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4h New Mercy ultimate and E ability - On PTR now Edit: Updating/Cleaning thread for info Basic changes: PTR Patch notes: ... Example clip of ult: 4h
Sep 14 PTR and PTR forums going offline soon Hello everybody! Thank you very much for participating in the PTR, and providing us with valuable feedback and bugs. We will be taking the PTR offline soon, and the PTR forums will be disappearing with it. Don't worry, we do still have access to all your posts to review, especially combing over for any last minute bugs :) Thanks again and see you in the next PTR!Sammidge0 Sep 14
Sep 13 Micro Missile stats? Just curious if we can know roughly how micro missles will behave. Like rough number and damage per rocket, as well as if they will have some sort of partial lock-on (probably not) and if the rockets have a staggered activation or all are launched at once.AwesomeGeese1453 Sep 13
Aug 24 Welcome to the 1.15 PTR The Public Test Region has been updated with our 1.15 build. You can view our latest Developer Update here and also check out the Patch Notes on our main site here. This forum is for discussion and feedback, but if you do encounter any bugs, please send those over to our Bug Report forum here.Sammidge0 Aug 24
19m Mei and Blizzard Some time ago, if you died while casting Blizzard the projectile would not despawn, and Mei would lose all her ultimate charge. Blizzard would then continue as normal while Mei was respawning. At some point a bug screwed that up, and instead of properly fixing it the developers opted to refund her ultimate upon casting. Now with this new change, Blizzard functions completely differently than it ever has. If you cast it, and die mid cast, the projectile despawns and you lose all ultimate charge. While I certainly agree committing to an ultimate should carry risk, and dying while casting should not refund your ultimate, Mei is a special case in that hers is a projectile, and not a transformation or telegraphed action. Please revert the functionality to how it was originally. If she dies while casting, she gets no refund but the projectile continues. When she dies during the cast, she provides valuable support for her team but is unable to follow up on her own playmaking ability. That is a fair enough tradeoff.Balsty4 19m
21m Can we get a god damn reduction in ADAD spam? even Battlefield 1 is getting anti ADAD spam in the next patch. i thought blizzard was keeping up with the top tier FPS titles in terms of player focused features, guess i was wrong.Python35 21m
24m Orisa NERF Orisa needs a nerf. she is wayyyy too overpowered. please look into thatJessiebear343 24m
26m Lower Casting Time for some Ultimates With the new PTR changes that are live concerning Ultimates, I think a fair trade-off for some of these Ultimates is to reduce the casting times of them, some by a small degree, some by a massive degree, so people aren't like, "Ugh, killed again before I got to use it...!!" What I recommend is as such: Reinhardt's Earthshatter: 0.6 seconds >> 0.5 seconds Lucio's Soundbarrier: 0.8 seconds >> 0.4 seconds Mei's Blizzard: 1.5 seconds [minimum] >> 0.7 seconds [minimum] and the drone deploys regardless of death or not. For Mei's, I was thinking that, because her Ultimate isn't as instant as Reinhardt or Lucio, that she could throw out the projectile similar to how grenades are left in some Call of Duty games. I think that this change would make it so that Mei players won't be complaining about how their Ultimates are useless thanks to the change.Enigmated0 26m
26m Why does everyone else deserve a nerf because of genji? Why nerf Mei and Bastion ults for example? Why nerf heroes that already struggle just because genji's ult gets refunded? I think this is really unfair for everyone else. The only hero that needed this was Genji. Not mei not lucio not all the others. Please dont bring this to live.Stavros12 26m
1h By the way blizzard You destroyed Mercy because she could rez the team after a team wipe . Ok why not. But what about Zen ?! He can pretty much cancel a reaper/soldier/... ult just by pressing Q ! This is an outrage , if I press Q I DEMAND that I'm able to wipe the ennemy team without a healer ruining everything by pressing Q as well. Hope you will rework Zen as well after Mercy and change his ult for something like "Give an healing orb to all team mates" Beware...I'll make a rant video on youtube.Hanako17 1h
2h Stuns Shouldn't Drain Ultimates This is a massive buff to all stuns, and while I agree dying during cast shouldn't refund your ultimate, having the same effect for stuns is just as inconsistent and !@#$ty as it is on live. With the changes, Lucio loses all his ultimate charge if killed mid cast, but does not if she gets stunned while casting Call Mech. Please make this consistent and remove the effect stuns have on ultimate drain. Ultimates should only fully drain if used fully or the user is killed while casting.Balsty2 2h
