Overwatch crashes before the title screen

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Whenever I try to launch the game, I get a black launcher and than a Crashmailer message pops up followed shortly by a Blizzard Error message asking me what I was doing while trying to launch the game. It also gives me a random ReportID number every time this Blizzard Error message pops up. I've checked the files several times to see if any were corrupted and also reinstalled the game twice with no results.
This is something to direct to the "Technical Support" forum. But before you repost there, you have to provide more detailed information. For instance, you may need to provide your specs and graphics driver version. Also, it might help to screenshot the error messages you receive and ReportID that was generated for you. Good Luck.
I get this too on a brand new PC. EVGA 970 i5 6600 Win7

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