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I pick Lucio because I can't trust my team mates to stay near the damn objective. As Mercy I'm at my team mates mercy. Pun intended. If they want to run around like gibbering chimps trying to get as many kills as possible, IE most of the time, I have to follow them like a good lil' healbot because on my own I'm not even a distraction.
Yup. It's pointless to play Mercy in QM because the team is so spread out and oblivious that she is completely ineffective. Lucio is the safest and most reliable choice in pretty much every scenario. Pathetic, but true.
bull!@#$ I have carried a team playing lucio

he can make or break a match use amp it his AoE heal will easily keep teams out of trouble and his ult will save lives fast enough for it to kick in and your team to destroy the hazard.

then there is his speed boost if you have a slow tank character example Reinhardt and roadhog you will get them to the objective in no time to wreck the enemies day.

good players can do both but a great lucio will be the a key asset to his team.
If we're talking about pure support ability, yea Lucio's skill cap in that regard is low compared to Mercy because for him all you need to do is get people into your passive heals, speed boost, and group shield(ult). Mercy on the other hand has a higher skill cap when it comes to supporting due to her heal being single target and the need to be more situational aware than Lucio does to do her job and more team reliant.

I think the reason why Lucio gets the slight nod for the higher skillcap tho overall is for his utility: wall-run, knockback, and his damage. A skilled Lucio is known for their wall-runing ability, environmental kills, and kills in general. Healing on Lucio is generally not as highly regarded as it is Mercy, due to the little effort it takes to get big numbers due to group healing, so for a skilled Lucio it is indeed all about his Utility. A great mercy is great at healing, timing resurrects, and being very "slippery". That's all she has to offer that makes her stand out. As a result, she doesn't seem "as good" as Lucio because she doesn't have the extra fun stuff that he has.
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He is only good at the point war or whatever that is called where teams fight for one point. In every other situation he is decisively weaker than Mercy.

most good team will have both
I use them both for different situations. Lucio is good on Koth and if you have a team who isn't communicating. He's pretty self sufficient and you can stay alive longer as him, thus keeping your team alive longer. I like mercy for Attack points/Attack and defend because her rez can continue a good push. But if you're being targeted pretty heavily and no ones helping you, Mercy may not cut it. Better to play lucio and keep your team alive than to be dead 3/4ths of the time.
lucio is considered by most people I've talked with to be one of the strongest heroes in the game, and it's not difficult to be helpful while playing him. Maybe it's hard to notice how useful he is because his aura is passive?
Mercy takes a lot of situational awareness to play well. I am very good with her, she is my main right now in competitive. I feel as though I have a great deal of control in the game even with a total trash team. I can keep them alive despite them all going off on their own and being silly.

My only complaint is that since the patch switching beams feels clunky and sometimes drops my target.
Lucio puts out a higher avg healing per match but it can be deceptive. He's great at healing poke damage and nullifying aoe/splash/spray but if they focus targets you willvhave trouble keeping up. Mercy appears to do less over a full match but it's generally more effective - healing a tank or reaper taking the brunt of the damage. You may lose people while healing your target, but you're hoping if your target lives you win the team fight and rez the dead.

Lucio is actually more like zenyatta than mercy, really. A utility support (speed boost op) that harasses but has access to a heal.

Ultimately, they both have their place and I use both whenever I feel I need aoe or single target healing. Even using mercy on some koth maps too.

Sometimes I even get to use Zen which is fun. Versing him + surprise bastion or high DPS heroes can actually make me switch off tank because it feels like I have less hp than tracer.
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lucio is considered by most people I've talked with to be one of the strongest heroes in the game, and it's not difficult to be helpful while playing him. Maybe it's hard to notice how useful he is because his aura is passive?

Yep, Lucio is strong alright. The fact that it's not difficult to be helpful with him proves me point that the support skill cap of Lucio is actually pretty low due to everything being passive and group oriented. The higher skill cap comes from his utility, and that's what separates an average Lucio from a great one.
Mercy is good for,

1) Mass rez when several teammates die at once. She has to still be alive and in range of them. Extremely situational, but a game saver when it does happen. That sticks out in people's minds and makes them think she's really strong, because they don't think about all the other times.

