Will We Ever See PvE Content?

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A Mann-V-Machine esque gamemode would be good a bit later on down the line.

I just really hope they don't add in a story mode or campaign.

A lot of people think "Oh well if you don't like it don't play it" but that's not the point, I probably would play it for the (at max) 6 hours it lasted, but it would use up a massive amount of resources which could be used for more heros and more maps, which would provide substantially more replay value.
May not be the primary direction of the game but I think a good portion of the player base could enjoy PvE in Overwatch. They could very easily go the Global Agenda/Firefall route and have "missions" of various length and difficulty. But by all means no campaign, it's just ridiculous for heroes that don't even have 5 abilities...

With a Blizzard touch people would like it a lot it would be pretty popular and it's not mutually exclusive to the core game as long as PvP remains its main focus. Or maybe they could tweak certain values within that environment or something.
I'd really like some kind of playable story content, and I wouldn't mind if it were in the form of PVE scenarios. But I doubt it would make sense for Blizzard to do it. I'm hardly an expert, but it seems to me like that might divide their player base a little.
I'd love Overwatch as a Destiny-esque PvE game.

It's never going to happen, but I would definitely be a fan.
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By the logic of people who buy loot boxes and think their pricing is acceptable, of course we will! Blizzard has so much extra money now to develop more content, surely they will!

Nope, doesn't work like that.

I always chuckle at the naive fools who believe this. That money goes to either marketing or their pockets.
I get the feeling Omnics play such a huge part in the background for just this reason. Overwatch is already more like TF2 in more ways than one, so a Mann vs Machine (Overwatch vs Omnics) type mode would not surprise me.
Story mode designed for each individual character filled with lore and character specific challenges/scoreboards.

Yes please.
I would love a pve story too, damn that would be so cool !
I would love to see some PvE content in the near future. Any game I put serious time and thought into always had a PvE aspect I could play when competitive modes were overwhelmed/overplayed for me, and eventually the PvE would bring back my will to want to play the competitive modes more since I didnt burn myself out from the game too quickly. A simple objective defense wave based game mode they could apply to any map would be good enough for me. Group up with friends to practice new heros in a fun game mode, or get serious and try to get the highest wave out there. Yes please??
PvE? It was called Titan they scrapped it and used the left over assets to make this game. However, given Blizzard's ability to come up with original content I'm sure some kind of horde mode or Mann Vs. Machine will be in at some point.
Agree. The pve content for battleborn is pretty cool. Maybe they can do the same for ow?
A co-op pve mode similar to L4D is the only way I can convince my mainly pve friends to play this game. It targets an entirely different segment of the market and I really wish blizzard would consider.

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