2h New PTR patch. I have mixed feelings for it. For People like Genji Lucio And Soldier it wont effect them very much But Bastion? Mei? Rein? Honestly these heros dont need the nerf they need a buff right now While in the long run i do think this is a good change for these three specifically this is gonna hurt them more than it should considering they are already bad against mobility already.Nova13 2h
2h Since the Ultimate change is due to being fair. Can we have it where Mei, 76, and Genji ult when used they can attack right when they hit the button. ThanksJadedSins9 2h
4h So What about Bastion? Hi, I've posted a thread at general discussion. Bastion has both the lowest win rate and one of the lowest pick rate, especially in higher tiers, according to Overbuff and Masteroverwatch. In tiers above diamond, picking Bastion is to be a troll. Not like Torbjon and Symmetra, who could be picked conditionally and has higher win rate in high tiers, Bastion's win rate is constantly lowest in recent weeks, even months. He cannot even be picked conditionally. DVA's DM nerf has no impact to his win rate this week. (Because the problem is not DVA usually, if you asked me) Not necessary a buff, but Bastion needs to be designed again. Please BZ, Bastion is the cutiest robot ever made. We want him in the game, even in professional tournament.海龜4 4h
4h Can Mercy get the same QoL change for Guardian Angel as DVA? I love the quick turnaround on getting the dva change on the ptr. Is it possible to get the same change for Mercy's Guardian angel? So give us an option to hold shift to fly and release to stop, instead only the toggle on and off?TrueItaliano2 4h
4h Some feedback of the new Ultimate drain/inconsistencies. EDIT - Okay, here's an example of what this post is about. THIS is what should happen - . THIS is what happens on the new patch - . Thanks to rydarus for providing examples. So patch 1.16 introduced new Ultimate draining that removes all charge the moment you press Q. This has had some effects on multiple heroes who have "transformation" ultimates with cast times. The big ones here are Lucio, Genji, Soldier, Hanzo, and to a lesser extent, Ana and Mercy. A lot of the others were affected but it isn't a very major impact on a lot of them. When you cast your ultimate as one of these characters, the charge used to only go away when your hero actually was able to utilize the ultimate - Genji's charge went away the moment he was able to swing, likewise with Soldier, and Lucio and Hanzo's charges went away when the effects activated. Now, the charge is removed instantly upon pressing the ultimate activation button. I feel like this is a good change that helps encourage good counterplay, but at the same time, there are a couple of inconsistencies with it, namely McCree's flashbang and Sombra's hack/EMP. Most other stun effects in the game are tied to dying, namely Doomfist's Rocket Punch and Reinhardt's charge, but McCree's and Sombra's are non-lethal and actually require them to still kill the target manually. With Soldier, if he is hacked or flashed during cast time, his ultimate is still active if he survives the stun, which requires the opposing team to follow up on the stun and kill him. As it should be. But with Genji, if you are hacked or flashed or in some way interrupted during cast time, your Ultimate is gone. Completely. Even if you are not killed or followed up on, the ult is still gone. This is extremely inconsistent and also very punishing for Genji, and IMO he should be able to have his dragonblade ready if he is interrupted but not killed, or slept and woken up immediately. Take this situation, for example: An Ana player hits a sleep dart on Genji while he is casting. The ultimate charge is removed, as it should be, but Genji is then woken up by a Winston just a moment later. In this situation, Genji should be able to still have 4 or so seconds left on his dragonblade because the enemy misplayed and woke him up, but he doesn't. Soldier, on the contrary, in the exact same situation would still have a couple of seconds left on his ultimate if the exact same thing happened to him. It's inconsistent, and unfair. With Lucio it's a little bit harder since his ability is a channeled ult but still has a cast time. But for him, the only thing that would interrupt his ult (and not kill him) would be McCree's flashbang, since hack would not have any impact on him, and sleep would just cancel it out. This is okay IMO because it's not a transformation ultimate and actually puts his in line with all of the other channeled ultimates, which behave the same way and are interrupted by something like flashbang, for example Reaper's ultimate or Roadhog's ultimate. Just some feedback from the new changes, and I feel that the other new changes are all pretty good (except for a new quirk that prevents her from launching her ultimate, but I'm sure that's easy to fix). I feel like Blizzard is on the right path to eliminating inconsistencies but there still is some work to be done. EDIT - I accidentally misworded myself, Genji and Soldier's ults are TRANSFORMATION ults, not channeled. I've fixed this in the post so ignore this, just wanted to correct myself.Shay19 4h
5h D.Va's toggleable boosters I know some players asked for this, but after checking it on training it seems kinda useless. And you can't boost to drop a surprise bomb while this is on.Nicolas7 5h
