How Can I Get 300 FPS? (GTX 1080)

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You never really need more than 60 fps.
09/22/2016 10:32 AMPosted by RainbowTwist
I find this amusing how so many people are trying to hit frame rates GREATLY in excess of their own monitors capabilities and to try and justify that lag/response time for twitch firing with such high frame rates compared to say 120fps is "SO MUCH BETTER"...

Blind testing says otherwise.. but whom I and that data to argue with someone that clearly is insistant.

Polling and sync rates say otherwise. Yes, there a bunch of frames that you will never see, but that means that the game is always pulling the most recently rendered frame to sync up with your monitor, ensuring more responsiveness overall. You may not be able to see the difference, but you can definitely feel it whilst playing.

And if you have a monitor refresh rate that is higher than your rendered framerate, you WILL see it, through a bunch of screen tearing.

There's a reason why people avoided HDTVs for gaming like the plague... and why those same HDTV manufacturers had to create "game modes" for their TVs.
Fun fact though... there is essentially ZERO performance impact with a 1080 between running lowest settings and highest settings since the game cannot really push the limits of a 1080 unless you run 4k resolution.

Lowest settings has less items on screen, and less fog to obscure your vision. It uses lower poly LODs, and doesn't blend the LODs nearly as much. So, the performance actually is different, just not in a manner that's directly observable by framerates alone...
Get rid of GeForce Experience. Clear out everything, use Display Driver Uninstaller (google it). Then reinstall Nvidia drivers while making sure to use "custom" settings. Deselect EVERYTHING except the audio and video drivers. DO NOT INSTALL VR DRIVERS. DO NOT INSTALL SHADOWPLAY. DO NOT INSTALL GEFORCE EXPERIENCE.

Enjoy your minimum 30 extra fps.
if your monitor doesnt have that high a refreshrate it doesnt matter, average monitor can only show 60 ( overclocked 70 ) then pricey-er is 144 Hz then super expensive is 240 Hz. so even if you spent like 1000+ dollars on a 240 Hz monitor getting 300 frames doesnt really matter
Realize that playing on low settings with a powerful gpu will limit your frames. This is because it is not under load and is basically saying "this is stationary, I don't have to work"
You have to find the right combo between high and low settings
Try buffing up the game to make the gpu work, a GPU will only work under a good load.

It's like running minecraft vanilla for the first time on a 1080, it will refuse to waste its power and send it to the CPU.

But when you install a heap of mods and shaders, only then will the 1080 run the game.

A gpu is like an average person, if you think about it. It really tries with effort, but not try at all when effort is wasteful for the task.

So crank up those settings. Trust us, you will be thankful.
I have a 980ti and I'm playing mostly maxed out, no reflections, at 1440p and stay above 140fps constantly. You've got something the matter with either your GPU or as others have said a bottleneck somewhere.

Check your render scale, it might have bumped you to 200 for some reason. But even then, your card shouldn't be doing that.
You need a DUAL-CHANNEL ram of 2800 or 3000, in the CPU-Z program that need to say "DUAL-CHANNEL".

Then you can use SEAGULL settings also your CPU should be at 4.3 - 4.5 GHZ at least
09/22/2016 10:25 AMPosted by Lite
I've started PC gaming this month so pardon my noobiness

I have GTX 1080 and I'm playing on low settings (local fog detail, dynamic reflections, shadow deatil, etc) but I'm only getting 160-210 FPS. I'm kinda disappointed. I see people play on 250-300 FPS so obviously, I'm doing something wrong. Please help me correct it

CPU: Intel Core i5-6600K @ 3.50GHz

What is your render scale?
Damn, OP got downvoted to hell. Anyways, if anyone is tuning in here: there's a valid reason to hit 300fps. Higher fps in-game gives you the lowest SIM value (input lag).

Overwatch struggles to go above 200fps consistently (even during hectic fights) on high-end systems. I have a slightly weaker system than OP's and I pull 170fps consistently at the lowest settings possible on a 1440p 144hz monitor

Some users of 1080/ti say that upgrading ram gave them +100fps boost. They also said that getting at least 2400mhz ram is the minimum to see that advantage.

Hope someone finds this useful. Go over on reddit and other threads here. You'll see users gunning for 300fps and better ram speeds.
Something is wrong maybe heat or power or drivers , I’m running a gtx 1060 6gb card and on low settings I get 299-300 FPS in fights and everything’s are you running other stuff in the background ?
Guys.. Check your monitor max frame rates.

Check how many pcie lanes you have.

Check clock rates on graphics card, and also if it's throttling due to heat

Then check if your aim is just bad..
I have gtx 1080 ti and i7-8700k and i getting dips to ~250fps on 1080p with 100% render scale during 3+ ultimate usage. All non overclocked.
I have a 1070 SC black, haven't played it. Built computer today and left it installing OW when I left for work

Jesus christ so many iliterate morons.
First of all if you are in for the competitive edge you will never fps limit to your monitor refresh rate for several reasons among them
1. Limiter restrains gpu and cpu and adds additional input lag.
2. Your system needs to be utilized fully in order to be more responsive.
3. Corelates with 2., more framerates the less draw time is meaning more connected feel due to lower input lag.
Also drop that scale to 75% to gain 50 to 100 more fps. All pros play on 75% and ypu can still see everything.
Also oc that cpu to 4.5ghz
Upgrade your cpu
Drop the video settings and overclock.

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