Higher odds: winning powerball or non-dps play of the game?

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UPDATED: Thanks all for the feedback. I started mining stats from friends over what they see for play of the game, and through 500 matches of data I got from them, 7 of 22 heroes get 90% of the POTG:


Basically it's just those that have an ult that can hit big enough.

This doesn't seem right

I have 1,000 games played between beta and now and have seen a tank or support play of the game 2 times

This seems misbalanced in how the engine calculates great play. Perhaps a point system for internal play of the game that accounts more strongly for healing tanking or objective accomplishments? Or maybe just star of the game? It will almost always be damage-based if it only captures narrow stats over a 5 second period
That's what the commendation cards are for.
Lies, you've seen a D.Va or Roadhog at least once or twice.
I saw a Mercy play of the game today. It had her healing and then she resurrected several players.
05/24/2016 06:30 PMPosted by Brand
I saw a Mercy play of the game today. It had her healing and then she resurrected several players.

YOU LIE; us healers never get PotG; pics or it didn't happen!!!
Just kidding of course but yeah; PotG usually ends up with DPS doing their thing whilst smart tanks and busy healers hardly ever see them....

Still though; a Mercy PotG gets my support ;)
Today I got one as Zenyatta and one as Reinhardt.

D.Va seems to get one with her ultimate all the time.
I've gotten several as Reindhardt (easily) but still can't manage to pull a Mercy POTG. I think a a part of the problem is a DPS POTG (killing 3-4) weighs more on POTG than a 3-4 player res.
I got PotG on Lucio today. Granted it was for soundwaving 2 players off the cliffs in Ilios and then capping the point, but yeah, support....
I got a triple kill with reinhardt once. It gave PotG to a Mccree using highnoon to do the same thing.
05/24/2016 06:24 PMPosted by ParkPants
That's what the commendation cards are for.

05/24/2016 06:29 PMPosted by Oni
Lies, you've seen a D.Va or Roadhog at least once or twice.

I have seen non-DPS get it once or twice, but that's it. I would have hoped the goal would be for non-DPS to have a reasonable chance of getting both cards and play of the game
I see it maybe 1 in 10 games or so. Usually the POTG just goes to someone who pushed an I win button and people didn't happen to get out of the way though.
I got a potg with a junkrat killing a genji right after he ulted, before he did any damage
PotG doesn't have the letter Q in it.
A lot of the time I see Mercy revive several allies immediately after a Deadeye or Rip-Tire kills them, but it's the attacker that gets PotG.

If Mercy negates an ultimate by reviving players, then Mercy should get Shutdown PotG in that instance. Same with the other supports.
Yeah i agree i am kinda of sick of only seeing dps ults in PotG can we please mix it up some blizzard. I play mercy and bust my butt healing the tar out of people and it is darn near impossible to get PotG.
For those who think I'm making this up, Gamespot specifically called out only having DPS in the plays of the game and highlights too (and it was one of the two-three dings they had against the game, otherwise all positives)

Any other progress on this? This came up in many reviews of the game as an issue in overly fetishistic DPS performance rewards only
My Mercy gets PotG about every 10th to 15th game, depending on circumstances.

Not enough Mercies use their blasters. PotG score goes up drastically if you contribute to enemy kills in the midst of rezzing. There's a reason Mercy has a Highlight Intro where she damage boosts and then turns around with the blaster. Supporting your team is about more than just healbotting them; you're there to watch over them with your other tools as well.

Got a PotG yesterday for a two-rez, which would normally be unheard of -- except that it was a two-rez on the capture point after using the blaster to take down an enemy Phara mid-Barrage so that she couldn't rocketspam my freshly-revived minions -- I mean, teammates.

Failing that, there are the MVP cards. I'm up on the board just about every game, unless I'm soloing it and my team was horrible and got steamrolled.

But hey, I'm still there on PotG half the time anyway. It's the little Trish there in the corner while somebody else presses Q. :)
I get so many plays of the game with Symmetra I spent 250 coins on a highlight intro.

Looking forward to my powerball numbers coming up.
Haven't won a powerball yet, but got at least 1 POG as Lucio and seen 1 that Mercy got. That being said, I haven't bought a powerball ticket, which does somewhat limit my chances of winning one...

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