5h Tracer's blink is slower Blink feels sluggish as hell now. You slow to your end point on the blink, unlike before where you kinda snapped to the end point of the blink. Hopefully I can put a video together to demonstrate the difference, but most Tracer mains such as myself will notice immediately. Was this change intended? It is effectively a nerf because it makes her movement easier to read and react to.Lake10 5h
6h Genji is disgusting Why this hero is so broken in so many ways? Why Blizz doing absolutly nothing despite the huge amounts of threads? holy hell... im on the edge of quiting this game, just because of that hero. Hes in every game, and the heros i play i always killed by this. In every single game i enter : Godd, i hopew there will be no genji. There is always though.,. You want ot play widow? Well , prepare yourself, You want to play McCree? You will stun yourself. or just tell me what counters this hero? Why this hero still able the do animation canceling? Why he can cancel abilities? Why the retarded hitbox is still not fixed? Why ult refund still not removed? McCre doesnt, Mei doesnt, Winston nope, Dva, nope... i have zero idea, why Jeff Geoff simply does not dare to touch this hero at all... Great designAhaa21 6h
6h Sym Teleporter and Shield Gen for Allies So allies can see hacked health packs and everything that Sombra does. Where is Sym's recognition? It's not gonna clog the screen very much to let people know where a shield gen is in order to help defend it... this would be a general buff for Sym but also for the teamwork aspect of the game as a whole. Thanks.Brave5 6h
7h Hello? So what is new on the PTR 9/22/17? So there was just now an update to the PTR on 9/22/17 at 4pm PDT And there's nothing online telling us what's new or has been changed or the fact it exists... Anyone have a heads up?FRAGaLOT17 7h
7h [Mercy] We are not going to give up that easily! We are the real Mercy mains, we are those Mercy players that are always with our teammates till death If necessary! We have made a lot of noise in the forums and now, I saw some threads names like "just give up", "accept the changes", "it's done". No! We can't give up! It's not done! Like we are doing in the teamfights all the time, we have to battle against DPS mains that want to destroy our role and keep raising our voices (or posts :P) to reach the devs until the battle ends, don't matter if we win or if we lost. If they listen to us, we will win because It will prove that we have a voice and they listen to us. If they don't listen to us, we will win because they will prove that they only take in consideration DPS and famous people/streamers, revealing to the entire world the kind of person they are. :) ================================================================= There is TONS of post saying that they don't like the rework. If I put all links here, this will seem like a telephone guide. But I can put here one link: ... This post is a very impressive prove of how a person that don't even get paid for do this, did something amazing for us. This user made a poll about the Mercy rework and later, he made a very complete post with all the data collected from the poll and even a list of possible changes that could be done to the old Mercy to prevent this awful rework. This particulary suggestion attracted my attention, It's simply brilliant. ... This suggestion is very similar to the ones I suggested on this thread: ================================================================== We don't have the fault if some casual Mercy players only know the hide-and-rez playstyle. The majorty of Mercy mains don't do this. We don't have the fault if imcompetent DPS/flankers don't even notice that we are in the match (literally, they only have to press TAB). We don't have the fault if we are flying with GA in front of DPS/flankers faces and they can't kill us before throwing their ultimates. If DPS/flanker mains and famous DPS/flankers have the right of being listened by the devs and decide what is funny and what not, I think we, supports mains, also have that right, don't we? :) ================================================================= TL;DR Mercy mains, don't give up. Overwatch devs, you should listen to suggestions provided by support mains. DPS mains... Shut up and do your work. You can downvote us but you will never defeat us!D4N1RS178 7h
9h Bastion keeps Tank after getting CC'd Is that supposed to happen? I know that that is the on live, since the game sees Bastion as a tank the instant he ults, not after the animation like most other ultimates. Will this change or is it a bug?FuzzyMuffler0 9h
9h Undocumented reduced damage on Total Mayhem Why was the damage reduction not put in the patch notes?NiveusNex1 9h
9h Can we make Lucio invulnerable when he ults? The new changes to ults are good but if Lucio is wall riding and tries to use Sound Barrier but gets killed before he even lands on the ground to cast it, he doesn't get to ult and he now loses his ult. Lucio should be invulnerable as soon as he casts Sound Barrier until the animation is complete.Nazgrol9 9h
