Your 40 hours of Genji show that you're a real team player

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06/21/2016 03:13 PMPosted by DolphZiegler
06/21/2016 01:12 PMPosted by Lukar
I was expecting this read like an old Bud Light "Real Men of Genius" radio ad. I got half way through the post, reading it in that voice and style, before realizing it was not that.

"Today, we salute you, Mr. 90%-of-your-time-as-Genji Man..."

Mr. 90%-of-your-time-as-Genji Man!
You payed 40 to 60 dollars for a team based shooter to be the lone wolf.
Shuriken and sword in hand, you live out your Japanese dream
Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto!
Hours of Naruto, paragraphs of god-modding RP, and a J-Rock playlist have prepared you for this moment
Your team struggles to take the point, to push the payload. But you're behind the lines, sniping at the red team from afar, never quite getting away from that pesky Mei
Nerf her please, Blizzard!
So put away that sake and crack open a nice cold Bud-Light, you sugoi shuriken slinger, because even though your win-rate isn't that great, that Carbon Fiber skin is so nice
Mr. 90%-of-your-time-as-Genji Maaaaaaaaan!

Genji, the ultimate neck beard fantasy.
I have half my playtime on tracer because it takes a ton of practice to get decent with her. Its quickplay, its the place where you are supposed to learn and try stuff out.
Don't qq when a hanzo is shooting telephone poles at your head from behind 5 people and you don't have anyone pressuring him.
I feel bad now because I play 97% of my time on one hero.

Does that make me a bad person?
Truer words have never been spoken lol. I drop game if someone insta picks Genji anymore. I know what lies ahead.
06/21/2016 01:08 PMPosted by Pio
A true asset to the team. Through thick and thin you are always genji, never giving up, always a fighter willing to do whatever it takes for your team. I love finding you level 100+ with 90% genji playtime. I friend all of you. You are the best types of players.

I play Genji on defense just to hear you whine.

Hear of premades?
06/21/2016 01:26 PMPosted by CrazyKoda
Gengi requires a ton of practice to be even somewhat effective with him. 40 hour+ gengis should regularly be able to team kill. If not, those hours of practice have been wasted and it's time to move on to torbjorn.

No. GenJi is a COUNTER. Playing Genji when your opposing team is full of Zaryas, Meis, and Winstons/etc. is the very definition of "not a team player" and just a really bad Overwatch player.
Has anyone joined a game and 2 people autolock genji, then one of them leaves? Like if that person can't be THE genji they would rather not play.

Happens all the time to me.
I would like to take this opportunity to offer all the Genji mains the opportunity to thank those of us who play the consistent, reliable front-line classes that make their solo-mode, back-line ninja fantasies possible.

You're so welcome.
While true, I have similar feelings about widowmakers and hanzos. At least Genjis sometimes accidentally stand on the objective. I've had some games where Widow and Hanzo were having a 'Who can be more stationary' competition with Torbjörn's turret. The turret lost (but got more kills).
Genji is a perfectly fine team HERO... but it all depends on how he is played.
A well played Genji is constantly harassing the backline. Killing the healer, reflecting that bastion etc... That is of immense value to the team.

A poorly played Genji is the guy scrambling over the rooftops half a map away, hucking stars at a roadhog running past to get back to the fight.

As someone who plays a good amount of support, i can tell you from exp that a good Genji can be the bane of your existence; but yes, a bad one is just a paperweight with a nice a$$.
06/22/2016 07:10 AMPosted by ForceComdr
a paperweight with a nice a$$.

Mmm, dat a$$.
I tried every character during beta and Genji was by far the most fun to me. I have a 57% win rate as genji compared to my overall of 54%, and I play him on every map except for numbani. My strategy is to pick him early unless my team already has a genji locked in. If thats the case I usually play reinhardt or lucio.

Then I usually stay on genji until they have swapped to 2 wintson and a mei or something like that, which happens WAY more often than I would expect. Then I just switch to reaper and clean up an easy win or sometimes a second lucio or reinhardt.

I've also been playing more winston lately.

I guess my point is that I often contribute more to the team playing Genji than another hero. While I am more than willing to fill a hole in our team I'm simply better with Genji due to the time i've spent playing him.

I think they key differences for me as a player vs other Genjis is that when I see people coming while I'm flanking I use the voice chat to give me team information, I also don't care about my stats at all, I'm more than willing to sacrifice myself to kill a healer, I would take that 1 for 1 trade 100 times out of a 100 if I had too, especially since if they are shooting at me I often get some reflect damage in as well so I'm almost certainly doing more damage to their team then they are healing for those 5-10 seconds that I spend killing them.

TLDR: I think its okay to have a main as long as you are willing to switch when half their team hard counters you. But whats even more important is that no matter what you play, you need to play it in a way that helps the team.
i play genji
I really don't care about winning or losing until ranked, sorry folks. I'll play whatever hero I want, regardless. Hit me with dem dislikes boys
06/22/2016 03:42 AMPosted by spdR
What the f people... 37 downvotes for a joke.

Do Genjis make you that salty?


In case you were wondering this specific douchebag has almost 900 games on most played has 40 games.
I have 70 hours played as Genji. U mad?
06/22/2016 06:57 AMPosted by ActionJunkie

No. GenJi is a COUNTER. Playing Genji when your opposing team is full of Zaryas, Meis, and Winstons/etc. is the very definition of "not a team player" and just a really bad Overwatch player.

Yeah, there's some really dumb ones out there. I was playing on one of those "stunt" teams a couple of weeks back - all one player, weird combos, et cetera - and we played a four-Winston, Mei, Lucio _offense_ at Hanamura.

The other guys had a normal team, except for the two Genjis. Everyone else swapped characters like mad, trying to beat us. Except for the two Genjis. We rolled them over almost casually, and the two Genjis died. A lot.

I'm pretty sure they spent more time running back than actually fighting. By the time they got to the second point, they were settling for just tossing ranged attacks, because they didn't have their super-cool bullet reflect to use. By the time they lost, they were spending more time whining about their "bad team" in chat than actually playing. They both quit right before the game was over. Of course.

Seems like they could fix a lot in this game by making any game you played in for more than two minutes count on your win/loss ratio, no matter when you quit...
I am running into this even in groups of people that are otherwise team players. It is honestly difficult to find a full group of people who understand how to switch heroes.

It's not just Genji mains - it's people not switching heroes for the entire game - the majority of people, I would say. Doesn't matter if they're getting owned as Tracer against 4 Torbjorns (this just happened) , they're damn well going to keep getting owned over and over again rather than switch and be effective.

I friend a lot of people to find good groups easily and I have started to unfriend people who I see refusing to switch heroes during a game we are losing just because you know these people are NEVER going to contribute.

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