Imo, Support is for bad players

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Sure you can be a skilled support, but most of your heavy lifting is done by your kit while you could afk and still contribute to your team.
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let me guess, you are the one who always blame the healer for losing right?
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Surely it's more in the game sense than fine motor controls, but I'd say a support still requires skill.

The actual healing isn't hard, but knowing who to heal, or when to ult for maximum potential can be difficult.
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Your highest support play time is 2 hours on Lucio... Just wow
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You grossly underestimate the talent and skill of support players.
You are probably one of those players who doesn't even realize when he is being healed.
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This is why we can't have nice things.
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You haven't even played support for more than 5 hours combined. There's a lot to surviving when the entire enemy team wants you dead, and more still to supporting the right people in the right ways at the right times. When to Amp as Lucio is more than just "when it's charged." Discording the right enemy as Zenyatta can mean the difference between a clear point and a crowded one. A well-timed rez wins games.

Your opinion is poorly researched and from the perspective of an Offense main -- particularly a Pharah main who very rarely has to rely on her Support, and has the mobility to escape a fight and get to health packs when you need to. Play Reinhardt for a day and see the difference between a good and a bad support.
I completely disagree. By playing support you have to constantly check every team member to make sure they are healed or shielded. You also have to prioritize all the time who is in a bigger critical state and who might benefit the team more from a rez during clutch moments. You are also targeted like hell most the time so finding places to shelter is not always easy. Also if your team is spread out all over the place..... rip. Sure pressing a few buttons in itself is easy but it's a lot more than just that.
The OP just dropped the bait bomb and everyone got straight onto the hook.
This dude clearly wants the downvote record.
Wow, you have totally no clue eh OP.
09/12/2016 01:45 AMPosted by Ramiel
This is why we can't have nice things.
This is why we will have 2 Meis or 2 snipers on attack rather than just one Lucio ffs.
You sir, are less than intelligent.
Most of the time, the outcome of a match is determined by whoever has the better healers.

Support is easy to play but hard to master.
09/12/2016 01:39 AMPosted by TheUprising
Sure you can be a skilled support, but most of your heavy lifting is done by your kit while you could afk and still contribute to your team.
Yet Tracer's Survivability, Reapers ability to escape and teleport to help him flank, Mcree's flashbang for easy kills, and Genji's ability to avoid fire and deflect damage are all things done by their respective kits as well so that means all characters in the game are for bad players because their roles are helped fulfilled with use of their kits. :P
Ive carried games as Lucio and Zenyatta before. Its not easy multitasking trying to get heals, discord and kills at the same time, but we supports make it happen.

We also have the occasion of choosing whether or not a teammate dies with our ults. Its alot more strategic when it comes to using ults as a healer than a DPS player.
The is a huge difference between a good Mercy and a great Mercy.
Support is so useless that they are targeted first and the whole team crumbles after they are dead because they can't withstand any push o ults without them.
how did people got baited with an obvious 1080p bait like this.

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