts stacks of Slow on nearby enemies and can Freeze them.Note: both variants will prevent enemies from camping Mei inside Cryo-Freeze and will also increase Mei potential as CC-based hero. DOOMFIST: Rocket Punch hitbox size slightly increased to match hitbox of Doomfist hero model. "Ghostpunch" bug is fixed - Rocket Punch no longer occasionally goes through enemiesNote: these changes will make Rocket Punch more reliable to use. New "R" ability: Defense Stance - press R to start a channeling of Defense Stance for up to 3 seconds. Defense Stance gives Doomfist +50 temporary shield per second up to max +150 temporary shield. Defense Stance can be used while moving and channeling cannot be interrupted by received damage, but any attack or ability made by Doomfist stops channeling. 12sec CD, starts after channeling endNote: Doomfist has the biggest hitbox of all Offence heroes that does not match his 250 health pool. Defense Stance gives Doomfist on-demand protection that is best for preparation before and between combat encounters rather than during combat. JUNKRAT: Concussion Mine damage drop-off change is reverted Concussion Mine now has internal 2 second CD between uses. 8 second recharge time remains the sameNote: These changes will made Concussion Mine a less random source of damage, but will also prevent Junkrat from doing too much burst damage in one moment. Internal CD between uses of Concussion Mine will also prevent Junkrat players from occasional waste of Mine charges with quick tapping on Shift button. ALL HEROES: All projectile-based Ultimates no longer disappear if they are already launched but player died. This includes Tracer's Pulse Bomb, Mei's Blizzard and Zarya's Graviton Shnobz0 14h
14h The new Mercy nerf has missed the point You can't balance an ability like resurrect when it's an ability on a cooldown. You simply can't. It's too strong. Yet all the recent nerfs have focused on other aspects of Mercy. It now takes 2 seconds to resurrect and now Valkyrie is shorter, no longer gets an instant rez and still has the rez cast time. OK, cool. Now Mercy is a lot worse and essentially just a heal bot. But the problem still remains that Mercy can rez key targets every 30 seconds. I think that even with the PTR nerf, Mercy will be a lot less fun to play as but people will still beg for nerfs and Mercy will keep being nerfed. Just revert her to Mercy 1.0 and make a few changes. Mercy is painfully boring to play as now (and frustrating to play against) and will be even worse when the new changes come around. Resurrect is so powerful that it needs to be an ultimate. Make it her ultimate again, maybe add some changes to make it more balanced and actually counterable. Perhaps make it require line of sight, add a cast time or nerf the charge rate?Pigeon115 14h
14h Mercy: Bring back the resurrect ult but with cast time Hello everyone, I feel like a lot of different (and very good) ideas have been tried regarding Mercy, and yet nothing to really fit her in a "balanced" state while preserving her role and identity. I agree that the "Press-Q-5-man-rez" had to be reworked. I agree that the 30sec cooldown, whatever we try about it, makes Mercy way too powerful and a must-have. So, regarding her, I think we should bring back the rez-ult but change it a bit. Add the cast time and the speed debuff to the ult. Maybe make it effect a larger area (or even the whole map). This way, it seems to me it would work has Symmetra's teleporter : You'll have to hide somewhere to bring everyone back fast but you'll still be vulnerable in the process (for that, maybe the cast time has to be longer though) When trying to find how people could abuse this... By using a massive rez' from spawn ? Ok. Make it so we can only cast it outside of spawn (again, like Symm's TP) Hiding Mercy = No fun ? Ok, make the cast time longer or her rez animation more visible/easy to locate so you'll have to be smarter or team dependent when casting What do you think ?Panderu8 14h
14h Why Doomfist Is Under Powered THIS POST IS DISREGARDING HIS BUGS To be fair, a lot of people agree with me that he is a weak choice. However, there has been a lot of people who think he is completely balanced as is. This thread is for those people. I'm going to attempt to do my best to explain my reasoning for believing he is in a bad spot. 1.) His original design philosophy When Doomfist was first released he played much differently, Rocket Punch was his main damage tool and the other 2 abilities were his escapes. You may remember how large the hitbox for RP was back then, and how unfun it was to play against. I believe it was only because of his major exploitable weaknesses and large model hitbox that Rocket Punch was designed to be that powerful. To balance the power. However, the dev team swiftly shrank the size because everyone was (understandably) in an uproar. That's all fine and good, but they nerfed Rocket Punch without doing anything about the reason it was allowed to be so powerful in the first place: Doomfist's weaknesses. He was a flimsy knife with a sharp edge, they took away his edge and didn't reinforce the body enough to make him a club. He's just a useless piece of metal now, if that analogy makes any sense. 