UltraWide 3440x1440 Support?

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One year later and still heard nothing about 21:9 support... Soon a lot of people are going to get ultra wide monitors and then be upset that Overwatch doesn't support it. Heck read some of the recent comments in this thread...
Like others in this thread, I just got myself an amazing new monitor and was very excited to play one of my favorite FPS games in ultrawide.....

BUT to my surprise, I was greeted with really dull black bars on the side. It felt like I was watching TV shows that were recorded pre-widescreen. Blizzard represents such a high standard of gaming!! Get your s*** together!!
The reason I didnt buy an ultrawide is because of this. It really makes me sad man. I want that PG348Q but I guess I'll never have it coz OW is all I play. Pls Blizzard Im begging u bring UW support to this wonderful game.
One year since i stopped playing blizzard games since they will not support my monitor. Really wanted to play the new starcraft 2 campaigns, but i refuse to do so with black bars. Oh well, got tons of other games and will never buy something from them again until i get confirmed ultrawide support.
There has been 21:9 support since ages...

The only thing is it still uses the same fov if I'm not mistaken.
Add Quake Champions to the list of games with flawless support for 21:9.
Designed for e-sports by the way. FOV sliders included and unrestricted.
we need ultra wide support
05/23/2016 04:52 PMPosted by LuckyOwl
I was excited to try overwatch with my new X34 but i see its not supported.. theres only 16:9... So basically theres no UltraWide support.

that "loosing the competitive nature and unfair advantage" stuff is nonsense

Why Blizzard ?

Thank you.

Totally agree there should be 3440 x 1440 21:9 support, the fact that they do not is lazy programming and they need to get off their dead butts and do something about it.

Moreover, why does the settings say 3440 x 1440 (60) resolution but it does not do it???????????

Rock on!
I have not played a single game since upgrading to PG348Q months ago.

144fps sees more frames per second, isn't that unfair?

I get ultrawide while playing Heroes of the storm, I see more than other players in a MOBA, that is an advantage, why is that fair and supported on HoTS?

What happened to ultrawide support being "discussed" and implemented in the future? That was last year, this is BS, the customers know it, your staff knows it and your fans hate you for it.

Why is this thread no longer there?

Get it together already Blizzard, we all know you have to provide the support as more and more users have better monitors, the longer it takes for you to implement it, the more fans you lose, the less love you get from hardware companies as well.
Cropping UWVGA is like capping everyones frame rate to 60.
still silly how Blizzard refuses to support ultrawide properly. There is obviously an even ground they can crop less and show more rather than zoom in.....
05/23/2016 05:08 PMPosted by Arisuko
Same problem over here. I have an Acer Predator X34 and whenever I use the 3440 x 1440 option it won't full screen for me, but I do notice that setting it on 2560 x 1440 resolution on full screen actually makes the game full screen while playing. Not really sure if it's suppose to do this, seems more like a bug to me.
Thats actually the 16:9 aspect ratio for a 1440p monitor, so it must be a glitch
Hey Jeff, time to take that thumb out of your !@# and do something about this!
Honestly Blizzard, under what stone have you been living the last few years?
What are they going to do with the 32:9 ratio displays..

3840x1080 is beautiful... specially on a 49" display


Exactly only half the monitor would be used in overwatch.. and it's rather weird to see so many "competitive" games that even support 32:9 just fine among thousands of other games that didn't even considering 21:9 let alone 32:9 when they were made.
Blizzard, listen to your customers. Ultra wide screen will be the norm soon don't alienate that very customer base that supports you. Add wide screen support and add field of view setting (like in TF2) for lower resolution so that can have the same field of view if desired making it fare....
08/24/2017 07:51 PMPosted by JPiZZLe
Blizzard, listen to your customers. Ultra wide screen will be the norm soon don't alienate that very customer base that supports you. Add wide screen support and add field of view setting (like in TF2) for lower resolution so that can have the same field of view if desired making it fare....

It'll never be the norm but it's growing nonetheless. A buddy of mine bought me the game last night and I played it today thinking it'll support my 5760x1080 but nope. My 1080Ti will never be stressed in this game because the devs (like the idiots who made Dead By Daylight) will limit a certain group of users, even if they got their paycheck.
I don't believe the 'unfair advantage' or 'lazy programming' are the real reasons behind the lack of support for Ultra Wide.
One of the Blizzard posts mentions the problem of 'things happening off screen' that we aren't supposed to see (in first person). It's just that the animation team didn't account for wider fields of view in their design process, and now reworking plenty of first person animations would be quite a task.
There's even a video of Blizzard dev explaining just that:
No, I'm not defending them, it's a terrible negligence nonetheless.
I had a question about widescreen monitor. I can go full screen and all... But when I want to view FPS by hitting ctrl + alt + f, the display is tiny. Same goes for heroes of the storm. My resolution is 3480 x 2160

Is there a way to increase the size of it?
People like Soldier: 76 and McCree will be able to lock on to more people with a wider monitor. You'd be able to lock on to people that sometimes you won't even see on a 16:9 monitor.

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