A Message From Chris Metzen

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Why can't we like dev posts?
Chris, you are indeed one hell of an irreplaceable dude. You will be missed by all of us! Thank you so much for everything you have contributed to our community, and our world <3

Bye Metzen,

Things you helped make I like:
Everything Diablo 1 and 2.
Arthas and burning legion, all that stuff, very cool.
Kerrigan and the SC Ghost - sexy sleek design.

I'm sure you would have continued to influence and create new cool things, so yeah it is sad you are gone.

I don't know if Blizzard will be good without you. Some of the new people seem very carebear or they think of themselves as above the consumer. You always spoke on our level(especially at Blizzcon), where as new decision makers do not. Also you were very down to earth and honest without stepping on toes - useful talent toi have.

Anyway, good bye irreplaceable man. good bye...
thanks for everything chris enjoy retirement :)
What a story, Mark!
So hes retiring? I thought it was about gender role switching. It would be cool to just stay at home.

Enjoy the peace and quiet with your family, and never stop telling stories.

Thank you for the worlds you've created.
It has been an honor.
Thank you for everything Chris.
Enjoy your retirement.
Man, this is some of the most bittersweet news I've ever gotten.

Chris, you've been my hero both through your various in game personalities and the awesome dude you've been IRL, and I'm sad to see you go...

But, your kids and family need that hero too, and if you leaving us means more time for them, then I'm glad.

For Azeroth,
For Overwatch,
And for the awesome blizzard (pun intended) of content you guys have given us over the years

Can't wait to see you in game!
Cya Chris and thank you.
What a long, strange trip it's been?
Good luck! Get a trike, trust me.
As a fellow geek/nerd (and i am drunk as funk right now, so please apologize any spelling errors you find, i am really trying hard right now!!!)

i was playing D&D and the german system 'DSA' for years, aswell as i was playing warhammer for years in different shapens. I always felt like Blizzard was taking (evil minded: ripping) off Ideas of games I love (esspecially regarding the warcraft and starcraft universe). BUT: You guys always managed to take something I loved and transform it into something i loved even more or at least equally than before, in a media i love (computer gaming).

I hope you find your peace and whatever you are looking for with your familiy as i hope i'll find it one day with my young, ongoing familiy too! You did GREAT, for any gamers arround the world, even those who never wanted or could enjoy blizzard titles, your sphere of influence is bigger than any of us could dream of!
You gonna sleep on the couch 8 hours while your kids are in school?
So I was sitting here trying to think of something to write but all that keeps running through my head is the Peasant going "More work? I don't want to."

Actually the fact that that's what keeps running through my mind probably says what I feel better than anything. So many good memories.
As a vivid WoW player I must thank you for all your time and effort for what you did for the game and everything thanks chris!
You definitely deserve this rest dude, you have done an amazing job throughout your career. May your future be filled with Joy ~
Can I have your job? I mean the talking part at Blizzcon and stuff. I'm hilarious :<

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