2.) Comparably Bad This post I made comparing him to Genji/Tracer speaks my point: "Say Doomfist was completely fixed and worked exactly as intended.You are in the hero select screen, you are equally good at Genji, Tracer and Doomfist. In what situation would you pick Doomfist over either of those 2? Let's look at a few things: What do they all have in common? High burst potential, high mobility and heavy ability reliance. What do Genji and Tracer have over Doomfist? Small hitbox, More sustain (Tracer recall), More opportunities to escape (Genji reflect + dash reset), Ability to deal significant damage at medium range, Straight up higher value ultimates, More reliable damage as a whole, Many less counters, Abilities trigger faster, They both combo better with more heroes, Faster movement speed, and they both aren't completely reliant on their cooldowns. What does Doomfist have over them? 250 hp, A (POTENTIAL) 250 damage charge on a 4 second cooldown, Arguably more mobility, Faster burst than Genji, A way to gain (very temporary) shields, An ult that makes him immune to damage, and he has a lot of CC." When you are looking to play a high mobility dps, in what situation would you see this comparison and say "Doomfist is the better choice"? If you know a scenario where he would be better than Genji OR Tracer tell me because I definitely can't think of one, and I main the hero. 3.)Barely any sustain I like the idea of his passive, it rewards good players for hitting their abilities consecutively. Sounds good on paper, but when you find out he only get's 30 shields per hit and they drain faster than a dollar store battery, it becomes negligible in most situations. His passive has saved me a handful of times, don't get me wrong, but more often it's the case where it does virtually nothing. The problem is that after you get 30 shields they are already at 26 by the time someone shoots you from the natural decay, the majority of attacks in the game do more damage than the shields give, and most heroes can out DPS you before you get enough shields to matter. The only time his passive is worth anything is after his ult, but even then you are vulnerable for a second after you land. Even with 400 health I can still be bursted down in that brief period. Speaking of... 4.)His Ult is the worst DPS Ult in the game Let's examine everything Meteor Strike does: Makes him invulnerable for 4 seconds, gives you 75 shields per enemy hit, let's you move freely over the whole map, deals 300 damage at the center and less as it goes out, has a one second timer after you strike before you come down and finally, it leaves you vulnerable for approximately 1 second after you land. Those first three functions of Meteor Strike are completely fine, but the last three are where our problems lay. 300 maximum damage is only 50 more damage than you could do with Rocket Punch and that's on a 4 second cooldown. I know his ult has a lot more functionality for him, but only 300 maximum damage for an ult is pretty pathetic. The only thing it's really good for is running away. Maybe you'll say "But Rightwardsky! His Ult isn't really supposed to be used for damage, it's supposed to be for quick assassination, escape, and for shields!" You have a point, however, quickly assassinating a target is much more difficult than any other DPS Ult do to the easy escapes most heroes have, the low overall damage, and the brief period before you come down. "Well you could always just get the shields and use your health to destroy!" That's when I would mention the moment of vulnerability after you land. If you miss and there is more than one enemy there, they can easily focus you down before you finish the Meteor Strike animation. I'm too tired to think of the other reasons I may have had, but I will add them as soon as they come to meRightwardsky11 14h
14h Additional feedback for sombra hack to cancel reload animation.(like Mcree's flashbank can cancel his reload animation). It would be very useful for emergency targets to hack since it takes 1.5 sec to reload.ArnAnderson1 14h
