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Since june 1rst I have no problem with the game, event during the beta and the next day after a update, the game start being totaly unplayable:

When I move my character, he sudenly start going in the direction he want even passing through the wall. It's like I travel in mud.

In top of that the other players seem to freeze (sometime even in the air) and suddenly start to move super fast. It's like I'm a ghost in the game.

Also at the begining of the game my screen have somekind of weird image bug for about 5 seconds.
I see that mostly on my work computer, where I have the game installed on an HDD. I noticed the drive light on almost constantly for the first couple minutes; after things settled down, it seemed mostly OK.

At home it's running on an SSD, so disc thrashing would be non-existant as there is no seek time. I don't seem to have the problem there.
So, I should install the game on my SSD?

I just upload a video of one of my game on Youtube.

I don't know how to post a video here, so just copi and paste the address.
I remove the sound too.

By the way, I have a new computeur with:

- CPU i-5 6600K
- GPU GeForce GTX 970
- 16 G0 memory
- Windows 7

For my internet speed:
Ping: 9ms
Download: 9,56 Mbps
Upload: 1,02 Mbps
Decent enough specs. I presume that's 64 bit Windows 7, otherwise it can't use all that memory.

You can copy the contents from your current drive to a new location, then set to use the same location. It'll save you a re-download, and when you're done you can delete whichever one you don't want to keep.

(In the app, select Overwatch on the left, then at the top, pull down the menu and select Settings. Under Game Install/Update change "FOLDER USED FOR GAMEPLAY" to match the new copy.)

If you have room enough on an SSD, I'd give it a try. Nothing to lose.
Yes it's a 64 bit Windows 7 and I try what you told me to do and nothing change.

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