Aside from actual games, how to improve aim?

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Well obviously there is the practice range, but I don't think that would really help improve anything, as they are all large targets with large heads that either don't move or move at the same speed. The next best thing I can think of is make a custom game with a bunch of A.I. and skirmish. Any other methods (or even other online games) that would help me improve my aim with hit scan weapons?
practice one deag in cs go deathmatch
The best way i know is the 6 anas method:

You go to custom game, set skirmish
Headshots only
(If you want you can also set cooldown to 0)
Put 6 hard difficulty anas on the enemy team
And start practicing headshots.
Do it for about a week or so, 20-30 minutes a day.
Your aim will get better
If you don't have a 144hz monitor now is the time. Also get a comfy optical mouse, perferably with newer sensor:
You will also need a good cloth mousepad, steelseries qck is a good start.

Then head over to and for one month two hours a day, do 15min sessions at a time. Start with tracking aim and move on to precision, keep practising every element else you will lose muscle memory. Mix aim training with in-game training and make sure your mouse acceleration is disabled and window sens set to 6 (middle knob).
I'm not a pro by any mean but the 6 Ana bot game Headshot only skirmish is working well for me. My tracking has improved a bit since I do that. Pick McCree or Soldier and try to land Headshot.
You can either visit aim training sites... which imo doesnt help a lot, or you just play games. Aim comes from practis. These guys you watch that have insane aim probably played FPS for 10+ years til now.

Prioritize aiming. I mean, play a game but actively aim. Normally when you aim you dont really think about it (muscle memory and stuff), so i tried to be more active while aiming.. dunno if it helps tho. I feel like it made me aim a tad better. Any real improvement comes with practis i'm pretty sure.
What I use to practice certain hero's:
Hanzo/McCree/Zen (Single shot characters) Google search aimbooster, I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post links, sorry :|
Pharah: Quake 3/Warsow (Free)
Genji: Custom OW Game, practice movement, which is key to getting good ults and flanks, shurikens are pretty straight forward.
Roadhog: Just press shift anywhere, you'll probably get somebody through a wall
Reinhardt: Quake 3/Warsow for practice aiming his E, otherwise get familiar with his pin distance,speed, and turn speed.
Winston: OW Custom game, get to know leap distance/knockback distance on ult.
D.Va: OW Custom game, get to know ult detonation timing/aiming for midair ults.
I use AI matches to improve my aim, because I can play every hero I want whenever I want as long as i want on evey map I want.
Bots move fairly unpedictable apart from their very predictable pathing and lumping together.
So they are good practice targets.

Training playing Tracer does not work with bots, because they don't react and position like real players.
But for aiming practice on moving targets, it's fine.

And in real games, you can try to actively aim (like Yamyatos said).
What I have to practice in real games is to keep calm with Widow when I miss.
I tend to add several low-charged shots after a miss, which is usually not effective and gives away my position much faster.
But in real games, my adrenaline is also a factor, while in AI games, I'm much more relaxed.
I agree that we need more variety in the bots in the practice range.

Those oversized heads and slow movespeed aren't exactly tough to actually headshot.
Tribes is another substantial FPS that is great for honing Pharah skills. But with Overwatch out, you might as well just play more Overwatch to get better at it lol

If you do need a change, though, arena shooters are actually a big help. For instance, if you can snipe in Unreal Tournament, you can snipe incredibly easy in Overwatch. The same can be said for Tracer, Zarya, Roadhog, Pharah and to some extent Lucio regarding arena shooters. Basically find any FPS that has been around a long time and see if there are guns that match the style of gameplay of your heroes of choice. Play multiplayer, probably with modifiers to narrow things down with HS only being a good choice.
Proper optical gaming mouse with matching mouse pad (eg. SS Rival with QCK+ large here), MarkC's registry mouse fix for 1-to-1, disable windows "enhanced pointer precision" in control panel, maximize FPS, and you've got a good base to build on.

Source: I've used laser gaming mice, various non-matching mouse pads, enhanced pointer precision, and then made the transition away from that and could never look back.

I'm still fairly poor at aiming at least in OW, but it no longer feels like the hardware is holding me back save for high hz monitor and powerful computer to make use of it both of which are not cheap.

About playing other games, I've found my years of playing Legions Overdrive, CS, UT99 etc., have not exactly translated into aim skill in OW. I can make some real good mid-air LR+CG or RL+CG but with say pharah can still feel hopeless in a 1vs1 against say Ana. Yes, it's disappointing, embarassing, but it's just a game in the end. I suggest play OW to get good at OW.
Get comfortable with lower mouse settings. Use your elbow to track rather than your wrist.
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Well obviously there is the practice range, but I don't think that would really help improve anything, as they are all large targets with large heads that either don't move or move at the same speed. The next best thing I can think of is make a custom game with a bunch of A.I. and skirmish. Any other methods (or even other online games) that would help me improve my aim with hit scan weapons?

I'm a scrub so here we go:

Find out ur cm/360
to do this you need to find out your dpi, and overwatch settings.
Google cm/360 overwatch calculator
Convert to CS: GO (Or any other game that has an actual training map)
example my mouse 810 dpi, overwatch sens 6.92 (800 dpi 7 overwatch sens is basically the same thing) and in CS:GO i used 2.01 sens with 800 dpi (because i converted and it's the same) and I practice in a custom training map in cs:go clicking on circles.

This builds CORRECT muscle memory.

Another method is to find out "true" sensitivity and playing ANY OTHER game that does not adjust sensitivity. my "true sensitivity" is about 1600, so if I started playing OSU! (a click to the beat game) with 1600 dpi I'd be building up SOME muscle memory. (This does not help hand-eye coordination in fps games however as fps games are in a 3d environment while games like osu is a flat game.)

ALSO some people just mentioned HOW to move your mouse... So here is my "semi-pro" tips (I've learned from pros and been high ranked in cs:go before...)

Find your degree in WRIST aiming. AKA see how far you can aim from one corner to the next, WITH your wrist. Most of your precise aiming should be your wrist. But what about making 360's and what not? Use your arm. Use either your elbow, or a hybrid of using inbetween your arm and elbow to make big adjustments. Use your arm to aim for BIG movement while using your wrist to adjust while moving.

ALSO how to find your right settings:

First start out with your desk-space.
If you use a mouse pad start out with adjusting your dpi/overwatch sensitivity to make from the edge of the mouse pad to the other edge a complete 360.

If you don't use a mousepad make at least 20cm to make a 360.

From here You adjust (Usually even lower)
If you want to improve aim, start a custom game on Watch point G with the following settings.

-Headshots only
-Play McCree
-Make the entire enemy team Ana (Hard)
-200% damage

Ana can't head shot you and is a small character model your shots will one shot the ana's it is a great tool
Sometimes small tweaks to your mouse sensitivity can yield improved results. Especially if you're a sniper.

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