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Is the amandahood email that players found in the PDF download of the recent comic supposed to be a hint? People are speculating what to do with the image and the email recovered from it and it would suck if the email wasn't setup by a Blizzard employee or someone contacted by Blizzard and they're now getting spammed with emails and/or locked out of their accounts because people are trying to get in and look for more clues
We had nothing to do with that. That whole development is a surprise to us and we would never direct people at a player's account. Please do not email that address or try to log into that account. It's not related to any of the Sombra hints.
07/21/2016 01:31 PMPosted by Jeff Kaplan
It's not related to any of the Sombra hints.

Sombra hints you say?

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Well pulling from the PDF / extracting the image. The email is in the screenshot. Might want to pull the PDF remove the assets. Because I can tell you she has gotten a lot of email.

Are the images completely unrelated or only the mail address/account?
Oops, looks like Blizzard is in for some legal trouble!
Unfortunate coincidence. Of course we put our tin foil hats on when we find a garbled image of a wow login screen hidden in the pdf. Hope the person in question didn't get bothered by this too much.
Well that's really unfortunate...I feel like "bellsouth" is kind of coincidental though and right now I'm messing with the bells in Dorado in hopes that something will happen.

Have I gone crazy yet?
You should gift that person with a free copy of Overwatch and an explanation.
Hopefully the address is the person who worked on the comic and not some random person who happened to have a screen on google images.
The real guestion is: How can stuff like this happen?
07/21/2016 01:59 PMPosted by Mignet
The real guestion is: How can stuff like this happen?

Not paying enough attention. The images might have just been red herrings from Blizzard that weren't meant to go anywhere but the people who put them in didn't notice an email address was visible
Uh, game over. Was there anything in that supposed hint other than e-mail?
Jeff, can you have whoever makes the comic websites make the comics bigger? Or make the magnifying glass send the comic full screen instead of just zoom it in that little window? My screen isn't tiny and I still have to get close to read it!
This whole thing is hysterical to me. You guys used a screenshot from someone's support ticket as an asset for content? Amazing. Just goes to show how rabid Overwatch fans are about mining every little detail
This add a whole layer of mystery. Who planted thoses images? Is blizzard aware thoses iamges were planted there? Is someone gonna get fired?
Whats the image thats everyone talking about in this?
Oh well, Amanda is gonna wake up to a bunch of emails lol

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