"Girl Power" Blizzard's sexism?

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I want to preface this post by saying that I am not a men's right activist, nor a feminist. I simply want to see the equal treatment of all human beings. I love women, I have nothing against them as i am a !@#$%^-*!@#$ male. Seeing as how someting as minor as Tracer's "butt pose" can be scraped from the game I'd like to discuss something of greater importance: The Featured Game mode "Girl Power"

I understand that in the past women were not treated fairly (no voting rights, legal rights, etc.) and I even admit today in certain countries they are treated lower than males. That said, the goal of human equality whether or not you're black, white, asian, hispanic, female, or male, is to give all people the same treatment. Why does this game mode deter that goal? Because it is inclusive to one gender. I am not saying that it is sexist to have a "girls only" club however, it is sexist to deny the boys the same opportunity. My solution to this problem is to either A)Remove this game mode and recreate something better or the easier option B) Include a "guys time" game mode as this will equal out the treatment between both sexes. Creating a special game mode for one sex is no different than creating a game mode for one race only. These characters do not get to choose their sex when they are born/created. Please take the time to absorb this and reflect on the image you portray when you tell players that it is "ok" to be inclusive to one gender, no matter which one. (And as Bastion and Zenyatta go they can either be excluded or included in both game modes as they are robots with no defined gender. Or you can place them in their respective male or female game modes depending on how their Blizzard creators defined them)

Finally, I understand that there are already game modes with male heroes only (Super shimada bros, we're all soldiers now, etc.) however these do not offer the same flexibility as "Girl Power" as that specific game mode allows for a larger selection of champions.
tldr aint reading your sjw feminist bs
You're falling into the social justice trap of extrapolating infinitely until finding offense. You will lead a much happier life if you don't spend any focus trying to be a victim.
Just wait until Justice Rains From Above.

Only Pharah and Mercy allowed.
In light of the fact there was no intentional effort to offend anyone, I am going to offer an alternative solution: Don't make mountains out of mole hills. Taking offense is a personal problem that you need to deal with yourself, please try to do that without making it anybody else's problem along the way.
You're making a chicken out of a feather.
Please stop. Go rethink your values.
the hell is op going on about

whatever just gonna downvote
You're making a burger out of a ketchup packet.
Would you like a guy staff to help you with this problem? Or would that be to much?
ROFL Get that PC crap out of here...
Wait i got lost in your post what are you even complaining about now?
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I want to preface this post by saying




06/21/2016 05:50 PMPosted by Rethilgore
Wait i got lost in your post what are you even complaining about now?

They are complaining that the weekly game mode featuring only one or two heroes at a time is gender biased because the hero is only a certain gender.

In other words, utter nonsense.
ITT children dont know the difference between an egalitarian and a feminist...

-all these people dismissing OP yet they all stood behing buttgate

the SJW agenda is strong on these forums. activate your hivemind tumblerites you may !@#$post all over the internet but you will never change anything that really matters
I wouldn't get your hopes up OP. Blizzard's wise to which way the wind is currently blowing.
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tldr aint reading your sjw feminist bs
06/21/2016 05:57 PMPosted by Powercage
06/21/2016 05:07 PMPosted by NateBeruk
tldr aint reading your sjw feminist bs

youre both ignorant children.
Prove me wrong oh wait you cant because you clearly cant even read if you think OP is feminist
there is a damn gorilla but what about other monkeys ? is this blizzard's discrimination between monkey types ? add chimpanzee with AA gun at its back so that this game can have some equality...

peanuts anyone ?
Eloquently...'DA !@#$ is this'

Game modes now? 8/10 trolling.

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