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I know Blizzard makes Olympic cosmetic items as somehow unique by making it available only via Olympic Loot boxes. It is true that it's quite fun to open new loot boxes and getting legendaries including new/old cosmetics.

But the problem starts after you've opened many boxes. You are starting to get duplicated olympic items and the one you are looking for is not getting even after you've opened for 100 boxes.

I know that's insane, but yes, I've opened 100 loot boxes, just for Mercy's new Olympic Skin and Voiceline, but still not getting Voiceline yet. So does it mean I still have to keep opening lootboxes untill I got one?

It would be better if we are allowed to buy those olympic items with in-game currency. You'll have more than 6k coins after you've opened 100 loot boxes and hope we can use those back on new items.

Cheers, Love!
I think a nice change would be to leave the boxes as they are with the caveat of not being able to get duplicate Olympic items. With all the skins/sprays/voicelines there's something like 50 new items? I think if anyone gets 50 lootboxes in a 2-3 week period then they've earned the event content. And anyone who missed out on some would be able to purchase extra boxes for something they REALLY want but weren't able to acquire during the event. Not having duplicates would ensure the ability to get a specific item. It would result in a less frustrating time for players purchasing boxes.

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Or maybe, just for seasonal events, prevent duplicate results up front. If you can detect 'em after the fact, you can surely do this. The "currency as consolation prize" model falls down when the currency isn't useful.

-The Gneech
Duplicate items in general are silly imo. I got no idea why it's done that way.

During these 2 weeks, the ONLY content that should pop out of loot boxes should be the new stuff. If it's only going to last 2 weeks, then that should make sense. Why it isn't done like that I don't know. Poorly thought out imo.

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