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Hey guys,

There's always been talk about good Mei's and bad Mei's. As a Mei main whenever I can, this post is to help other Mei-enthusiasts.

Note: I am speaking from experience, take my guide as a guide, not some holy bible. YOUR EXPERIENCE WITH MEI WILL BE DIFFERENT TO MINE

Very Strong Against
- Zenyatta, Mercy, Symmetra, Lucio
Strong Against
- Ana, Roadhog, D.VA,
Moderate Against
- Hanzo, Windowmaker, Zarya
Weak Against
- Genji, Pharah, Winston, Torbjorn, Mei, Reaper, Reinhardt, Soldier: 76
Very Weak Against
Bastion, Junkrat, McCree, Tracer

General Tips
- Mei is not an offence character, please keep this in mind. People mistaken her for offence rather than defence
- When on low health, run away and use cryo-freeze! Try NOT to use health packs around the map, cryo-freeze will bump up your ult by up to 15% per use when on low health!
- When in danger, use cryo-freeze then use ice wall right in-front of you to get away! The enemy will either run back or go around the wall to shoot you. By this time, you should have made a dash for it
- When using your right click for your endothermic-blaster gun to freeze an enemy, jump as much as you can to prevent from being head-shotted
- Sneak around the back of enemies, go around the map instead of through the map. Mei is not good with group dual or group freezes (unless it's her ult), she is best on one on one situations if you like being a shooter Mei. Freeze them from behind, you'll get the upper hand by about 1 - 2 seconds, by the time they notice you are freezing them, BAM icicle in their face, DEAD!
- Ice wall can be your friend or foe, not many players like ice-wall. In saying that, in my experience, icewall has been more towards beneficial to the team than harmful.
- Use icewall to block off doorways so the enemy is forced to pop out from another passage, to save you from dying
- Cryo-Freeze will pretty much get you out of any enemies ult.

Enemy Tips
- Pretty much a guaranteed kill. Easy to freeze and easy to headshot
- If zen puts a discord orb on you, abort and hide. Wait until the orb has disappeared then try again
Mercy and Lucio
- My favourites to kill
- They can easily be frozen and head shotted
- Most Mercy's will not switch to their gun for offence, they will just surrender to your frozen gun and die :D
- Lucio will push you back, but you can either catch up to him, freeze him and shoot him
- Be careful, a good symmetra will lure you into her room of turrets
- Once locked onto her, she is too easy to kill

- Easy to freeze, easy to kill
- Be careful, she will put you to sleep and snipe you to death
- Most ana's usually run from Mei, a good Ana will put you to sleep
- In my experience, easy to kill but you need a mate
- Easy to freeze, run circles around Roadhog, freeze, shoot.... repeat
- If he grapples you, spam your Cryo-freeze!! There is about a half a second or less gap. In my experience, 80% of the time Mei will cryo-freeze and save you from getting hooked and oneshotted!
- Same as roadhog, run circles around her and freeze her. Teammates will finish her off
- Once she is ejected, run after her and kill her. Most of the time D.VA will be alone, therefor you can 1vs1 her

- Surprise freeze from behind
- You can frontal rush Hanzo but his arrows can one shot you
- Surprise freeze from behind
- Do not attempt to icicle her from afar. Don't 1vs1 her, she has the upper hand.
- Ice wall next to a building and then run to her if you can then freeze her
- Only attempt to freeze her when she doesn't have her shield.
- Once she puts a shield on herself, just abort. There's no point. Try again later.
- But once she has her CD on her self-shield, you can run circles around her. Keep in mind, her attack is quite strong against Mei. Do not solo Zarya.

- He's such a little fish, hard to freeze. Good genji's will climb and swift strike you.
- You're better off leaving Genji alone if he's going to jump all over the place but once you're locked on, freeze and kill
- Like Genji, she is all over the place. If you're able to watch her slowly float down, that's the best time to freeze or shoot her. Her CD's will not be done forcing her to walk around.
- Jumping + Shield makes winston hard to target. A good Winston vs Mei will put up his shield and enter in and out. Mei will attack his shield instead of him
- Torbjorn right click attack will pretty much either one shot you or make you run for your life.
- Be careful, Torbjorn usually next to his turret. Spy him out and run behind him if you can
- Vs yourself is annoying, I suggest avoid it as it's pretty much a competition who can freeze each other first and get the kill. The time spent kissing each other, you could be targeting someone else
- Reaper is very good close up, he will melt you.
- Spy and try get the upper hand from behind
- Most likely he will wraith form away. Only follow him when he's on very low health and you're comfortable killing him one shot. If not, do not follow him when he's getting away.
- It's fun running to Reinhardt and freezing him when he has his shield up. Only do this when there are teammates behind you
- His swing is dangerous, if you get too close, he will swing at you. If he does this, it's enough time to freeze and RUN AWAY.
Soldier: 76
- Very dangerous medium to close range, like Reaper - spy and get him from behind

- Try avoid his line of sight
- Ice wall his LOS
- Personal experince: He is quite hard to sneak up against because he is continously scanning the area not like window maker and hanzo which they somewhat have tunnel vision
- Stay away from halls and rooms, he will spam his little grenades at you
- If you do manage to kill him, cryro-freeze straight away! His death grenades WILL kill you or...
- run back asap. Sometimes I forget he drops grenades on death
- Sneak up behind if possible
- He will flashbang you and right click you to death
- Try avoid him all together
- I hate tracer when playing Mei. I avoid her all together, she is very hard to freeze and/or shoot unless all her CD's are up which is rare.