15h If these Sombra changes goes live, I quit OW! I like Sombra and I like her new playstyle. I also played for over 5h as she got accidentally changed on live and enjoyed it. Less spread of her gun is needed. to make her more to a dps. But all these changes to her hack. That's not balanced. Her hack is f****ing OP now. And shows us again that Blizzard is unable to balance the heroes in the game. Sombra will be might be the next must-pick. And everyone who thinks Sombra didn't got overbuffed has no idea about the game.Dingel43 15h
15h The couple changes that Sombra needs to be perfect The Sombra PTR changes, overall, are great. However, I think they just need a slight revision to be perfect. I'm here today to share my thoughts on the direction she is going, and how I think the next iteration of these changes should look (I am really hoping that this isn't a PTR Preview -> Straight to live situation..) I am an avid Sombra player. I have 100+ hours on her -- which to some, may not be a lot. I might not be the absolute most "qualified" person in the entire player base to talk about this, but I feel that I have spent enough time working with the character to not be terribly ignorant on the subject of rebalancing her. I will be dividing this post in to 3 sections, related to how she is on the current PTR Build: Things to keep, Things to buff, and Things to nerf. Anyways, on to the matter at hand. The bottom line of my feedback: Remove Sombra's ability to take away an enemy's passive abilities, and restore her ability to gain ult charge from self healing with her hacked health packs (teammates still wouldn't give her ult charge). Now, I'd like to go a little more in-depth on why I think these changes are necessary (Warning: long, detailed post ahead). =Things to keep= I would be remiss in claiming that this patch doesn't do a lot of great things for Sombra. Despite being critical of some aspects of these changes, a great deal of things are improved for her, and I want to give them their due appreciation. The lower weapon spread is amazing -- plain and simple. People have been asking for Sombra to have her damage increased since she was released, and this is the perfect way to do that. Flat out increasing her damage numbers would have undoubtedly made her overpowered. Reducing the bullet spread, on the other hand, simply makes her damage more consistent, and is an absolute dream in the hands of the Sombra. It's just enough of a push damage-wise where you are a little less at the mercy of RNG, while not making her an over the top damage dealer. Definitely keep this. The faster cast time of hack also feels amazing. 0.15 seconds may not seem like much, but it's enough to make the ability just a little more reliable. Playing as much Sombra as I do, I definitely felt the difference, and could appreciate the hacks I could get off, that I otherwise would not have been able to before. I am all for keeping this -- however, if her kit needs some toning down after this, I would not mind it being reduced to 0.1s, or 0.05s faster. Her translocator's duration being increased from 15 to 20 is very interesting. On the one hand, it gives you are larger window of opportunity to make a play, while on the other hand, it punishes poor translocator placement by giving you another 5 seconds that you have to wait before it goes on cooldown. I love this change. It improves Sombra, but not without its downsides. Great addition. The buff to opportunist is simply incredible. It may seem small, but it makes a world of difference for Sombra. Being able to see enemy health bars when they are below 100% hp allows you to make a more informed decision on who you are going to target, once you infiltrate the enemy's backline. 10/10 change. Possibly the most amazing aspect of this update is that it finally makes Sombra more independent. Previously, I would argue that she was the single most team oriented character in the game. Almost every aspect of playing her required coordination. Calling out hack targets, announcing EMP, depending on your team to take your health packs, etc. While I love working with my team -- in a strange way, what determined whether she would be an effective pick or not was if your team had the coordination for you to do your job. And at mid to low ranks… the odds of that could be rather unfavorable. With these changes, however, she is now more free to do her own thing. Taking away her reliance on her team to take her health packs is something that I've always wanted for her. She is now much more akin to a Tracer, where the focus has been shifted from having your team farm your packs, to you sneaking into the enemy backline for picks. This is fantastic. In addition to that, because she is no longer dependent on her team picking up her packs, this makes her viable on all maps, in a