Blizzard Are "Secretly" Putting Bots In Quick Play

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I've had a couple of matches where you would think I was playing against an AI team.
I mean they were virtually non-existent on their defense, no turrets, nothing. We roflstomped them so fast I don't think the payload ever stopped moving.

Were they bots? Nah,just a team that was VERY unorganized and didn't put up a fight on defense.
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Oh well confirmation that blizz has invented Skynet, we are all doomed.

Are you sarah connor?

Nope. But I sure won't mind being father of dragons.
I knew it!

I thought something was up when I saw the player with the name "xXxDankMemer420xXx".... No real person would be that pathetic, it had to have been a bot!
Some of the "bots" you've been playing might have just been some pets.

I let my cat takeover when I need a break, but he's actually a pretty good Tracer. Impressive for a creature with no thumbs.
Is it Tinfoil hat day again, let me get my vendor cart open.

"Tinfoil hats, come get your tinfoil hats. They'll protect you from the Aliens, Government, Ominics, and provide that extra Crazy Look to prove to your friends that you believe!"

Seriously, its like people believing Soylent Green is people. >.> <.< >.>
Can we get a post from the boys in blue over here?
Blizzard Are "Secretly" Putting Bots In Quick Play


For reals, though: We're not padding the Quick Play queue with bots. If you feel like another player may be using a bot, however, definitely use that right click > report feature so we can investigate. :)

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