Blizzard can you tell us the next step of Overwatch?

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Awesome info and oversight into what you guys are looking into. I would absolutely adore the server list/custom game option that you mentioned briefly. I spent most of my early gaming years on random Quake2 CTF servers with crazy settings that I still reminisce about. I'm a game developer myself so I understand how bonkers things can change from week to week let alone release to release but it still cool to read what you guys have tried and what you're hoping to try in the future. Keep up the kickass work over there! ;)
06/15/2016 05:12 PMPosted by FallenSun
Jeff Kaplan- any updates on incorporating more of the story in the game? I think we want more of a deeper connection with the backstory of each character and map locations. Overwatch has some wonderful character designs and maps and it would be great to learn more about them. Ex: Why am I escorting a payload with a terminator hand? Why is it important?

+1 more lore background!
Here's a nice idea, why not allow the community to give you feedback on maps, and heroes through a playtest branch or something like that.

TF2 does it quite well so why can't OW?
06/15/2016 09:02 AMPosted by Jeff Kaplan

Our big focus right now is Competitive Play. We did a big push on this feature in beta and got some really amazing feedback. We were hoping that from the beta version of Competitive Play, we would need to do some polish and iteration and then release the feature but we felt like the feedback we got was basically asking for a different direction. So Competitive Play is quite a big effort for us this time around -- almost as much work as the first version. But it's really far along. We're playtesting it multiple times a day. We're also looking into/debating putting up a Public Test Realm for this feature so that we can test it in a larger environment before putting it live. Even when it goes live, I anticipate our first few seasons will require iteration on the feature. We're working very hard to make it awesome at release but there are some things you need to see and feel along with a large population before you can properly sign off on the feature. I anticipate Competitive Play will require a few season's worth of iteration before we're in the place we want to be.

Hi Jeff, there is big question for may competitive players. A game scenarios where is net code "predicts" your movement adds a little randomness in gaming experience. As I know right now game runs 60/20 tick rate, and sometime players having bad experience with that random "shots around corner"
Is Competitive play mode going to run in high bandwidth?
06/15/2016 09:02 AMPosted by Jeff Kaplan
I can't stress this enough: some of this stuff might not happen. The reason developers usually don't give insight like this is because if something changes or doesn't happen, players get very angry at us. I would like to change that dynamic but we need to do that together. We'll share more information with you guys so long as you understand none of this is a promise and things do change throughout the course of development. So when we see a "HOW COME WE DIDN'T GET THE HIGHLY PROMISED RANDOM POSE OPTION" rage post 2 years from now, please feel free to quote this paragraph in the reply...

Reminds me of City of Heroes -- LOVED the game, wish it were still around, but if you look at the advertised features for City of Villains, it clearly says that your Supergroup can acquire Items of Power that provide buffs to everyone, but you would need to defend them from thieves during Base Raids. This sounded amazing to people who PvP. When the game's plug got pulled, the feature was still not in the game.

City of Villains released without Items of Power in the actual game (some "sample" IoPs were on the test server, but anyone could build them for free), and even though Base Raids were a feature, they were so badly designed that even people who liked the idea didn't use it more than once. It would spawn the raiding team scattered in random rooms across the base with no spawn invincibility, and once you spawned in a room, that was your character's spawn point for the rest of the raid. The defenders didn't need to sit through a loading screen, but the raiders did, so if you were a raider, you would often load in to find that your character was dead already, because you could be spawn camped to no end. Many people made bases with only 4 rooms to minimize the number of spawn points, too, so raiding never got very popular.

Items of Power never got beyond the idea phase. Everyone had long since forgiven the devs for it, because the game had other good (better) features that weren't on the CoV game box, but every time the devs were asked to talk about an unfinished feature that was in the pipeline, they would point to base raids as reason why they'd never make that mistake again.
Jeff, when will you smooth the stairs so reinhardt stops crashing into them?
Jeff, you are the man.

Heck, your team is doing awesome stuff. But, the updates are great. This kind of transparency can only be helpful.
No discussion about tweaking D.Va, but discussion of brand new heroes... Am disappoint.
After reading this I am happy XD
Idk know if this has been addressed, but any plans for increasing the number of available ai characters to play against?

I want to see a fire based character like a flame thrower.
What about the AI? The AI in this game is seriously underdeveloped. Is that going to get finished? It would be nice to have some variety versing the AI.
06/15/2016 09:02 AMPosted by Jeff Kaplan
I don't think we're at a point where I can really talk openly about the release schedule for the new heroes because I don't want to set expectations and then have something come up and suddenly we're backing out on a "promise" we never really made... if that makes sense.

06/15/2016 11:03 AMPosted by minibigry
sooo umm i dont see an actual direction here like i read it thru but it just seemed like words to me since you know he didnt state anything past we are working on some things like yea new things are great but i wish they would show us a little bit about what they are actually thinking not just we are testing heroes but hey heros the kit ideas like the how league releases things about its champions so people know whats coming and i understand that can happen at a later point but i personally would love a little more info than were working on competitive new maps and heros are coming and we will at some point add things that make people happy this to me felt like a generic blarb meant to please people

They will release this information once they have it. Jeff mentioned that he doesn't want to give you information of a Hero that's being worked on that gets scrapped a few weeks/months into development. He wants to be able to present you with information that is 100% true and going to happen, so just keep waiting for this to come! :)
You can't give us dates, but can you give details about the types of heroes that will be coming in next?

Their role, character, skillset, etc?
I just wanted to add my voice to whatever number of people have asked for server browsing. I was talking in the final beta how much I'd love to see it. If it never happens I'll survive (no rage posts, I promise), but it would be a great feature that could help foster communities.
It's nice to see a Blizzard game that they haven't lost complete touch with the player base ie WoW.

We aren't super keen on Daily Quests for OW -- we don't want to tell you what hero or role to play. We want you and your team to figure that out. It works really well in Heroes of the Storm and HS because you choose your class/role/hero before you queue...

What other ideas for Daily Quests have you explored other than class/role/hero-esque ones? what about things like "deal [10,000] damage"; "spend [5] minutes on the objective"; "use your ultimate [5] times"; "use your ultimate [3] times in one match" "hit [20] critical hits in one match" "use your {Q} ability [20] times in one match"

I'd assume you'd have tested something like these and still have reasons for moving in a direction other than quests, but I could still imagine a questing system that fits Overwatch's unique, dynamic style.
Thats why Jeff is the right man in right place. Thanks to him WoW has become number one title in mmo game industry and now OW is becoming number one in FPS. Big thank you Jeff for your work and for the fact that you are.
I bought this game and will continue to support it and Blizzard simply for the reason that we get communication like this. Thanks!

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