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I've seen quite a few posts regarding the frequency or power of an Ultimate becoming a matter of game changing.....

But in the beginning of the game thats one of the 1st thing they mention, is that an Ultimate is intended to be game changing.
Well, the way I see it, Ultimates are how Blizzard helps ensure games don't stagnate.

If one team manages to somehow put together a consistently good strategy, then ultimates are one way to break through and prevent that strategy from keeping the status quo unchanged for the whole match. D.Va, Hanzo, McCree, Junkrat, etc.. all have abilities that can force the enemy team to change their strategy long enough to break a stalemate.

They're also a subtle way of encouraging players to stick with a hero. Blizzard does want folks to switch heroes in a match to counter enemy compositions, but they also don't want folks panic-switching without really giving their current hero a proper chance. Folks are more inclined to hold off on switching a hero if they're at an 85% charge on an ultimate.
It's the games equivalent of an Uber charge in TF2. There are certain points where it's just unrealistic to break their defense or stop their momentum, which is where ultimates come in.
A team that consistently beats the other will consistently have more ultimates available to use when the other team does push.
The frequency of some ridiculous is rediculous atm. Just finished a koth game where i heard "die, die, die" 2 times in every single fight, yeah they had 2 Reaper but seriously? Shouldn't ultimates be somewhat uncommon, like Zarya's for example?
Can't edit post for some reason, reposting with edited version:
The frequency of some ultimates is rediculous atm. Just finished a koth game where i heard "die, die, die" 2 times in every single fight, yeah they had 2 Reaper but seriously? Shouldn't ultimates be somewhat uncommon, like Zarya's for example?
I definitely agree with the frequency of some Ults, but not all ultimates come too fast. As mentioned above, Graviton Surge is a pretty good benchmark for an ult. It's uncommon, but when it happens, it can be insanely good.

So many of my games are starting to be decided by 3-4 ultimate abilities going off at once because in the minor skirmishes that happen between a team trying to take a node or push the payload, it's sure for a lot of these ultimates to be back up again. It can get to feeling a little spammy.

I've sat on some characters, like Junkrat and Reaper and I have literally found myself saying, "Wow, my ult's already back." Ultimates that come in such high frequency seem to devalue a skillful play. Even if that Reaper got four kills, the joke for POTG of the game is "Oh, that time he pressed Q." Chances are, he will have had many chances to press Q during the match, so one is likely to work.

Nothing specific against Junk or Reaper, btw. They just came to mind first.


At the end of it all, don't think there's anything to do with it. I'm sure we'll see adjustments to ult gains in characters here and there as part of the game's normal balance over its lifetime.
Your ultimate gauge charges with damage. That's why high-damage heroes, like Reaper and Junkrat, seem to constantly land them, while defensive heroes like Zarya seem to do so slowly. The key is to getting ultimates is to prioritize inflicting damage over getting kills. If you almost killed a flanking Genji and he runs off, you're better off switching targets than chasing him down.

To balance out the fact that ultimates charge faster with damage, characters who inflict less damage have more powerful ultimates. That's why Zarya's ultimate always seems like a game-changer. It's also why Mei's ultimate is insanely powerful. I hear a lot of people complain about how underpowered Zenyatta's ultimate is, but if you're playing Zenyatta well...sniping with your orbs as well as keeping your healing up...then you should be able to pop it frequently. In a good game, I can do three or four transcendences with Zeny!
I thought ultimates were there for PotG? Fire in the hole and what not!
Ultimate charges depend on how well certain players play. You can get the ultimate with Zarya fast too and the vice versa is true for Reaper.

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