Blizzard, the server issue is ruining competitive mode

Bug Report
So i was in a koth game, nepal map, we won the first round, during the fight in second round, battle net just decided to kick 5 member of our team out from the game, disconnected all of us. WE ARE NOT EVEN IN THE SAME GROUP.

So when i got back into the game, thank god it let me reconnect back, finding out everyone else is still not yet in, and the game is on 3rd round already, obviously we lose the 2nd. So i tried to pm my friends, asking them try to reconnect back. Battle net,great job ruining my mood once again, kicking me out from the match completely due to i afk for too long, seriously?! Do u even need to kick afk people in a competitive mode? Seriously? Is just like within 30 secs. I am out. THIS IS NOT QUICK PLAY!! We dont get no random strangers fill up the blank spots!

This just killed the mood of the game, Please FIX this.
Servers been really bad lately, i've been getting crashes to desktop and lost server conection left and right, lost 2 games in competitive due to relogging, and second one i wasnt even in the game, as soon as it said joining game the game frozed and crashed.

Blizzard really needs to do something about their server or at least say something about this
i know right? At least update us with something.
I cant even go in the game its go in after 10 sec its kick me out and it say lost conection to the game server
It happened the same to me but in PS4. Im from Argetina and I was playing competitive when the servers kicked me out. I returned to the match and we won with me in the team, but I still lost 50 SR and had been baned for 8 hours. PLEASE FIX THAT
This is literally happening to thousands of players over the past weeks and they still haven't released a patch to fix it. What the hell are they doing?! What a company lol

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