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02/10/2017 03:42 PMPosted by Aquarius
05/25/2016 06:59 PMPosted by Glasseye67
Just an update.

The firewall Blizzard listed here at the top did not work for me. I still drop my fps to 8 or 9 randomly.

This is a hardware issue, not a server issue. Run a cookie cleaner and it should fix this, at least for a little while. I recommend CCleaner, but there are other, better, cleaners. This one happens to be free

>Hardware issue
>Cookie cleaner

Any issues with cookies would be a software issue. Also, cookies have absolutely nothing to do with Overwatch or any other game, they're only used while web browsing.

FYI, having cookies on your computer doesn't inherently slow anything down, the only time you'd need to clear your cookies is if you're web browsing and you're having problems connecting to a site, which is usually characterised by getting a HTTP 500 error.
05/24/2016 07:05 PMPosted by Glasseye67
FYI...I am on a straight modem and I get the lag. My frame rate while playing with people sometimes drops to 8 or 9 fps. Only way to fix is to quit out and come back in again. It really messes up your game.

Also if it has something to do with the firewall. Blizz can put (fix) that in a patch.

if ur fps drops its not not the internet its the computer
followed the instructions to the point.. but my ping still hovers over 200ms but last night when i played, I didn't saw any rubberbanding effect.. and when I check if the port are open in the port checker, they are closed. lol i don't what I did wrong.. follow everything.. static ip is still there even I start everything.. I just set my WAN interface to any because in the instructions there was nothing in it.. any advice?
I'm on console and it's happening, how do I fix it?
This thread goes all the way back to Overwatch launch, it seems to get re opened every few weeks. Latency and Disconnection troubles can happen for a lot of reasons and most of those are situation specific .. Whatever is causing your trouble now is very likely not the same that was causing trouble at launch. On the off chance there are no current active post matching the issues you are experience it is best to create a new post and include as many details about your system, connection and symptoms as possible. I am locking down this post.

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