strange way. Before, what determined her viability was whether or not the map had a mega health pack that was easily accessible to your team. Now, that is no longer a factor -- which is an absolute godsend. This, again, makes her more like a Tracer, where you can run her wherever, as long as you are getting kills. All in all, the direction that these changes have pushed her in is great. She is far more streamlined now. However, there are some things about these changes that I think need addressing. =Things to Buff= Making the blanket change of no ult charge from hacked health packs whatsoever has a huge impact on the way Sombra is played, and how she impacts the game. As far as I can tell, there are two major issues from this change: 1. It completely messes up the rhythm of her gameplay 2. It interferes with your team's ult economy After much deliberation, I believe that one simple change could fix both of these issues: Let her gain ult change from self-healing with her own hacked health packs. In her previous iteration, there was a certain flow to playing Sombra. You would hack a pack, throw down your translocator, use thermoptic camo to get in the enemy's backline, deal some damage/take some damage, translocate out, use your health pack to build your ult, and repeat. There was something very rhythmic to playing her, and it was one of the defining features of her gameplay. Now, that is more or less gone. Without any benefit from taking a hacked pack, you are better off going back to your healers when you take damage (to give them ult charge), over taking your own pack -- which, honestly, feels really awkward. This goes on to my next point… hacking a high-traffic health pack only serves to mess with your team's ult economy. At this point, people are in the habit of taking Sombra's health packs. They show through walls for that very reason -- that it is something you should see and take advantage of, right? Well, with this change to her ult gain… no. There used to be a benefit to taking her packs. Similarly to a support, you would be giving one of your teammates ultimate charge by letting them heal off your damage, rather than returning to spawn, or taking a normal health pack to heal up. Now, all it does is screw the healers on your team out of ultimate charge -- and in a very efficient way too. Normal health pack respawn rates in Overwatch are perfect, in that they spawn just frequently enough that you can use them in a pinch, but not often enough that they are more useful to you than a support. Given the choice between an Ana and a health pack, no tank would pick the health pack. However, the faster spawn rate that Sombra gives health packs makes them almost constantly available -- and at absolutely zero benefit to your team, unlike before. If you hack a mega pack, and your team is taking it, then you are actively hurting your team, by giving them a decent alternative to going to their supports, and helping them build their ult. So, how does my solution solve these issues? Well, if Sombra was able to gain ultimate charge by self healing with her hacked health packs, then that would incentivize her to hack and "set up base" around lower traffic, more out of the way health packs around the map. This would both maintain her current style of gameplay (which I, for one, really enjoy), while encouraging her to hack health packs that are more useful to herself or the enemy (for healing denial), rather than her team -- which, like I said, would essentially be a support ult-sink. Now, I want to clarify that, I am exclusively talking about Sombra picking up her own packs. Not her teammates taking her health packs. The amount of ult you could generate from friendly tanks farming your packs was absolutely broken. That needed to go, and I am glad that, that has been removed. However, we have now gone to the other extreme, where hacking health packs is now almost a bad thing. They are good for sustaining/giving the upper hand to someone in a duel (be that you, or a teammate), but outside of that specific situation, they only harm your team in the long run. Additionally, I would like to note that, should things be kept the way that they are, Sombra will be the only character who does not gain ultimate charge from self-healing. Soldier: 76, Bastion, Mei, Roadhog, Ana, Lucio, and Moira all gain ultimate charge when they heal themselves (Mercy and Tracer do not count, because their methods of self-healing do not count towards their "Healing Done" stat. The aforementioned characters, as well as Sombra, have an ability that does increase that stat, when they heal themselves). It is odd to make her an exception to that rule. To address the ultimate itself, it has