Internet randomly disconnecting ONLY while playing Overwatch

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I was trying for THREE HOURS and couldn't even finish one game without getting disconnected.
I've lost connection to Overwatch servers only, maybe 3 times since it was released. We get to lose rank because of blizzards problems.

Because of this I've lost all hope in Blizzard's customer service. Since Blizzard won't fix this, and won't return my rank what's the point of buying their games?

I could understand losing rank disconnecting mid match, but disconnecting before a match even starts and then there is "Nothing," they can do about it? Even if it happens only once? Blizzard's customer service department is seriously lacking.
I've had a few problems as well lately. Game often crashes, which happens mostly in competitive matches. I really don't care about my rank, but I feel for the random guys who I have left on a 5v6 for like 3 or 4 times now...

Last time it happened I got a pop-up which asked to refer this code (271FAA56-AD42-4D3C-8146-4D00E45CC9E8) when contacting Blizzard about the error.

Thank you for the great game anyways!

PS: I'm currently uninstalling and re-installing and will update if it works
I tried uninstalling and re-installing and it happened again. I got permabanned from season 2. I can't rejoin a game at all if the infinite "rejoin game" loop happens.

I don't care about the ban or the SR loss but I'd appreciate a fix for this.
Also having the same issue. I've checked with my ISP and there are no issues. My modem and router are also fine.
This never happened like this before. Been getting worse and worse for the last few months. I have checked everything on my end. I know it's something they have done recently to cause all these DCs. Seems like since the big hack that took them down it has been !@#$ty.
Hi everyone,

Blizz, plz listen. Like all players above I have the same issue: Every 2nd or 3rd ranked game I can't join after loading the screen which teams play against each other. From there I am stepped back to the main menu where it says "rejoin game". This happened 3 times now, so the suspension is now at 2 hours, in which im not allowed to play ranked. Besides all the other players waited for nothing.
My PC is only about 3 months old, high end - the router is only 4 weeks old.
Any suggestions?
As so many players are facing this issue, I reckon the problem is located at the server. Please check out, whether there is any way you can help us. Help is much appreciated!
Please!! I`ve never experienced before, but this issue recently happened. So I formatted my computer and installed windows and a game. However, I still have same problem. And you guys just ignored this issue. Why??? We paid for this game. How could you do that?? Very disappointed.
I've been having this problem repeatedly over the past few days also> everyone thinks im quitting the game but i get booted and getting bans from competitive now because I get dropped out and can't rejoin when I come back in
I had the same bug. No idea why (all my systems are up to date).
I was just in the middle of a ranked game and my character froze two times and i got disconnected from battlenet. Of course 2-3 minutes later I was able to log in to find out I'm now locked out of ranked for 5 mintues because I had a leaver status even though I didn't leave nor lose my internet connection it was only that disconnected me. Thx for the loss btw
had same problem, Battlenet login servers went down, sent a ticket with proof that i was online and pinged both google and blizzard so they cant give the excuse of: its YOUR internet thus YOUR fault
This thread is not filling me with any hope. Having the same problem every time I play the game. Sometimes it takes longer than others for the DC to happen, but it ALWAYS goes down, it's just a matter of when.
PLEASE do something about this. Router resets don't do a single thing, especially when the hardware is brand new.
I am having the same issue, I've flushed my dns, ive reset routers, updated software and every time I log into Overwatch it will continuously make me sign in over and over again booting me and stating "disconnected from game server"
And its during the event! :(
Having the same issue. This only happens when playing overwatch, and it doesn't just disconnect me from Bnet, it cuts my internet completely. It has a higher chance of happening when playing with friends (with whom I live, so we go through the same modem and router), and again - this happens when playing Overwatch only.

Pretty serious issue, and it seems plenty of people have it. Please look into it.
Yea this issue needs to be resolved. The fact I have lost 259SR from this bug/issue alone is upsetting.
I vouch for this post. I experience the same issue as a lot of these other people address. Please look into this.
This is me!! an now im getting penilized for leaving when i didn't or some BS like that.
Adding my name to this list as well.

Seems to only happen in competitive, quickplay is totally normal as far as I can tell.

Please Blizz this is horrible for us that are experiencing it.
Look at the date range on this post, it's been going on since November?!?

I am having this issue as well, and it's so hard to believe that they are not rolling out a patch for this whole time to fix it.

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