UltraWide 3440x1440 Support?

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I was excited to try overwatch with my new X34 but i see its not supported.. theres only 16:9... So basically theres no UltraWide support.

that "loosing the competitive nature and unfair advantage" stuff is nonsense

Why Blizzard ?

Thank you.
Same problem over here. I have an Acer Predator X34 and whenever I use the 3440 x 1440 option it won't full screen for me, but I do notice that setting it on 2560 x 1440 resolution on full screen actually makes the game full screen while playing. Not really sure if it's suppose to do this, seems more like a bug to me.
Same problem here with my Asus ROG Swift pg348q, I can only choose between 16:9 and 16:10... Please fix it
I too have a 21:9 that would be lovely to be able to enjoy without any blackbars...
Bump. Having this problem also.
Created a new topic and then saw this.. Have this issue of course, too.
Yeah the "unfair advantage" thing is completely asinine.

I have a X34 as well and I put in the hefty chunk of change required to buy one of these monitors not to gain some sort of competitive edge, but so that I could take in a close to full peripheral view of these beautifully rendered games.

I hate that I don't get experience such an eye popping game with a full 21:9.

Funny how TF2 supports 21:9. You know... the game Overwatch is trying to directly compete against even though it's 9 years old. Weird how the guys who basically invented and set the standard for team class-based fps and still have both a healthy competitive and casual community don't seem to have a problem with ultra wide support.

Get it together Blizzard.
Yep, you can through me in on having an x34 ultrawide monitor wagon too. Its a huge disappointment not having 21:9 supported on a beautifully designed game such as this. Hopefully blizzard will have a change of heart. Wont be an advantage for me because I suck hard core on FPS games. I just love playing them. Especially this one. Don't judge me :-)
Just finished a new PC rig, not specifically for Overwatch, but it was among the reasons... got the 34x Acer Predator, amazing PC specs and soon to have the GTX 1080 too... but even though the resolution is listed, it doesn't work? What gives? It still gives me massive letterboxing and only displays on half the screen...
Same issue here I have 2 pc's, both running Acer predator 34x monitors. I would like a refund on this game NOW.
Same here, LG 3440x1440 curved ultra wide.

I'm not playing with black bars on the sides. Every other major title I have purchased in the last 2 years has supported ultra wide. It smells like console port to me at this point.

I did request a refund maybe I'll revisit if they decide to fix this problem.
Don't worry guys, Blizzard won't see or reply to this thread ever (Or if we are lucky take months to do so) and all they will say is "sorry, sucks to be you noobs"

Im tired of brand new games not supporting newer higher resolutions. I mean come on, its 2016 not 2010.

Im a little disappointed that there is no 21:9 support and am considering returning the game...
The lack of support is not a bug. It was intentionally not put into the game as design decision.

This was a quote from a blue post from beta:

Thanks for the feedback Kniff. We considered various aspect ratios during the development of Overwatch. As you point out, there are indeed performance related implications as well as potential gameplay advantages to wider aspect ratios, but another big concern for us was the artistic and production implications of unrestricted aspect ratios.

By keeping the aspect ratio fairly limited we were able to allow the artists (primarily UI and animators of first person geometry, but also environment artists) to focus on creating the best experience for the vast majority of the player base. Beyond just framing preferences, currently there is also a lot of stuff that happens just off the edge of the screen which was not intended to be visible.

Taking all of these into account, we decided to limit our aspect ratio to provide a better overall experience that represents the quality bar we would like for the game. However we are continuing to examine the implications of loosening this limit for ship.
Luckily these monitors are currently niche or there'd be a bigger problem. I guess unfortunately most users will simply have to bite the bullet and accept that the game just isn't designed for those resolutions.
My X34 is crying right now :(
In case Blizzard does look at this thread.

I also have 21:9 monitor and would love support for 3440x1440 in order to get rid of the black bars.

Thank you Blizzard!
This is just stupid on blizzards part... I thought they had there stuff together. TF2 supports it. As far as an advantage goes with the extra visibility, who cares? People are at more of a disadvantage from having crumby internet connections, or just barely meeting the spec pcs. I'll be asking for a refund.
Honestly not implementing dynamic resolutions/aspect ratios is just lazy development (looking at you Fallout 4), lack of targeted funding, or both. The advantage thing is BS, as anyone with a better PC has an advantage over everyone else, it's literally unavoidable. It's just an excuse, competitive players at events get the same rigs for that reason, but normal people should be able to play the game on whatever hardware they have without feeling gimped. Plus, sure the majority of the player base has 16:9 monitors, but the 21:9 and multi-monitor ratios are certainly not as much of a minority as they were during the days of Source engine games, which supported pretty much any resolution you could throw at it. All in all, it just sucks that I spent money on a game that has less support than tons of free games out there with much smaller teams and budgets.

Don't get me wrong, the game is still great, but the lack of universal support is kind of pathetic.
so no multi platform crossplay AND your turning my pc into a god damn console ... and potential gameplay advantages my posterior!!! its like your limiting someone's mouse DPI to 600 just because 70~90% of the normal users are limited to that DPI .... this is just horse apples!!! STOP BEING LAZY AND GIVE US OUR MONEY's WORTH OF GAME EXPERIENCE !!!
The entire idea that this was "considered" during development is just complete BS.
1) This could of easily been added and for the developers to say there might be "performance related implications" is ignorant. If you have a 34" Curved Wide Screen, you have the PC Spec's to run it. You're not dishing out $600+ for a monitor with out spending another $600+ on GPU(s) to supply a fantastic visual image to it.
2) If they are worried about people have a "potential gameplay advantages" then they might as well limit the functionality of everything else people have in a gaming rig. To everyone else's point above... If they are worried about "gameplay advantages" they would have to limit mouse DPI, mechanical keyboards, sound cards/headsets and hell, even internet speeds if were getting crazy.

Blizzard, you are usually good to the gaming community, but this makes you look like work of your parent company *whispers* activision...

Don't give us a Porsche 911 then tell us we have to drive it with a blind fold on.

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