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For those who may have missed it last year, the question of whether or not there are LGBTQ characters in the game came up during the Q&A portion of the "World of Overwatch" panel.

Here's the transcript:

Question: "I love the diversity of the game--the age, race, and gender--absolutely love it, and I was wondering if any of the characters are gay to expand on that diversity?"

Chris Metzen: "Bill, you want to take that right?"

Bill Petras: "The answer is yes. Now, it's still early, and we're still working on how we thread the stories, and how we build the world, but the answer is yes."

Michael Chu: "You know, we've just started to tell the stories of these heroes, and we have these comics now and shorts, and we want to really tell these stories and give them the chance to breathe. So, definitely keep on the look out."

Chris Metzen: "So, the answer is yes, a couple times over. And we want things to play out organically and not, I don't know, to have data like that feel contrived or pandering. So, stay tuned with the story telling."

And here's the direct link:

I hope this helps address the initial question. In the meantime, I'm going to go ahead and lock this thread since it's unfortunately become very hostile in later pages.

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