been significantly nerfed in its charge rate. While it's true that her reduced weapon spread has increased the amount of ult that she gains from her DPS slightly, it still is not equal to how it was before. This proposed change would give her back a little bit of the ultimate charge she would have been getting from teammates, without being too fast like it was before. Her small health pool would act as a cap to how quickly she could build her ult off of her packs, compared to how quickly she could when tanks with large amounts of health missing could farm them (more on how this will be balanced out in the next section). Top 500 Sombra Main "Fitzyhere" has shared a similar sentiment on his Twitter and in interviews, saying that, he too believes Sombra should gain ultimate charge from self healing. If you do not think my word holds much weight, then take it from him. =Things to Nerf= This point may be a little more controversial, but I believe that Sombra should not take away an enemy's passive abilities when they are hacked. This would act as a bit of a counter-balance to the small buff of letting her gain ultimate charge from self healing with her packs -- putting a little bit more of the power in her kit back in her EMP, and taking it away from her hack -- as I believe that the way it has been buffed is excessive. This is something that has been suggested many, many times since she was added to the game, and I have always been opposed to the idea. The reason being that -- Sombra walks a very fine line between being fair to play against vs. not fun to play against. I have always appreciated how her previous iteration has been on the former side of things. On paper, the idea of a stealth character that can take away your abilities sounds like a nightmare. Despite that, in practice, she has felt impressively fair to fight against. However, I believe that taking away enemy passives could tip the scales towards the "not fun" side of things. If a Genji dives into your team and you hack him, you already take away the majority of his survival tools. He can no longer deflect incoming damage, and he can no longer dash out of the fight. All that he has left to get away is his wall climb and double jump, and to me that felt fair. There was already a very slim chance of him getting out of that situation anyways, but after these changes, it would be almost certain death for him. Looking from the Genji's perspective it would not feel fun to have to try to leisurely walk away from the enemy team if you were hacked. This same logic can be applied to any of the characters that’s passives are now taken away by Sombra. Hanzo is in the exact same boat as Genji -- where your only, small method of escape would be gone. As easy as it is to dispatch of a Pharah in the air if you take the high-ground (Sombra being a hitscan character), grounding her with hack is over the top. Same goes with Mercy's Angelic Descent. She was already a decent hack target as it was. Preventing her from using Guardian Angel to fly to her teammates already made her quite vulnerable -- and even if she was floating down from a Pharah in the sky, decent tracking meant that you could gun her down without much of a problem. Lucio losing access to his currently running song and wall-ride ability is just another counter aspect in this match-up that, to me, is unnecessary. You can already completely remove the effects of his ultimate ability -- or outright cancel it with a well timed hack. Leave the poor man alone. I am all for buffing my favourite hero -- but in total honesty, this feels like too much. People already complain about stealth characters in FPS games as it is. This is just going to make her plain annoying and unenjoyable to fight against. I would much rather take self healing ult charge gain over this. In closing, these changes do a world of good for Sombra, but they just need a small tweak to be absolutely perfect for the player playing her, the players she is playing against, and the game overall. I hope that this feedback means something to you guys on the dev team, and thank you for showing my favourite character some love in the first place. I hope that this has provided some food for thought.Darkot6 15h