9h PTR "Wrong File Path" Bug I've been having this happen to me for the past week, but every time I try to run the PTR, I get an error that basically says that my game isn't in the correct file path. I looked up the error and did all of the steps to fix it, but nothing has helped. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the PTR 3 times, but I still get the incorrect file path error, and when I try to start it up, I get a never ending "connecting to server" loop. I'm just really confused as to what I'm supposed to do; the file path has to be correct, as I don't know why it would install in the incorrect path. Any help would be appreciated.LDMOverload0 9h
9h DVA "HOLD TO BOOST" FEEDBACK AND BUG ok so, blizzard took a good decision on the hold to boost. however, if you turn it on in the settings; when you hold down shift then you use your ultimate as dva to toss it in the air, it stops flying. it just falls instantly. please fix.bolderno5 9h
9h Combine mercy ultimate callout with rez cooldown Many people will yell at you for not rezzing or ask for a quick rez and it requires you to communicate. you might not have a working mic (like me), or you might get a grp of ppl who are not in voice chat so it isn't pratical to say you have 10 seconds left on your cooldown. pressing z should show your ultimate, and if your rez is on cooldown, show your rez as well. Or altearnatly another button can tell your teammates when rez is upAliyavana3 9h
10h Anyone else having trouble launching's ult? I'm using the new "hold to boost" option in the ptr and it looks like I can't launch her ult with the boosters anymore. Anyone else having this problem?Megaman98300 10h
10h PTR sucks now more than anything She's a walking/flying dumster now... That's enough to say. FIX HER ASAPDeerBunny11 10h
10h Hold to Boost feels great! But one issue... I can't throw the Ult in full distance. Instead, it will fall in short a few meters away. This breaks the usual Boost + throw Ult technique for Dva. I hope this get fixed.JagBone2 10h
10h [Dear devs] Try Mei changes on PTR I wrote a thread about this problem, the first reached the limit, then i made this: I want to know if you are working on her, 'cause is not acceptable see a hero untouched from months and with bugs unfixed. Mei needs mostly bug fixes, QoL adjustments and few buffs as proposed in that thread. So, why don't try on the PTR? ThanksStr1kernaut12 10h
11h Where‘re these assault UI changes? I can’t find them at all. Did they forget to add them or upload a wrong version?Naive1 11h
11h Lucio and Reinhardt Ult changes a bit much... I'm no Reinhardt player, but I am a Lucio player and I know the same logic applies for both of them. It's a bit much that the cast of your ultimate counts as soon as you hit Q due to the physical dependence of their ult cast. If you look at anyone else's ultimate in the game, they all have time-based (or instant) ultimate casts and are not dependent on anything else other than the player's own timing. The thing with Lucio and Reinhardt is that they physically need to be able to touch the ground in order to successfully cast their ultimate, which is something that can be physically deterred by any ability that can knock you in to the air (junkrat mine, doomfist uppercut, and roadhog ult to say a few). In the past I've vouched for Lucio to be able to cast his sound barrier after a set time cast instead of having the physical dependency cast (the "beat drop" idea looks good on paper but in practice is flawed, especially for Lucio being 1 of 2 support heroes with a reactionary ult, the other being Zen who can cast his instantly) but now the new changes are only going to make his ult way too punishing to screw up least without any change as to how fast he can charge it. I'm not entirely against the ultimate change, all I would suggest when it comes to Lucio or Reinhardt is to maybe give them an increased downward velocity when they activate their ults. This way things that knock them in to the air will have a much harder time trying to delay their ult. That's all I'm asking for, if they get killed during their cast then they should have a consistent punishment with that of Genji's, but their biggest downside is that their ultimate can be delayed which makes not only trying to kill them easier but stripping them of their ult charge much easier as well.W00t9 11h
12h The New Ultimate Changes I believe that the new ult changes are a bad idea. I think this because I believe you should not have to be afraid to use you ultimate. I feel that Ultimate should be used whenever and however the user wants instead of having to be cautious. This is going to effect genii and Lucio so much because they both have long casting ultimate. I can see that being really frustrating. For example your in the middle of a team fight all team mates are at critical then you Lucio ult and get picked of by a good widow. Next team fight it going to really suck when you don't have that ult and probably a little irritating. I feel like its almost like Dva eating your ult every time like ha I took your ult and cant have it back. So who else agrees with me or doesn't agree with me. Wright in this forum what you think.NightKing7 12h
