What hero do you like to kill?

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What hero do you especially like/enjoy/get a thrill from killing? Is there a hero you feel bad about killing?

For myself, I like to kill Widowmaker, Reaper, and McCree. Just something about their cocky characterizations that I like defeating.

Mercy, I don't like killing. I do it, for the team, but I kind of feel bad about it.

zero suit dva. even though she's the weakest, i'll always use an unnecessary rocket on her if i have it.
Mei, Junkrat, widowmaker, and tracer I cackle with delight after I unload my clip into them and hear that satisfying Beep
I enjoy killing anything that is in my team's way.
Probably Tracer. Killing her is like finally getting the much anticipated silence after removing that annoying fly from buzzing around your head.
I love killing tracer as a tracer. Show them who the better tracer is.
good genji's

god how i hate good genji players :/
or oldboy 76's while they're ulting because !@#$ that aimbot srsly...
I absolutely despise Spamzo players.
Reaper, when playing as Tracer. Her "DEATH COMES" gets me every time.

In that spirit, I'd love to have some more funny personalized kill lines. Such as D.Va taking out McCree and saying, "See you later, space cowboy..."

-The Gneech
Tracer by far. She is the most annoying aggressor of any defending team, and she feels invincible in the hands of a competent player. However I do kill her most of the time when playing S76. That or they learn to stay away from me.
Mei since she's an annoying troll character.
Mei. It's basically purging a demon.
I would say Bastion in turret mode. When a Bastion sets up in a corner and thinks its time for easy mode, I have a great time taking them out.
I play mostly Mercy and I am somewhat bloodthirsty against enemy Mercys.

It's funny but Mercy has some of the best lines when you kill people.

Kill enemy Mercy: "You have been discharged!"

Kill another enemy: "Say aaaah!"

Get another headshot kill: "There's no prescription for what you have!"

My personal fave: "You might not want to tell your friends about that one!"

Fury of Mercy indeed.
Roadhog. Played a game earlier where the opposing team was running two RHs and I had Ult FOREVER and they couldn't do a thing about it since I was chillin' in the skybox as Pharah.

I also used to solo pulse bomb McCrees pre-patch and then taunt them.
!@#$ you, Genji.

Die in a sad, bunny-hopping, cyborg samurai hole.
#1) Mei.
Her purpose is to annoy and frustrate. Killing her is cathartic. I would assume that a good Mei player would take my frustration as a compliment, as it means they are doing their job well.

#2) Winston.
Sorry to all you Winston fans out there but I just do not like him. Killing a Winston, good or bad, makes me smile. It helps that most Winstons I run into are pretty good at their jobs.

Sidenote, there is nothing more satisfying than landing a loooong charge on a berserk Winston.

#3) Tracer.
Killing a good Tracer is an accomplishment. Chasing her down and killing her is the job that nobody on the team seems to want to do in pubs. If I can kill her off, I feel like I'm doing myself and the entire team a favor.
I like killing Genji and Tracer as Bastion. Just last night this happened in chat:

Tracer: Bastion how did you kill me?
Me: Maybe I am good at Bastion?
Tracer: >Bastion >Good HAHAHA!
Me: Okay person who got confused at dying...
Tracer: *no response*
*POTG was me mowing her down*

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