16h A Response to Junkrat Changes ... I'll tell you what I think, Sir. I... do not care for it much at all. And that its likely going to get pushed to live is more than alarming. The mine change is highly inconsistent, and the ability for Junkrat to defend himself or his team from flankers is greatly reduced. Any sidestep immediately depletes his mine attacks ability to seal a kill. Anyone beyond 10 meters away has a chance of simply side stepping junkrats mine or grenade, and most attacks are much further than that. Network lag also seems to attribute to this effect. So what people are seeing happen, isn't what is getting recorded. Wile Junkrat will still be able to spam non stop in lower ranks, higher ranks will suffer junkrat not being able to handle flankers that come for him, the healers, or the tanks. The mine was detrimental to them trying to get in close, now they have less to worry about. Additionally, unlike Pharah, Junkrat is responsible for detonating his attack, so what looks like a direct hit can be just a fraction of a unit away and have GREATLY reduced impact. But what irks me, is this change was warranted by what data? Third party sites keeping track of information on these characters shows Junkrat basically middle of the pack by the time he reaches Diamond through GM. And ultimately, his design as an anti flank and area denial, just becomes area denial. He expends more damage to kill fewer people. And that trick where he can hail-mary a Pharah who got too close that we were so proud of? Pretty much going to be a massive roll of the dice. :|BoopBot130 16h
16h Hacked Targets - Focus or Ignore? This is more of a discussion than PTR Feedback, but given the new hack changes I thought it was worth bringing up. Do you think it's better to focus down hacked targets or ignore them and go for something else? Normally I focus down D.Va because she is an absolute potato and charges up my ult very fast when hacked, but I can see the value in just leaving her alone to kill other, squishier targets instead because she is, again, a potato. Obviously this would change depending on positioning and who is hacked, but what is the general concensus?Wurd3 16h
18h The PTR junkrat nerf personally, i didnt think junkrat needed a nerf, but i really cant complain about it either. The mines were kinda frustrating when junk managed to get close to you and they still will be, just less. As someone who never even wanted a junk nerf and got mad when ppl asked for one, i actually am happy about this nerf. Maybe junk really did deserve a nerf. For those who dont know, on PTR junkrat's mines now have huge damage falloff, a direct hit from the mine is still as powerful as ever, but if youre even 1 meter away from the explosion, it does significantly less damage. Good job Blizz, no one can complain about this nerf, not even junkrat mains cause it just requires a little more skill to utilize the mines properly.Junkrat68 18h
18h Hack Feedback for Sombra → Sombra should receive an audible feedback when the hack duration has expired for an opponent. → Another possibility would be to have a timer in the overlay that shows the duration of the hacked opponentUncleBatman6 18h
18h Sombra Hack Too Fast The hack is too fast in my opinion. I can even react fast enough unless I am focusing her. I suggest to increase the hack time to .7 or.75 seconds.RRSnakes10116 18h
19h Pharah is in trouble ->Sombra changes\Mercy absence Hey, I'm a Pharah, and I'm sure I'm speaking to lots of justice enthusiasts like me when I say I'm worried. We've been suffering for the lack of Mercy in games and having too many Lucio/Moira combos while you can shine on a Pharah is super painful but okay Mercy had it coming. Yet I'm super worried about the fact that Sombra is going to be able to drop us like a stone now that she can Hack our passive ability to Hover. While I get the need to buff Sombra and give her more powerful utility I think this one needs a bit of an adjustment. Sombra can too easily appear behind a Pharah and put her in a very vulnerable state which is ok for the Sombra but from a Pharah stand point there's not much you can do to try and fight the oppression, once you're down, everything jumps at you and only if you're super lucky or your team jumps on you, you can survive. How about this though - to still find a balance between the 2 Heroes and not give such a major advantage to one Hero - How about while she hacks Pharah's Hover Jets, she hacks their ability to "Fill Up" ? that way the pharah can use whatever fuel she has left to try and avoid the situation, sometimes she'll be forever doomed to drop like stone since she's out of juice, However, It will still give you a tiny bit of hope to retaliate and try and turn the situation in your favor by either using the little fuel left to go to cover/team, try and fight back the sombra, or try to kill someone before dying yourself. Worried Pharah.Weazel34 19h
