What is your highest win-rate character?

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Mines not McCree.

Apparently it's Roadhog.
I believe my Roadhog win % is a bit ridiculously high.

Even though I consider my Zenyatta playing to be the best, his winrate is so close to 50% (I think it's 54?) I'm starting to feel bad. :(
It's Zenyatta but I only have 3 games with him. My highest real win rate is with Tracer. (Unlike a lot of people, I only play her on maps where she's really strong.)
Symmetra 60%. I play her a lot more more than any other hero though

Pharah, 10 matches, 8 wins.
Lucio and S76.
Torbjorn at 86% (12 wins, 2 losses)

My most played character D.Va has a 57% rate (33/25)
Excluding the heroes that I have only played once and won a game, it would be Torbjörn at 70% win rate (29 wins, 14 losses) and a Reinhardt at 63% (31 wins and 19 losses).
My most played hero is Symmetra and she is also has my highest winrate at 71% at 34 wins and 14 losses
Widowmaker by a mile. I take too many risks on McCree to push his potential.
I'm pretty sure Symmetra is going to be there for most people that play her a lot, simply because you usually switch off her when you lose the first point, so she doesn't get a full loss in the stats, while successfully holding A gives her a full win.

I'm at 53% overall WR with Symmetra being my 2nd most played hero at 70%, Pharah being the first at 60%.
Mercy and Lucio
S76 & Pharah
Road Hog as well.
Mercy and Pharah
Symmetra: 95W 41L 69.8%

Tracer is a close second.

Widow is the lowest.

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