What does commending people actually do?

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Does it give them any bonus xp when they get 5 or 10 or something? Or is it really just for a flashy "feel good" animation in the post game screen?
It's exactly like clapping in real life.
06/15/2016 04:03 AMPosted by J7stR
It's exactly like clapping in real life.

I like how simple and accurate this is.
or /golfclap
Letting the support/tank classes you likely did not play know they were appreciated
If you're always wondering why so little people don't play tanks or support, then this is where you can help motivate people to continue playing as one!

I always vote for the tanks and support. Sorry PotG or 15-20 streak kill off/def players. While your skills were impressive and possibly helped us the most to win the match, my vote still goes to the Tank with a high block or support with a high heal. Because without a good tank and/or healer, all you dam/off heroes wouldn't of performed as amazingly! It's mainly thanks to them you didn't die as often as you would of.
Getting X-amount of these, can get you sprays and such (Associated with Achievements). Nothing big and fancy, if I recall correctly.

But as others have stated; it's pretty much just a "You did good!"-thing.

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