Ice Wall Tips
- Ice wall can block enemy ults when positioned right
- - It can block D.VA's and McCree's ult
- - Slow down, Kenji, Soldier.76 ult
- - Somewhat block Roadhog's and Pharah's ult
- Ice wall doors, wall ways and corridors. Forces the enemy to turn away
- When escorting a vehicle, ice-wall roughly 20m infront of the vehicle as enemies will not approach the vehicle but wait for the icewall to deconstruct. This gives the vehicle to move.
- When enemies are running away or you want to isolate an enemy, place an icewall BEHIND the enemy. Most people will walk back and shoot, to their surprise, they would not expect an icewall blocking their path

It's 12:30am. I am sure I have more tips. But I am buggered lol.
08/16/2016 07:36 AMPosted by hasher22

Very Strong Against
- Zenyatta

Stopped reading
08/16/2016 07:40 AMPosted by Plateface
08/16/2016 07:36 AMPosted by hasher22

Very Strong Against
- Zenyatta

Stopped reading

That's fine :) I did state before my tips "I am speaking from experience". I have no problem killing Zenyatta at all.
You can very much use Mei as offense! It's very frustrating when she all up in your biscuit
08/16/2016 07:45 AMPosted by hasher22
08/16/2016 07:40 AMPosted by Plateface

Stopped reading

That's fine :) I did state before my tips "I am speaking from experience". I have no problem killing Zenyatta at all.

What's the point of writing a guide basically aimed at yourself?
08/16/2016 07:36 AMPosted by hasher22

Very Strong Against
- Zenyatta, Mercy, Symmetra, Lucio

LMAO. Any non support hero should be strong when fighting 1 vs 1 a support hero.
Honestly IMO Mei is strong against Genji.

If a Genji uses his dash offensively and doesn't finish off the Mei in that combo, then its a guaranteed dead Genji (also taking into consideration Mei is tankier than your average squishy with 250hp), with the constant slows and dmg output from that ice gun (won't be quick enough to escape using double jump/ledges).

Furthermore her shift ability pretty much negates his kill potential on you, and further gives him less of a chance for multiple resets.
08/16/2016 07:48 AMPosted by Plateface
<span class="truncated">...</span>

That's fine :) I did state before my tips "I am speaking from experience". I have no problem killing Zenyatta at all.

What's the point of writing a guide basically aimed at yourself?

Any tips, guides or tutorials found online are based on experience and of others through first hand experience or spectating. Whether if it's how to peel an orange, business processes or how to play a game. They are a tool to support people become more comfortable with what they are learning.

Now in saying that, first-hand experience is always a good indicator of advising people tips and tricks of a character. Now I wouldn't share anything about McCree because I barely play him.

Just because you disagree with a point I made, doesn't make it wrong nor right. It's a guide to help players identify a play style that might suit them.

For example: if you play Heroes of the Storm, is a great place to find guides from players. Whether I agree or disagree with their guides, all the guides posted are from experience and how they play a certain character.
08/16/2016 07:52 AMPosted by BlueBug
08/16/2016 07:36 AMPosted by hasher22

Very Strong Against
- Zenyatta, Mercy, Symmetra, Lucio

LMAO. Any non support hero should be strong when fighting 1 vs 1 a support hero.

Except she's not.

Zen can kill Mei easily, Ana can too with good aim or with any range.

Lucio can avoid you easily and if it's really 1 vs 1 for an extended period can kill you himself if he needs to (in most cases it'll stop being 1 vs 1 before anyone dies).

Mercy can guardian angel away easily. If she has no guardian angel targets either her or her team are badly positioned. She's wasting her time killing you instead of buffing teammates who can, but if she wants to, then her pistol can shred you from range which she can keep either from just moving away or guardian angel.

This guide is basically how to play Mei against people who don't know how to aim/charge directly at her. There's an audience for it, but if you want to go anywhere in comp then Mei won't get you there.
Disclaimer I play a very aggressive Mei.

I'd disagree with Reaper. As long as you respect your spacing it should be a 70/30 fight. He will shred you if he is at bad breath distance, but unless he is around a corner or otherwise has the initiative, the m1 range is better than his. Force out the wraith and unless he is able to find help or close distance he's done 1v1. Just make sure to m1 for tiny bit after frozen to insure a kill with M2 if he ran over a health pack while in wraith.

Icewall isolation of Zarya/Reinhardt is by far one of the most powerful things you can do, especially on point A Hanamura/Volskaya Industries and choke points on payload maps. Drop it right behind them. If you trap a Reinhardt alone, push in and freeze him to drop his shield and you teammates can burn him out. Similar thing with Zarya, but unless she has burnt her bubble, wait that out then close in.

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