12h Ult draining While I'm in favor of losing your ult the minute you press the q button the problem is now character with ranged crowd control kind of become op. Sleep darts, roadhog hooks, etc all kind of just got buffed because of this and while that's fine it means in the future any character with ranked crowd control might be had to made very carefully. The implications of the patch reward players for good play and punishes bad ones but now crowd controls and stubs kind of become op which may become a problem in future heroesPineapples1 12h
12h Lucio breaks it down from really high up Doing this is fun. I have a bad habit of jumping off things before I break it down. Since this just imposes a larger risk now, do you guys think it would be overpowered if Lucio built up a slightly larger shield to put on his allies the longer he is free-falling before his Sound Barrier lands?branson1 12h
13h PTR benefits The matches on the PTR are even worser than on the live version. People are leaving left and right and you can't get into a good match that is like start to finish and not exchange 80% of all players (especially on the losing team). The servers don't seem to be able to fill the matches well since they put you into several games before one even starts. The funny thing is people on the PTR take it serious and pissed when they lose a game. The PTR profiles are - yet again even other was promised - completely out of date and nowhere near the live account. You play with changes first hand - yeah sure, but you will not change them anyway. Even if you (and others) complain a lot on the forum, Blizzard just includes them anyway. You get no reward for beta testing. Keep in mind that you beta test not only for PC, but also for consoles as well. There is still no changelog ingame - so that you can look at the changes ingame. TLDR: There is still no benefit whatsoever to play on the PTR.MrTeaNTea1 13h
14h Good inactivity warning I like the new red inactivity warning including the sound. And it even shows you how many seconds are left. However: Close to the end you can select a char and still be removed from the game.MrTeaNTea0 14h
14h Doomfist Charge's Bug? Today, I played DF on Quickplay in PTR and I noticed, sometimes it happens that DF's Charge got bumped in the air like previous bug of Rein's Charge. Anyone has noticed, too?Wolfherzog2 14h
14h Quality of Life for Information Sharing (I had posted this in the general forum, but then I remember that the PTR forum had returned, & with the QoL nature of this PTR update, I feel it is more suitable here) There's a lot of information to process in Overwatch, and it is often too much of a hassle to access. There are a number of suggestions I have that I feel would make it much easily to access a situation without having to constantly ask your teammates questions & clutter the voice channels. They would also serve to enable players without microphones to better understand situations and convey key information. 1) Symmetra's ult should be visible when you press TAB. While her ultimate ability is placed, I feel that your team should see an icon in the space where you see the blue checkmark on anyone else. The icon could tell you if she used a shield generator or a teleporter. And for the case of a teleporter, it could list the remaining charges. If there's only one charge left, I'd rather walk back than consume the charge while there's a higher-priority player right behind me. 2) In the same vein as the previous suggestion, I feel that Symmetra's ult should be visible through walls for allies. It's a hassle when I hear her say that her shield generator is under attack, but I have no idea where it is. I don't think it would clutter the screen too much, except perhaps in no-limits. 3) D.Va should have an indicator of WHICH ultimate she has ready when you press tab. There's no clear indication of whether or not she is in the mech (unless you're going by health bars or silhouettes), so it is a hassle to piece together which ult she actually has ready. I like to simply press tab to get a read on our ults, but D.Va is just too unclear. 4) Death portraits should indicate whether or not the player has an ultimate charged. A blue checkmark could easily fit at the bottom of the portrait without cluttering anything. Mercy is the only one that really needs this information, so perhaps it could be limited to her under default settings. As frequently as she has to rez now, I think it would be a lot more convenient if I didn't have to press tab so many times during my ult to decide upon the best rez target. 5) Tab should show partial ultimate charge. There's plenty of room. Just draw a hollow, partial circle where the blue checkmark appears. It could fill up exactly like the ult charge at the bottom-center of your screen, changing into a blue checkmark once full. Oftentimes, being at 90+% charge is as good at 100% when you're coordinating a plan. Sure, you can callout your ult charge, but is there a reason to hide the exact charge amount unless the character wishes to share? 