20h Sombra changes are talked about a lot But before these were put on the PTR, many people pointed out how hacked targets were hard to distinguish, and how having the sugar skull on top like Torb's turret or the Uprising omnics do would work wonders. Nothing so far has changed, but people aren't commenting on it anymore. Is it because everything else is catching all our attention for now? Or maybe people think it's not that big of a deal anymore? What do you devs think about this? Have you tried anything different about it?Mux2 20h
20h It's time to revert mercy WE NEED TO REVERT HER.FebuyZ15 20h
21h Don't change Hanzo Don't change Hanzo !!!!KAMISAMA16 21h
22h SOMBRA FEEDBACK i love the sombra changes so far but not the fact that she cant get ult charge for herself............... i do not want others to give her ult charge just herself it would help a lotBahethoven2 22h
1d MIE FEEDBACK i feel as if she is pretty ok but some more "MINOR" changes are needed for example when she used CRYO-FREEZE people that swarm around her will slowly get frozen or add on to her freeze stack that and the wall should add to the slow or freeze stack.Bahethoven1 1d
1d Mei's cryo freeze discussion/suggestion Is cryo-freeze a strong ability? I mean Mei's animated short shows us, right? There is no need to use cryo-freeze, if everyone else is dying. If you don't believe me, ask Mei's co-worker.Dingel4 1d
1d Add Toggle Translocator Sound Since Sombra is being looked at can you please add an option to turn off the translocator beeping? I have a hearing condition where noises like that cause considerable ear pain so the only way I can play Sombra is muted which isn't ideal. The only noise worse than this one in Overwatch is Moira when she is attacking destroy-able objects (rails etc).WallyWalrick2 1d
1d Crossfade does not require a button press Crossfade is active even if lucio never presses shift, thus the aura should not be deactived by sombra's hack.Crusher4811 1d
1d Playable Hanzo Concept Demonstration I love the leap ability idea, but I'm not sure on the rapid fire. I put together a working concept of an ability that I think would make Hanzo less annoying as a teammate at low levels, and make for some very interesting gameplay at high and pro levels. I'd really appreciate it if you could consider this as a new ability for Hanzo: Basics: Single target, 0.5 cast time 3 second predictive arrow buff and sniper vision against target Arrows arc/ricochet towards where the target would be if they continued their trajectory when the arrow was fired Target is alerted to provide chance to counterplay   Proof of concept I made a working proof-of-concept of the ability in unreal which you can see working on this video, including a link to a browser-based version if you want to try it yourself (note: you guys could code this way better than I could)puppetsquid2 1d
1d Doomfist Ammo Recovery - Additional Improvement I speak as a player who played a lot of doomfist, and i speak from a position of frustration about his reload mechanic. The new change to doomfist's ammo recovery rate is definitely a buff, and a welcome one. Going from .8s reload to .65 will feel better. But it doesn't address my personal frustration with his reload. The frustration comes from the fact that his ammo recovery timer resets at every shot, so when i try to space shots to conserve ammo, i actually hurt myself because it makes my reload times longer. So instead of conserving ammo by spacing them, to have more ammo if i happen to engage, i just happen to prolong my reload times. Imagine that if whenever tracer blinked, her blink reload timer would start over instead of continuing. That's my frustration with his reload mechanic, that the ammo recovery timer starts over instead of being paused. For example, if the bullet is 50ms from being reloaded, and doomfist shoots, the reload starts over from 800ms(old value) and ticks down, instead of resuming from 50ms. Just removing this reset might mean too much of a buff, so i think the best way to make it not annoying for the doomfist player, and not make him spam shots because they reload like crazy, is to introduce a pause for the ammo recovery timer. instead of a full reset. Instead of resetting the timer back to 800ms after a shot, just pause the reload timer at whatever time it is, for a period of time, like 150ms or 200ms. I believe these numbers would be better balanced by the balance team than me, so look at 150/200ms as just templates, find out whats better at testing phase. Maybe that's too fast or too slow, i don't really know. But i know for sure pausing instead of resetting would be much less frustrating. I personally would even be okay with making his ammo recovery rate slower than the new 650ms if it would not reset the ammo recovery rate timer on a shot. TL;DR don't reset the ammo recovery timer on a shot, pause it for some time. Adjust the total reload time to balance this change and make it reasonable.iSinner9 1d