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Hello, I would like to ask for help. I have bought the origin edition for the PC, disc version of the game. After downloading it and launching the game it says no licence found, and I have already uninstall the battlenet app two times already as well as Overwatch. Please help.
Hey, PyroKnight!

Try the following steps to see if it helps.

1. The first step would be to Delete the Cache Files

2. Try to toggle the App region.
    Log out of the Americas region

    Log into the Europe region

    Log out of the Europe region

    Log back into the Americas region

3. Try to Reset your Password, as this has been reported to work for some.

4. Try to launch the Application as Administrator
same problem here, i just bought they key and it pops up the same error, disc version of origins edition. please help
This problem litterly scared me to death. I just needed to restart xD
I did all of the above but sadly it didnt work for me, if anyone finds a solution for this problem please tell me :(

thx for reading anyway

Have a nice day
~Cave Voorhees
I did all of the above but it doesnt work pls help me :(
How is this even an issue? I can log into the european servers just fine, but as soon as i try to get into the americas it gives me this error. I have tried all the suggested actions to no effect.
I'm having the same issue and I did all of the above things to try and solve it. =/
!@#$ This Problem
i acsidentaly disinstaled my overwatch then i reinstald it but it s says no lisence found i tryed dyferent way wahy to fix this but it didnt work i need help
Im having the same problem no license found just spend 65 bucks cant even play can some one help
I bought the game (Physical one) and i download the free trial overwatch. Should i delete the free trial Overwatch or should i just use the code in the CD only?
Oh well. I got Overwatch from the last "Free Weekend" event,but only got time to play it today and I'm getting the "No license found" error. Please, help me!
not working still i tried all of the steps plz help!
Hey IceWizard,

It looks like you do not have an Overwatch license on your account. You would need to purchase a copy of the game and add it to your account.

As this thread is fairly old I'm going to go ahead and lock it. Please do not necro old posts, if you have a problem you can always open a new thread.

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