After fixing the KOTH bug, let us redo the placement

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Alot of people got unfair ranks because of the KOTH mmr bug. After patching it, could you guys let us do the placement again, so we get our real rank.
I went 8-2 , almost gold medals in all games, and ended up with 51.. whereas some friends of mine went 6-4 or 5-5 and got 54/55. Since KOTH maps are bugged atm giving only 10% exp, maybe they were bugged during placements as well, adding only a tiny bit of rating if won.
I 100% guarantee the points will not be readjusted and placements can not be redone. They are going to fix it and at like it never happened

JEff already chimed in another thread calling it a "zero-sum game"

lol what an idiot
Please Blizzard. Justice ain't gonna dispense itself.
I doubt that there will be any kind of retribution.

Fortunately, season 1 is only about half the length that seasons will normally be, so it won't impact Competitive for too long, provided they get the fix out any day now.
It's for sure going to keep the regular forumites from top 500, most definitely.

Oh wait, it's likely meaningless in the grand scheme of things? Only fragile egos have been broken down?

What a shame.
Placement just gives you 10 matches to play to calibrate your MMR.

So after the fix, go play 10 matches. Did you move up in rank?

Congratulations! The bug was affecting you because you happened to play a lot of Control maps and now you are on your way.

Did anything else happen? (Stay same or go down) Well then the issue wasn't the maps....

No additional placements needed.
To the person that downvoted me (what a !@#$% move that thing is) I am sure the majority of us are going to sit in the 45-60 bracket with next to no chance of getting out.

See you there!

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