New maps, skins, and modes?

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I was perusing the forums for most of today and yesterday trying to find a possible clue as to when we'd get any new sort of information regarding new content.
I'm not too worried about the release of future heroes, given that Ana was just recently released, but what about other content?
I saw a forum post asking about skins, in which Jeff Kaplan responded with a timeframe that gets increasingly smaller with each passing day. However, I haven't seen any news about modes or maps, be it timeframes or content.

So I'm putting this post on the forums just in case a dev or someone who has seen some info regarding maps and modes sees this and responds. Even though this game's not perfect and still has some issues, I think it's one of the only purely fun games I've played in ages.
If I, and by extension, the rest of the OW community could get some news about types of skins, or a timeframe for map/mode releases, I'd be absolutely ecstatic. Thanks, OW dev team for your unceasing hard work and your amazing game!
I'd expect to see something announced at Gamescom mid August.
Blizzard, as a policy, do not give any sort of general timeframes. The explanation is, whenever they give a date, and then there's a delay, they're accused of renegging on a promise they didn't make. So their attitude is "It's finished when it's finished". Which also means that employees are going to be very hesitant to give any sort of timeframe or they get in trouble; expect, at the very least, vagueness.

Skins: Jeff has said "Summer".

Modes: They're working on them. No specifics given.

Maps: "Soonish". On Ster's livestream, the devs said that there are 4 maps in development, some of which may never see the light of day. However, there's one map that's mostly done and has moved on to final testing.

The general fan theory is that the new map will be the Black Forest/Stuttgrad based on the datamined lines from Reinhardt making allusions to being "home", Oktoberfest, and a castle. Since Blizz often has a big showing at Gamescom, which is in Germany, it makes sense they'd unveil a German map there.
My suspicion (I have no real confirmation for this) is that Blizzard will try to get either a Hero, a Map, or a Set of skins released each month. Probably rotating through the options and keeping things spaced out yet consistent with regular releases so that we rarely go more than a few weeks without at least something new.

Modes might be trickier, as they're far more difficult to balance than anything else.
where dem new skins? summer is almost over...
Jeff announced they are going to release it sometime next month Mid August

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