wtf is wrong with your matchmaker

Technical Support
4 matches in a row i get matched in the defeat screen, like why? why would u even bother pooling players into a lost match? if a player leaves with 30s remaining, no one else should be able to join, people arent gonna be 30s heroes to save the match

I just get frustrated when I am in skirmish after skirmish and they take 3 minutes to find a match, which ends and you go back to skirmish. I have this on PS4 and never had that problem before. I could play for hours without being sent back to the menu after a match.

I used to get into matches within seconds of each other frequently on PS4, but on PC I have never had that experience.

I think it is a rather larger issue with match making, probably why you are stuck getting into matches within seconds of defeat.
what else can i say, 4 matches in a row isnt normal and also the fact that when i leave a match during assemble and queue again it will put me back in the same match, r u stupid blizz?

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