D.VA hate?

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07/03/2016 12:35 AMPosted by Vivirawx
It's almost the opposite, I think. Most people love Dva, she has a really fun kit. And yet, she just doesn't feel effective right now...

Don't get me wrong, in the right hands, she can still dominate...

Yeah youre totally right and that can also be applied with Zenyatta and even he still need some tweaking. so far i havent seen people realizing that just because someone is good with a character it doesnt mean that the character is balaced, it just measn that they have been using that character for a long time and know how to work around the issues.

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07/03/2016 12:28 AMPosted by gem
Is there any particular reason why people are so anti-DVA? It seems like I don't see her played much and sometimes people tell others to play a "real tank(?)".

She's not a tank.

A tank is a character that can take a lot of damage. just because she is easy to kill doesnt mean shes not a tank. basically tanks have either high armor or high health, which is why we see her next to the other tanks.
I love dva. She gives me free ultimate charge!
Shes really good in the right hands\ situations. I think shes underrated.
It's surprising how irrelevant all that armour of hers actually is.
07/03/2016 01:57 PMPosted by Rabidboxer
Shes really good in the right hands\ situations. I think shes underrated.

You people, please stop with this fallacy. X is good when used by Y, therefore X is good. No, just no.

D.Va is not good for the following reasons, she's not a tank, other heroes can do what she can do better, her ultimate is almost completely useless, her critical hitbox is too big, when revived she isn't in her mech, if a team plays tight you do nothing but feed them ultimate meter (and die), and if you play her as a distruptor there are other heroes who do the job better.

Don't get me wrong I love D.Va she was my favourite character when I first started playing Overwatch, but against a good team that knows what it's doing she just gets outperformed.

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