Community creation!! (Idea)..

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Blizzard should let the community create skins sprays etc.. Like cs:go were it goes threw a voting system by the community. Once its voted. The person who won. His creation can be bought at a certain price by the people and giving the person who made the creation a little profit =).. This will give blizzard less stress on creating new stuff for characters and focus on making Game content (modes and maps ) and new hero's...
Because what's needed in OW is a flood of questionable furry sprays.

No thanks.
I like the idea but it would be fairly difficult for Blizzard to moderate and organize all of the user submissions. Blizzard doesn't have anything close to similar to Steam Workshop where users can share and upload their creations. This is even more difficult considering Blizzard probably won't release mod tools for Overwatch. Mod tools are what enable the CS:GO community to create new weapon skins and maps but Overwatch has nothing like that.

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