Alt+Tab=FPS Drop

Bug Report
When I alt+tab and go back into the game i have lower FPS.

Its not really less frames but the game kinda bugs or glitches so it feels like you have 20 FPS. I usually play with 100 FPS.
The only way to fix this problem is to restart Overwatch (for me).

What i mean by its glitches is that there is still 100 FPS only that that 80 of the frames, in that second, only shows particles moving but characters stands still.
It isn't jumpy and cuts, its more like pulsing if that makes sense at all...
It feels like when you have really bad internet and you lag behind.

Would be nice if this got fixed.
Have the same issue but I didn't even ALT+TAB, this happen randomly I was capped to 120 fps and during this lag time I was at 20 fps for 40 sec
I have also noticed this. It seems after alt-tabbing out of game (i play in full screen - not tested on window borderless) but that performance never peaks the way it did during its initial launch.
bumping for awareness, this happens to me too even on borderless windowed mode.
Bump, this is a huge issue that needs to be fixed.
Bump, happening still.
Removing Geforce Experience from my system fixed it for me.
Check your Render Scale setting in Video > Advanced. This patch seems to have set a lot of peoples from 100% to Automatic 141%. Changing this back fixed my framerate issues today!
Same problem here; i typically run at 70-100 fps, but if I ever minimize overwatch in the middle of a game (via alt-tab, windows key, ctrl-esc, etc) i will get a consistent 23 fps from that point on (even in menus) until I restart my client. The only program I'm running is Overwatch, with the Bnet client quit completely.

This has ruined a few competitive matches for me, because i'm forced to play the game at 1/3 of my normal fps since I can't restart without forfeiting the match.

I uninstalled GeForce Experience a while ago after hearing that it may help, but I've still got the same problem.
This is still happening lul, spamming reduce buffing on and off sometimes fixes the issue but not always, I will drop from a solid 270fps to 180 or sometimes even 90fps xD!
i run overwatch usually at 60-90 fps, when i do alt + tab by accident, it goes from 20-40 fps
I had this issue and it became even worse when I got a new monitor with a faster refresh rate. Just solved it by going into NVIDIA control panel > Set up G-SYNC > Check the radio button to enable G-SYNC in full-screen and windowed mode (was only full-screen). This is with a GTX 1070 and GeForce Experience.

Give that a try if you're using an NVIDIA card and G-SYNC.
I reinstalled my windows because of this problem, because I thought that some programs are running in the background and lower my performance in the game. Stopped the Blizzard app, made the game run only with administrator rights to get privileges and a whole bunch of things. Nothing helped, the game starts glitching and the FPS drops with about 30-40. It's very frustrating because I just got a second monitor and it's useless because if i alt&tab from the game I have to restart it... (RX 480 the 8GB version)
So I manage to fix it by making the game run in borderless windowed mode. That way you don't need to alt&tab, just press windows button + D and do what you gotta do without FPS drops and glitches after you pop your game up again.
I run 60-80fps, and its is still fine after 1 alt+tab, but after doing it like a few times it starts to get horrible, forcing me to play at horrible FPS or restarting the game.
Still happens months later
Still happens to me and it's freaking horrible,i've lost a lot of competitive matches because of this
Still happening, tried it with two different graphics cards, if that helps in any sort of way.
Its still happening... It's irritating when I happen to be in a competitive match as well and this problem persists

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