It's just too hard to enjoy this game

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I really want to like this game, I do, and sometimes I have a lot of fun, but just as often, maybe even more often, the terrible matchmaking causing most games to be stomps, and the fact that about 80% of the games I play have at least one toxic douchebag in it, leave me just feel frustrated and depressed.

It's exactly the same thing that can ruin HotS and Hearthstone for me as well, only it somehow feels even more common in Overwatch.
You can mute people and squelch their chat
Once you come to the realization that 80% of the world is toxic douchebags outside of Overwatch, it won't bother you so much.
that's life as a rank 32 baddie

git gud
I'd +1 you, but Blizzard hasn't fixed the forums yet.

This game is absolutely amazing when the 1-in-20 (pre-competitive, anyway. Feels more like 1-in-200 now) game where you're pit against a team of equal skill comes around, but it just isn't worth the sheer !@#$ing slog of 19/199 stomps that inevitable precede it.
"that's life as a rank 32 baddie

git gud"

why would someone take time out of their life to type this out..

Best bet is to mute the toxic players, but at the same time listen to any advice or pointers being tossed out, they more often then not are correct, regardless of the delivery....

when you get a good game, try and Friend request those players, then you know at least you have someone to turn to later on .
There is a lot of jerks on the Internet. When something like this gets popular is when you get to see more of them. I know it sucks but if it's a problem for you then you need to use mute or just turn off chat completely. Very rarely do I see chat used in a positive manner to be worth it. If you need to talk then get a group of friends. Heck, going to a looking for group sites can yield good results.

As for stomps, can't help it sometimes. Once a team has an advantage it can be hard to stop. Just be mindful of counters and switching to healer when needed.

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