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I don't know why people are complaining about those scripts even with those If you can't aim its useless.Besides burst firing can also be learn manually.
07/19/2016 01:19 PMPosted by Wraithdagger
Punishing legitimate players for the actions of a handful of cheaters is inexcusable.

There was nothing wrong with Soldier 76. Nerfing his spread without giving any compensatory buff in return severely weakens his ability to do damage. As a damage dealer, this makes him a niche hero who can't fulfill his role.

Please, Blizzard, punish the cheaters, don't gut a hero because a few people created an unfair advantage for themselves.

After limited play, I really can't see much of a difference in 76. The only thing I am really getting a lot of is "is that a McCre--dead" I mean at least with 76 you had time to react and outplay someone, this hitscan CoD BS really sucks the fun out of it. Buff McCree somewhere else -- he's got a pistol not a sniper.

Ana seems OK except when paired with Genji, who already had OP written all over him, I can't think of any ult combos more uncounterable than these two.
I was just messing around with him in the Practice Range to see what all the fuss was about. I don't get it. What's the change? He seems fine.

Yet Hanzo deserved a reality check because the entire OW gaming community was getting headshot by arrowspam whilst taking adequate cover on a daily basis

Fixed this for you mate, you're welcome.
This "nerf" is a place holder. I think Soldier is getting some love later.
fuk all u no skill macro cheaters
I played with 76 today, did really well. I guess i would have been pro yesterday.
Seagull was still rocking hard as ever with him...I didn't really even see a difference
Learn to play issue, literally has no effect
Soldier is now EXTREMELY NOT FUN to play.

It's not even about the balance (but of course it was an over nerf).

It's really about the hero being FUN. Where's the FUN you promised us?

I am still shocked they went through with the nerf on PTR.
Yea I noticed after my first QP game with him the change is quite drastic. It's a huge nerf and I've never used any script for him. I normally get golds every game with Soldier but I was only snagging bronzes and silvers. He just felt really innaccurate.
im forced onto mccree now :( even changed my player icon :(

i want my soldier back
Haven't played for over a week. Is the recoil that unmanageable?
I haven't played Soldier yet since the patch, but even if the change is minor, it's just stupid to be messing with him at all, when he was pretty much the only character that was fine. Most other characters are in need of a nerf, buff or consistency fix, except maybe Reaper and Mei (although since the patch Mei seems to need a little longer to freeze an enemy) .

Fixing some scripting thing should not be done in a character itself, but in the anti-cheat software.
Legitimate macro users are legitimate players too, which is why Blizz patched S76.

If they were cheaters, they would ban them, instead of patching S76.
No more Sniper 76
I don't care too much because I don't play him but...
They should have took a stance and banned all macro users, instead of nerfing because of it.
I guess they didn't do so and they didn't release a statement about it because they can't detect it and they don't want to admit it.
Anyway, nerfing him is not the answer to cheaters.
I'm a solider main myself and I don't really think they have to revert the change tbh

BUT the way mecree is now I see no reason why Blizzard nerfed soldier considering they think mecree is balanced now.
The problem is - cheaters will just adjust they macro to new timing, and that's all.
By this time they should already figure out new timings. (especially those, who played on PTR)

TL;DR This, actually, doesn't change anything for those macro users. New patch - new timings - edit macro - profit.
Want old soldier or damage compensate bcuz now Mccre most powerfull hero in the game who can 2shot anyone, and 3shot Winston, and what about soldier? Lucio have more damage and accuracy than Soldier, seems like a joke.

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