PTR Update

I just wanted to give you guys a quick update on whats been going on the PTR as far as hero changes are concerned.

We just updated the build so feel free to jump on and check it out, but there is a quick change list of what's changed in this update and in the last few days.

Quick melee has changed a bit so that it should feel more consistent with other abilities. The general philosophy here is that quick melee shouldn't interrupt abilities and visa versa. There are a few exceptions to this rule. Quick movement abilities such as Tracer's Blink, Pharah's Jet Boost or Winston's Leap can work while quick melee is firing, so it isn't canceled in those cases. Ultimate abilities should now all cancel quick melee, since they are more rare special abilities that should have a higher priority.

Hanzo is feeling great on the PTR, and a lot of people have given feedback that he might now be too strong with these changes. The goal of these changes is to allow Hanzo players to feel like they have more control over their shots, and skilled Hanzo players can be much more consistent. While this is certainly true now, it might be a bit too easy to land very powerful shots with the combination of his new projectile speed and his old projectile size. So we've lowered his projectile size by 33% in the update that just went out. Overall Hanzo should still feel much better than he does on live, but check him out with this change and keep sending feedback!

The last change was to Soldier: 76's weapon. In the latest update today, you'll find that his weapon spread behaves a bit differently. In general, you'll notice the weapon starts it's spread a bit earlier but recovers the spread much more quickly. The net result of these changes should improve his effectiveness when burst-firing his weapon, and helps get back into a more accurate state quickly when you've hit max spread. The end result should increase his effectiveness at longer ranges.

Most of these changes just went up about 30 minutes ago so feel free to jump onto the PTR and give feedback! Thanks everyone.

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