6) I feel like there should be a "Help me!" voice callout. Healers will already say something if they start taking damage, but this has a few faults. First, they don't say anything until they take damage. This won't help if a Doomfist or something is flanking. Second, it is easy to miss. I think it would be useful if healers (or anyone, really) could press a button to yell for help & make shield icon appear above them for a second or two in much the same way that a + appears when you call for healing. I feel that this would really help players without microphones & serve to reduce clutter in the voice channels. My only concern is that if everyone can do the callout, it might floor the screen with too many icons. If that's the case, perhaps limiting it to characters that need help the most would be best (like poor Ana). 7) "Come to me for healing" is too clunky to use. You have to target it right on the jumping Genji or you instead just ask for healing yourself. I end up just never using this feature. I feel that it would be better as a unique callout for healers that will announce the same thing even if you don't turn to look at the person. If someone on a ledge asks for healing, I'd like to be able to quickly respond by telling them to get closer without having to stop what I'm doing to look at them. Perhaps other roles or heroes could get their own unique lines, like a tank saying "get behind me" or "I'll protect you." You could get nice exchanges even with people without microphones. Image this scenario: "Deadeye's ready" - McCree "I will shield you" - Zarya The McCree says he's ready to use his ultimate & the Zarya can immediate say that she'll put a shield on him when he does. Now the McCree knows he can be a little more aggressive in positioning, since he'll be shielded. 8) As long as the cooldown is on Mercy's solo-rez, I think it could benefit from a way to share the cooldown status. If someone is asking to be revived, but the ability is on cooldown, it would be nice if you could just press a button to tell them that a rez is not currently possible. Intuitively, I think this could be accomplished by simply pressing E while it is on cooldown, but when the cooldown is about to end, I'm prone to spamming it to use it as soon as possible (Actually, does anyone know if I have to spam the button, or does holding it suffice? I never actually tried that). 9) Another Mercy suggestion, since that's my most played hero. Now that she has a long cooldown to deal with, I think she could benefit from a custom crosshair. In the same way that Tracer can keep track of her blinks by looking at the arrows, I'd love an optional crosshair display for Mercy that would show the cooldown on rez without having to look to the corner of my screen. I prefer to just memorize my cooldown times than peek at the bottom of the screen, but keeping track of a 30 second cooldown is a bit of a hassle. I'd happily welcome an option to clutter my crosshair a little bit more to keep me more alert on when I can revive. Anyone else have some bit of information that they feel could be displayed a bit better? Something I may have missed? Feel free to add to my list if you think of anything else.branson0 14h
14h The new Ultimate Meter color is dull I am aware that this change was added in an older update, and it doesn't necessarily concern the PTR being tested right now, but I'd still like to drop some feedback if this is the appropriate place. The new Ultimate Meter yellow is too muted. When I first played with it on the live servers, I thought I had some video card problems for a few games - or if Junkertown just had a different color palette - because I remember the entire game used to be more "alive". When I played with my friend (his first game since the update), he also mentioned within the first minute or so that the game felt toned down color-wise. Now, I know that this new yellow is a more sober approach to the UI and it perhaps walks hand in hand with further UI updates the developers might have in mind, however I can't help but notice I get tired of Overwatch a bit faster than I did before this update. It might just be me, and I might just be actually tired before playing, or it's some other change that's causing this (Junkertown feels almost too yellow, but that's for another day), but I remember getting a lot more excited to play before this live update was released - and, to me, the change that stands out like a sore thumb isn't the new map, or the new Mercy and D.Va changes, but this one simple UI element. My suggestion is to have a toggle put in place so we could choose between the old and new yellow. I am not a designer, or a developer, and I don't know what's best for Overwatch. But what I do know is that the new color goes against the bright and colorful atmosphere that the entire game has in their maps and characters, and because I'm always looking at it to know my ultimate charge it takes me right out of the experience and as I result I almost want to play less. I hope my thoughts are clear and sorry for the longer post. If any other players agree/disagree with these suggestions, feel free to add your thoughts below. And thanks for reading!Lib2 14h