There's even a webcomic on Penny Arcade about it.

2) Damage boost which pure DPS types want, so they ask for her to follow them around and switch between the two so they can get easier kills. Nothing but ego on that one.

3) She can fly after people to move quickly and reach higher areas, especially when following Pharah.

Lucio on the other hand,

1) AoE heal hits several people at once, and boosting it heals them about as quickly as Mercy can one person at a time. This isn't obvious for the players that want to hide in rooms or run far away from a payload to chase after kills. If you're scattered across half the map, you might as well have 76 healing.

2) Speed boost that people brag about because they're on the way back to a fight and have nothing else to do but focus on how fast they're running.

3) The knockback is powerful in a good player's hands. I've used it to get environmental kills, get Mei off someone after they run up to do a point blank headshot, get a Roadhog off me if I can beat them to the punch after a hook, knock Reinhardt sideways to get some shots past him if I can do so without getting shredded, and to put a little more distance between Mercy and whoever she's flying around after on the ground in hopes of breaking the stream (same as separating a Medic from whoever they're ubering in TF2 with the backblast on a Pyro).

4) I don't have to choose between shooting people and healing like Mercy does. I can do both at the same time. Be great if Mercy could just shoot something from her healy stick when she doesn't have a friendly target instead of having to switch to a firearm.

5) Wall ride is every bit as good as Mercy flying around outside of her following Pharah on a wide open map.

So actually, a well played Lucio takes more skill and situational awareness than Mercy.
I forgot to mention the Lucio uber that can keep a team alive and help a quick push every bit as much as a mass rez.
I pick Mercy when:

- we are on defense, because the rez is very important in the beginning
- we have one tank and the remaining players are damage dealer, which in my team is the usual setup
- I feel like my team can protect me

I pick Lucio when:
- the enemy team is really good at hunting Mercy down
- playing a KotH map without much cover for Mercy
- my team mates are running off in different directions all the time
- there are too many tanks in my team and I struggle to keep them all healed up with single target heals

On some maps I also switch to Lucio in a certain area like the western town on Hollywood while playing the other two parts as Mercy.

Both have their uses, you can't say one is superior to the other one.
Bustar, doesn't matter if you change icon, you still have the brain of a Murloc.
Lucio > Mercy by the way...
Great against Roadhog, But on big maps with lots of levels like gibraltar, Mercy is op.

Hoping you don't mean in a 1v1.
personally i prefer to play Mercy.
i am a Junkrat main but i will pick whatever we need,which often makes me play as a healer, and unless she is taken i will almost always go for Mercy.
to me she is just a better healer, i can fly to my teammates fast and heal them up quickly, then fly back to a new one.
and you might not believe this one, but Mercy can actually do damage :O shocker i know

i am not saying that Lucio does not deal damage, he does, but his heals are so, so slow, every time we are in a fight people just die and i am left feeling i can do nothing to help them unless i have ult.
the only times i pick Lucio is.
1. If we need to get to the point fast. (and then go back to Mercy after that)
2. objectives next to edges where i can push them off (often gonna switch to Mercy since enemy will learn)
3. If we have a Mercy, and someone asks me to play Lucio.

i know this post of mine got rather long, but this is just my opinion on the matter.
Hello from the future! I have a message for you:

We !@#$ed up! Mercy one tricks are coming out of the woodwork polluting the game LUL
Good players know how to make the most of either character. Bad players think Lucio is bad because they don't understand how to time Amp It Up.

Aww crap this was a necro why do you people do this? >_<
Hey! At least now you can pick either or and still have a better chance at losing!
02/16/2018 08:27 PMPosted by PraiseTheFun
Good players know how to make the most of either character. Bad players think Lucio is bad because they don't understand how to time Amp It Up.

Aww crap this was a necro why do you people do this? >_<

Because it's fun :)

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