14h [Bug Report] D.Va Ultimate using Hold Your ultimate doesn't get boosted away when you are holding shift to boost: When ulting while boosting it should act like usually, shooting off the self destruct into the enemy team (for example). If this won't be fixed nobody will use the option. ^^Homage0 14h
14h Still no changes... Still impossible achievement "cratered" achievement is still same, "hit all 6 enemies with single use of Meteor Strike". I just went in PTR to check it out...Timppafin932 14h
15h D.Va's new Booster option While it's a useful add-on as an option, it is extremely pointless regarding the Mecha launch with the boosters sending it away. This cannot happen whille toggle is off.Converge0 15h
16h 1.16 a let down? There are some good quality of life changes here, but I feel I am probably not alone in my disappointment after reading the 1.16 PTR patch notes. I was kind of hoping for some more hero balance tweaks to mess with. Anybody else feel this way or is it just me? Edit: Don't get me wrong, the ult depletion change is absolutely huge, but I just want hero balance changes, you know?Fragehardt2 16h
17h So you can't launch self-destruct into the air? Or there's a trick? Cause i can't. ult is pretty much terrible and without surprise-bomb it's even worseBlackTemplar3 17h
17h New Ult usage concerns I like the changes to when people use their ults, and are put to sleep, stunned, etc., they lose their ults. I dont like however are that these changes make it unfair for certain heroes. I have only tested this with Lucio, but i will try others later, but when lucio ults, he needs the ground to ult, so technically he hasnt ulted until he hits the ground. I used Sound Barrier off a cliff to test this in PTR, and it drained my ultimate. I dont really like this because all you have to do is be hooked, slept, stunned, shattered, etc. and you lose your Sound Barrier not only for the current team fight, but for the next team fight as well, and you have to build it up again from scratch. All in all i do like the change to this mechanic; i always hated killing a genji or putting him to sleep right as he ulted and he still had his ult ready to use. i do think this is a step in the right direction, but for certain heroes, i think it nerfs their usefulness in a match by the enemy being able to exploit this change (what i described with Lucio). I hope this change is tweeked around for certain heroes that have restrictions on their ults like Lucio Some other ideas i wanted to try with the change are: when you stop Dva from launching her mech to self destruct when you stun Dva as she tried to get back in her mech when you stun Ana as she tried to nanoboost someone when you stun Symmetra as she puts down her SG/TeleporterIm sure there are some more, but that's all i could think of off the top of my head. P.S.: Is this blizzard's way of saying they never intended to change the bug with mei's ult when she died :thinking:Mudkip2 17h
17h Did you consider how this change affects weak heroes? I am mostly referring to Mei and Bastion, two heroes with a fairly large ult wind-up animation. Neither of these heroes are in a particularly great spot - they aren't selected very much and are very dependent on niche situations and maps. It's a small nerf to Genji and Lucio, which is fine because they're strong and commonly picked. Speaking of Bastion, his ult isn't even that scary compared to other defense hero ultimates. This nerf to ultimates should be done on a case-by-case basis, not a blanket change. As for Mei, the ultimate is strong but that's also one of the main reasons people pick her. It would immensely frustrating if you chose to nerf one of the weaker heroes in such a way.Rawflax0 17h
20h Swap Valkyrie and Resurrect Valkyrie as an ult is underwhelming, and Resurrect as an ability is useless. As it is now, all Valkyrie does is allow Mercy to heal multiple people at once, fly, and fire unlimited ammo. These changes make Mercy FAR easier to play than ever, and all it does is encourage Battle Mercy. If it becomes her E-ability instead, it'll allow Mercy to assist her team during a push, giving her these abilities for 3 seconds. In those 3 seconds, she can escape, or boost her team during a push. Give it a 30-second cooldown, and Valkyrie becomes a great team-assisting ability. That way, Resurrect becomes Mercy's ult again. To prevent the bad SR-abusing Mercy players from gaining Rez then hiding, make it so Rez won't work behind walls. Have it work like this: * Press Q, and an AOE range appears around Mercy, similar to Lucio's healing aura. *Show the number within this area, which will only count dead teammates within Mercy's LOS. This way, a Mercy still has to be involved with battle to use her multi-man Rez, and she can't hide behind a wall to do it. For good Mercy players, this isn't an issue because this is what we did anyway. I've made a thread similar to this before, but it didn't gain any dev response. I am hoping, now that Mercy 2.0 is live, I can get more like-minded people to see this, and hopefully a dev can reply. Share your thoughts, but please be polite about it. Thank you for reading.fayescarlet4 20h